Weather - The Weather Channel Reviews

Weather - The Weather Channel Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-22

The Weather Channel is the World's Most Accurate Forecaster**. With extreme
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Weather - The Weather Channel Reviews

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    New Update Nonsense

    I don’t know why the weather channel felt the need to completely overhaul the layout and design of their app. The previous version, which I had used daily for the last handful of years, was by all accounts a perfect weather app. Generally speaking, the main reason to change the layout of an app is to make it more efficient for the user. Unfortunately, the final product of this new design has done the exact opposite. The “upgraded” version of this app is an absolute pain to navigate and offers almost no benefits for the user. The most striking change made to the app is undoubtedly the bright white background. It’s baffling that people still think the bright white screen is an upgrade. Several of my other most used apps over the years have gone with the white background and I have had to delete several of them as a result. Unfortunately, I will likely do the same for the weather channel app if they don’t change or at least offer an alternative to the white background. It is blinding to my precious eyes!

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    What happened

    I liked the fact that being older than dirt I could put this on my iPad and make things bigger so that I could see and read everything. I liked the setup except that as with all things meteorologists have a harder time knowing what is going to happen and make guesses as to times of stuff. GOd still has control on most things and weather seems to be changing in our world also. So old age is not the only things that change in life. Why everyone uses light gray writing on a white background and expect someone to be able to see it is idiotic at best. I know all of the younger generation may like new update but I personally liked the old one best. There may have been a few things to change but wish you would make so people had a choice. Older people seem to never get a choice any more. At least there are many more apps I can go to and pray to find one I like. Thanks for nothing but causing me more problems with computers which I am getting ever more aggravated with. Not all old people want so many changes in their later years. Every time I finally get used to something, you geniuses decide to change all around. Just getting used to phones and iPads and all their changes every other day is enough to drive someone crazy and I don’t need any help since as you get older people don’t give me credit for having a lot of common since anyway! Thanks at least for trying to please all the people in the world.

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    Updated Comments: The app has gone from bad to totally unusable. The “current location” feature gives me the weather and alerts for an area that is 20 miles away. This is particularly annoying and dangerous on severe weather days. Further I repeatedly get notifications about about what the weather will be like tomorrow in different area area that 20 miles away from where I live, in a completely different direction. To make matters worse, when I try and report the errors, the email address provided within the app come back with a delivery failure because it is invalid. After years of loving the Weather Channel on so many levels, and trusting them to keep me informed and safe, I am done. Wish I could give this app a negative star rating. This used to be a great app. Clean, concise, simple and accurate. However, all the “updates” and redesigns during the last year or so have turned it into one hot mess. It takes forever to load, crashes repeatedly, removes saved locations and settings with each update, and keeps sending me forecasts and alerts for cities where I do not live, have never been to and could care less about. I have sent these concerns to support several times and nothing is ever fixed or even addressed. It’s all about advertising and video features. I have used this app for years, yet am getting ready to delete it. I am so disappointed.

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    Money grab developers strike again

    Back a few years ago in the early days of the App Store, probably 8-10 years ago in fact, I purchased the ad free version of this app called Weather Channel Max. Good app, no ads and it worked well. Then about 2-3 years ago the app updated and said that this app will no longer be supported and that would be the final update. It stated the other version(the one with ads) would be the only version supported. I continued to use the app I paid for until it kept crashing after iOS updates and was pretty much forced to use the app with ads. Now I see you can go premium on this app and remove ads. That really ticks me off considering I had previously paid for the ad free version, only to have them snub it. I, at first, just thought they were only getting rid of max so they would force those who paid a one time fee for the ad free version back on the app that has ads. Not only was that true, but now, in hopes that people would forget(which I didn’t) they now offer a monthly subscription service to get rid of ads. This is a sad attempt at getting even more money from me. I will now be deleting the app and using another app instead. I’ve already given enough money to you all only to be asked for more. I’m really disappointed how greedy developers are becoming and all over an app that gives you mediocre weather reports.

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    Monetization is a Cancer in this App

    I live in snow country and I’ve always relied on the snowfall layers of the radar. I would have never updated this app if it meant that I’d have to pay a completely bogus fee of at least $10 a year just to be able to use the same feature that was free yesterday. The only thing that’s been accomplished by this app’s updates this year is a successive migration of its user base away from the app. I’m surprised I’ve held out this long but I cannot keep using an app that doesn’t want to be used. Correction: Thanks to the kind folks behind the scenes of this app, I have been informed that you only have to pay $10 for the use of the premium features. However, one quick look at the other reviews will show that the $10 is nowhere near worth it; you are either extorted the $10 to just have the functionality you had for free a week ago, or you pay $10 and watch it disappear because the developers of this app are so focused on advertising the fact that you have to pay that they can’t be bothered to actually make the app work once you have paid. Additionally, the claim that an entire arm of business of a multinational incorporation such as IBM hinges on microtransactions so desperately as would warrant this level of terrible app development is completely bogus. It’s a shame seeing an app like this having peaked 4+ years ago.

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    Could be great app if it worked

    When it works I like the app. I like the changes and if it loads it is a useful tool. For me the videos and weather updates are very good. Not sure what the problem is, but for some reason and this seems to happen frequently — the app doesn’t load (spinning disk) or it just crashes and restarts and then back to spinning disk. So if it loads (might work for days and then not work for days) it is a good app. I have noticed the app works best in places with high speed internet. In a place outside or in a place that lacks high speed internet or great cell service, the app just won’t open quickly (maybe 5-10 mins to open). I have an iPhone X with the newest software and the newest version of the app, so I don’t think it is the phone. Anyway, if the stability can be improved and it can open quickly than it would be a great app. Update: I downloaded the new version and it worked ok for a week (I.e. seemed like an improvement) and then crash city and or the spinning wheel of Watson after that. Now it is useless again. Weather is such an important thing to know and I have no idea why the concept of an app that works is so hard. I stick by what I wrote above - when the app works, it is great, but for some reason it doesn’t work most of the time. Like others, I now use other apps that work all of the time.

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    New Update RUINED this app!

    UPDATED REVIEW: Another update to this app...and now it’s even worse!! The last update made a once great app bad; this update just completely decimated it. I’ll be deleting it because it’s now unusable. The layout is SO distracting that I can’t even focus on what I’m looking for - you know, the actual weather. Why so many lines everywhere?? It’s awful. Don’t know what they’re thinking with these updates, but whoever thinks these are improvements is an idiot and should be fired. Total trash app. So disappointing, as this has been my go to weather app for many years. ———————————————————— ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've never written a review before, but this latest app update compelled me to do so. The update has taken what was once my favorite weather app and turned it into a cluttered, ad-riddled, blurry mess. It now has 3 LARGE icons at the bottom of the screen for pollen, video & radar (with a moving ad below those 3 things) that offer no option to "hide." This effectively takes up a 1/4 of your viewing screen. Also, I've always liked their feature of being able to choose my background photo for the app screen. You can still do so, but your photo is now extremely blurry. I used to love this app, but the update has ruined it, so I will be deleting and searching for another unless they fix it ASAP!

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    Less useful since update 2018

    I used this app multiple times per day in the past but since the 2018 update, I have hardly used it at all. The data is accurate. It is hard to find the info you need. They now have boxes on the screen with different info. The screen is so chopped up you can’t see enough of any one thing to figure out what it is. The previous version was better when current details were on the first screen and you could scroll down to whatever section you need. There was enough info on the screen to understand and you had the option to tap an arrow to get more detailed info if you wish. Now I see 2 or 3 words, then a box with an ad, then 4 or 5 words and then another ad. Nothing is obvious that you can tap to get more details. I hate tapping all over the screen to figure out what gives more details since the first screen is useless and there is nothing to indicate how to get details. Please revise back similar to the previous functionality which was efficient and obvious how to operate the app! I haven’t ever written a review before when an app changed, but this one is so bad it deserves a comment. The only reason that it gets 2 stars is because the data is accurate if you are ever able to get to it.

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    Does not deserve one star for this update

    GIVE US BACK THE OLD APP!!! This is no concise weather report. And: Bad background; bad graphics; bad set up. Too many ads, too many screen options. The best weather information is plain and simple (as this app used to be): current conditions, forecast, radar, and then the other options like future forecasts, air quality, etc. The Weather Channel has been my go-to for weather forecasts since it was on TV—with no commercials. (Who can remember back that far?!) My version of Direct TV does not offer The Weather Channel so I have been relying on my iPhone app; not any more. Either give me the option of having the old app back or do a major fix to the current mess. If not I will be deleting this app. There are plenty of weather apps out there so why go with something so inferior. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO ME (and others) IS BAROMETER INFO. IT CAN HAVE A MAJOR AFFECT ON HEALTH. Please add the barometer and don’t forget direction as well as numbers. I still have the old app on my tablet; using it when I am home. I just don’t get why Weather apps want to go too fancy. It is not what people want when they want weather. Save the fancy and extras for those wiling to pay for it, then you will not have to mess up a good, basic weather app. Hope you get the message from me and many others.

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    Used to be a great app

    The Weather Channel App used to be a great App. Now I find it difficult to even open. I touch to open and it immediately closes, so I have to tap a second time. It then takes 20-30 seconds to open. Once the app is open an Upgrade to Premium screen appears first (for a fee). It freezes as I’m using it and I have to close and reopen to get it to work. See steps above that have to be repeated when it freezes. It is slow to respond to screen swiping or moving from one to another. When viewing the radar section in the app and animating the forecast there was a digital clock showing time as it advances. This is no longer available. I’m constantly barraged with adds and upgrade requests to the premium version. If I move out of the app and come back, it is frozen and Will close by itself forcing me to re-open. See steps above for re-opening the app. All in all what once was my go to for temp, precip, forecast, and other weather information this has become a lesson in frustration and not an enjoyable experience. This has been happening not only on my phone but with others I’ve discussed this with. Although I’ve updated the app and my phone as well, it seems to be getting worse and worse.

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    Constant reminders to go premium when I already have and no accessibility support for Apple Watch.

    I think this app would be great if it worked for everybody on every device, but they seem to have left out those of us who use voiceover, who need to know what the weather is too. It’s not all about the sighted people! I’m trying to figure out why those of us who use voiceover should have to pay full price for premium when everything doesn’t work for us? Also, I’m getting really tired of the constant reminders to go premium, when I already have. I have to go and tell it that I want to go premium first, for it to tell me that I already am, before the stupid thing will go away until the next senseless time it pops up. Until these things are fixed, we shouldn’t be charged to use the app. There’s not a whole lot of premium quality to go in premium when you have a visual impairment and most of the stuff doesn’t work with voiceover, something that’s built into the iOS, and there’s no excuse for it to not work with it. Also, I’m trying to figure out why, if this app is included, even if it’s a dumbed down version of it, with iOS, does it have completely different forecasts? The temperatures don’t always match either.

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    Way too much

    The new app is a very, very negative change. The old navigation was fine and did not need an overhaul because this is just a weather app. There’s WAY TOO MUCH extra stuff involved with this app, and I really don’t understand why these guys try so hard to make it entertaining. It’s literally just the weather, I’m not looking to be entertained and I doubt anyone else opens up the weather channel app like “oh boy it’s time to have a good time”. We just want to see a forecast and a radar and that’s it. The air pollution number also seems completely inaccurate because it’s different every time I open my app. Not to mention the recent discovery of a weather channel weatherman pretending to be pushed around by winds that just weren’t there. To the point where he’s babbling about the storm being in the middle of an intense surge or something like that, meanwhile a couple of pedestrians walk behind him wearing shorts and hoodies, not affected by the wind at all. Plus, he’s visibly fighting the wind in the opposite direction that it’s blowing. You can see plants blowing in the opposite direction of where he’s pushing. That being said, I feel like all the weather on here anymore is exaggerated because they think it’s entertaining to people. It’s really just a nuisance and the reason I’m getting a new weather app.

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    Bad Update

    This used to be my favorite 5 star weather app. I love to track weather and preparing for my day each day by using the TWC app but that all changed with this new update. First of all I do not wear sunscreen and base my outfits on the uv index and that has now been removed. Next the app used to be easy to navigate and get all the relevant weather information for the day as well as some great videos that I would watch in the morning as I wake up, but now the app is confusing with too much going on. I understand in today’s world to stay relevant you need to make change but this change was not for the better, to confusing now and hard to find information. I feel bad for all the sponsors that would pay for spots in the videos because based on the way the videos are set up I bet less people will watch them, I know I no longer will. I hope that TWC can fix this app and make it more user friendly again with an easy to find uv index. I am not deleting the app yet but until it is changed I will no longer use the app and will start downloading new weather apps in hopes of finding a suitable daily replacement. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears, the TWC app was the best but not anymore. Thank you and have a great day.

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    Why change it?

    I’m sorry but I dislike the new update. It has made the app a lot less user friendly. It’s difficult to navigate and to find specific information. I don’t understand why you think people would like this? We want simple and convenient. If you fixed the small font and color schemes that alone would help drastically. The important information is almost hidden now. For instance the current temperature is so small I need glasses to see it. Also there used to be an option to toggle the tropical storm and hurricane paths on/off now I can’t find that option anywhere. The issue is it covers the whole state days before the storm will arrive and I cannot see the radar. Then there’s the adds. Out of the 50 apps on my phone I do believe this app is the worst for adds. They’ve been creeping in and growing for years. Basically since the app I paid for didn’t work anymore and you went to a subscription app (which I should have received a refund for since I only had it for a year but I digress on that issue.) There is one add now even bigger then the radar! I’m not even getting started on the videos because everyone knows how bad they are, a 30 second add for a 20 second video speaks for itself.

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    Weather variety multiple locations

    I have had this app for awhile and use it to not only get local weather but weather for various locations for my son's work travel as surprisingly conditions vary greatly within a 50 mile area which one needs to know if commuting. I get road conditions and various alerts ( rain, snow, lighting, etc) per area. All helpful. Last year because of the reports I got, I saved my son an unnecessary trip because of the weather report. I enjoy the various videos also. I am editing review because of the problems I have been having with the app which appears to be all over where this app is used. I contacted support and only got a service standard reply which is basically sent by a computer. I am highly disappointed that I can’t get the app to work anymore because it was very helpful when it worked. I am not sure if the malfunction is due to the updates on IOS which also requires apps to also update. Whatever the reason, there should be a way to correct problem with app especially when it effects all means of use on phones, tablets and computers.

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Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Peter Holman
Aug 30 2021

I have this app on my phone . If I could uninstall it I would . After the last update it became even more user unfriendly . The people who designed it are obviously highly qualified morons . The daily forecast starts with that days maximum and ends with the next days minimum . It is very hard to follow and details such as rainfall are hard to find and decipher . The ads are spread right through the forecasts as well making it even harder to read and when switching from the seven day forecast to 14 days all the figures change again . Is it really that hard to design an app that will simply give an accurate account of the current and impending weather conditions ?. I wonder if these people have ever looked out the window . I think that's what I'll do now , it'll be a lot closer than this ridiculous app . Cheers kids , have a nice day .

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