FishAngler - Fish Finder App Reviews

FishAngler - Fish Finder App Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

With FishAngler you can discover new fishing spots, get real-time fishing
forecasts and find the best times to catch fish. Turn your phone into the best
free fishing app with interactive map layers, exact catch locations, bait
recommendations, private groups and much more! Most importa...

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Reviews (29)


Almost 5 stars if not for annoying feed

Can you add a feature or a “Return To Top” button within the feeds? In Instagram, when you hit the “Home” button, it automatically takes you up top and refreshes your feeds. In this case, make the “Feeds” button available at all times and allow it to do what the “Home” button does in Instagram after you hit it when already in feeds. Currently you have to scroll back up manually and if you’re deep within the feeds, it takes a lot of finger flickering to get to back yo the current and latest feeds. This is very annoying and discourages users from looking at older feeds & ads bc they don’t want the hassle of going too deep in the feeds then having to manually flick a dozen times just to refresh the feeds.


Best App on my Phone

After years, I finally have an app on my phone that totally enjoy. First, I am able to target location and species I want to follow. I can see exact location where the catch was made and all weather and tide conditions. Since I am moving soon, I can get a real feel for the local action that (at best) a weekly or monthly fishing report could never provide, and in real time. As a fisherman I can also roam anywhere on the globe and see what other fishermen are catching. How cool is that? For me, very. I applaud the creators of FishAngler, they are attentive to users requests for features, and (at time of this review) not flooded with pesky ads that ruin the user experience.


Subpar definitely needs a lot of improvement

FishAngler is subpar nothing spectacular in my opinion, lots of things don’t need to be on it and things need to be added. First issue, I live in Texas I have my location set to Texas, yet I’m getting notifications in local for other states I don’t care about. Next when I want to look at the map I takes me to Mexico so I have to scroll around and find the body of water I am looking for. Then there is the catch locations, I honestly do not care to know what was caught in 2014. The structures, water levels, even buildings and platforms have moved changed or are no longer there. Next, I should be able to search by year, species, and or weather conditions to better get an idea as how I should fish. I would also like to know what the water clarity and depth of the area is like. I feel that I can get better information from google maps than from FishAngler.


Great App!

Ever get tired of seeing your friends gender reveal party pics? Don’t care about your buddy bobs lasagna pics! Just want to see some good fish pics and get some knowledge at the same time? Get FishAngler! So besides not having to look at pictures of your friends kids and food, FishAngler really is pretty genius. Being able to follow different lakes, waters and fish species is really clever! If you are a nice enough fisherman you can share your locations to help other anglers out. Being able to also see info on your local water is pretty great! Great app!


Sorry but....

Seems like I’m the only person that has problems with FishAngler. It’s free and a great idea for an app but I always have some issue with it. A couple of my new issues is that if you delete pictures from your phone it effects the pics in FishAngler ... Why does my following feed have a bunch of random people I don’t follow? When posting catches and putting in the weather they are always pre set and completely wrong so why not leave them blank and let me put in the right weather? There is probably more that I’m forgetting about but.... Don’t get me wrong FishAngler is great and you should download it, it just needs improvements!


Great way to connect!

I appreciate the forecast part of FishAngler, but I think fish are like women, they don’t know what or when they want it, but when they do, you better have it! The best part about FishAngler is connecting with others who also love fishing (both near and far). The only thing I’d have to say that bothers me with it, sometimes it seems to lag, I’ll tap the back button several times and FishAngler will just sit there. That’s the only not positive thing I would say, but all in all, I like FishAngler .


They have contests w prizes!

I won a contest for a hat and lures, and they let me pick which type of lures, so I’m pretty happy with FishAngler lol. The local community is great, and I’ve met real fishers in my area which is cool. The only complaint is that catfishing (dating scam) accounts, wannabe “models”, and (rarely) pedos are popping up, and I wish the moderators would take action against that. I’m glad there’s no private messaging, because I think it keeps scammers and pedos away for everything to be transparent.


Just the app I’ve been looking for...

FishAngler has just about everything for me. Great to see how things are going locally, share Q&A with new contacts, access maps/satellite/GPS info, view/use forecast info at the touch of a screen, etc. One suggestion would be to allow FishAngler to rotate into landscape/horizontal mode. Another suggestion would be to have topographical/bathymetric overlays for lakes. How cool would that be?!?



This is a really cool app. Very informative with a lot of potential. It is our responsibility as members and users of FishAngler to fill it with as much information as we possibly can. In doing so we are able to communicate and share our experiences as we challenge these incredible bodies of water that we love and enjoy fishing at. So please fish responsibly and if you don’t plan on eating them, please catch and release!


Suggestion towards improving app

I really enjoy jumping on FishAngler to see so many people fishing. The sport is amazing. However, I often cringe seeing pictures of fish being mishandled, etc... FishAngler would be so much more powerful if it added education content such as how to properly handle fish, catch and release, info related to species (such as the “snake head”) that threaten our sport fishing, etc... Again, great app, love it, but we can make it even better! Thanks


Easy and Complete Information

I’ve tried many fish catching apps and this app is the best app I’ve tried. Best of all, every piece of information is free. FishAngler gives you more information easier, making it much better than the paid apps. You will not be disappointed if you fish or are learning to fish. You have access to bait used, location, weather, etc.


What’s with the forecast feature

So all in all not really understanding FishAngler you have to add a picture in order to mark a fishing spot? The forecast seems to be crap it will tell u that in two days the fishing will be good with major activity it comes to that day and always goes back to zero percent on that day like right now it’s saying Monday will be good 84 percent fish activity but then Monday comes and it says zero percent like what is that I plan hole trips out buy the fish forecast if you can’t keep it constant take the feature off it makes me want to cancel the trips I have planned around what FishAngler says will be good fishing days


Hoping to see you out there

It is nice that FishAngler exists I hope that I can use it to find some fishing buddies near me it is excellent , the forecast might be a little off but if more people join in the fun we can curve that I think! Great for sharing catches and favorite spots and I have already discovered several new haunts because of FishAngler thank you to the brains that thought of this !! Keep it up



Awesome App! Fun easy to use! Game changer for me able to log all my catches including weather, biometric pressure, time of day, where, Bait/lure used etc! It’s connected me with other Anglers in my Area and even around the world! Has a satellite map to use which shows other Anglers catches and also will display yours which is optional after a post. Great fishing app for beginners to Professionals. Thanks this app! Send me some stickers pls!


Great app!

I’ve been on FishAngler for several years and I can honestly say it’s amazing! For the most part all of the features on FishAngler run smoothly and if you’re having any difficulties then the this app team are super helpful. The last update with adding videos has been amazing to share real footage of me fishing and help get myself out there in the fishing world


Great app

FishAngler is great, especially during this crazy time of no bait ramps open, your favorite bait shop is forced close, or the worse stay in your house, there is only so many times you can pretend fish for Cheerios in the bathtub. FishAngler allows you to see some great catch’s from around the world, and a bunch of smiling faces of friends who are out doing what we love to do. Catch fish!


The best app on my phone!!!

I’ve used all the fishing apps, and this one is by far the best!!! It’s two in one with the fishing stats and forecast one one side, and a whole walk of life on the social side. You can see catches from around the world, see what they caught it on and where in an awesome map, and even chat with who posted it!!! It’s the best idea and it’s perfectly executed!!!


Tide reviews

Been using FishAngler for only few days now following this apps tide information been on point guys. My style of knowing when incoming tide is, it’s a plus before of thinking going fishing. I not a person that just goes in the beginning of incoming tide. I’m more successful in the middle of it or at the end while it’s going out. I’ll stick with is app for now and I’ll continue to post my successful catches.


Best fishing app

Free fishing app that is so worth it. In my opinion it is better than fish brain because fish brain makes you pay for a subscription. FishAngler makes it easy from weather, time fish will be feeding, areas people are catching etc. Thank you for making an amazing app. The only thing I wish was on here was the time what type of fish might be biting that day.



“Update on my previous review” FishAngler could be made a bit more user friendly. It’s still a bit of a challenge to use. Just found FishAngler, it's so loaded with information I can't believe it's free. So far it works great on all my apple portable devices and it's fast, real fast! OnceI figure everything out I'll be updating my review. Tight lines everyone


Brings fishers together!

Fish angler allows the fishing community to get even closer! My favorite part is how you can follow certain bodies of water to see who else has caught fish from that water and see what’s working as well! The groups also helps you talk to specific people and share locations only with them! Love it!


Excellent Tool for Every Modern Angler

If you want accurate reliable information on fishing grounds and conditions, this is the best available. Awesome user friendly display and easy to navigate. You can key in on your local waters and really squeeze the most out of your trips. Fish Angler helps you catch more fish!


Premium features for free

I’m comparing FishAngler against the fish brain app. Which you have to pay for the fish brain premium features. FishAngler has almost all the same features as the fish brain app. And it’s free. That’s all that needs to be said. You get fish catching locations and bite times .


Great but could be better

Should have direct messaging so people can ask questions with out a large audience. Beginner anglers would more than likely feel more comfortable asking questions with out the whole community seeing them.


It’s fun and for people to enjoy

It’s judgement free for people who love fishing. A sport with history and purpose. Not every catch is a monster or record. Where you live is what you catch. Have fun and love the environment. (Pick up your trash and leave things better than you found them!!)


Fish follower

I in enjoy this sight very much I like that can fellow fisherman gat a few tips along the way and look at current weather as to what it was at time of catch as well as bait being used great app continue the great work


Awesome app!!!!!

Well I can’t say enough about this app i’ve been a member for close to a year i thoroughly enjoy posting and getting see to all the other posts from Alabama to Australia. Sharing story’s and tips from other anglers They are always coming up with new additions and features and they welcome input in doing so! I even won the catch of the year competition! I have not experienced any negativity or bad vibes it’s been great looking forward to 2020!!!


Must Have

Any person who enjoys up to date information , weather forecasts and current fishing tactics around you or where you may vacation, DOWNLOAD immediately!!!


Not much to work with

Perhaps for those that do social media FishAngler is interesting but the info I accessed was just boring. I can’t offer an alternative app but I much prefer reading a good fishing report on just about any site. Good luck to those looking at FishAngler with hope for solid information.

Is FishAngler Safe?

Yes. FishAngler - Fish Finder App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,297 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for FishAngler - Fish Finder App Is 52.6/100.

Is FishAngler Legit?

Yes. FishAngler - Fish Finder App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,297 FishAngler - Fish Finder App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FishAngler - Fish Finder App Is 52.6/100.

Is FishAngler - Fish Finder App not working?

FishAngler - Fish Finder App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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