eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone Reviews

eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-05

Need to send a fax now? Start faxing in minutes with our award-winning fax app.
eFax is the world leader in online faxing with millions of users worldwide!
Send, receive, view, edit and sign faxes wherever you are. The eFax faxing app
provides the easiest and fastest way to turn your i...

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eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone Reviews

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    Efax and it’s support are terrible

    I downloaded the app to receive a single fax from a doctor (they had to email me because app never worked). Instead what I received were faxes to another person entirely. All extremely confidential medical faxes for someone else. Evidently someone had this # before me. She Didn’t tell others and now I get her (many) faxes. I tracked down the doctors and told them. Upon telling eFax I wanted to cancel/have the number disconnected and gave them a heads up about the prior # owners faxes, they didn’t care whatsoever. In fact they said they could not help me cancel the number but to call iTunes (physically). Call “them”. I asked for some kind of lead, contact number etc, the support at eFax said google it. In advance of this attempt with eFax phone support I emailed them three times. Zero response. This company is poorly run. The product terrible. There’s no control over numbers, who has what or what people left and when to “turn off”. I’ve worked with fax lines for decades and the phone company always notified the prior owner if rampant # of faxes were being misdirected. The doctor in this case has a requirement to notify her client base. She didn’t and eFax said sorry not our problem. I told the other doctor but eFaxs hands off, give us your money we can’t help approach is dated and terrible. Cannot recommend avoiding this app enough. Nightmare.

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    Didapointed at lost info

    Like service most of the time however there are hang ups and catastrophic loss of information if you accidentally let your account t lapse due to busy schedules or other oversights . In those events your entire fax history and account transaction logs are immediately erSed and I retrievable. Unless you sent yourself a fax copy with every fax you send to someone else, you are in jeopardy of having all logs and I do permanently deleted even if paying to have your account restored and pay all back payments owed. While any company would co sided storing info long term on a closed account as a serious problem possibly, storing that info offline for a few months. Say 6 and recouping any lost revenue and restoring the data would be a great win all the way around. This huge weakness in data integrity is a horrific detrimental system at eFax that I hope they will reconsider. I will be looking for a different vendor that can provide more security for long term data safety so that I will never be still more manually culling my incoming faxes from emails to reconstruct my logs and fax files, forget the sent faxes, they are forever lost and logs are near impossible to try to recreate.

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    Long Term User: Extremely Satisfied Still

    I have been using this app for nearly three years now and it’s just gotten better with each update. I especially love the latest version which has made mobile faxing a simple and reliable source of communication with conveniences only eFax can offer; and believe me, I’ve looked at some different options only to find this app to be the most consistent in quality and overall efficiency. I give it six stars if I could but alas the limitations are predetermined for the ranking system so I hope that this five star review will do for now to get others to use it as it offers features that others will fail in! Good luck and happy faxes! 📑🗂🗃

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    I Love efax!

    This app is great! I've been using it for almost a year now and I use it for business and personal. Very versatile, I can take pics of docs using my phone or iPad and I also use the app on my desktop or scan and fax from desktop. I send faxes from all over, office, home, for friends & family. It's made my life much easier without having to go to my local office supply store and pay outrageous fees for faxing. I will say a year ago it wasn't as good as it is now, if you tried it a year ago and didn't like it I recommend giving it another try. I always recommend to anyone needing a good fax app. Thanks efax, you will continue to have our business Thank you EARTHCO AMPHIBIOUS

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    App Reliability & Website Updates

    I normally use the web version eFax and it is normally great. However, when the website is being upgraded (in the middle of the work day), current subscribers are told they can “still send faxes by email or eFax Messenger just like normal.” Great! ...Except that I don’t normally use those versions and, in fact, have no idea HOW to use them. Since the site is being upgraded, there is now page available with instructions either. So then I go to the app. The problem is that there is always an unknown error that occurs. Maybe the app is linked to the website and is also being upgraded, but the fact remains, I am left stranded in a job where I constantly need to have the capability to fax things. Fixing these issues would change my review to 5 stars.

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    eFax to the Rescue

    eFax has been a life-saver for me every since I stopped subscribing to a carrier for telephone services that did nothing but allow spam faxes to hit my office fax. Then I came across eFax when I needed to send an urgent fax one day after disconnecting my telephone number in favor of a VoIP Number. eFax was secure and easy to use and I have been a customer for the past 3-years. Of course there are many other alternatives out there, but eFax always delivers and gives me instant feedback on when each fax is sent plus all my faxes are filed on-line at eFax for easy retrieval whenever I need to pull it up together with its attachments. Thanks eFax

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    Fast Faxing

    Have you ever had to fast for any religious or medical reason? You feel hangry and desperate. That’s how I felt this morning when I went to get my blood drawn and the lab had not received my doctor’s electronic order in the their system. I had a copy on my phone, but it couldn’t be emailed. They needed it printed... or faxed... I was not going to let this fasting go to waste, so I hopped on Google to ask how to send a fax* from an iPhone. And there it was. You, efax, were the answer to my prayer. I downloaded the app, typed in the office’s fax #, attached my order, and pressed send. They received it right away and I was able to get my blood work done. So thank you, efax, for your much needed assistance. I will be sure to utilize this in the future and will recommend your product to others. *Much like pagers/beepers are to hospitals, facsimiles (or faxes) are not completely obsolete and are still a preferred communication channel for many healthcare facilities due to HIPAA/PHI compliancy.

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    This is a scam

    Do not pay for this app. I needed to send an important fax late in the evening. I bought this app and it charged my 16 dollars, then did not activate my account. When I called the customer service number, it connected me to a facility trying to sell me on a free reward I had just won since I was the lucky caller. The person spoke very poor English and said he would fix my app as soon as I accepted my free gift card. I told him I didn’t want a free gift card and just wanted this app fixed. He then promptly hung up on me. I tried to call back, got another solicitation which asked if I was over 50. I selected no and the call again hung up on me. So i was not able to get the fax app to work, canceled the subscription right away, but they still charged me 16 dollars. I ended up having to drive to work to ultimate complete this fax. Stay away!!!!

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    Mostly great

    Great app- so wonderful to have the ability to send a fax from the phone. Biggest problem is when sending more than one fax in a row, with different attachments. Even though, I have included a different page to send, the image of the previous fax still remains as the attachment. I try logging in and off the app, but doesn't seem to do the trick. In order to send the fax with the new attachment, I need to turn device (phone, iPad) off and on and re-sign in to the app, It's really annoying- app gets 3 stars, overall Efax has been a great service.

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    Excellent Fax

    I have been using this service for more than a year now and it always comes in handy. For the few businesses and people that require having a fax machine, having use of this app helps to make it an ease to get documents faxed using my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. This app has been a highly useful tool for an entrepreneur like myself. I'd recommend to anyone who may need to send faces on the go. I've sent faxes from the comfort of my bed, a plane and even the beach. If you're a business owner, and don't have a fax, I recommend this app.

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    Some GOOD Some BAd

    I would like to have the ability to block a number for fax coming in. I work in healthcare and a hospital sent me "multiple" faxes over 2000 pages...I literally could not get that number to quit faxing the chart to me. Of course I went over my my limit of what I pay for to use e-fax. I was being charged per paper...cost was growing (over $200)! I called customer service for help and was told I should close my account for a few weeks until issue resolved (2 weeks of not getting fax...really?) I was at a loss "simple fix allow me to BLOCK a number" But I do receive faxes and able to send without difficulty...great tool when your an on the go midwife.

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    Disappointed with app

    Unfortunately I had a bad experience with this app. I had 4 problems. I have a iPhone 8 which the app would not send faxes from thru the app. Spent 30 minutes with customer support (they do have great customer support....spent a lot of time with them, several times) and they had a work around thru email. 2) my fax thru email went somewhere (it didn’t bounce), just not to where I was sending it. Since I send medical reports to an insurance company, this is very worrying. The test email did get to the insurance company so I know I had the right number. 3) I kept receiving someone else’s daily faxes. Tried to work w/ customer support on this but they couldn’t fix problem. Ended up calling the business sending out work orders to one of their providers to get fixed. 4) when I was setting up app, it waned my credit card number before I could use the app. It immediately charged my credit card despite the 30 day free trial. The app said this was an Apple problem and vise versa. Apple fixed the problem. So, app works semi well on computer but not on iPhone. Great customer service (which I used a lot). No free trial. Faxes go to other places

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    I tried to call their customer service tonight to cancel my account five times, and no one answered. I also tried to chat with someone from customer service for over thirty minutes, still no one connected, and it finally timed out and disconnected me from the chat. After I wait all of this time I get kicked off because no one will answer? This is the fifth time I have tried to cancel this account in the last two months. NO ONE will ever answer! I sent four emails, and two tonight. You are supposed to call or chat with them to cancel your account, BUT LIKE DTV SATELLITE TV, NO ONE WILL EVER ANSWER!!! TRY MAKING A CANCEL ACCOUNT BUTTON! I am contacting Apple support because this is an app the locks you in, and you cannot cancel the service due to the fact that they never answer.

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    Changing fax info

    Maybe there is a way to do this, but if so, it wasn’t made easy. After finishing the fax, I wanted to go back and check the info provided and check to see the amount of credit I had, but in order to go back I had to cancel everything I did, including attachment. Same thing with attachment, there is an edit button but when I hit it to edit, the only option was to delete the attachment and start over. Why is there an edit button if you can’t edit? It should be just a delete button since that’s the only option you have. Thanks

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    I travel a lot, I don’t always have access to a fax which can be very stressful when you need it and don’t have access to it- until now. I did a little research and eFax was rated very highly for ease of use and being able to send and receive faxes. It was exactly what I needed. You are assigned a number which is dedicated to faxes you get a notice when faxes come in. You can send a cover page, this is fantastic!!! I’m very pleased and relieved that I have a fax machine right in my hands.

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Is eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone Safe?

No. eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,462 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone Is 18.3/100.

Is eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone Legit?

No. eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,462 eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone Is 18.3/100.

Is eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone not working?

eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone.

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