Fishbrain - Fishing App Reviews

Fishbrain - Fishing App Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Fish smarter with Fishbrain, the #1 app for people who love fishing. Millions
of anglers trust Fishbrain when they go fishing. Fishbrain has over 14 million
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Reviews (27)


Great fishing app

This is a really nice fishing app. You can see what other people are catching. You can also see where they caught it and what they used to catch it. You will get informed on the latest information and when to fish. If your new to fishing and hope to become an angler I definitely recommend Fishbrain. I have learned so much from Fishbrain. I personally think this would be the best fishing app if you’re looking for good fishing info. You can pay for a pro version. I don’t have it but it provides you with the best fishing info you can get from what I have heard. I have fished in certain areas because of Fishbrain. For the first time a posted a catch. I found a small bridge less than a mile away and I got a catch almost immediately. You can even shop for fishing gear on Fishbrain. They sell all kinds of baits, reels, rods, and lures. If you find a nice fishing spot it will provide you with what other people have caught there and how to get to the point you want to get to. Great app!! Definitely recommend it!!👍👍


Map Issue

Fishbrain is a great resource for anglers like myself. It has a lot to offer and makes fishing a whole lot easier. However, there is a new issue that has recently surfaced that can be quite frustrating. This issue is with the map. The map interface is working and displaying as intended, however, searching for a location will place the camera at a random location in the Atlantic under Africa, no matter the fishing water. Also, if you click on a location marked in another angler’s post and then click the map where the name of the water is listed, it will send to you to the same exact spot. The Directions feature is also bugged, saying that the desired location of any fishing water is “nil or invalid.” A detailed look into this issue would be much appreciated as I find the map feature to be a valuable tool. Thank you.


Good app with minor issues

I like Fishbrain . It’s helpful and everything. But let me get straight to the point, don’t like typing. The new recent update? No! Don’t like the way everything is set up. The older version looks better. Your main page is like in categories instead of just a straight up feed. Always gotta hit the “see more” option. It’s not cool. And another thing is the statistics. Needs more to it. More filters and stuff like that. Only shows a few fish names then says other and there’s no way to change what it’s saying. Just auto changes whenever you catch those specific species. But you won’t know what the “other” is talking about. And last thing is when you post a fish, it needs to be asking how many did you catch and then adds that to the stats. I could catch 3 cats in one post but only counts as 1 catch. And Fishbrain is a little expensive just to get more info that could not be so accurate. But idk. Haven’t tested that out.


Love it, but one problem

This is a great universal app for sharing your catches and fishing trips. I really enjoy using it. However, there is one inconvenience I wish they would fix. When I am on the map page looking at a fishing water, there is an option labeled “species” underneath the fishing water name. When I click on that it shows me all the species caught at that fishing water. I click on one species caught there and it gives me information about the species I clicked on and all the catches of that species worldwide. I wish instead of showing me all the catches it would only show me only the catches at the specific fishing water I am looking at. For example, I am looking at Oneida Lake, New York. I click on “species”. It gives me a list of the species caught there. One of the species is the chain pickerel. There are 64 catches of it at Oneida lake. I want to see them so I click on it. Instead, it gives me all the catches worldwide, not just at Oneida Lake. It is a really disappointing flaw. I would really appreciate it if they fixed it.


Awesome app

I personally don’t write reviews on apps but Fishbrain is amazing I’m new to the whole fishing scene and I went on my very first fishing trip (besides middle school field trip) I had no idea or clue what to get or what I needed I got Fishbrain and wrote a post the amount of helpful tips and tricks I got from people on Fishbrain lead me to catch multiple fish my first time and Fishbrain shows you a map of fishing spots people have been to and what they have caught and what they used and it’s really helpful the whole community that was built on Fishbrain is amazing I’m still getting tips and still getting helpful advice on where to fish when to fish there’s also a bite time that shows you the % of bites people get and what time which is helpful to plan a trip wether you are new to fishing or a fishing god Fishbrain is a must


For the Record I love Fish Brain but....

Fish brain has been advertising how they have a new store and you can purchase items from their site. I have taken the liberty of doing exactly that. While I will say I am totally satisfied with the this app fishing shirt that I received. I am completely unsatisfied with the customer service or the lack there of. I purchased a shirt and two hats for $50 and only received the shirt. $30 went to fish brain charity I’m assuming because I still haven’t seen it and no one has any answers. They just keep telling me they’re going to get back to me. But they never do. I would suggest being mindful about spending money on their site. They don’t seem to help with any lost items or money that’s been spent already. It drives me mad because I still use the site and enjoy the benefits of fish brain. But it’s getting upsetting because if you can’t handle a $50 order then I’m never going to drop a $500 order. Just give me my hat or my money already. Because to me this is no different than stealing. I’m sure they don’t want that reputation.


Great app but terrible users!

I’ve never reviewed any apps or commented and I know that this is a long shot but ever time I open Fishbrain I get extremely aggravated! Anglers continue to keep short fish and out pictures up! This is in no way the fault of fish brain but as anglers who love fishing something needs to be done! I think that something needs to be done to advertise the limits in areas! Although this would not stop poaching it would help make people more aware of the legal limits ( size and amount)! Fishbrain is awesome but the people using it often do not follow the rules! Today I saw a fluke pictured with a measuring tape in the picture! The fluke wasn’t even close to being a keeper, it was at least 5 inches off! I really hope that someone in this app sees this and understands how big of a problem it is and hoping that we can attempt to fix people’s perception that keeping short fish is ok! Thank you for your time and I hope that changes will come!


Pretty good features, but buggy

Overall Fishbrain is mostly well designed with many useful features. The home screen is a social feed featuring catches - fun to read thru. Additional features include tracking the location, date, weather and gear used of your catch. Also you can pull up a map of a location and see where others caught fish, gear used, etc. You can comment and message other users/fishers. I also like that the community is generally very positive and supportive. Fishbrain unfortunately also has several significant bugs. As others have noted, the single biggest issue is their feature that identifies the location of a catch is often wildly inaccurate and limiting. It forces you to pick an inaccurate location such as a stream flowing into a main river rather than the location in the river were you actually caught the fish. This makes membership almost deceptive since you're really paying for that location info. Shame on them. Another bug is the location search results that are unsorted and put waters that are thousands of miles away near the top rather than the nearest water of the same or similar name. Lastly their support is unresponsive. They only send robo responses. It makes you feel like now that they have my money, they no longer care. They have a good foundation and now need to focus on working out the bugs and providing better service.


Fish On ———<*(((((((((>< :-)

this app is the best. I wish I had known about this Awesome App before, I would have been a member years ago. All the fantastic pictures from all ages. And the great information you get, locations, gear, bait, tackle. I look forward to being a member every day. I can’t wait to go get back on the water. I am hoping next season to get a 15-17 ft boat with an outboard motor maybe 25 Hp. I have always wanted one. But don’t have the money for it. Looking for a used one with a trailer. May be a member knows of one for sale in the CT area. I will end with the Fisherman’s Prayer I pray that I may live to fish until my dying day. And when it comes to my last cast. I then most humbly pray: When in the Lords Great landing net and Peacefully Asleep that in His mercy I be judged Big enough to Keep. Wind in your sails, tight lines and Fish on. ————<*((()()(()))(((>< :-)


Such a great resource!!

I remember I originally got a this app account just because I wanted to post pictures of my fish but most of my followers on other my social media accounts didn’t really care about it, but then once I got on Fishbrain I realized how many other great features Fishbrain has outside of just a cool local community of other anglers! I’ve been able to learn and grow more in my fishing skill set and have caught so much more fish since being on this!!! Not only can I scroll through it for a couple hours just for entertainment, but I also am learning which colors and baits are working on which spots, and what gear I should be using to get the best action with my lures! I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate Fishbrain and the improvements I’ve made because of it.


Amazing app

This is an amazing app for a fisherman or woman but during quarantine I fell that this app pro should be free there are no problems except sometimes it will glitch and not show your messages or it will log you out and it takes a while to log back in I got logged out from closing Fishbrain then it took like 25 minutes to log back in over all five star app some kinks yes but it’s nothing this amazing apps delvopers can’t fix and if you seen some of the giants people catch you’ll wanna travel ASAP to get to that spot and fish straight away and get on some big fish and get a nice one and get good keepers this is amazing honestly I would travel to pine lake because of one of the fish that someone caught I would get this


Great app. Some premium issues

So I got Fishbrain and thought it was great. I wanted to go fishing, so I wanted to the the exact spots where they caught the fish. To do this, I became premium, and thought I would start out with the first month free. I began trying the exclusive premium thing, but it still said I had to buy it. When I pressed, “get 1 month free the $9.99 a month” it just said I had already gotten the membership, but still didn’t give me the premium privileges. I tried shutting down Fishbrain and even my phone, but it never allowed Fishbrain to know I got premium. I got premium on 6/9/19 so I don’t know if I will get my membership tomorrow or not. Right now I’m not very angry because of the free trial, but when it starts charging and I don’t get the privileges then I’ll be mad. Otherwise, a great app. I would like to have my premium though. Please fix this app. Thank you


Great community, App needs work.

this app is a great community. I’ve met and fished with several local anglers and always learning new tricks. Really great group of guys and gals. The folks at this app seem to be doing a good job of keeping Fishbrain updated, but always room for improvements. Some of my recommendations to make the experience better below. - The uploader always places the photos out of the order I uploaded causing me to have to edit each time after post. - The ability to keep your fishing spots private should be easier to do. It defaults by showing your exact location. You have to edit this with each post. - The notification section is still awkward. When you make a comment it’s easy to lose track on who responded to what. This is because the comment section doesn’t load the image you commented on. - The Russian girl activity has died down a bit, but still happens from time to time. I feel they should educate users to report users trying to phish for information better. I can imagine that less tech savvy users would fall for these types of online scams. All things said, it’s still the best option for anglers that want to share their catches with the fishing community. I’ve tried the others and always came back.


Support is bad

I’m giving this two stars because it used to be a good app. It helped me find some fishing spots when I first moved to Kansas City. If I were rating it based on how it performs now, it would be zero stars. About 3 months ago my feed became broken. It shows all of my catches at the top of my feed and then a few older posts after that. If I scroll way down I can find some new posts mixed in with mostly old posts. I have contacted support three times and I get an email back saying it’s a known issue, they are sorry and they are working on it. Then the support ticket is closed out. I’m sure it’s to satisfy a metric of how fast they close out support tickets. But the problem hasn’t been resolved. I’ve had to open three different support tickets and still no resolution. So I am done with Fishbrain . I’ll be looking for another app to connect with local anglers. Good luck if you download this.


Step up your game!

Want to find the best spots? How when and what technique the locals succeed with? Fish Brain is your go to. This year in search of catching my first Largemouth (I know I know but I’ve got stripers, trout, small mouth, and pickerel all covered) I was driving up to an hour each way to mediocre shore fishing locations. I don’t have a boat so it can be challenging to find a spot with good access. I get this app and find there’s a small pond with 5 pound largemouth across the street from my house. Never would have known and less than a month later I’ve caught over 10 largemouth in that pond. Fish brain has saved me time and money!! Get Fishbrain pay for pro - you won’t regret it


Hooked on fishing but the latest update crashes

I just started fishing at the tail end of the summer and I think I am hooked! I never knew fishing could be so much fun! But the biggest contributor to my newfound passion is this app app. Seeing fish other people have caught, especially near where I live motivates me to go out there and try to hook some myself. It is an awesome tool that builds fishing community and one that promotes fishing in general. One point lessons by the pros are pretty nice too. I wish the shop and gear selections were much bigger though. Being able to purchase some of those right through Fishbrain would be nice, especially some of the hard to find lures perhaps. The latest update crashes Fishbrain as soon as it launches. I hope that will be fixed soon. Other than that I really enjoy this app.


Has potential but needs refinements

Paid for three months of this app pro and although it’s useful, it lacks more granular filtering options that would make it truly amazing. As it is, I can’t find a way to filter for only recent catches. Instead, it shows every public catch ever recorded in Fishbrain , making for a cluttered map that has a lot of useless information. Yes, you can filter by month, but I’m not really interested in how many people caught fish in an area two years ago— I want to see what areas are active right now. Searching for a good fishing spot is also made more difficult by the fact that marinas, tackle shops etc are rendered in the same orange color as the “recent catch” pins. A visual way of distinguishing catches made from boats versus bank catches would also improve things— if you know you’re bank fishing, for example, it’d be great to be able to filter out boat catches on the map. What would also be really great is if Fishbrain could generate a list of best fishing spots within a certain distance from you based on the density of recent catch data, which could be filtered by species and style of fishing. As it stands it’s a good app, but with these improvements it could be perfect.



Could you guys make it so we can double tap a post to like it? Then, we can swipe through our feed faster. I just think it would make it easier to like a lot more posts faster. Also, I think that the this app premium thing is nonsense, you guys could just have sponsers on the feed page and we are scolling, an ad would pop up and you guys could make as much money. I really wanna see where people caught their fish, otherwise Fishbrain if useless if you have to pay for fishing catch locations. Remember this is a fishing FORECAST app which allows us to see where all the fish are. Still hands down this is a great app and I still love to go on it. We have our own opinions so don’t think that mine should be taken seriously, this is just my thought of Fishbrain .


Fishbrain Folks Great

I am so glad I came across this app and downloaded Fishbrain . So much great information from pros and manufacturers of great fishing gear, but mostly everyday fishermen, like you and me. And, we all know people who fish are just great, friendly people (other than one lady, trout fishing p, who thought if I caught a big trout, then there was surely a second one sitting right beside it waiting for her fly, so she’d practically drown me to steal my spot). But, this app folks are smarter and friendlier than that, and that’s why we need to get all our fishing friends to join. Guaranteed you’ll learn something, and enjoy watching people all around the world reeling in what we’re all after... that next big fish - and story to go with it. Try it out! this app!


No faults

I wanted to start keeping a journal of location, time, wind, weather conditions, etc for every fish I caught... Well 8 people have recommended Fishbrain in the last month. Just moved to Massachusetts and have never fished here. Fishbrain... Thank you!!! I can journal my fish with just a snap of a photo and boom I’m done! And I have made friends after moving to a new side of the country to fish with, share helpful tips and tricks and locations. The best part Is I can see where I am allowed to fish! I’m from Vegas now living near Boston, MA... I didn’t even know what type of fish are where or what?!?! Fishbrain is what a guy that is 35 needed to help move to a new area and document his fishing journey, make friends, and seriously showed me where to fish with and what by checking the map and I’m a better fisherman for it!! Sounds too good to be true I know... I don’t mess around. I’m a str8 shooter. The only thing I can’t compete with is I haven’t met my wife on Fishbrain... but it’s done EVERYTHING to make my life better. Engineers, developers, staff, financial backers, and us users thank you everyone! So grateful.


For the Record I love Fish Brain but....

Fish brain has been advertising how they have a new store and you can purchase items from their site. I have taken the liberty of doing exactly that. While I will say I am totally satisfied with the this app fishing shirt that I received. I am completely unsatisfied with the customer service or the lack there of. I purchased a shirt and two hats for $50 and only received the shirt. $30 went to fish brain charity I’m assuming because I still haven’t seen it and no one has any answers. They just keep telling me they’re going to get back to me. But they never do. I would suggest being mindful about spending money on their site. They don’t seem to help with any lost items or money that’s been spent already. It drives me mad because I still use the site and enjoy the benefits of fish brain. But it’s getting upsetting because if you can’t handle a $50 order then I’m never going to drop a $500 order. Just give me my hat or my money already. Because to me this is no different than stealing. I’m sure they don’t want that reputation.


I love this app but...

Unfortunately their catch data is near worthless given the fact you’re forced to pick from a few predetermined fishing locations. How these locations are picked, I have no idea, some spots make sense, some don’t. Others appear to be user submitted (spelling and capitalization errors) but there’s no where in Fishbrain to do so. When you log a catch it forces you to select one of a few nearby fishing “spots” which often are nowhere near you, you can leave it blank but by default it’ll just pick the closest one for you. This may not seem like a huge issue but it ends up completely screwing any catch data or fish forecasts. I mean the top fish for almost every salt water spot around here is large mouth bass, and you’ve got fish caught 5-10 miles away from where they’re marked. If fish brain just added the ability to create a new fishing “spot” this issue could be almost completely avoided. You can just let the community moderate it too. Believe me no one like incorrect data.


Getting better...

Update! It has been one year since I wrote the review below and things seem to be improving (bumped from one star to three ). I am however, still seeing a ton of bass posts and I don’t even fish for bass; not following the species, or a “catch position” where they can even be caught. Then there’s the premium features: which are minimal considering the cost. I definitely recommend Fishbrain to any and all anglers and I hope things continue to improve. Still has a lot of potential! App has taken a turn for the worst, crap from other countries is showing up in my feed, have to scroll for days to even find a catch in the places I fish not to mention every species known to man is also showing up in my feed; app has potential but doesn't seem to be getting the attention it needs!



Love Fishbrain. The new fishing app I’ve used by far and will continue to use. One thing I would like to see fixed. When you are using the map and you click on the highlighted bubbles to see latest catches. When you click on someone’s post and try to go back it takes you directly back to the map. Is there any way you can make it so it goes back to all of the posts on the original bubble so you don’t have to go back to the map to re-click the bubble again. That is literally the only gripe I have about this. Other than that I love Fishbrain.



So I am new at this hole fishing stuff. First thing any one does is look stuff up to learn so you can feel like a total idiot fish time out. Well I came across Fishbrain. So I downloaded it and figured I would give it a try. Come to find out it is a very well used app in the 757 area. I was shocked on how many people use and how often they use it. The only thing I don’t like is the prime upgrade. Mainly because of the price. For someone who fishes every day I can see how it is very very useful and worth the money. But someone like me who fishes once maybe twice a week I just can really justified spending the money for it. And to be fair I have not try the free trail yet. I’m scared if I do I will end up buying the membership 😂


Good app but..

Fishbrain is a great app that allows you to connect with strictly other fisherman and share great fishing locations along with tips. But this issue I’ve had with them was that when you signed up you get a free trial great! Then after the trial there is a monthly Premium. I can’t quote the price but I know it’s affordable and reasonable. But when I go to check my bank account I was surprised to see that they took a full years worth for the amount of $82 and some change. I was pretty upset by that cause now I have to deal with the usual inconvenience for the time it takes my money to reach my account. Like I said great app but I didn’t like how they instantly grabbed for just short of $100 dollars when I thought there was gonna be monthly cost.


Loved Fishbrain for a While Now

Loved this app for a while now. It’s improved over time however with the new updates I’d like some things such as the option to temporarily disable my profile when I’m not active, or being able to have a search option when I’m scrolling through my followers instead of having to scroll through looking for someone who’s following me. A search bar in the followers portion of my profile would help tremendously. And most importantly please change the notification options so I can choose what notifications I receive. I do not want to be notified EVERY TIME someone I follow catches something. There is no option in the notification settings of Fishbrain to change that.

Is Fishbrain Safe?

Yes. Fishbrain - Fishing App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 37,083 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fishbrain - Fishing App Is 49.7/100.

Is Fishbrain Legit?

Yes. Fishbrain - Fishing App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 37,083 Fishbrain - Fishing App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fishbrain - Fishing App Is 49.7/100.

Is Fishbrain - Fishing App not working?

Fishbrain - Fishing App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By bugsy
Aug 31 2022

It seems like a brainless app which generates meaningless content

By Ha Ke
Jul 09 2022

A place I went fishing yesterday has the wrong number of catches and pictures on it. I went to a retention pond with no paved path, nor any dock or wooden structure. Yet the catch pictures show a paved path and wooden structures. One picture is of a salt water fish! The app has a glitch and it’s putting the wrong catches on a location.

By J Wong
Jun 07 2022

This app crashes everytime there's a new post. There are also posts that claim catch locations are not from the location reported. The app crashing is the biggest problem. Won't go to the
pro-app when there are instability issues with basic app.

By Larry
May 02 2021

Great app design. For a fisherman looking for places to fish--it appears to be very good. However, a high percentage of locations [once investigated] are "private", meaning permission needed, must use private land to access or restricted in some way. A big disappointment.

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