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Published by on 2023-11-16

About: Plenty of Fish Free Dating (POF) is where singles have more conversations than
any other dating app. POF is more than just a dating app.

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Reported Issues: 18 Comments

4.3 out of 5

By Steve strong

2 months ago

cant log in to my account so i can buy more time can you help please send me link so i can login and buy more time thanks steve ps i dont have a cell phone so i cannot get the code you have to do it this is my 2cond email no reply yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

By Randy Alexander

9 months ago

Plenty of fish took my money off my card and did not give me any service just took my money no activation none of that I need some activation of my money back

By Randy

9 months ago

Plenty of fish took my money off my card and did not give me no service no activation at all. I need some help getting my money back I activate my service

By Lee

1 year ago

My service is not going through

By Rusconi Sue

1 year ago

Help. I am having problems transferring my membership

By Babara

1 year ago

I am being banned from prof and my account is closed. I didn't do anything wrong, why is tis happening?

By Brian

1 year ago

Can't get any help from POF, don't know what to do

By Janice Smeltzer

1 year ago

I'm tired of being scammed by the men on your site I was just scammed out of over $3000

By Karlyhoward

1 year ago

Hi I opened a account in karlyhoward delegated it accedently and then open up another account in name karlhkward but I can't get on original account of karlyhoward which I'm still paying for so could someone help me please thanks

By Kathleen Kirkpatrick

1 year ago

I am on my 2nd Time of catching a (obvious FAKE PROFILE) Well 1st one - Not sure of he was just a creep - I'll come back to that (lol) Any way screen name on POf is (Maxxwellx) Honestly, I am easy going and in 4 years have probably only gone out with (2) guys - so No this is NOT a revenge issue lol. Things in typed conversation just (didn't add up) First he said he lived in Schiller Park, Cook County_ I live one county over. If you are in IL you don't elaborate on the county? Fine. I asked where his picks were taken - which would not be a big deal - But it was. He didn't want to tell me. I mentioned the amt of scammers on here and he come back with let's meet for coffee - knew that would not happen. Then he gives me a totally different first and last name (without max in it. Says his name is something else - You can pull up conversations. I took screen shots of some. An aircraft mechanic with a master's that sits at home (to get contracts?) Don't think so. Then he says he lives in (Edison Park) Chicago - Well Schiller Park is 7 miles from Edison Park - he originally said he lived in Schiller. And the name change, and all of a sudden we were going to meet for coffee this Friday - he erases everything and blocks me. I am Certain this is a fake profile! Then there was the guy (Catholic) I think that was his profile name Coming off like a Christian THAT WANTED TO MEET NEAR LAKE CATHERINE IN THE AFTERNOON in late October last year - Yeah right lol I think your veting process needs major improvement!

By Ed Surma

1 year ago

I am a paid member and have issues with the mobile app. When I like someone in the meet me feature my screen freezes.

By Adrian France

2 years ago

Cancel my subscription you and your dating app called plenty of fish


2 years ago


By Suzanne Emerson

2 years ago

Hello, I am getting an error code 520 when trying to use the POF app and POF website on my desktop. Scheduled maintenance? It has been down nearly 24 hours. How can this be, I just received a notification on my phone thru the mobile app that some has just sent me a message. I cannot get to it. Please let me know what to do. Thank you Suzanne Emerson (new user - signed up only 2 days ago) HELP

By Lizzy reid

3 years ago

I am very unhappy to find out that when I went to cancel my next subscription that I have been charged up to 24th DECEMBER 8 months away! Very unhappy 😞

By La}£¥10

Sorely disappointed

I'm a paying customer because it was the only way for me to see who were supposedly wanting to meet me. Some I've messaged to simply say hi and they are bogus accounts or fake people pretending to be the person on their profile. Also my messages don't even get sent out to people I actually do find interesting enough to message. This dating site feels like a scam.. I've been a member more than once in the hopes of meeting cool folks.. but I'm being showing my matches are people that are way too young, or the opposite sex, and the constant glitches are ridiculous the app works intermittently. Before being a paying customer I had all the people supposedly wanting to meet me.. now I'm a paying member and nothing happens., then you want more money for some other feature to be seen first... or more...Like really guys.., the key is to keep customers coming back or spreading the word so that you get positive feedback and more clients. My membership is over in Aug.. which I'm sure on my last date before it expires .. I will mysteriously get people wanting to meet me. This app is like a fake gas station.. you pay for services not rendered... some of us have no time to find dates on the outside and the dating site is more feasible... now I'm not so sure.. and I waited and put off many times to give a review because I kept hoping for a different outcome.. no bueno, I don't recommend this dating site unless you have time to chat with a fake person or looking to screw.

By romeo james

The review

Where do I begin let’s start with your personal programs that you have added into your system with all the fake profiles the fake likes only to try to generate people to pay monies for things they don’t need like your meat meat program aside from that all of the prostitution fake profiles and your scammer profiles all from Guam and places of that sort or Ghana You also have a few people who try to put a party together for their local bar and a Call it a mixer for POF people however it’s a joke and 90% of the time it’s a sausage fest let me give me the first big reason why you put it in the slums of the city pub or a bar that has no class at all is it going to attract classy upscale nicer people people don’t want to go somewhere park the car and worry about it being broken into just to try to meet someone that you’ve never met before it isn’t worth the risk also you should have some kind a real program in there where people have to upgrade your profile at least monthly so we’re not having pictures from 10 years ago when they first joined this is just the beginning of My complaints as I’ve said in many of my messages I’ve sent to you to get people kicked off the site or even block them you should be paying me to help educate you on making your profile a true wonderful place to meet people because it’s actually more like a swap with all the fake profiles and the scamming that you yourself do as a company POF you should be ashamed of yourself

By Thetyfotseth

Dangerous app. Full of scammers/potential kidnappers. No quality control or verification at all.

This app is full of bot accounts and catfishers. They all immediately ask to move to Snapchat and then they try to lure you in with either a relationship (this is a dating app, after all) or a sugar daddy/baby type setup. They all inevitably fail to send a picture of themselves with a simple hand gesture, such as this one 👌, which is always a dead giveaway. They always send a picture of a girl with a different hand position and ask if it suffices and when it doesn’t they throw a fit. I’ve dealt with multiple of these scammers in the same day, let alone the same week. It’s no wonder I have literally 30x the number of likes on POF as I do on any other dating app. It’s because this app has no quality control or verification system at all, so the majority of accounts/likes are just bots and otherwise potentially dangerous people. For anyone reading this, avoid any account with numbers at the end of their name or any account that has little to no personal details. Basically, avoid any account that looks like there was no effort out in at all (eg. only one super compressed, low quality selfie across their whole profile, very simplistic personal details, etc…) or any account that messages you with grammar so poor that google translate would be jealous. Chances are good that they’re not even in your country, or even an actual woman.

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