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    Horrid App

    The content is worthwhile, but it's like the creators of this app want to prevent you from reading it. The "navigation" is like blindly jumping through hyperspace. You have no idea where you might end up. I try swiping left and right but, instead of smoothly moving between stories, it's all twitchy and spastic. I can see the edge of a story I want to get to, but I can't make it land on that story. Just moving my finger slightly to the left and right, which should just move me between two stories, flashes glimpses of 4 or 5 different articles. Other news apps give the impression that there's some stationary content that their app provides a window into. You have a sense how the stories are laid out and where you are in that context. Not so with the Politico app. Instead it's chaos. Blank pages, stories with a picture but no content, videos with no play button. It's incredibly frustrating. I am on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 10.3.2.

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    Being a foreigner, downloading Politico was useful because it gave me a sense on how US politics work. What sets it apart from the other apps was Its main selling point that its unbiased and only discusses hard core Political Topics. Not anymore, something happened to the contents. At first with news articles on events like protest rallies, appear yet noticeably other articles of the same like terrorist attacks are absent. Then the articles' tone changed from an unbiased tone to a more shrill one. I don't mind the usual liberal view, but the lean to the left found here is getting closer to the regressive kind. If I wanted a biased news source, politico wouldn't be my first choice... but now it has become one. Sad to see a once good news source turn.

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    Love the content the app needs work

    The writers need to rise up against the developer. They are detracting from your great content. I like to move thru the page methodically from top to bottom, and then the app randomly refreshes and I have to find my place again. And for whatever reason the Top News is the only place that I can't turn this problem off. Suggestion, allow me to turn this off and add a new feature that will highlight what's new after I refresh. Then to have provided something worthwhile.

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    Broken again

    Politico is a great news outlet, but their app has been a failure for quite a while. Half the time it works, and half the time it will not load new articles for a week+. Additionally, their media implementation for things like the Global Politico articles is poor and hijacks the audio from whatever you've playing in the background. And if you try to resume your music, for instance, it retakes the audio as soon as you reopen the article. This is just poor coding. It's a shame, really, because I've been a huge supporter of Politico for years. But their app has continued to significantly decline over the last year. And if I can't read articles on the subway because the app is so poor, the NYT will continue to have my subscription.

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    Please fix the refreshing stories function

    This app is ok when it works, however it does not reload/refresh new stories easily.. I pull down on the main page and it shows as updating but then nothing happens, no new stories. I know it's not working right because the stories will be several days old (and yes, my internet connection is fine). The only way to get it to update is to try and refresh it multiple times and then kill the app's task and reopen it and have it load all over again, a fairly painful process when just looking for some quick news.

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    Long Standing Refresh Problem

    Once again the Politico app fails to refresh. The same articles have been showing for 4 days now. Restarting the iPad and even reinstalling the app does not solve the problem. This has been a long standing bug in the app and I can't understand why it is still not fixed. Love Politico's content, hate the app. I just pull the website up in a browser now as the app is too much frustration. Update: A year after my above review the problem keeps surfacing. The app simply refuses to update the content. Problem repeats on different devices including the latest the current model iPad Pro. Still showing the headline from a week ago. Rebooting, reinstalling do nothing. Come on guys.

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    Glitchy glitchy glitchy

    I’ve been reading Politico for years and love the content and analysis, but this app is in sore need of an update. It’s always been clunky in that you never know if it’s actually downloaded all the daily content you want before going offline, leading to frustration. But over the past couple of months, it’s simply been crashing very often, to the point that it sometimes won’t function at all. In the years I’ve been using this app, the NYTimes, WaPo, and other news apps have been updated multiple times, but Politico seems to have built this thing around 2012 and never touched it again. It’s too bad, because their great reporting and writing deserves better.

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    Russian Bots Writing Reviews?

    Forget the negative reviews, as of Feb 16, 2018, this is a rock-solid app that is easy to navigate (as long as you don’t start clicking before the first page is loaded). Articles may seem shrill to alt-white readers who prefer their fake world, but we ARE under constant attack and Politico is one source that can be trusted to fact-check before publishing. Thanks to Politico we now know that Russia has been waging “electronic warfare” (Russian words) against democracies for years.

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    App great, massive Facebook ads very annoying

    I check Politico multiple times per day and really like the articles and coverage of many topics. The Opinion pieces are good and could see more if them. More articles on the grassroots organizing coming out of social protest such as “Run for something “ the centrist Democratic races in Congress and state offices are very interesting and important. Please cut off Facebook ads after a million impressions as I am way over the top on these after saying “No” a million times.

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    Nice App, Great for Quick Fix of Politics

    Easy way to periodically check in on the Roller Derby that is DC politics. Not having the refresh issues others are reporting. Was running it today on home network and Sprint LTE and content rolling in regularly and without delay. And Politico is content-rich at a time when many of us are (perhaps excessively) refreshing our news feeds to watch the latest episode of The Madness of King Donald.

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    App is stuck

    Politico has done some great reporting in the last week, but you wouldn’t know that based on the app. It last updated news stories on Thursday, December 12. I tried deleting and reinstalling, but the news is still stuck on the same stories. Finally visited the website today to find newer news. Defeats the purpose of having an app. I hope this will be fixed.

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    Rarely works correctly!

    This app is simply the worst of all the news outlets. I have this image of the creators just laughing at us as we try to read their content! Politico is an important media site and their content is terrific. The app simply won’t let you read what’s there. My favorite is when the app suddenly pulls up a full page ad from which there’s two alternatives - click on it and be taken to safari or the App Store, or simply exit the app. No chance you’re going to actually finish the article or continue using the app for that session at least. Mind boggling.

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    Avoid until fixed

    Something has gone wrong with Politico and this app. Or they’re asleep at the switch because for days now the opening top story at the top of the current edition is now more than three days stale. In other words they do not bother to keep the site current which is peculiar and embarrassing for well known current news site in the digital age. If the site has a place to call the above to its attention, I cannot find it. Bottom line, don’t waste your time until they fix it.

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    It is a republican propaganda app

    I thought it was a genuine news source at first. They even occasionally speak from both sides of a mouth, but don’t get fooled. It is yet another right wing propaganda tool. I was still using it long after I figured it out until they started to chase me with ads to support “president Trump and his crusade against the fake news”. Yep, that was one bs too much for me. I prefer actual facts over made up lies that change each day, depending what happened in 45’s hollow-head at around 3am the night before. Pathetic at its lowest.

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    Finally some new content

    Ok, it’s six days later and content finally seems to have updated ... I’ll maintain the one star rating until I see if it holds then will go back to a higher rating. Today’s Monday, last new content was last Thursday ... tried deleting then reinstalling the app, same deal — what gives? Still no new content, rating reduced to one star and will delete app (again). May try again in several days. Is no one from Politico reading these pleas for updated content???

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