MyRadar Weather Radar Reviews

MyRadar Weather Radar Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-19

Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 50 million
downloads! MyRadar is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use weather app that displays
animated weather radar around your current location and to quickly show what
weather is coming your way. Just start the app; your locat...

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MyRadar Weather Radar Reviews

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    Old Radar Loop, 60% accurate, crashes etc

    The “live radar” loop runs 2 hours ~20 mins past time. The will rain or storm times graph & time feature is wrong 60% of the time. I have my home marked with a star ( it only allows me to 1 star location tho) Worst is it gives me weather, alerts & warnings for a town 15 + miles away, in a different county that gets different weather & warnings. Ugh. When we were traveling and hit bad weather it was a worthless app. It kept kicking me back home 400+miles then kept crashing all cause I was trying to pull weather from my current location. It started draining my battery, freezing, unavailable data, crashing. If I’m home in my marked Location the app never freezes, crashes, etc. My husband uses a NOAA app (free) and I thought I was downloading the same one he has. No this one is horrible compared to the one he uses. The one he uses gives him current road conditions/warnings/accidents/ radar etc as he’s traveling and actually shows the town we live closest to (3 miles) correct county & he has locations (stars) marked all over the place. The (free) NOAA app he uses didn’t have a melt down when we were out of town or traveling and worked great.. I’m uninstalling this app and looking for the app my husband uses..Idk why so many different NOAA apps are available but lessons learned they are not all equal. The one he uses offers upgrades but the free version works good & has adds just like this one.

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    Great App!

    Very Accurate, but I have suggestions. It's supposed to provide useful info for pilots. I really appreciate the inclusion of the fire locator function so I can tell smoke clouds by wind direction. However, VOG and Saharan Desert Dust also would be pertinent info. I'm not a pilot, but as a person who doesn't have breathing problems unless exposed to a trigger, I'd be willing to pay extra to get fire smoke clouds, VOG, and Saharan Dust mappers so I know when the clouds reach my area and when to wear a mask or stay indoors and change my air filter after the condition passes. It would probably be best to toggle this info so as not to overcrowd the map. Also nice would be a show of the jet-streams, fronts, high pressure systems like the Bermuda High that are pertinent to hurricane tracks, and dry air and moist air indicators to see whether fronts are coming in wet or dry. The dumbed down weather nowadays rarely shows these indicators that people used to rely on to predict the weather themselves (often better than the meteorologists). If you already have this for purchase, please let me know, or consider adding.

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    I Miss the Old Storm app!!

    Is there a way to see the future radar like the old Storm app? Is that in the premium packet because my radar ends 10 mins before the actual time & I want to know the forecast radar for the next hour. Also, if I press on a fire icon & read about it, when I go bk to the map, the time on the animation slider becomes 8 hours off. I don’t think the actual radar changes. I only know that I have to close & reopen the app to get the time back to ending 10 minutes before the actual time. This makes me wonder if I can trust the accuracy of this app. Plus, it’s been raining here nonstop for 6 hours but the radar shows periods of no rain. It’s also really annoying when the slightest tap or zooming in on the map will start changing the cities up above because of the crosshairs. And when I swipe left, or right to scroll through my favorite cities, nothing happens- it won’t scroll through the cities even though the stars are highlighted. I miss being able to zoom in & see exactly where it’s going to be raining & being able to chose between 1 hour or 5 hours in the future & clicking on the storm cells & find out the speed & the danger associated with each one, as I could in the old Storm app. It truly was the best weather app out there! I will change my 2 star rating if I can find the future radar.

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    OOPS! Now my radar works again!

    Recently, I wrote a critical review complaining that this app had become so bloated with extra features that the basic radar feature stopped working. After a week of not receiving any acknowledgement of my support request, I sent an email to corporate that got a response. However, none of the suggestions that were offered to me worked, and the developers never responded to the diagnostic file that they requested and which I provided. I gave up, deleted the app, but then re-installed it after I learned of a new update. But the radar still would not load. In preparing to send another request for help, I discovered the problem! My iPad was set to the wrong time zone (London) as a result of a recent trip. Once the time zone agreed with my physical location, the radar layer displayed properly. I still believe that the app is becoming bloated, and I’ve learned that support is often difficult to reach, but this app deserves more than the one-star that I previously gave it. If they are able to improve support by offering faster responses and a knowledge base, it will be a 5-star app. Until then, I’m changing my 1-star review to a 4-star review.

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    Great fee app, great paid app

    I switched over to this app after Weather Underground’s “Storm” radar app was obsoleted and replaced by the terrible sequel by The Weather Channel. Immediately, I appreciated all the layers that this app has, and the customization that it’s capable of. I also like that while you can get a “basic” paid functionality (do it! Even if you don’t mind the ads, support people who make quality apps!), you can upgrade different bits of functionality a la carte, as you need them. For example, while I’m a private pilot, I’m not actively flying currently. But if I DO get back into it, the aviation charts functionality is built into the app, for an annual subscription (which makes sense, since av charts update and need to be kept current). Excellent, excellent app. The only suggestion that comes to mind is to enhance the functionality of the “storm center” feature so that the center moves with the time-lapse. Currently, it is stationary, and stays in the position it is in the latest radar frame, as the radar time lapse “catches up” to it.

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    When beauty enhances accuracy

    There’s lots to be said for simplicity. This app delivers clear, dynamic, and beautiful radar images quickly. Moreover, the images provided appear to provide (in my opinion) a better indication as to how a storm is developing and moving. I’m able to look out from 7600ft to the south and west from the southern Sangre de Christos, taking in a thousand square miles of view shed and storms up to 100 miles away. I can watch individual storm cells developing and compare them to what I see on my screens. I’ve tried dozens of other apps and when it really matters I’ll always revert to the raw NEXRAD feed, toggling between clutter on & off when making important go/no go decisions for travel in remote areas. But this is the radar app I keep coming back to. I wish I understood why it’s better. It may be due to the fact it includes some of the info in a “clutter included” nexrad image without including too much of the noise. It also smooths out gaps in the radar image caused by inversions, dust, etc. Nice work, MyRadar developers!

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    My favorite app!

    I’m a lover of skies, weather and being out of doors. As an organizer of an outdoor adventure group of active retirees, My Radar is perfect for helping me plan and to know when it’s safe to be out on the trails and water. Thanks to using My Radar, many times while out kayaking we have known to cut our paddle short and head back to safety when we see that a sudden storm has popped up and is coming our way. We also have had times where we could see on My Radar that the storm’s path would skirt past us so have been able to stay out enjoying instead of retreating. As a former middle school teacher when taking 7th graders on a Cape Cod hike we were able to show the students why they really did need to don their rain gear as a soaking deluge was destined to hit in a few minutes. When planning to fly somewhere, or just curious, I can see the weather, in most places, all over the world! I really appreciate and love My Radar and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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    I loved MyRadar it was so well designed helped me figure out if I should stay inside & wait 5 minutes to stay dry or go out side & bite the bullet on getting wet. It was Truly a wonderful app, which is why it blows my mind that they decided to SELL THEIR USER’S LOCATION TO DATA MONETIZATION COMPANIES MAKE A LITTLE EXTRA MONEY. I understand apps need to make money I get that, but selling my & every other users’ location to make money is unethical. One might so “oh everyone sells your data what’s the big deal” all of it to me is immoral but this app goes above and beyond the levels of immortality by selling “both precise location and other sensitive customer data to data monetization companies "at all times, constantly" sometimes without customers being aware of the location data collection. The information is used for purposes like creating databases for ad targeting.” Even if this app pledges to stop selling my CURRENT LOCATION I won’t re-download, how can I trust them? If there were any staff who worked on this app & didn’t know about this I’m sorry that this is impacting you. But to the screwup leadership that made the decision to SELL OUR CURRENT LOCATION I’m glad that this story is finally out in the open. Nobody will trust you now.

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    Time means Life or Death

    This is the first and only app that I can count on with 100% certainty when it really matters. I am watching weather patterns develop and occurring in “Real Time”. I can actually predict what, where, and when without the need to “Tune in” to a local station. See you later “Weather Bug!”. No kidding! I am able to determine within the accuracy of minutes or even seconds...(my wife thinks I’m taking meteorology on the side) of when the wind will start swirling the trees in the woods, when the first rain droplets will begin, when the droplets will suddenly become a deluge and when it’s time to get into our life saving place of refuge. Let’s face it, this app is the same app our friendly local weather forecaster’s are looking at. I don’t think I need to have the TV on or a talking head telling me something I can see with my own eyes. That puts me at a tremendous lifesaving advantage when every second counts! Get MyRadar App NOW!

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    Where did the good app go??

    Open the app and see the local radar…Boom! Swipe left or right through my favorite locations and see the radar for those places…Boom! That’s what used to happen. Simple, perfect; I couldn’t ask for much more. Now I don’t see the radar. I see the data instead. Then I can’t slide the panel up for several seconds, and when I finally can I am greeted by the radar for the entire western hemisphere. What is up?? This app no longer does what I need to do quickly and efficiently, the reason I installed it a long time ago in the first place. Swiping from one favorite location to the next Is no longer reliable, either doing nothing or including places that I’ve never heard of and did not mark. When I tell it to locate me, I get a dot at my location on a map of the entire western hemisphere, and then zooming in doesn’t happen smoothly and I end up in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, after which I have to zoom back out and then try to zoom back in. I don’t see any reason to keep this app any longer. And when this app is in the foreground my phone begins to heat up; and I just went through the battery replacement thing so I don’t want to toast my new battery.

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    Love BUT

    Have been using this App since moved to FL over 10 yrs ago. It’s great! The hurricane tracker is excellent & love watching Leslie...(more on this later). Here is where the BUT comes in. With every update we get, granted, the app “DOES” the new global feature (something had at start, but went away. Now it’s back), along w/ some other cool features. What isn’t great is loading times. On the new iPad Pro 11” this app “feels” slow & loads slower each update that’s pushed out. I’m worried when iOS 13 hits....what will happen! Also, know Leslie can’t be in every weather report....needs a life, but she’s the face of the App, the person that helped us through hurricane after hurricane when couldn’t get any other information....KEEP that in mind, & keep her put & happy! The newish Fast Forecast isn’t as catchy as old one... All in all, get the app more responsive like used to be, less crashing & will change stars back to 5/5. Until than...dinged you 1.5 stars. Sorry....want it awesome like used to be! My score= 3.5/5

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    Updated: My go to for planning travel and daily activities, avoiding flash floods

    I want to upgrade my review to five stars. With the regular releases and well considered feature additions, I can tell this team has considerable experience, from app design through to application back-end infrastructure and deployment. It has been very reliable for many months and it is a complex app; I appreciate the well thought out integrations that keep coming. Personally, I use this prior to canyon hiking in known flash flood areas. Helps to keep me from appearing on the nightly news! Suggestion: Add dew point as a future feature. Important to us here in Arizona. === Previous: This has been one of my favorite ‘go to’ apps for two-plus years. But, it has had it’s quirks on the iPad Pro 12.9”, and now with the iOS 12 release it hangs and crashes continuously. I hope a tested release is in the works for this new OS version.

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    Phone app great...Watch app., not so much

    I have used this app for years and it has always been great and have recommended it everyone I know. I got a Apple Watch this year and was excited to see that there was an My Radar app for it. It was a paid upgrade, but app has been so good for so long, I bought this it. First off, the watch radar is not animated, which is a huge disappointment. A snapshot of radar doesn’t show me direction of movement, as well as closing speed, and if it building or not. Second, it was slow and buggy as all get out. Now, at some point it has disappeared from my watch all together. I reset the watch, phone, and reinstalled the app on the phone completely. I restored the watch purchase and nothing is there. The watch control center on the phone doesn’t even show that there is a My Radar app all. Update: The patch released allowed me to get the app back on the watch. I will update if the performance is improved.

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    I was wrong to complain!

    I complained about My Radar app annoying me with a pop up before I could even see the radar. We were about to have a big storm so I quickly wrote to complain about the annoyance and threatened to find a different radar app. Well, after checking out a bunch of other radar apps, none of them were as good as My Radar which is probably why I chose it in the first place! I was wrong to complain because this really is the best of the lot!. Get it and you will see for yourself. No matter where I am, it shows the weather system surrounding me and it is accurate! The notifications of rain, severe weather, etc. are correct within minutes. And I can see an expanded view for the entire region or continent or ocean of interest, or a very close in view! My Radar is still my go to weather app, especially during hurricane season. Thank you.

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    De-stresses storm forecasts

    I love this app! I live In a very storm-prone area, and I stress out to the max when storms are forecast for fear of yet more downed trees and damage. But now, I can look and see for myself where a storm is actually heading, and I don't fret needlessly when danger is nowhere near. Just last week I saved myself a lot of grief using this app, when the forecasted storm decided to head elsewhere and I was aware of it. Yay! And the local DC weather forecasts just ignore this area of the nearby Piedmont. So who needs them anymore? I have my app now and the weather forecasters can go crawl under a rock. HOWEVER-- the pop up ads at the bottom are much too large, and they obliterate much of the screen. I get why they're there, but they shouldn't be that big. They're coming with such frequency now that I'm starting to look for another weather app! Otherwise I would've given this five stars.

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Is MyRadar Weather Radar Safe?

Yes. MyRadar Weather Radar is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 723,789 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MyRadar Weather Radar Is 38.4/100.

Is MyRadar Weather Radar Legit?

Yes. MyRadar Weather Radar is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 723,789 MyRadar Weather Radar User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MyRadar Weather Radar Is 38.4/100.

Is MyRadar Weather Radar not working?

MyRadar Weather Radar works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Michael pisick
Oct 14 2020

You just changed the set up on myradar . The map is great but on the right part of the screen which would show each individual city and five day report was great. Now you have Avery faint image unable to read no apparent city and unfortunately the entire becomes useless and must try other radar apps. Why did you change a great app? [email protected]

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