WeatherBug Elite Reviews

WeatherBug Elite Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-25

Download the most popular free weather app powered by the largest professional
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WeatherBug Elite Reviews

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    Totally inaccurate

    I’ve used WeatherBug Elite and it’s earlier versions for years. For some time now, I’ve been noticing that it totally missed the forecast. Since I was a longtime user, I just put up with the inaccuracies. Friends have used other, better apps and would often know better what the weather would do. Today was the final straw. The hourly presentation showed 0% throughout the day. No hint of precipitation anywhere the WeatherBug forecast. None. Of course it was pouring rain with lightning, thunder and pea-sized hail. No hint at all from WeatherBug. NONE!!! I was getting significant weather warnings from other apps, but WeatherBug was showing sunny with 0% chance of precip. If this was just one isolated incident, I’d blow it off. But this is the norm for WeatherBug. I gave it two stars because the radar presentation is actually quite good. I spent 30+ years as a radar air traffic controller, so I know what I’m talking about. I’m also a commercially rated pilot. I have formal education and training in meteorology. If the radar presentation wasn’t good on this app I’d permanently delete it.

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    Great weather summaries but harder to read now

    I've used WeatherBug Elite for many years and much preferred the interface of it vs the newer WeatherBug app. While I was glad to see it's been updated, as I've been getting warnings about it being an old app that could slow down my phone, it is harder to see the information. (1) the darker background of the old version was better; (2) now more 'white' space on the 10-day tab so you see less days on the screen without scrolling; (3) most annoying is the huge space right below the current temperature! Otherwise, I like we can reorganize the tiles. Why I still like the app: very pleased with the weather conditions info, forecast, weather alerts. What really appeals to me is that WeatherBug uses local weather stations-ours is at the elementary school a mile away.

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    Weatherbug is awesome!

    We are an “outdoors” family that relies on Weatherbug for guidance every day. It has an amazing set of assists well packaged for wonderful ease of use. We use the weekly overview, the detailed daily description, and the hourly views with a single tap. The Alerts provide timely updates for weather advisories and warnings. As a sailor the wind info is indispensable. For snow/ice the traffic cams give video of road conditions around our house and at the destination selected. The radar real-time motion shows 100% accurate view where 1hr of motion is displayed allowing very accurate up-to-the minute ability to estimate rain/snow etc. arrival. We love this app and it really improves our quality of life. Thanks Weatherbug developers - great job!

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    A daily morning alarm that has no off button

    Weatherbug use to be a very useful daily info app in my life, with reliable weather alerts that I depended upon. Now it serves as an uncontrollable daily alarm clock to wake us up and numb us to weather alerts that we depended upon, such as tornado warnings. Every morning I get a Pollen Alert, through the same push alert mechanism used by real weather alerts. There is no way to turn this off except by disabling all push alerts (which would include disabling tornado warnings). Presuming this might have been some insidious scheme by an allergy medication sponsor, I deleted Weatherbug app and spent $10 to get the non-advertiser sponsored "Elite" version. Nope, the daily Pollen Alerts occur there too, also with no way to stop it. Pollen alerts occur even on days when there is nothing but rain for the day. I must now consider abandoning this weather app altogether. Humans need to sleep. I have written the developer three times, and found that to be a little better than broadcasting radio transmissions into a black hole.

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    Still need multiple weather apps

    I admire different features in different weather apps. I suppose it’s human nature to have favorites. WeatherBug is my favorite for hourly weather at my place. When I am taking a road trip this hourly data at a fixed location is less interesting than more regional coverage. Other apps do a better job here. Only one app gives me an overview of surface winds over a wide region ... and sadly it is no longer supported. We need a weather app that can be user programmed from bits and pieces of our favorites. I would start with WeatherBug and end up with something very different. Suppose we each would craft our own ideal weather app. Good luck.

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    Doesn't work in Alaska

    I've used WeatherBug for years and have always enjoyed the app but several things don't work in Alaska. I just purchased the elite version thinking there was more functionality but it was a waste of money. In Alaska the lightning reporting feature (Spark) doesn't work. The observation section doesn't work. The UV, Pollen, and live cameras don't work. And several of the radar layers don't work. Also the only alerts I can get are watches and warnings. I cannot get special weather notices or advisories which are very important as they usually contain life threatening information when traveling in Alaska. I would also like to see the moon rise and set times as a nice feature. To really add pain to this purchase is that I get ALL of this information on the Free Weather Underground app. I just don't like the way they have it laid out.

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    Fixed things, broke others

    Had this app for years now and overall and generally very happy with it. It does always seem to have some issues though. Some of these were fixed it seems with this big update (map animation for one) but nit sure how I like the overall format. I don't like that you can no longer swipe between your saved locations. There also seems to be a bug with my main location. There are a couple in my town, and even when I switch to my preferred one, the "now" screen indicates it's the other one, so I'm not sure what to trust. May be a small thing to some but my preferred station is literally a few hundred yards from my house and especially wind data is important to me.

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    The best paid weather app for iphone

    First off disregard all reviews of less than 3 stars as they are rubbish written by morons. Have tried all of the best professional paid weather apps. This one is the best as of 2017 for iphone. Some others are close. This has info laid out well. Has all needed info. Alerts are good. Very configurable. If you have a rock bottom cheapo phone with no memory then buy a decent phone. Although this app takes less memory than many. Its not a problem. And you do not need to use clouds. It will find any location or you can enter it. Has very good radar graphics also. For ten bucks i would not be without it.

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    Customised home screen Restored!

    After having killed the ability to move the home screen cards into an order that suited you, WeatherBug has now restored that functionality. Sometimes I wonder what developers are thinking when they remove customization functionality. Living in Southwest Florida, I don't want to have to hunt down the card with the lightning data when the sky turns black. And air quality may be of importance to some in this area during fire season — so that's when that card may move to the top. Different strokes for different seasons. So, thanks. And all in all, a great, accurate, customizable weather app.

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    My Favorite Weather App

    It’s hard to say one prefers one weather app to another but consistently, since I got it, I like Weatherbug best. It gives you the information you want — now, hourly, next 10 days... but so do all the others. It’s right most of the time, but, and increasingly, so are all the others. There are few commercials, and the page for every device, (iPhone, tablet, etc.) are readily acceptable. You know, I’d have to say that because they never ask you if your planning a trip, because they never suggest other things you might like, et al. It is because they just never impose, that is why I like Weatherbug the best.

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    Makes life easier

    I picked up Weather Bug seven or eight years ago. I used it to track storms in Arizona and New Mexico. I was driving trucks in that area. It worked great. Had more information than I needed but it had what I needed. I decided to take an office job for a government services company and during that period of time I didn’t need so much info so I went back to using the free app that comes with the iPhone. Well, seeing the same four walls every day was driving me nuts so I decided to go back on the road. The free app wasn’t going to cut it. I installed weather bug again and it’s really a lifesaver. The improvements they made over those years really make the app shine. There’s some really valuable information for people like me who travel the roads a great deal. Especially the satellite motion overlays like wind speed, precipitation, temperatures, storm tracker, etc. I’ve driven over 3,000,000 miles without an accident and I believe Weather Bug is an invaluable tool to help me reach 4,000,000 miles. I highly recommend this app.

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    Finally! WeatherBug Elite is back!

    I have been a WeatherBug user for years and am so glad to see that they have finally updated the elite version. What an update! The interface is much more user friendly! You can scroll down through the main page for a quick glance to all the features and have the ability to reorder those features to suit your viewing preferences. (In future updates, I hope they add the ability to add/delete features.) It's a quick touch to bring up the maps which are greatly improved and one of my personal favorites Spark... a must for living in lightning alley!

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    I first got the app because my news/weather channel I watch recommended it. Instead of using weather data from the PDX airport which is right on the Columbia River you can select from many other weather stations. Instead of the airport six miles away I’m using the Fire Station three blocks away. Fits our microclimate perfectly. I can add various locations to see what weather friends are experiencing in another part of the world, and watch the weather in a location I’m planning to visit in another country. See the weather for the day or hourly predictions. You can use this app for free!

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    My go to app for WX info

    I’ve been using this for years, I don’t think any weather prediction app can we perfect, because it is, the weather. However, I can look at the radar and see what’s coming. Their long term prediction seems to be better than national news, and right on par with local news. I like the fact that I can quickly look at multiple places and save those places because I have family there or I travel to those places often. Can it get better? Of course, what can’t. Maybe a section for icefishing, telling me how thick the ice should be! Other than that, not bad.

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    Love it!!

    I have had weatherbug for years, love the new update (switched to elite a long time ago), radar works much better, the only thing I miss is not having it on my iMac anymore, it used to have a little cricket chirp that warned whenever severe storms/tornadic weather was near, and I miss that, but I have never had any problem getting back on my phone with each upgrade, and I’m in love with all the new options on this latest ‘elite’ version!! Also the option to add other cities, I can track weather where loved ones or get weather forecast for vacation area! User for life!!

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Is WeatherBug Elite Safe?

Yes. WeatherBug Elite is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 26,877 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WeatherBug Elite Is 49.7/100.

Is WeatherBug Elite Legit?

Yes. WeatherBug Elite is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 26,877 WeatherBug Elite User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WeatherBug Elite Is 49.7/100.

Is WeatherBug Elite not working?

WeatherBug Elite works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Janis Reed
Jun 04 2021

I don’t like the green screen please drop that so I can see where the clouds are

By Judy
Feb 08 2021

Dear weatherbug people,
I hate that you made my 'now' map all green! I can't tell where the bad or worst weather conditions are! Can you please go back to the old version. The all green sucks!
Otherwise I'm going to search for another app.
I love you weatherbug I have used you for years with great confidence. I do a lot of road travel and have relied on you greatly planning my trips. But the all green map tells me nothing!

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