LingQ | Learn 42 Languages Reviews

LingQ | Learn 42 Languages Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-30

1000s of lessons with audio + matching text. Learn words and phrases with SRS
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LingQ | Learn 42 Languages Reviews

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    LingQ: Great Reading Platform, Forums distract

    The system, with its highlighted words, is great. 5 stars. The feed needs fixed, it's just a bunch of random articles. I can't find my own uploaded content half the time, even under Imports, without searching specifically by name. 4 stars. The forums are toxic - there's a 85% male ratio on there, I'd estimate. Questioners are a mix of internationals, and "bros" who use their words-learned as a way to measure themselves. I thought the forums had a bit of toxicity to them, then I got straight up attacked by someone I had never talked to. Another time, spam was posted in a forum, and I called the person out on it, and a group swarm came after me. They also accused me of "group think" while they swarmed, without ideas/original thoughts backing up their opinions, just insults. The spam they posted had a gender-dynamic to it; trying to convert men (and men only). I don't know if Steve's looked at the user data, or even cares, but I'd bet he's pushing away women users from his site. I'm someone comfortable swinging it with the guys, and dang, do I not want to be on those forums. Within 7 days of starting my membership, I was being bullied [and by someone who thought I was a man, since he called me a "little boy."] The fact that very few women ever speak on the forums is an extra sign that LingQ has cultivated a bad chat culture that is (likely) driving away female potential users.

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    Really disappointed

    I am really bummed out because I was really hoping this would live up to the hype. I’m learning French and have be using Duolingo, which I’ve been pretty happy with, because you can learn a lot for free. But I wanted to try this more immersive approach, studying current news articles and such. I love this idea...and I think it could be massively helpful. But why don’t you guys stop advertising this as a free app with purchases available to improve the experience. I can’t do anything with this app unless I pay for it. I couldn’t even get through a single beginner lesson. I saw another reviewer complain that he was getting spam regarding his progress. Yeah, it’s a notification. But it feels kind of spammy when the notification is reminding you to do something that you can’t do unless you pay to do it. I realize you gotta make money, but this just feels kind of icky of you guys. I have no idea how useful this app is because I’m not going to pay to figure it out. The interface was kind of confusing, too. I’d hit the play button and it wouldn’t match up with the text. It was weird and frustrating. I don’t want to watch a bunch of videos to learn how to use an app. I’ll look up news articles and use a pocket translator to learn my way through it. Seriously bummed out.

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    A must have for people learning languages

    This is my first review I’m writing for an application, I have wanted to write this for a while now as I’ve used LingQ for almost a year, anyway LingQ is the best tool to use for an input based approach on language learning, which is by far the best way to learn a language, using LingQ you read various texts and listen to many different materials, and even within the free version you have access to a multitude of resources for all levels of language learning. The premium version is a must have as it keeps track of the vocabulary you learn, making it extremely easy to keep track of progress and choose material based on your level. The only problem I’ve ran into is with more advanced and upper intermediate level vocabulary, as the translations are entirely user dependent, but still it’s such a minor issue. My other problem lies in how LingQ often has trouble reading Arabic script, it often counts 1 word as two words, or you’ll see the same word as different words. (Still a very minor issue) all in all, if you are looking to brush up on your second language or are an aspiring polyglot, this app is a must.

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    LingQ is the most unknown and effective language learning tools know to man!

    As we’ve heard from Stephen Kaufman, Stephen Krashen and many others: “language learning is the constant pursuit of acquiring a large vocabulary, the best way to do that is by listening and reading a lot to content that is meaningful to us and used regularly” LingQ most definitely serves this purpose above and beyond. I cannot say enough great things about this app/company. Thousands of different kinds of content to read and listen to, no matter who you are or what your interests are, you will be able to find content that is of interest to you. Even if you’re a flashcarder, you have a home here. LingQ makes it very convenient to review hundred of flashcards if wanted within seconds. My experience? In three short weeks, my listening level went from only understanding simple concepts in conversation to being able to follow and fully understand in depth to an intermediate conversation that I found on LingQ. Consistently learning, at least, being exposed to 150 new words for every 3 hour learning session. I’m confident that word count can be a lot higher, but I took a little bit slower and listen a lot more. All in all, link is the absolute next best thing when it comes to language learning and I guarantee it will not be rivaled. Stop telling the native speaker you don’t understand and download LingQ today!

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    Engaging in all the right ways

    I’m deeply impressed with the app. Hearing and reading has helped with my general language comprehension so much more than the other apps that encourage forced memorization through banal flash cards and short statements like “this is my mom” etc. instead this app focuses on the theories proposed by Stephen Krashen and the like to encourage learning through “comprehensible input” lingq slowly encourages new word comprehension through short, generally comprehensible narratives that keep you in the perfect balance of understanding and mystery, always pushing you to expand your vocabulary while not overwhelming you to the language as a whole. It also allows you to mark your unknown words for future flash card review. I haven’t used it yet, but you can also meet with other native speakers and trade language lesson(invaluable!). It really is a one stop shop for language learners!

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    Better than most!

    Okay by most I mean that there might be some that come off as better, but they might not be. LingQ stand at the top and it might not even be able to see its forerunners from that high! I’m 15 and I’ve been learning a multitude of languages from French to Spanish to English(at least to improve my vocabulary) to now Latin it’s by far the best. Even if you’re learning your native or mother tongue it will still help you learn faster. I don’t have much to any experience with the forums as I don’t usually use them but the few that I have have been tremendously helpful. The only complaint that I would really have particularly with Latin in LingQ is that you can’t use the auto-text to speech function whereas before you’d be able to use it with a similar language like Italian (as they sound similar and are relatives of each other) not I have to intuitively build a sense of how new and unfamiliar words look to me to be read as.

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    Learning French with Lingq

    Like many others, I took French courses at University many years ago. When I finally had the chance to visit Paris in 2016, I began learning again. I tried many on-line apps, along with Rosetta Stone. I memorized phrases by listening to CDs during my daily commute to and from work. Slowly, very slowly, my vocabulary improved but I still had problems with the grammar. I was tired of learning phrases that I would never use and reading about things that just weren’t interesting to me in English let alone French. Then I discovered Lingq and my French language skills exploded. I have improved more using Lingq for the last 120 days than all the previous years combined! I am si grateful to Lingq that now I can travel to France and have a discussion with my French friends. Merci beaucoup Steve and all who have made this possible at Lingq!

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    THE Foundational Language Learning App

    If Apple were to take all of the language learning apps they’ve ever featured and roll them into one super app, they still wouldn’t be able to match the power of LingQ. This app is not only well designed, it may be the best language learning tool ever available in digital form. Not only is there a curriculum that can be followed to great effect, there is also the freedom to explore your target language at your own pace, using your own interests even to the point of turning just about any media source the internet has to offer into a language learning opportunity. You simply cannot learn a language meaningfully by building a flashcard vocabulary devoid of context the likes of which are put forth in apps like Duolingo, Drops or Rosetta Stone. They simply cannot help you maintain the level of enthusiasm and reward that is required for advancement in an educational method as gargantuan as language learning. This is not so with LingQ. Just when you think you’ve hit a wall, LingQ has a way of showing you a bright light at the end of the tunnel. If you want to actually learn a language, this app fulfills the major tenants of that goal. You will not be disappointed in both your use of this app and the expenditure of the monthly fee for expanded app use. Happy learning!

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    Magical flash cards

    Imagine a deck of flashcards with magical powers and you have LingQ, which I have been using for about two years now, growing my Italian vocabulary to over 13,000 words. I can use it both on my Mac computer and my iPhone. I looked at other similar services but none of them came close to the thorough, imaginative way that LingQ works. There are lots of materials to read for whatever level you’re on—or you can enter your own texts. Reading and listening, you mark the words you don’t know and forget the rest. The marked words then pop up in your daily reviews until you mark them as learned. It’s an ambitious program and improvements show up regularly. Occasionally I’ve had a problem making my account work the way it should, but the help department has been able to solve it for me.

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    Great way to learn vocab and improve listening!

    I absolutely love that LingQ tracks words I have learned and highlights ones I don't know or are working on. This utterly transforms my reading (and vocabulary learning) experience. In the past I have tracked new words by hand, on paper, using a dictionary, but this makes reading slow-going and frustrating. Being able to click and bring up candidate definitions, and select or enter my own, is a wonderful advance. I have been pleased with the content available and the ability to import new content. I am also exploring the audio side and working to spend more time listening. I look forward to exploring more of the options like submitting my own writing or working with a tutor. So far I am really pleased with both the website and the app! Nice work!

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    Fantastic app and service

    This app has helped me have breakthroughs in a few languages, and I recommend it to anybody who I think is interested, and sometimes to people who aren't too. Only real problem for me is the lack of content in some languages (which is inevitable and totally possible to work around, especially given the import tool) and the fact that Genius imports (which I use a lot) don't format well in the app. The Genius convention is to use line breaks instead of periods or commas to separate lyrics, but when they're imported, it's as one massive unpunctuated block of text, which especially in languages without capital letters (mostly Hebrew in my case) is pretty hard to read.

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    Spam and Jumbled Mess

    First I used it for 30 minutes before it was spamming me with upgrade requests and blocking me adding more words to my list. 7 day trial should mean regular use for 7 days but instead it means we tricked you into downloading this app and give us money before you actually get to evaluate this app. I ended up doing the actual trial which you only get if you sign up for a plan and was happy for about an hour adding words to study then it came time to actually study and the UI is such a jumbled mess that I spent 10 minutes looking for the flash card study until I had to google it and it was a tiny icon in the corner. Then the actual flash card UI is overly complicated and I was immediately turned off and canceled my subscription but I kept getting spam emails telling me to continue my streak. I went to the Website and opted out of all emails and today the emails are still coming. Overall terrible app

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    Is it just me?!

    After looking at the great reviews and people saying this App is amazing, (Lingq even claims it is the best) I decided to try it. I was most excited about being read to while I followed along. But then when I came to a word I didn’t know, I was supposed to be able to highlight it and go back to somewhere else to look at it for later. The definitions that were offered were helpful maybe 10% of the time. I just stopped using that feature as it didn’t seem helpful. Maybe the user interface is bad? It seems like their main aim here is to deliver meaningful content to the user in the form of articles, to which the user has expressed interest in the subject matter. But, for some reason, none of them seemed interesting to me. I guess I felt a little overwhelmed at everything I was supposed to sort through on my little iPhone app. It seemed crazily organized. Usually when I get an app, I want to explore and see what everything is and how I can work my way around it. This one seemed too expansive? (Maybe) to be able to do that? Anyway, it was difficult to navigate and not quite what I was looking for. But I am currently living in another country and trying to learn the language of the country. I only speak English fluently. And I’m a beginner in Italian.

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    I’m so glad they developed this app!!

    I’ve always been fast at language learning and prefer to learn by myself instead of being in lectures. This app totally fits in my learning process. My current goal is German and I’ve been seeking for context that are accessible for beginners. After watching the vlogs from Akiyama San on Bilibili I decided to give LingQ a try. Turns out this app has just what I need. It’s such a brilliant idea to catalog words in given context and rate one’s own familiarity and decide if they should be reviewed or learned in the future. This is what I’ve been doing for years in my head but it was less efficient. I’m so glad Mr. Kaufmann made this into an app. This is the ultimate learning flow for any languages.

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    The best app that helps me to learn another language

    I’ve tried duolingo. Fabulous app. And I finished the whole content on Italian and got my golden owl. I am an avid Italki user, taking 4 lessons a week. I bought many books on learning Italian ( those mostly unused). Of all methods I’ve tried and still trying, LingQ came as a surprise. It has already taken me far surpassed what I’ve done on my own. Learning Italian is no longer a chore. I wanted to learn, but learning seemed so stressful before LingQ came along. With all other methods, I got the illusion that I can speak Italian, but my comprehension was not quite there. I am confident that with LingQ, I can finally get somewhere that I will be happy about. Hopefully in six months.

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Is LingQ | Learn 42 Languages Safe?

Yes. LingQ | Learn 42 Languages is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,182 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LingQ | Learn 42 Languages Is 51.2/100.

Is LingQ | Learn 42 Languages Legit?

Yes. LingQ | Learn 42 Languages is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,182 LingQ | Learn 42 Languages User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LingQ | Learn 42 Languages Is 51.2/100.

Is LingQ | Learn 42 Languages not working?

LingQ | Learn 42 Languages works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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