TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV Reviews

TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-15

TV Guide is the No. 1 source for finding what to watch and where to watch it.
Any show, any movie — on live TV or streaming — the TV Guide app puts it all
in the palm of your hand. Everything in the new TV Guide app is focused on the
areas you (as a television and film fan) care the mos...

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TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV Reviews

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    Great for finding new episodes, not their #’s

    I had previously given a 5-star review but I am downgrading one star. TV Guide is still a very good and convenient tool for finding new shows of interest 14 days in advance. Only rarely do I detect flaws. I jot down shows of interest, to guide my recording, into a small notebook. (Utilizing my Comcast On Demand service.) In many cases, you need to know the episode number to keep your recordings straight and to not miss an episode. Unfortunately, TV Guide frequently gets the episode numbers wrong. More and more I find the need to double-check against web searches for a show, or compare to what the “Next Episode” app says. Episode numbers are wrong enough of the time lately that I cannot grant the full 5 stars. I will continue to rely heavily on this app but with more cross-checking labor than I used to undergo. 4stars

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    App has completely stopped working

    Final edit: After deleting and reinstalling all day, FINALLY it picks up my location. But now my account no longer exists - but funnily enough, when I try to sign up anew it tells me my account already exists. Finally start from scratch with a new made-up email and what do I immediately notice? THE GRID IS STILL OFF BY AN HOUR. I have finally decided this app is just a phenomenal piece of junk. There’s a reason it has only a few stars average rating. Sadly, I liked it because I don’t watch enough TV to remember when the few shows I watch come on and really made use of the reminders feature. But I also don’t watch enough TV to fool with such a piece of crap app. Deleting for good! —————————— Despite there having been no update, suddenly my grid and all my alerts were off by an hour. I made sure my provider had not been changed, but I couldn’t even pull it up as the app said there were no providers, despite the fact that I live in the heart of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US. So I deleted the app, cycled my phone, and reinstalled the app. It STILL says there are no providers in the area and will not go past that screen. I am stuck, cannot go any further. My previous rating was only 3 stars so I never thought it was a great app but now it’s a virtual paperweight on my home screen.

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    Great app, super easy to set up the many awesome features!

    I love that I can jump directly to the day and time I want and see a star next to my watchlist shows and the word new indicating new episodes. It’s great to be able to follow actors and get notifications whenever something they starred in is on. The notifications 15 mins before a show airs are perfect for me. I read these reviews and can’t believe them! It’s a free app so totally understandable that revenue has to come from somewhere. I’m perfectly happy to scroll past a few ads if that’s what it takes to keep it free. I’ve used this app everyday for well over a year, haven’t had a single pop up ad nor have I had any loud ads. As far as the other complaints, they’re all user error, not the apps fault! Duh if you don’t want to get a notification for every single episode then set it for “new episodes only”. All of them were like that. If I can sort out how to use the many convenient features and tailor it to fit my needs, everyone should be able to.

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    Flashy? YES. Accurate basics? NO.

    The much-anticipated return of CourtTV has already occurred in nearly every planned area; yet, the TV Guide app, even when refreshed wherever possible, does not show my channel that it is on right now at all in the broadcast TV listing. However, another app I have that is nowhere near as sophisticated or bloated as TV Guide, immediately alerted me via a pop-up that there was a new channel added to my broadcast area, CourtTV, and asked if I wanted to add it to my channels list. The whole process took three seconds. It’s times like this when you start to realize that apps that splash videos, articles, excessive advertisements, and flashy notifications at the users don’t necessarily have the capability of performing the most basic function that you needed it to when you downloaded it in the first place. I have had two apps on my phone for nearly 3 years, and it’s mind-boggling that TV Guide can’t even perform the most basic function of displaying accurate TV listings, even though the technology obviously exists because my plain Jane TV listings app found the new channel instantly without my even having to lift a finger.

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    Used to be good, but awful now

    I have an iPhone X and this app worked fine before. But since the update three weeks ago that was supposed to improve the app, it's now much worse. It has stopped automatically jumping to the current schedule, and it no longer goes back to the present schedule if you have looked at upcoming programming. In both situations, it has to be manually moved to the current spot rather than just tapping the listing icon. Hugely inconvenient! I had hoped it was a temporary glitch but three weeks on it hasn't been fixed. Also, now, the schedule is very wrong, very frequently. Often a half day behind. And even more wrong. As a matter of fact, there hasn't been one day since the update that it's been right. And most days it's wrong several times. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of a TV schedule. I dumped this app. It's too awful these days. The other option for iPhone isn't great, but much better than this one. These folks need to put this app back to how it was before the recent "improvements".

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    A very useful app, but one really bad change

    I love being able to check the program listings with the tap of a finger, but in the older version, I could tap athe name of a show in the listings, and that would open a one-or-two line description of the episode. That was very useful. Now, that tap brings up a video window that shows an ad followed by a trailer. That takes up too much space and too much time without sufficient information. I hope they will change that back to the old way, at which time I will come back and give it five stars.

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    App keeps closing

    Needs some serious updating. This app keeps cutting out. Though I have used this app for quite some time, it has serious problems that needs fixing The developer has updated this app and now seems to be working much better. My initial response was typed quite fast since the app would only work for a short time, it would shut off and then I would have to begin again. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to type a response fast enough to the developer before this app would reset so the developer could know there was a problem to look into. Thanks for the update, this has been an excellent app and I look forward to using it for the foreseeable future.

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    Cannot select favorite channels

    iPhone 6S, iOS 13.1.2 I’ve been using this app for 3-4 years. When it works, I really like it. Every couple of months it would lose my favorite channels and I would have to add all my favorites again. No rhyme or reason that I could deduce. Now, I cannot select favorites at all. When I am at the screen to select favorites and tap on a channel, after I remove my finger I can see a check mark on the right side of the channel for about a 1/2 second, but it doesn’t stick. I have seen at least one other review that mentioned this exact issue. I haven’t been able to use this app for a couple of months now and I really miss using it. I keep hoping for an update that might fix this, but the last update was 4 months ago. :-/ I just updated to iOS 13.1.2 yesterday, but that had no effect on this issue. Please fix this!

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    So helpful

    This app makes my quality of tv watching so much less frustrating. I have only an antenna. There is listings as were on my att screen. I was really flying blind and it was very frustrating. The channel listing function on my my tv didn’t have much other than numbers. I had no clue. Once I got TV guide I began to learn that my antenna had so much to offer. With TV guide I get a glance of what’s on and decide whether to watch Netflix or not. I don’t have to miss anything anymore. I have had absolutely no technical issues. My gosh! Laugh In is on and it’s jokes are still current today. Rod Serling was on disco cavett and The Rolling Stones’s first US appearance was on Ed Sullivan. Historically excellent. I urge anyone to get this. It’s great.

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    Not enough episodes shown in Watchlist

    I check my Watchlist regularly so I can tell when new episodes of my favorite shows are on. But if there are more than a dozen or so episodes of a show in my Watchlist, the list of episodes by date only lists the first dozen or so. For a show in syndication (e.g., Law & Order SVU) there's so many episodes over the next two weeks that the one new episode doesn't show in the list because only the first dozen or so episodes are shown. This is not a problem when searching in the Listings. If I search for Law & Order (even without the SVU designation), it returns with dozens and dozens of episodes for the entire two weeks. Please remove the limitation on how many episodes are shown in the Watchlist so that all episodes in the next two weeks can be shown.

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    TV Guide 60

    Where do I start! My main complaint is that when I set a timer to notify me of shows/ movies I get notified EVERY time it's on WHY would I want to watch / notify anything 10 times???!!! I tried the one time notification thinking oh that must be the answer but no it's JUST the 1 time !! I keep loosing my favorites channels and then have to start all over setting them up! The ads are so many my wifi has a hard time connecting!!!! I don't know why if developers are going to make apps why they have to make it so I'm notified EVERY time a show is on! DEVELOPERS FIX IT GET IT TOGETHER OR DON'T BOTHER WITH A THIRD CLASS APP!... Update Nothing's changed I've tried the notify 1 time but then I have to reset every week this app is basically useless when in order to get notified 1 time only I have to RESET WEEKLY MIGHT AS WELL USE PEN AND PAPER AND SAVE RESOURCES ON DEVICE FIX IT OR THE APPS USELESS !!! I'LL GO BACK TO PEN AND PAPER DON' T NEED MULTIPLE NOTIFICATIONS NO POINT!!!

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    So many ads

    I used to love this app to the point I created an account and interacted with the app i.e. mark shows I’d be watching and all that. Now I rarely open it and never sign in because I can’t stand an app that has excessive ads especially those that don’t provide the means or steps to remove them. Ads that you HAVE TO WATCH to watch a video that’s not even as long as the ad. You watch an ad then stop the “free” video cause 10 seconds in cause it’s not what it’s advertised to be about or you’ve seen it before but didn’t remember till you saw the first 10 seconds & so move on to a different video and even though you didn’t finish the video and barely any time has based but a new ad has to be watched. It’s almost as if the app is set to give you an ad every other tap. I’ll stick with the digital cable box’s menu to see what’s on tonight

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    Tv Guide

    I just want to say thank you for the people that designed this app🙏😍 I can’t live without this app! Every morning when I drink my coffee that’s the first thing that I do! Check on my Tv Guide app what’s is new on the Tv today. Because the Tv doesn’t promote a lite of programs that interest me like the new season of Van helsing on Syfy and the new show Goest wors on syfy! Or evil things on Tlc the Tv network doesn’t care about us people liking those cubs if programmers😩 and without the Tv Guide I couldn’t know about them! So I want to say thank you again and again🙏😍💋 please continue the good work we love you guy’s❤️😍 Ruth Wells.

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    Horrible video ads and pop ups

    Time to update my review: The number of ads is still ridiculous. The video ads have stopped, but now there are flashing blinking ads in between the listings AND ads inside the listing when I’m trying to read a a show’s description. The amount of ads have increased to the point of ridiculousness. A few I can understand but not this many and not this obnoxious. Time to dump this app. The horrible video ads that I can’t stop for a full 30 seconds are the last straw. The pop up ads are bad enough as are the many glitches in the app, but now this app just isn’t worth using. All I I want is to see a show’s info quickly and I shouldn’t be made to watch a 30 second video or wait to close a pop up ad. May times the listings are wrong or totally blank. Time to dump this app.

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    App does what it needs to but forget about customer service

    ***UPDATE**** After still no response to change my email address on my TV Guide account, I decided to make a new account instead. Just write down your favorite shows/channels beforehand so you can remember to add alerts to them on the app. Smh. *************** I don’t watch TV as much as I used to but I do use this app often to see when some of my favorite shows are airing. However, customer service seems to be something that’s of little priority to you. I recently changed my email address and wanted to change that on my TV Guide app/web account. I went on the website (which constantly crashes when you go to the help/faq section) and there is no direct email address to contact anyone about my issue. I sent a direct message on Facebook and received no answer back and the app support just redirects you back to the website help/faq section. TV Guide for the digital age (and this app) has the potential to be really great but if you keep ignoring customers, it’s going to drive people away.

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You can now contact TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV customer service directly
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Is TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV Safe?

No. TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 43,836 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV Is 19.9/100.

Is TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV Legit?

No. TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 43,836 TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV Is 19.9/100.

Is TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV not working?

TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV.

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