Smurfs' Village Reviews

Smurfs' Village Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-23

The evil wizard Gargamel and his ever present cat companion, Azrael, have
finally found the Smurfs’ village and have scattered our lovable blue friends
far and wide throughout the enchanted forest. Come along with familiar friends,
like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Jokey, Greedy and th...

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2. Is it Safe?
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Smurfs' Village Reviews

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    Love smurfs

    I love playing the surfs, but liked the original better. I have played smurfs for around 10 years now and really enjoyed everything about it. I took a short break from it when I switch my phone brand because of storage and not being able to transfer my very developed village. One thing that frustrates me is that I am constantly having to by something or more than one something for $3000 to complete a task. Those buildings or machines are suppose to give me a smufberry once all the stages are completed. I am not one of those that can just spend my actual cash on a game to get further. I loved the game for years because I was able to still have a nice village , be able to build up my cash to spend on those extras, and earn those smurfberries. I am very close to deleting the game because I can never have enough money, and just when I think I am doing well and building up my cash I have to buy 3-4 buildings and my coins are depleted. I get that you have to make money, and there are people out there that are willing to spend all their money on a game. Yet us little guys that still want/ deserve to enjoy a game even if we can’t spend the money. Can’t even try to compete in contests because I don’t have money to spend.

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    L🥰O🥰V🥰E I🥰T

    I love this game! It’s addicting and really fun to play! However my life is now glued to the game. If I’m trying to finish a task and I don’t have a lot of money I will spend one hour growing crops to earn money and that can get in the way of my real life tasks! I’m not saying it’s the developers fault but if you decide to download the game it’s a warning! But it’s really fun to play and if you have two hours of free time that’s when to play the game. The game does have ads but guess what? You only get a ad if you ask for ad! That is AWESOME! And the ads (and of course the game itself) is kid friendly and safe to use. But if you enter your birth date under the age of thirteen you are not allowed to watch ads. That is safety proof for children but I feel that’s to overprotective because the ads aren’t inappropriate and you use ads for rewards or to speed up something. And that’s it! No complaints this game is awesome and addictive. Please download it! Another recommendation is Stickman Hook. Thanks for reading! Your game critic - Genevieve

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    Oh yay another update 🙄

    Oh yay another update; another smurfy wonder! Not really, I do appreciate the smurf berry however if there aren’t expansions soon wonders and apartments will be all I have room for. Let me finish building the remaining wonders before I have to make more room, please? Hard enough to sync a henge with the outback and an Asian themed zen park. I honestly wish we could move wonders to different places..I’d put the Christmas/winter wonders on the mountain. I’d move last months new wonder to the grove, split the beachy wonders between the main village and island and Move the henge to the village. Gotta say, I may miss next years statue because it’s just so much the same at level 86. Then again maybe something will change! The platform will increase in size or versatility, prizes might actually change with level increases, or they could bring it back down to where you need the work oriented smurfs quests to progress. Who knows. Whichever way it goes I expect level 86 to have harder/longer quests and better prizes for the effort than level 20, 50, or even 80. It’s a lot to do so stop with the wonders for awhile and make good changes instead of clutter! PS..I also hate the timing of the pop up ads.

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    Still at it

    I’ve read a lot of reviews over my 10 yrs of playing this game and Im finally ready to WRITE one for myself so here it goes...let me start off by saying I love this game...I even take my iPad on vacation with me and sign into WiFi overseas (expensive) jus to “smurf”. Anyway as a long time player I do have issues with the price of certain items like the castle, gargamel(he is the smurfs🤦‍♂️)or other cool stuff. You can’t even pay smurfberries for them, you have to pay cash so you can be in the “v.i.p” club. I’ve been playing since before the v.i.p club was a thing. I paid cash for only smurfberries back then(wife too) now you give away cool stuff with smurfberries 😡(she quit because of it)not me😁..You would think I could get “grandfathered” in🤷‍♂️ but it’s cool...I’m never gonna stop playing lol...sorry for ranting. So my advice to newcomers is to be PATIENT and build those wonders, 1 at a time(I turn smurfberries into resources) there’s nothing really to buy with them and besides once you build the wonder it gives you 1(weekly)to use for something cool anyway but that’s jus me. KEEP SMURFIN🤙

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    This new interface is terrible

    I’ve been playing this game since it came out and have loved every minute of it... until now. The new UI is terrible compared to the old one. Overcrowding on the screen paired with new babyish graphics make the game seem less professional and more like something put together by an amateur. The new build menu also lacks compared to the old one, while the search feature is an amazing idea and the switch to purple is a nice little quirk when entering the vip tab, the shop has basically been downgraded in every other aspect, again due to overcrowding... all of the options are grouped closer together and the images and text are blurry as well as too much organization... the winter and Christmas tabs seeming like a good idea but never getting enough use to justify the added steps in the process. Confusion is also added in the crops as the stars are now grey making it seem as though there is nothing there. And finally, the game master no longer rewards a free box, why... that just forces players to have to be more likely to pay for good items. All in all... the new update isn’t bad if this had always been the way... but to consider this an upgrade from the old UI is not at all accurate

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    Ive been playing this game for over 6 years and its had its bugs and I’ve had to completely restart the game from scratch after the last big loss of progress problem but customer service was great and I’m back playing regularly! After spending a lot of money and losing everything normally i would of deleted the app and moved on but NOT THIS GAME! This game is the ONLY game I’d restart from scratch and rebuild because there’s no other game like it out there that I’ve been able to find and I’ve tried! ONE IN A MILLION! This game isn’t for the impatient it takes a while to get through the early stages but once you hit a certain point and open up all the different locations and get the featured smurfs that make the game what it is then its something you can play and enjoy for YEARS! The timely updates are great and new featured smurfs are added most every update along with a new wonder! REMEMBER: PATIENCE IS KEY! ;)

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    Needs much improvement

    This game is sweet and fun however with changes in developers, They completely lost my original game which resulted in losing a great deal of money so I no longer invest in it as much at all. Sometimes, videos for Smurfberries will not display/work properly. It can be a great game if the developers would be more generous. Smurfberries should be available through exchange of coin accumulated in the game and items for purchase should only be for special optional items at a deeply discounted rate. Smurf Wonders are far too difficult to get because they require so MUCH resources. Game Master’s Mystery Boxes are very redundant, giving too many identical items with rarely anything worthwhile. Step up developers and use your time to improve customer relations! I LIKE Smurfs Village. Help your customers LOVE the game. Many people are without jobs due to the pandemic and would rather buy groceries rather than spend $$$$ on something that is non-tangible. Thanks for continuing to improve the game.

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    Fun and relaxing strategy game

    I’ve been Playing Smurfs Village for nearly 10 years. I call it a mild strategy and time management game because either coins or Smurf Berries are required to complete certain tasks, and it takes strategy to figure out ways of accumulating and maintaining a bankroll of gold coins and berries. I don’t like to spend real money playing games so I’m at a disadvantage compared to people who are more willing so spend cash on buying Smurf Berries. But by using real-world skills of time management, figuring return on investment (for knowing which crops to plant to maximize coins for a given growing period) and delaying gratification in terms of saving coins and berries to build an inventory, you can have almost anything you want in this game without spending real money on it. Patience is the key. I love this game and will be playing it for years to come.

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    Good game

    I love the Smurfs! I played for years and then kind of stopped playing for a bit, but now I’m back into it, and I can’t stop playing! One problem that I have been having is when you try to do the extra missions for more Smurfberries, it never seems to work. Like if I choose to do a simple registration for something and I complete it and then go back to the game, it’ll be as though I never clicked on the extra missions in the first place and I still don’t get the Smurfberries, which is very disappointing. I’ve also noticed that when I use the Traveler Smurf’s hut (I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s called?), some of the ads you can watch for rewards have no way to exit the ad after you finish watching it, which is annoying. So the only way I can get my reward is to randomly click on a black screen (because the end of the ad is just nothing?), until it finally exits the ad. This also happens when watching ads for other mini-games in order to get twice the amount of coins and XP. It also gets very annoying to close the ad, because it will constantly redirect me to Safari and then to the App Store multiple times, so I’ll have to constantly re-enter the game and try again. Other than those few things, I have loved everything else about Smurfs. It is so addicting to continue playing and time-consuming when I’m bored and need something fun to do.

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    Very grateful!!!

    I’ve been a long time avid player, who has used this game the most to get me through a lot of tough times over the years. I had unfortunately lost a good chunk of my levels, along with over 20 items that I had purchased at the start of the quarantine. Had contacted the support team in Aug. and didn’t hear back from them. Then, I contacted the support team and ended up being assigned to a staff member that was able to work with me on reaching a very satisfactory solution by the end of the year. Plus, they even hung in there with me through a few months until I was able to receive all 20 major items that I had purchased throughout all five locations in the game. So, I highly recommend this game, because the staffs are very Smurfy with doing right by their customers!!!

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    Oops! Another bug didn't get fixed!

    I hope things get fixed sooner rather than later. The divers on the island (IPAD) have a major issue. When you send them down they do fine, but when you attempt to collect your prizes, it only collects from about 15 divers and then after that the boxes open and it shows prizes, but it doesn't allow you to collect. At first I thought they were still accumulating, but they aren't. The only way you can remedy this is by closing out the game entirely and going back to the island. This isn't just on my tablet, my daughter has another apple product and her smurfs is doing the same thing. Otherwise, I have been a long player, I downloaded it when it was released. I enjoy playing, and I really like how reporter smurf is offering resources and better gifts after 7 days of collecting. I follow the Facebook group. Please keep the updates coming.

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    I love the game soooooooo much

    I love it soo much I started playing it since I was six years old now I am eleven and I stills love it I love all the Smurf’s and I am a big fan I read their books I watch their movie and I love it sooo much 😍😗🥰😙🙂☺️😘 thank you for making this awesome game. But there are some glitches like I have dance smurf in his island and sassy hut and when she kiss the smurfs will swoon but if I make dance smurf to make all the smurf to dance while making sassy to kiss so that the Smurf’s will swoon it will stop moving and walking. I think u should also add an adventure in it like example when papa Smurf’s tells their smurf to go and do something like to spy on gargamel or to get ingredients or something I think u should add story mode in it I bet people will really love you game 😍😘🥰But still I am a really big fan of smurf and I really love the game

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    Good but not as good

    I, like others, had to take a break from playing. I do enjoy the game but each task is so expensive. I don't mind buying a few smurfberries now and than but 10,000 coins for a snail? Also there needs to be a way to bypass some of the challenges. Grouchy is never getting his cherry cake no matter how long he has that ! Over his head. Also we grow areas (i.e. Planet Smurf and mountain) but have nothing to fill yet. All of the major buildings have come one at the same time. Why can't I just focus on main village and get more space there? An update, they lowered price of snail but now I need to buy a butterfly for 10,000 coins or 20 smurfberries? It doesn't give you smurfberries just XP. Really think of what you are pricing. 25 smurfberries for something that gives them, great. A butterfly, no.

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    Nice game but.....

    I’ve been playing for years and the game would be much better if you would rotate or switch the game rewards from time to time. I’ve stopped playing some of the games because I already have too many of whatever is being offered. Also it would be nice after spending so much time and resources building all of those wonders that they would do more than offer weekly smurfberries how about being a really interesting game? Also needed is an override where you could pay smurfberries to complete challenges. I can’t tell you how many birds and animals I’ve a added or how many crops I’ve harvested to make smurfade until I’ve given up - but it still registers that the goal hasn’t been met How do you get rid of snow? Sick of looking at it already

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    I’ve been playing this game since it first came out 10 years ago and throughout the 10 years I was very dedicated for about 5 years of it and would play on in off the other five years but I would make sure you keep my village going and always come back for the anniversary and Christmas time. I lost some of my anniversary gifts and I’m so happy that they were able to return them to me once I had contacted them about my issues. I’m never disappointed whenever I reached out to them about an issue with the game. I love this game this is the only game that has been consistent with me for this long. And I put in work within my village and the other areas. This really has opened up my creativity a lot. Thank you and still a fan

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