AccuWeather: Weather Alerts Reviews

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-11

About: AccuWeather’s trusted free weather forecast app is at your
fingertips Internationally recognized by the World Meteorological Organization
with awards making AccuWeather one of the best weather apps: “Best User
Interface and Data Representation” “Best Weather Warnings” “Best Design
and Presentation of Information, User-Friendliness; Access and Customization”
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About AccuWeather

What is AccuWeather?

AccuWeather is a free weather forecast app that provides live weather forecasts, local weather updates, severe weather alerts, and advanced weather radar. It has won awards for its user interface, data representation, weather warnings, design, and presentation of information. The app offers MinuteCast® forecasts for Minute by Minute® precipitation updates, winter weather forecasts, daily forecasts, and RealFeel® & RealFeel Shade Temperature™ technology. It also provides in-depth weather news, forecast updates, free weather alerts, and today’s forecast.



- Live weather forecasts

- MinuteCast® forecasts for Minute by Minute® precipitation updates

- Local weather updates

- Severe weather alerts

- WinterCast™: winter weather forecasts

- Daily forecasts

- Advanced weather radar

- RealFeel® & RealFeel Shade Temperature™ technology

- Weather watches and warnings for your local area

- RealVue™ and Enhanced RealVue™ satellite imagery

- Weather radar views for water vapor, rainfall, sustained winds, and even storm surges

- Timely tropical storm radar tracking

- Current conditions maps

- 5-day precipitation outlook

- 24-hour snowfall forecast

- Temperature contour maps

- Personalization of the app depending on where you are in the world

- 45-day weather forecast

- MinuteCast feature for the most up to date live Minute by Minute weather forecast

- Trending videos from AccuWeather’s dedicated news team

- Weather tracker that can filter and customize according to your preferences

- Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device.

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Key Benefits of AccuWeather

- Most accurate weather

- Gives more information about wind, rain, snow, and hourly, daily, or weekly

- Helps to know what to wear for a vacation or day out

- Simple and powerful enough to find specific conditions in new location

- Animated weather conditions

- Easy to use

24 AccuWeather Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Do Not Use The Future Radar

Whatever you do, do not use the future radar. The future radar is not accurate at all. It showed that a thunderstorm would disappear by the time it would hit my area. WRONG. The thunderstorm that is a 5 miles away from my area hits me and brings penny sized hail and flooding rain. this app’s algorithm for using a future radar is terrible. After you get an hour into the future radar mode, it starts broadening out the rain and sometimes exaggerates what you will see. For example, sometimes it says a shower will later turn into a hailstorm but that never happens. Sometimes it will say a thunderstorm will weaken and turn into a shower, but instead it will intensify into a hailstorm. Do not rely on the future radar for anything. All of the other features are pretty accurate. I like how it shows the rain total for the day and the night (could be inaccurate when it comes to spotty thunderstorms). AccuWeather is good with only banner ads (at least there is no video ads). I have been using this app for 2 years now and I have been satisfied using it, but if you are looking for an accurate future radar I would look somewhere else. Minutecast is very accurate, and I was very impressed when I first saw how accurate it was. AccuWeather is one of the first to use a minute by minute system of forecasting and I am very thankful for finding AccuWeather on AccuWeather Store.

- 2 year this app user



Mostly great!

There are tons of weather apps available. The devs description is accurate, but I will tell you my top Pros/Cons. PROS: ~ Love the radar. Gives you an option to view the past or future. ~ A slick “Minute by Minute” wheel that pinpoints precipitation for the next two hours. ~ A ton of features that don’t overwhelm you when launching AccuWeather . The basic stuff is clearly and nicely laid out and simple taps/swipes will get you to deeper details if desired. CONS: * The “location services” pin points my house right on the mark. But, AccuWeather declares the location is a nearby city instead of the one my house is in. * I have several weather apps that use location services plus my own house thermometer. this app many times states that it is 4-6 degrees cooler than all the others. * That’s it. Some may feel those are picky things, but it is enough to knock off a star IMHO. Overall, a great app. I was happy to pay the $4 to support the devs and also get rid of the ads. 😄

UPDATE: this app no longer offers a pay once to get rid of ads. It is now a monthly or yearly fee. Besides costing much more, “family sharing” means nothing now. EVERY family member must pay the on-going fee if you want to get rid of the annoying ads. In other words, my pay once fee does not get grandfathered in. 👎🏻


Was a 4, now a 3

I don’t much care for your recent update. It takes too long to finish loading and updating so I can actually get current info. You took away the feature that lets you pull down on the screen for update. You changed the order of the allergens (why would you do that? I had the order memorized, now I have to read each one). You removed the phases of the moon. I do like the “today, tonight, tomorrow” feature. I’ll see how I feel about it all when I get used to it. But the last thing I needed in my life right now was more change.

Update: got a notification that I got a developer response. But I don’t see any way to access it. Oh well. Might try a different weather app. Oh. To add to the above comments, I now have to scroll to see the humidity. Didn’t need to before. Nuisance.

2nd update. Finally read the developer response. I don’t know if it displays to the general reader, but my take on it was, “Our technology is more important than what you want. So we’re going to push our technology.” That’s not a quote, but my interpretation. Mr/Ms Developer, I have seen your glowing statements about how everybody just loves the new update. That’s not what I’m reading in the reviews. FYI, people really don’t like being lied to. I’m going elsewhere for my weather.


Hate the new layout, no portrait mode, no hour by hour graphs

Landscape mode only? So it appears this version of the iPad app only allows you to use it in landscape mode and does not support viewing data in portrait mode. I typically don’t use my iPad in landscape mode except for the odd spreadsheet and videos the rest of the time I use it in portrait mode. Especially as i am walking around the kitchen each morning trying to get ready for my day and commute to work. Trying to hold an iPad in landscape mode while also tryin to get out coffee and breakfast for the family is impossible. I wish that AccuWeather would autorotate depending on the orientation of the user or if there were a button in the settings to allow you to force AccuWeather into portrait mode.

No more hour by hour graphs? - the old app allowed you to look at the hour by hour trends of the day in graphical form for temperature, realfeel and % Precipitation. Now all the graphs have been removed and replaced by text? Before at a glance with the charts I could look at the predictions and see what was likely the trend of the day and therefore provide me an easy way to choose if I should do a task that day. Now i have to sit and compare and remember each value hour by hour and try and figure out if we’re just getting a pop up shower in the afternoon or if the whole afternoon is going to be a wash for the Zoo or mowing the lawn.



I get the MOST ACCURATE weather from AccuWeather !
Many weather channels & apps to choose from . I use to go by other sources , but most of them never told me the REAL WEATHER ,LIKE this app DOES .It also gives more information about what to except on Winds ,Rain , Snow , and with Hourly , Daily or Weekly . So when it’s time for a Vacation or just going out shopping for the Day , I know exactly what to wear , and what items , like a Umbrella or Jacket for the cooler weather in the evening. I Have DELETED ALL MY OTHER WEATHER APPS with mistrusted details ! This one App tells me everything I need for any Outing .Makes my Days Happy , when I’m prepared .Went to Family Reunion, Very Nice Warm 80’s Weather , until the middle of outside Reunion. It started to pour down the rain , and chilled off quickly .I had a change of warmer clothes ,and raincoat & rainboots ,with a Umbrella in my Car .Sure made me tell everyone about this app ,when they all kept asking me , how did you know to be prepared for a such a sudden change ! I felt like I was the Smartest Person Out Of the Whole Family !
Thank You this app , you are my Daily Best Friend !
Shelley H .


This was the best weather app before the update..

I’ve never understood why developers think update/upgrade means take something simple and make it more complicated to work with. Before the update I could click once or twice and get where I wanted to look. I get it. It is one or two scenarios at play here. 1. Someone is getting paid so they had to show they were doing something for the money, or, 2. New developers with ambitions to make it their own. I am the youngest person where I work by a decade + and it has been a point of pride when talking to the “old heads” about weather, that AccuWeather I had for weather (what AccuWeather WAS) was way better than the ones they have. Now it is just the same. I went from being “the weatherman” to having a look of shame in telling them AccuWeather isn’t good anymore. The one positive take away is on the radar the time is segmented better and has a longer time frame (why I have 2 stars instead of the 1). That and some different graphics would have been a great update. This was the best weather app in my opinion. Now it’s just the same as the rest. Way to play down to the “competition” . I hope that whoever it was that was in charge of this update is not responsible for developing any of my other apps.


What happened to Minutecast?

Really disappointed to see Minutecast change from what it was before. The ability to rotate clockwise by using my finger was very useful in timing the exact moment I could safely take my dog out (he hates rain!) It was useful in many other ways and was really the thing I loved most about AccuWeather. It seems Minutecast has transitioned to a bar graph which is not as user friendly imho. Also not clear if this bar graph is specific to my exact location now. Landscape-only view on iPad also makes AccuWeather an inconvenience to use. Overall, this update is a move in the wrong direction and will have me looking for alternatives.
Dear “Developer:” Thanks for the condescending response (awww... “change is awkward”). I’m not a moron, I figured out the new bar graph, the point is that your awkward change is not for the better. You didn’t address the iPad landscape-only issue; I suppose that’s another awkward change. Take a look at all the other overwhelmingly negative reviews after this update. Are all your loyal users just idiots like me for voicing their reactions to your awkward changes? If you really care about what you produce, don’t be so dismissive of the users who have supported you in the past. One bad review speaks 100 times louder than one good review.... and you now have an awful lot of bad reviews.


So so app

I was a regular user of Storm, but they deleted the ad-free option so I tried this app. Nope, It’s worse. The forecast, regardless of the name is no better than any other weather forecast, which is to say poor. A few observations: There is no option that I’ve found for displaying wind speed. The cloud cover is truly odd, lighter cloud cover has darker opacity and heavier cloud cover is lighter opacity, huh? That’s the opposite of what it should be. I’ve got the Premium version and it offers a 25 day forecast, well isn’t that special. The weather forecasters have trouble with tomorrows weather and they think they can forecast 25 days out? For entertainment purposes only. I get FAR too many severe weather notifications, many more than I get in Storm. Most of them are repeats, if a winter weather advisory is posted at 9:00 AM I get a notification right away, if I turn the screen off I will find another notification the next time I open it, for the same original advisory. Once is enough, thank you! Finally, the radar is pretty worthless, sometimes there’s nothing there when there should be, other times while playing the past couple of hours some of the “slices” are missing so the rain/snow is hurry jerky. When I check Storm’s radar it’s much better. Sorry, but AccuWeather is pretty sad.


Awesome update to a great app

I have been traveling the USA with my family of 5 in a pop-up camper for the past year or so. We are sensitive to weather changes as we try to follow it around trying not to be too hot or cold or wet or dry. For months after we left home, I tried numerous weather apps simultaneously, comparing them for accuracy and ease of use and features. Sometimes I would try to use one exclusively for a while to see how it fit my flow of searching for the next location with good weather. I found the this app app to fit the right balance between being simple enough to use without headache and powerful enough to find specific conditions in new location. So I have happily subscribed and been using AccuWeather for the past 7 months or so without much complaint. The new update was teased a few days ago and I’m super excited about all the new changes. Somehow it has become incrementally more intuitive and easy to use while I find myself accessing old features in new ways. Very happy with it all.


Gone to NOAA APP

Had to move to the NOAA app, since all of the complaints including mine, fell on deaf ears. While the previous version of this app that displayed written 10 day forecast and had the interactive circle that you could drag around to the exact minute precip would start for your location (and was amazingly accurate), were much loved and easy to read and that version was so easy to navigate, the new one is just a fail in every way. The closest I can find to what this app used to have is the NOAA app, so have moved on. It’s about a 4 star site. this app used to be a 5-star, but the developers who thought they had to copy lesser sites, took a good format and ruined it. Now zero stars from me. If you wanted to add a little color, that would have been fine, but the set up was already the best one out there. I just don’t even get the point of the temperature bar graph thing. It’s rather stupid and so is the replacement graph on a second page for the minute by minute precip dial. Having worked with weather, radar and METAR in the aviation industry for 35 years, I find this hard to navigate, dumbed down version, a waste of my time. I want a site that gives me the maximum information in the fastest and easiest navigable format possible. Recommend everyone checkout the NOAA app.


Used to be a good app

this app used to be the powerhouse free weather app. Unfortunately, the ads have gotten out of hand. The UI is still pretty good, and the forecast are more often accurate than not, but you are bombarded with a full screen ad every time you change screens (from daily to hourly, or hourly to radar, or from the daily summary to the weekly summary). All of them come equipped with a 5-10 second timer before you can skip, the “close” or skip buttons are always tucked in the corner, and the same color as the ad. Don’t worry, If you’ve already been hit with three ads during your 3 minute browsing session, there are another three (probably the same ones you just saw) heading your way fast. If you can find a way to work around the frustration of the ads, it’s a pretty good app. If you want to do a quick peek of the weather without having to jump through hoops, or put energy into navigating, this is not for you. Even if you don’t mind the ads at first, you will grow to hate them as much as you love the accuracy. I understand money has to be made somehow, but certainly a less greasy way is possible


Is Update 14.0 a Money Grab Attempt?

Been following reviews for about a month now. 95% of them dislike the update and ask for Version 13 back. Developer replies have been canned and unhelpful. I don’t need to read for the 50th time about your “persistent” toolbar. Only thing persistent is how AccuWeather fails compared to Version 13. I’m seriously wondering about the trustworthiness of this app company. In 2017 there were reports that this app was selling customer current location data without permission to other companies. Has this practice stopped? I hear other comments about ad placement becoming a nuisance. Is this a ploy to drive subscriptions up? Will you be releasing an “update” that returns you to the nice Version 13 but you call it this app Platinum or another term other than premium so all those premium users are stuck with the inferior Version 14 unless they pay every year for a subscription? Please be honest with us. Please respond to my post — I’ll check to see if you deleted it and keep posting until we hear a reply. I would love if you prove me wrong and return to Version 13 without additional charges. Looking forward to your reply. Bill


App is great but “RealFeel” is misleading

I do love the minutecast format (which is usually correct) and the overall look of AccuWeather . Unfortunately, for the past few weeks the RealFeel temperature has been absolutely wrong. And I mean off by more than 10-15 degrees.

I first noticed it on a day when the RealFeel was expected to stay in the single digits all day, but the lowest AccuWeather ever got to that day was 16. Thinking it was just warmer than they predicted, I ignored it. But the last few days have been bitterly cold, again with single digit RealFeel predictions. Again, the past 2 morning AccuWeather has shown the RealFeel temps at around 15-17. However, THREE other weather apps currently say the RealFeel is between 3-5 degrees. That’s well over a 10 degree difference which is a HUGE difference in the winter, and very frustrating.

I don’t understand how they it information is so off compared to several other Apps. We’re expected to get a few days of small showers this week, and this app makes no mention of some of those snow showers. If it ends up that it does snow those days, and they’re not predicting snow like every other app, then it’s kind of pointless to keep this app around.



I liked AccuWeather the way it was before (that’s why I bought it!)....But yesterday—without my choosing to update AccuWeather —it suddenly changed. The daily format now has a dark blue background with a row of vertical bars lined up side by side which for indicating daily temps. I SO do NOT like this format. I selected AccuWeather BECAUSE i liked the general format the way it was when I purchased it.
To change it completely is essentially to tell folks “you must not know what you like”...we will give you something completely different after the fact. It would be like the manufacturer of a car suddenly changing your car model and color a few months after you bought it.
Now I will need go back online and start looking to buy a weather app that has a format I like and then delete AccuWeather that I have already purchased. What a bummer!
My suggestion to developers is to tweak AccuWeather you have created with some improvements or bug fixes as may be needed.
And that you can safely assume that almost all the folks who bought your app chose it BECAUSE they liked as it was. If you want to created something completely new, start with a new app—do Not completely re-configure the old app!!


Just one little thing

Great app. Accurate and simple to use… except when you send out text notices with titles like Drenching Rains Coming. When I click on it it takes me to a page with a white banner on the left that allows me to do all sorts of things like upgrade AccuWeather , or review AccuWeather like I am doing here, now. The problem I have is that the only way I have found to close this page and get back to the regular app page with the forecast is to turn off my phone and turn it back on. I mean to say that there never is anything here on this page that has anything to do with the title you sent me. Oh, I can go to Channel 13’s website, but I don’t want to go to the website. There is a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and I want to look at the forecast. So, I am going to turn off my phone and turn it back on to get control of my phone back, again. Next time I am going to delete AccuWeather . I can get weather apps anywhere. I mean pick a TV channel. They all offer weather apps. (Or you could fix the page so a person can tell how to get off of it? Just a thought, but what do I know?)


Version 14 Kills This App. Terrible!

UPDATE 7/8/20 - Version 14
Well as most apps tend to do these days, they completely redesigned their app and it is now worse. I had to update my review to just one star. The complete redesign is a step backwards in my opinion. The details/current conditions area on the homepage is now below an ad and doesn’t let me change the information I want to see there. The sunset and rise times are above the current conditions area which is ridiculous, that should be at the bottom. Plus since I can’t choose which weather details I want to see in the current conditions section, the dew point is no longer there. I have to tap more details and go to a second page to see the dew point value. The minute rain cast is way to prominent at the top of the page. The reason I originally started using AccuWeather is because I could choose what weather details I wanted to see and they were placed right at the top of AccuWeather for me to see in an instant of opening AccuWeather . Now I have to scroll past an ad and tap more details before I can get the information I want. Just let us choose what sections we want and want details we want in each section and in what order we want each section to be displayed in! Major failure! I’m uninstalling!


Review after new software

After your software update I can't even figure out how to get the hourly anymore and the layout is so confusing that I think I'm going to eventually delete your app. Even write AccuWeather function is very strange because I filled it up previously and I try to hit send and it would not send and then a week went by and I wanted to write you guys and when I hit the rate function up comes the old stuff I typed so I hit send and it sent, success. But then I wanted to read it now after your new software and I hit the rate button, and again up pops the old stuff that I did last time. So I don't know what's going on with your apps but even this reading thing I'm using an iPhone and the text doesn't scroll up so I can't even see if the speak and text is working properly because you don't have it designed so that it scrolls up so I can see what I am saying even that is really weird and annoying your whole app is completely annoying you wrecked it when you had the software upgrade but even before that in northern Wisconsin you guys were never correct he said it was gonna rain and it doesn't rain your percentages are completely different than the weather channel. You better fighter software engineers and start over.


“Wow AccuWeather”

My, my, am I pleasantly surprised today. I have been looking for years for an ACCURATE weather app that has animated weather conditions and finally by a chance view of an MSN sponsored ad (ads I never look at) I find this app. I’m amazed at the accuracy, appearance and ease of use of AccuWeather . It’s not overwhelming in its delivery and yet more detailed delivery is readily at your fingertips if you so choose. Can’t wait to see how accurate the rainy season of Southern California will be reported.

To make AccuWeather beyond great please, please, pleeeeeeease give us the option to add weather sounds to go with your this app forecasted conditions even at a premium. A lot of us live in places where we miss the sounds of a windy day, or a rainy day, or a lightening stormy day, or the sound of ocean waves. Just imagine the comforting sounds for many people. I added other areas that have lots of weather change patterns to my this app app list just to see the different weather conditions. I am so looking forward to hearing them as well someday soon.


Layout is Confusing

I decided to download the premium version of AccuWeather after The Weather Channel had too many video advertisements. I was just tired of the ads. AccuWeather has no ads, but it is the LEAST user-friendly app I’ve ever had. The “back arrow” buttons are the same color and size as the text, and they’re placed right next to the text, so it took me a while to figure out how to go back. And every screen, the back button looks different. Sometimes you have to swipe down to get out of a screen (for example, hourly), and sometimes you have to hit the back button. And don’t even get me started on trying to toggle the hourly “compass”-style button. As soon as you touch the circle to try to drag it, the entire data does this weird zoom thing and the sensitivity is way too high for anyone’s thumb. It’s like they adjusted the mouse speed to 100- any tiny movement and you’re 4 hours past where you wanted to go, and it doesn’t land where you want it to land. Also, the circle should be on the actual hours, not on the bar graph below. You have to move the circle on the bar graph to see the hours change on top. It’s just not a very well-designed app.


July 2020 update is terrible

My app updated automatically last week. I did not like the new look, but I can get used to it. The look, the layout, the new buttons to get to each aspect are just not good. I especially do not like the new look for the “Daily” tab. The absolute worst part, and this will most likely be a reason for me delete AccuWeather and do with something different is the Apple Watch component. I have this app on the face of my watch. I used to be able to tap on the current temp and it gave the high for the day. Now it just tells me the current temp (and current real feel) and the chance of precipitation for the next hour. I used to get that information along with the high for the day before. The update took away half of the available information that was available on the Apple Watch.
Another thing, and I don’t know if this is a “me” thing, an Apple issue, or this app issue, but this app says there is an update available in AccuWeather Store. I have logged in four times and updated and it still says to update. I log in just fine. AccuWeather loads, the little circle fills up, and everything else and then it still says Update. That is a minor issue to me because it could just be me or it could be Apple.


Love it 😊 but room for improvements

I have been using this app for 7 years now and one thing I noticed is it is having a crash report on the Apple Watch ⌚️ and it’s not working 100% on the Apple Watch ⌚️ and I noticed it lags during start up on my new iPhone X’r I am using iOS 12.4 and it also lags on my Apple Watch ⌚️ I don’t know if you developers are aware of this issue but if you aren’t I have been dealing with this issue with all the iPhones that I have had and every update that gets done seems to improve it a little bit but it doesn’t fix it all the way and I understand it’s difficult to get things right during each update and you developers definitely nailed it with adding it were AccuWeather keeps alerting you down to the very minute when severe weather is about to hit but one thing I would add in the future if you can is having it notify you when rain will be starting I know some apps have that but it would definitely be a nice feature to have with this app because I use this app a lot but I do love this app and I do trust it a lot more than some of my other apps that I have


Useful features, but the alerts need work

this app is my primary weather app- it’s very good about serving up detailed and timely information, and the alerts are especially crucial when you live in a northern plains state like I do, where floods, tornadoes and suddenly icy roads are all things which have to be accounted for.

It’s because of the alerts that I have to drop a couple of stars, though- more often than not, the push notifications which this app sends me are almost useless, because it will buzz my Apple Watch or my phone with a message that I have an alert, but not include the nature of the threat. This forces me to dig out my phone, open AccuWeather and find the button with the yellow exclamation point next to it. High winds? Heavier than usual rain? An addendum to an existing flood alert? A tornado in my area? All treated the same. I get fatigued from all this vigilance, which can itself be dangerous- I’m forced to treat every pop-up like it’s a potential disaster, instead of just getting the important highlights in a watch alert which I can then either dismiss or explore in greater depth. This correction would make this app so much more useable for me.


Exactly what I was looking for and more

I was looking for a weather app that would not only provide ACCURATE weather throughout the day and week, but also provide an allergy forecast, since I have pretty severe allergies. AccuWeather has done both of those, and done them well.

It also has a small section on the Sun and Moon, and tells you the moon phase for the night. That is extremely beneficial for me, and is a feature I did not expect to find.

I just saw an ad pop up to get 10 extra days of forecasts if I sign in with my Facebook, so I’m assuming I’ll have to pay for this at some point? Can’t be sure, but even if I do, I’m going to keep AccuWeather and pay for it, because it’s wonderful.

It’s extremely simple and easy to use, and nice to look at (light and dark themes are also a bonus).

I used to have AccuWeather a long time ago because it used to give a migraine forecast as well, since I get migraines often (don’t see that anymore, but that’s totally fine since my migraines are often related to the weather and allergies, and AccuWeather provides forecasts for both of those), and completely forgot about it. So happy I found it again!

I know it’s odd to be so excited about a weather app, but trust me, when you have horrible allergies, arthritis, asthma, eczema, and migraines (yeah and I’m only 24, can’t imagine how bad I’ll be when I’m in my 70s), an app like this actually helps a decent amount so you can prepare for things a little bit.


Functional and Beautiful

I like everything about the this app app. this app has added one feature which I have never seen before. Within the iPhone app they have built a “Complication Center” which allows you to map different this app information onto the adaptable Apple Watch complication. The differing information will appear depending on which complication field you choose to add the this app complication to when customizing your Apple Watch. Basically, if the complication allows for three lines of information, in the complication center you can add three lines of detailed forecast information from within AccuWeather . But, if the complication is tiny (in one of the corners of your watch face) you can pick from a variety of secondary information to display there. When customizing the watch face all you need to do is add this app to any of the complication fields and your pre-selected weather information is displayed on one watch face. The this app team has done an incredible job designing this functional yet beautiful app.


App rating

Enjoyed AccuWeather for a few years & find it much better than any other weather app. The video section could be greatly improved with the most current weather that shows time, as well as the day recorded, and more about the weather as well. Many current Worldwide weather events as well as the USA Weather. It also has repetition of the same videos after showing it the first time, when it could be a similar video from the same weather event but from a different point of view, scenery, and source. Whom ever sets these up could do a much better job just by searching the internet as so many people report their whereabouts and how the weather is affecting them in their area. It would be a better radar section if it would include a World Radar section that would be continuous to see how the weather affects each different section of the World.


This used to be great

I don’t write many reviews. But after relying on a good app for many years, I must say ever since the start of 2018 it has plummeted. Too many unnecessary and inaccurate warnings, and the rain is barely accurate as well anymore. The temperature is still pretty spot on but besides that theres nothing else really left to applaud. The radar is odd, and only shows for the following hour, not to mention many glitchy aspects that so many people already have pointed out. I am currently looking for another app to replace this one with because these Special Weather statements are too much now. Ever since the start of the year they are over the top. I even got a Tornado warning in my area (which is a hilly area on the east coast that gets a tornado once every few years) and then a second alert five minutes later saying “CORRECTION: Foggy conditions”.... How does one mess up that bad... Not to mention general and regular thunder storms being sent out as Special Weather statements, and then not happening at all.

All in all I am just very disappointed in the changes that have happened. AccuWeather used to be great, but now it isn’t.


Oddly sluggish on iPhone XS Max

I've been back and forth with the this app app. Ever since I upgraded to an iPhone XS Max from an iPhone 7 Plus, AccuWeather appears choppy -- most noticeably when there is a background animation (rain, snow, etc.). When I swipe up from the bottom to bring up the hourly/daily forecasts, the animation of the tab sliding up is very choppy. As is with the hourly forecasts when swiping left/right to view the hourly conditions. it just doesn't have an optimized feel. Funny, because AccuWeather runs buttery smooth on my old iPhone 7 Plus.

I reached out to support several months ago when I first noticed the issue and was told it would be "mentioned to the dev team". About 7 or so revisions of AccuWeather , the same choppiness exists. Not sure if this is an issue with the XS Max in particular and AccuWeather not being optimized for this particular phone but I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling AccuWeather multiple times, force closing AccuWeather , hard rebooting my phone, and anything else I can think of. Hopefully the devs see my review as this is one of the best weather apps currently out there and I'd hate to ditch AccuWeather for this reason.


Loved it then, hate it now....

Why, oh, WHY do app developers insist on fixing what ain’t broken? It’s this weird restless need to do something- anything, and then insist it’s improvement. Don’t they read reviews? It’s the same lament that is so often seen.... AccuWeather was great UNTIL.....(fill in the blank). Random changes are not the same as progress! So this was my go-to app. Easy to read and navigate in 2 seconds flat. Now it’s a blinking, flashing, hot mess of bells and whistles, click-bait “news” and ads screaming “look HERE!!!” And they know it’s annoying, they KNOW it.... that’s why they’ll let you opt out for $4 in case you actually want to see, you know. the. weather. I’ve never met an app developer. But as a researcher I’d love to get to know one and figure out how their brains work. They must be an interesting breed to intentionally make a product annoying so you will pay more to avoid the annoyance. It would be brilliant, except.... there are other apps out there, in case you actually want to know, um, the weather (rather than a kangaroo stumbling through floodwaters, the ‘news’ they helpfully provided me this morning.) So....there’s that.


Useful at times, forecasts not always as accurate as they claim to be.

Minutecast tool is very useful at times. The Forecast is good most of the time, and sometimes they are spot on but earlier this week predicted 7 inches of snow with a change over to rain for my area for Monday. Then predicted about 3.5 inches earlier. And is now showing none while the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE and weather Underground as well as almost all other weather sites and computer models continue to range between 2 and 5 inches of snow for my area on Monday. A couple weeks ago predicted one to three inches of snow with greater chances of higher amounts and we got about a tenth-inch. The minute cast feature may be useful occasionally but is often horrible. Says snow starting in 14 minutes but it is still not snowing after two hours. Sometimes there is moderate rain or snow and it says nothing for 120 minutes or the intensity is way off. And don’t trust any of that 90 day crap, even a week is a stretch. But as a whole, this app is decent.


Was my go to for weather

WAS My go-to weather app. Gives me what I need and the accuracy is often scary. Rain in 10 minutes? Yep. There it is. Wait 20 to walk the dogs. BUT honestly they say today is going to be a high of 85. It's 73 now, and in 2 minutes is supposed to be 83. It's not going to happen. Also it will say in one place no rain for two hours, the radar shows nothing, but the chance of rain it gives is high and it starts to pour. Just now saying raining for two hours, but the chance or rain during this hour? 0%. What? I check the NOAA radar, and it shows rain all around. The other apps are much closer to the forecast mark, seems to me not too hard to recalibrate if things change, others can! And be consistent in your readings.

UPDATE: Was my go to, now it's inaccurate more times than not. I deleted when privacy an issue, then reloaded when fixed. Now don't use because it's wrong. Now? Says it's 100F which it's clearly not. Then I reload 3 times and it's suddenly right at 86. Too much work. I'm out.

Joe Baldino   6 months ago

Why does it always crash? I do mean always. As in every single time. I have the fastest router Verizon offers. It is less than 3' from my phone. No physical matter in between. I have WeatherBug also, and never had it crash. Away from home, using data from towers only, I can't even load it. WeatherBug loads every time. I like Accuweather radar - it doesn't like me. WeatherBug radar not as good, but always functions. Just letting you know about your competition.

Maureen Rose Rhowmine   9 months ago

The app keeps freezing at 6am of the current day on the hourly view, so I can't see what is projected for the day????????????????????????????

Julie   9 months ago

Crashes. All. The. Time. Only app that does this! I've uninstalled, reinstalled. Same troubles. Ever since they updated and monkeyed around with new version. This was my favorite weather app! Getting rid of it, so frustrating!!!

Kris   2 years ago

Please for the love of God don't do this to yourself. I would delete anything accuweather on my phone but I can't they are that slimy. Add the fact that they are never accurate and you understand why they HAVE TO NOT LET YOU UNINSTALL

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