eharmony: dating & real love Reviews

eharmony: dating & real love Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-19

About: Are you ready to take dating to the next level and find the relationship
you’ve always wanted? eharmony, the No.1 trusted dating app*, has helped over
2 million couples find real love.

About eharmony

What is eharmony?

The eharmony dating app is a trusted platform that has helped over 2 million couples find real love. The app uses a unique Compatibility Matching System to ensure that each match is based on qualities that are important to the user. The app offers a three-step process to guide users through finding compatible matches. The app also offers different communication features to connect with matches and meet new people.



- Compatibility Matching System to ensure matches are based on important qualities

- Three-step process to guide users through finding compatible matches

- Compatibility Quiz to get to know users better

- Personality Profile to provide informative report about character, lifestyle, relationship behavior, and communication style

- Match List to access each match's profile

- Communication features such as sending a smile, starting a conversation with an icebreaker, and using similarities cards to explore interesting and character traits

- Video Date feature

- Skilled in-house Trust and Safety team to ensure platform is safe, inclusive, and welcoming

- Basic Membership (default free membership) and Premium Membership (full access to all functions and capabilities)

- Premium Membership offered in 6, 12, or 24-month plans

- Terms and conditions available on the app's website.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Negative experience

Positive experience


~ from NLP analysis of 33,120 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of eharmony

- Recommendations from others

- Potential to find like-minded individuals

- Opportunity to find a real match

- Easy to use

- Quick to match

- Long distance relationships possible

20 eharmony Reviews

4.0 out of 5


Found my match on eHarmony!

I was quite skeptical at first having used other dating apps that this one would be any better. But based on recommendations I thought maybe I would find some like minded individuals on here that were serious about finding a real match and not just a Friday night date. One week after being on eharmony a man with no picture but a wonderful profile and match score reached out to me. He sent me photos and encouraged me to Google his full name. I’m telling you, don’t overlook those pictureless profiles. There are some hidden gems just concerned for their privacy. We clicked like no man I’ve ever connected with before. Our high match score was very accurate to our personalities and communication style. It just felt so comfortable from day one. I’m definitely convinced this app’s algorithm works! I have several happily married friends who met through this app so I’m very glad I listened to them and paid the extra investment to meet someone of character and quality that checks all the boxes of who I’ve been searching for. It’s format is so very easy to use, has some great questions that elicit personality and interests and makes for a very user friendly experience. The only thing I wish it had an easier way to delete your account. It took a lot of emails to customer service. Maybe just give subscribers a delete button with an Are you sure? Prompt. Otherwise totally happy!!


Trust Eharmony’s Process

This was the 2nd time trying this app after being divorced for 20 plus years. The first time was a good experience but didn’t find the Mr. Right but that is probably because I didn’t utilize it long enough or just maybe God had other plans. This past February after getting frustrated about dating again and about to give up I signed up with this app second time. Within the third week I just wasn’t feeling it and didn’t see anyone who clicked for me and I was ready to give up so I logged off for a few days. Then I thought to myself, R.... you signed up for six months and you need to give it a little more time so I logged back on and found T.... within a few minutes. After reading his profile and looking at his pictures, I was intrigued so I sent him a smile. Within a few hours he was smiling back at me. We chatted through E for a few days. After learning that he loved God as much as I did and how easy it was to chat with him, we decided to meet in person the following weekend. That first date we both knew this was going somewhere. We spent the next day together after going to church. Three months in and we knew we were going to get married. We plan to wed in October. True love and the right person is out there. Don’t give up. Let this app help you find the right person with their process. I highly recommend it.


Think Twice Before You Fall For Empty Promises

My experience with this app was like a bad breakup. So before you decide to pull the trigger on the membership make sure you understand everything up front and more importantly your area has enough people participating. I came in being hopeful because of how they’ve advertised on how different their process is from typical dating apps. However, it came with short falls. Like in a normal relationship you hope those short falls don’t become a problem so you give it a try. Don't do it. We all have preferences on who we are looking for and well when I applied my requirements my choices were very limited. I kept thinking it would get better but saw more incomplete profiles, no photos and even less of those profiles responding. I had finally given up and reached out to them for a refund for the remaining time I had on the membership. Of course like asking for divorce they said no way. For the amount of money you spend on here, really consider if you are in for the long haul before your refund period is up. Mind you the period isn’t really long enough to really understand how the application works. My current results are 15, half of that are incomplete profiles or no photos and the other half not responding. All this app has to say is relax my requirements. Ask yourself would you relax your requirements if you're spending that much money? This was my experience and I wouldn't recommend it.



Considering that it’s one of the oldest online dating services and the one that’s ostensibly for “serious” long term relationships, the experience is quite mediocre. I’m a paid user and about 50% of matches have no photo, many only have one. Filters are *very* basic, poorly implemented, or simply nonexistent: can’t filter out photoless profiles; can’t filter for Political even though it’s a default profile field (that said, I’d guess about 60% of profiles just don’t specify anyway); at one point I discovered that due to an ambiguous description I’d unintentionally been filtering out certain matches. Even small details are poorly executed: no obvious way to edit a photo caption after upload; every photo is apparently manually moderated which occasionally results in rejections which are clearly incorrect (paraphrasing: “face not clearly visible”, when it’s clearly me right there looking like the other 6 photos). Matches can be sorted, but not filtered, by “compatibility score”, a number for which they provide decent explanations for in the detailed breakdown, although it’s not often clear how to interpret what the implications would be for a match. Overall it’s annoying that, for the money, the service/app offer so little, facilitating essentially no meaningful interaction.


THE worst dating service you can use

2022 Update: Let me be clear: this company is atrocious. If you’re on eharmony page, RUN. Not only is this app functionally terrible as I described below, but they are predatory and have outright disrespectful customer service. They’re refund policy is sleazy, and they hold your information with an iron grip (I had to ask no less than 4 times to get my account deleted, taking months for it to finally happen). You are not a person to them; you are a bag of money, and they will treat you as such. DO NOT JOIN!

Can only speak for my age preferences: 20-28, the pickings are VERY slim for that age group even though I’m in Los Angeles. There’s more bots (or profiles with mysteriously little info & no pic that never get updated even days/weeks later). One of the smallest pools of the major dating services. It’s also just not engaging to use. You go through the effort of filling out all your information and then it just plops you on a single page of the same of old profiles that will hardly ever update or even just change order. A dating service that’s giving you the same options 2,3,4 weeks later is not a good one. There’s nothing to encourage you to look at anyone. It’s like an office directory for dating - cold & boring It’s not modern, it’s not that intelligent, and it’s not even that real from how many “blank” profiles I get fed on a regular basis (Pics should be REQUIRED)



I was tired of sifting through the plethora of guys wanting something casual or not knowing what they wanted on other apps, so I thought I’d bite the bullet and pay for this app. I am not rating it based on the fact that there is a very small pool of people to choose from, because I recognize the company cannot control who signs up for their service (although maybe if they made some improvements and/or wasn’t so expensive they’d have more people signing up). Instead I am giving it a low rating simply based on how it works. I don’t want men to know I’ve “visited” their profile, nor the last time I visited it. I don’t need all my movements reported to the other person. Also, seeing that someone visited your profile and then decided not to reach out isn’t exactly good for the ego. I got tired of emails saying “we have a match for you!”, presenting it as new when it was literally the same dude who had been in my feed for weeks. And I have never had issues with bots on Tinder or Bumble...this site seems to have a lot. Or maybe it’s because there are so few people on it the bots are easier to find. Either way, I found this app to be a disappointing experience and waste of money. Now I’ve got to figure out how to cancel my membership, because of course they don’t make that simple.


No active members. Scam.

I joined this app for the same reason most do. I wanted to find someone who was serious about a relationship and not just looking to hook up. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how many active members there are, which is by design. this app knows if they showed you the real numbers, no one would join because of how absurdly few active members there are. After I joined, I set my criteria to 18-40 within 200 miles. I had 42 possible matches. 42. And I have know idea how many are paying members. If I had to guess, I’d say 10-15%, and that’s being generous. Once you pay, there are no refunds, and they make it so you need to buy for at least 6 months to get one of their “deals”. So I’m paying for the possibility of about 5 realistic potential matches, and that’s if every single one of those 5 appealed to me and me to them. I widened my search to the world and got many more matches, but no one is realistically trying to start a relationship on different continents. this app is a scam. Plain and simple. They try to use Christianity as a platform to take money out of people’s pockets. They should be ashamed of themselves. Do not waste your money with eharmony. Once my 6 months are over, I will delete this and never return. For now, I’ll keep my app and hope that my soulmate is as gullible as I am.

Stay away from this app. It’s a scam.


If I Could Give it 0 Stars I Would

this app was a horrible service from eharmony itself to the customer service. eharmony claims it allows you a basic service before buying to get a feel for how to use it but all the photos are blurred out. You can’t see any of your matches until you actually buy their service. The shortest option is 6 months for over $300 (and that was their “sale” price), so if you really want to give it a real try, you’re locked in to pay that amount for that time frame. On top of that, their 3-day cancellation policy they mention only applies to certain states, so if you aren’t living in one of those states consider that money lost.

When it came to the matches, they were absolutely horrible and when I reached out on Day 2 to request a refund I was informed that there were no options other than paying in full, pausing for a later time, or giving my subscription to a friend which I wouldn’t give to even an enemy. Their customer service was incredibly unhelpful and basically put their hands up and wished me luck.

I would not recommend this app to anyone and if you are in fact curious about it, pay using your PayPal account where you can suspend the automatic payments when you realize eharmony is a scam. You’ll have better luck with Hinge or Bumble in my opinion for authentic matches and great connection.


I wouldn’t waste my time

They force you to choose a plan between 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. They do this because apparently that’s how long you need to benefit from all of their services. I thought it had some nice features, but was underwhelmed by the matches on there. That’s okay, this app can’t do anything about who gets on there or how many people get on there. After using it for a few hours, I decided to cancel my subscription. You have three business days to cancel, they did not allow me to do so. This is the first time I’ve ever left a review anywhere, and first time I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bereau. I have a deleted account that I will now have to pay $200+ in 6 months for a service I had for less than 12 hours. You have to be fully committed before getting on here and I think that is ridiculous. Choose another app or site that lets you take it a step at a time and determine how long you want to be in contract, not demanding a 6 month commitment at a minimum. Prices are steep too, and they don’t have a customer support number. I tried 5 different numbers online and none of them worked. The email customer support usually took more than a day and a half to respond. I came here because I thought this app was THE dating site, but it is definitely not.


Overpriced and underwhelming

I made the mistake of signing up one night after I had taken my sleeping medicine for insomnia and was almost like sleepwalking. The next morning when I realized what I had done, I emailed them to get my money back and I also had my doctor copied who said she would verify that I had done it in a sleeping/waking state due to my insomnia response.

They refused to give me my money back and instead added even more months onto it for free when what I really wanted to do was not to be online in that capacity. Yes I know , it was my fault but I feel like with a doctors note they could at least give me my money back within 12 hours.
So they refused and I tried to set up a profile and see if I could at least use what I paid so much money for accidentally. The matches are so underwhelming and the entire set up is horrible. They don’t follow your guidelines when you ask them to stay within our particular district of people and they ask the wrong kind of questions. I don’t know how anyone finds anyone else on this dating app. There’s also not the option of looking for male and female partners. You have to be straight in order to use it. What an outcome dated and frustrating process this has been. I don’t recommend it. Please don’t do it!


Don’t pay until you try

this app bills itself as the serious dating app that matches people by science, however, the service falls short in many ways and is simply not worth the $60 per month subscription price.
If you do want to try the service, sign up for the free version first. The features are extremely limited, but you can get a sense of how many serious users there are in your area. Chances are, there aren’t that many. Most of the profiles either have no pictures or have such short descriptions that there is no way that person is using this app seriously. You should also use the free communication weekends to try the features of the service before you commit to eharmony .
I can’t help but wonder if this app purposely obfuscates the lack of serious/paid members they have. I’m sure if they offered the option to sign up for 1 month paid memberships, most of their members would not renew after the first month. But by offering only 6-24 months subscriptions, you are locked in, you can’t cancel once you paid and discover that the pool of candidates is just an empty shell.
Of course, many have found love using this app, and there is no perfect dating service. But by charging so much they are limiting their paid membership to those those who are rich, gullible, or desperate.


A Lot of Money for a Bad Experience

They have some top shelf marketing with some hefty claims to help you find a relationship, but the actual service seems like snake oil once you fork over the expensive payments, only to find yourself in a Mad Max level dating dystopia. The free account is there as a sneaky tease. You have to pay a lot of cash monies for any content (the shortest subscription is 6 months). The average matched profile in my area had no photos, very little info, and since the explanations of the compatibility algorithms are so vague, it offers no real usable metrics to go on. The quality and quantity of matches were rough. Some of the users seem to genuinely be trying their best and are lovely people, but many of the users are there as a last desperate effort, when what they probably need is therapy. One guy I was matched with claimed that women are gold diggers and he wants a prenup up front. Other guys gave off a very distinct Silence of the Lambs vibe. this app, help these people. Give them actual support for the money they’re paying you. Oh wait, but if they actually do level up their emotional intelligence and find someone, then they stop paying you. Womp womp. They don’t guarantee their service. You will not get a refund if you are dissatisfied. Walk away from this dumpster fire and don’t look back.


Worst dating app I have tried

eharmony takes forever to fill out the profile. I spent a couple of hours and took it very seriously. Then you start to look at the people to see if this is going to be worth your time. EVERY single picture is blurred out so who knows if eharmony has real people in it. But I am not stuck on looks so I decided to start reading profiles. I found several people I was interested in chatting with...but all it will let you do is send 1 smile or click on these lame pictures to see if the other people will click on the pictures...seemed like a kindergarten activity but I did it because it was the only way to communicate. Then I got a message from a couple of people...this was also blurred out. You have to spend $250 just to look at the pictures of people or to chat with the Basic account is a complete scam. I am not going to plunk down $250 when I can’t even tell if you have real people in eharmony. So then I just went in and deleted everything from my profile because you can’t delete an account. This is a terrible app, I think it must be a scam. I can’t believe they don’t have a week trial or something...or even a 1 day trial or a 2 hour trial would have let me know if this was worth it. I am just sad I wasted 4 hours of my time.


Probably better off on tinder

You can not really do anything with eharmony unless you pay for their premium access which is WAY TOO MUCH for what little you get out of it. If you had a week trial, and the option to just do a monthly basis it might be better, but no the smallest tome frame is 6 months, and like I said you can’t really explore eharmony to see what little you get, especially compared to other options. The format of eharmony is just awkward anyways. Because not a lot of people want to drop a ridiculous amount of money for an app on the hopes that they might meet someone, not a lot of people near you are likely to even have the full access of eharmony . So people are turned away for the price, and the weird set up of eharmony . Now say you did meet someone that you want to talk to close to you and one of you don’t have the full access you only get one message each. So you can try talking to someone on the other side of the country, or find love with one message. You are honestly better off with tinder. More people are on it (which means more people on your area), messaging is free and useable with out paying for it, if you do want to pay for their advanced account it is cheeper, and you can go on a monthly basis and not pay for 6 months if you don’t want to.


Found my soulmate on eHarmony!

After a friend met her guy on this app, I decided to give it a try. I must say I was very skeptical about an online dating service but I did my research.
I started with the basic and quickly decided to purchase a subscription. I joined on 11/14 and matched with my soulmate on 11/23. We started communicating through eharmony but exchanged phone numbers and started talking the next day. He lives 900 miles away but we’ve decided to be in a long distance relationship. I went to visit him for 5 days which included New Year’s Eve and my birthday which was New Year’s Day. It was the best time of my life!!! We just clicked and have such a connection and chemistry. He is the man I’ve been praying for and he checks all of my boxes. We know that this is for life and that we never have to share our stories again.
For me I didn’t entertain anyone with a compatibility score of less than 110. Our score was 112. I had scores as high as 132. All I can say works and is so worth it. Thanks eHarmory...I’ve found the love of my life.



this app IS KEEPING A CONVICTED FELON AS A MEMBER DESPITE THEIR OWN COMPANY POLICY WHICH PROHIBITS THAT. I signed up to join this app on May 2. However, after reading the terms and conditions of the contract which they sent to my email, I saw that it stated that anyone with a felony conviction is ineligible to use their service. So on May 4, I requested that my subscription be canceled without going into the details, thinking that they had a 3-day cancellation policy. My request to cancel was denied, so I replied with a full explanation that I have a felony conviction and my contract should have been null and void from the very beginning because I was not eligible for their service. They have not replied and I have been unable to have my contract canceled and receive a refund since I'm not actually eligible to use their service. They are violating their own terms and conditions by keeping me as a member and they will not correct the situation.

Please search “this app BBB complaints” and view the status of this complaint, as they have done absolutely nothing to correct the problem so far. I will be posting everywhere to make sure everyone knows about their fraudulent activity and am currently contacting several media contacts to spread the word. Will update with more details later.


Premium or nothing?

If you want to see ANY pics of your matches, you have to get Premium. Not even their profile pic is available. I appreciate being able to see all other aspects of their profile, but not being able to see any pics without a premium membership makes me not want to use eharmony.
You also can only send one message to your match? That’s highly limiting any connection you may have with a potential match.
It should also have a month to month option or at least a trial period. Most dating apps have a trial period, a week of premium, and a month to month option as well as a 3, 6, and year membership as well. But only having 6, 12, or 24 month option makes it harder to swallow the price.
Those options also don’t provide much confidence in actually finding my match as quickly as advertised. And if I do find him quickly, I’m now stuck with the rest of the commitment of the membership. That’s where the smaller monthly options would be beneficial. Just my two cents.


This app & site traps you into a contract.

They don’t offer a free trial because they don’t want you to see that their platform is nothing better, in fact possibly worse, than free apps like Hinge and Bumble. I requested a refund several times due to these complaints: 1) being overwhelmed by messages from “compatible” people before I chose to match with them. Just like any free app. And in here, there’s no slide to delete message option. You have to open every single one and then click again to delete AND send them an auto “goodbye” message. 2) unhappy with the overall interface and see no added value for not only a fee, but an expensive fee. And worst of all 3) I have spoken to no one on eharmony in the last month. And I’ve run out of matches within 15 miles (a wide span for nyc). They told me to expand my search. My criteria is pretty generous. A 12 year age span (6 above and below) and almost no other criteria other than I want them to live within 15 miles in a crowded city.

None of this was enough to be freed from my contract and my next two payments. This is a con. It’s likely the only way they’re able to stay afloat - holding on to whoever was dumb enough to sign up (such as me) for as long as possible.


Please read!!

Before going onto this app I decided to first read the reviews. Most of what I read was negative. Even with that, I made a decision to develop my own opinion. Here’s my story that I hope you’ll read until the end in hopes that you’ll go in with an open mind and really give the site a chance. I went on this app on a Sunday and received a message from a man named Doug the very next day. After messaging all day, he asked me out that night. I decided to meet him. After sitting on a bench for hours, I knew there was an undeniable bond between two people that had just met. After leaving that night, Doug asked me out again. He and I have been inseparable ever since. He was the only person I met on the site and I fell completely in love with him. Please answer the questionnaire honestly. You really do get matched with people based on how you answer the questions. I would say not to give up until you find “your person.” Thanks to this app, I’m in love with my best friend!!


Thanks EHarmony!

I got on this app because I thought there has to be better fish in the sea compared to what I was seeing in my small town. One of the first guys pictures that was sent to me really got my attention and I clicked on the heart. We scored a 108 so we were very compatible. A month after messaging back and forth we agreed to a date. Almost 7 months after that first conversation he proposed to me. Now 4 months after marriage I have learned that being with someone that you are compatible with is absolutely the best thing ever. We have so much fun together, and I couldn’t be happier. I wish everyone could find their soulmate like I have. Thanks this app for putting us together!!!
Edit: Now almost a year and a half after our marriage we have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl. We’ve learned as with any marriage it’s about growing, learning, improving, serving, loving and so much more but we are still just as committed and more in love than ever before.


Not worth the money

The matchmaking metrics they pride themselves on are questionable at best. Having tried many other apps, I can attest to far better results with other (cheaper) options. If the handful of “matches” provided were of higher quality or better fit than other sites, they’d have something to offer. That, however, is not the case.

As with all online dating apps, these things take time. However this app doesn’t offer any sort of window for satisfaction when it comes to reimbursement. They take a hard line on their policy for customer (dis)satisfaction which I can only assume is based on a clear appraisal of the fact that they overcharge and will never see any more of your money.

Folks, dating is rough enough. Online dating more so. If your assumption is that they charge (significantly) more than other services because they’re better, please PLEASE think again. I have several months of subscription remaining yet I’ve deleted eharmony . If this review saves even one person the same frustration I’ve endured, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth. And if you’re hell-bent On spending money on a dating service, try Match or Bumble or even Zoosk. It’s the same people for the half the cost.


Horrible App/Service

Dating apps should be monthly subscriptions. If you meet somebody, then you are locked in to a term with no way to delete your profile and there is no customer support to contact. Clicking ‘Contact us’ redirects you off eharmony to their website where you login to see matches again it’s a never ending cycle of redirects away from actually providing support. eharmony is intentionally misleading, with a privacy tracking option buried way at the end of many screens of scrolling. Have to go here to uncheck. There is no way to delete your acct, all you can do is delete most of your information to be an almost blank profile. There are many of these in their system - and you still get matched with them.

To be clear, this app’s matching engine doesn’t work. I’m not sure there is even any sort of logic behind the “engine” other than to put a woman with a man (or whatever your preference). Distance, height etc (pick anything you’ve filtered on) do not work. You get “likes” from people anywhere with any type of trait. There are better dating apps with better dating services driving those apps.


Completely disappointed!!

I won’t recommend eharmony to none of my friends and not even to my enemies. I’ve seen ads all over the web and Tv talking on how good this app is with pairing anyone with compatible matches, what they don’t tell you is after answering a never ending questionnaire of compatibility then answer 20+ other questions to finish setting up your dating profile you can’t do anything unless you subscribe to their premium plans (I know nothing is free) but common!! $250 for your 6 month plan? Why not offer something more less expensive for when let’s say someone don’t like the experience because he/she might not be getting responses like it should. Other sites let you message someone of your interest for free (couple of lines at least) before deciding to become a paid subscriber. I am deleting eharmony by the time of completing this review and like the title of this review says I’ll add to that with totally unhappy.


Disastrous Relaunch

this app took an app with several unique strengths and destroyed all of them with its recent overhaul. Previously, the scarcity of receiving just a few recommendations a day led to a high response rate for me relative to other apps.
Scarcity, combined with the high cost, and its reputation as a place for finding a serious relationship, made this app special. The matches worked. Now, aside from the high cost, all that is gone. this app has completely changed its extended matching questionnaire but seems to be having very limited success getting members to take an entirely new, time consuming questionnaire. So the pool of people to match with based on their new formula seems to be tiny. Many have no photos, incomplete profiles and are obviously not paying members. Instead of six good matches a day, now I get two or three horrible recommendations. People no longer respond. The specialness of this app has been entirely destroyed for reasons I can't fathom


It is what it is

I like eharmony . I get the notifications necessary. I can see other people’s results. I can change my filters. I have no problems with the functionality of eharmony . They can’t control the integrity of the people. We may match well by the data which I appreciate over not having any data. Have a nice meet up. However it doesn’t stop people from being liars, ghosting, disappearing, not using their real names, not checking their accounts, not responding etc. this app did their part. It’s up to the beings to do their part. I wish there were more people in my area who were, active on eharmony , honest, and ready to not play games.


The previous version was at least acceptable...

-The new app has poor filter options so you end up with a huge list of picture-less profile matches with one word answers.

-Somehow, this app expects you to show your personality and lifestyle through pictures of you alone! If you have friends/family and spend time with them doing things (how many people do that?), why would the expectation to be that you take selfies while with them?

-There is no real support for eharmony . There is no email or number— eHarmonys online help site is very crappy and general. With so many bugs, limited features, and lackluster profiles eharmony is NOT worth paying for. They’ve just made it look more or less like all the other dating apps, which is fine but not what I’d expect from the “best dating app”. Your money is best spent elsewhere, like a hiking club fee, or some in person club.


Worst Paid Dating Site

I have been on many different dating apps over the years - off and on, between relationships, etc. I have successfully used dating apps and found great guys to date.

this app is BY FAR the WORST of them all. You cannot use most of their functions unless you pay for it and the membership fees are astronomical. They offer nothing under six months. If you’re such a good site at matching people, should it really take six months, minimum, for everyone???

I am Incredibly dissatisfied. I was in it for less than 24 hours, hated it, and this app REFUSES to refund me my membership fees. I couldn’t have cared less to even get a full refund - just partial payment would have sufficed. Nothing. No budging.

They have no customer service number and pretty much didn’t care that I made a request for a refund. The only thing they would do was cancel my membership after six months - well, I had a six month membership, so they really didn’t do me ANY favors.

Not only were the pickings slim, but despite me setting my distance request, people from all over the country were reaching out to me. Why have that feature, if it is ignored?

Don’t get mixed up with eharmony. It’s terrible. Save yourself time and money.

I would recommend this to no one. Not even my worst enemy.


Intentional price gouging front loaded with no escape!

Even if you enter a year payment plan, which is more than $400, and it breaks it into 3 payments, and logic would say, ok, well with my first payment that gives me 4 months to decide if I want to continue the service before the next payment, or if I cancel after the first payment, like with other dating apps, my subscription will continue until the time period representing my payment ( ex. 4 months, 6 months) has expired. WRONG!!
They need to warn you that you cannot cancel the subscription once you sign up, even if you do, they will continue to charge your card to get the 1 year payment. I guess they have to trick people into staying enrolled to make it look like they have satisfied customers, as you can see from most of the reviews, it is not the best service, and I would not recommend it.


So sorry I wasted my time & money...

Spending $180-ish on this site is NUMBER ONE on my list of online dating regrets. eharmony design is terrible & not at all intuitive, even for simple things like filtering matches. The support function is difficult to find (there is no phone number available) & the email reply I did finally receive on one request was defensive & bordered on rude. Six weeks into my 6 month subscription, I have yet to have a single match where there’s mutual interest, which is not at all in line with results on other sites. I don’t know what happened this app, but I couldn’t be more disappointed in your product or your service. To anyone considering buying a subscription (because they don’t do a free full trial of the site that allows you to see & communicate with your matches...I asked), please save your money!



Please save your money, this site had many glitches, doesn’t not allowed refund if you would like to end your subscription for any reason. For example, it you wanted to try this site for 6 months but decide this isn’t the right thing for you for any reason, or you’ve found your match, you can not cancel and end your subscription..... Even if you ask to delete your account. They will continue to charge you for months you are not using. The quality of matches are a joke, everyone wanted a virtual/texting relationship and I honestly found better quality elsewhere and currently dating someone I met somewhere else. Save your money, this site isn’t like it you to be according to a friend that used it years ago.


Terrible customer service

I wish I could give this app zero stars. Their customer service is terrible and almost non existent. No phone support at all. My account was hacked and this app terminated me and sent messages to all my matches saying that they terminated their agreement with me due to safety issues. They then sent me an email saying that I could set up a new account and they would give me three free months. The catch was that I had to pay for it and then they would refund it. They only refunded 1/3 of the amount. Also I am trying to follow the directions to discontinue my subscription and it keeps telling me to click on a link that is no where to be found. This could be such a good site if they only cared enough to get some customer service!!!


Do not waste your money

eharmony is horrible. I tried to get a refund, but they wouldn’t give me one. There are a lot of inactive profiles or profiles with no pictures. You don’t have to match to make contact, so anyone can contact you and I was overwhelmed with messages from people I wasn’t interested in. And you can’t just delete the person, you have to give a reason you don’t want to communicate with them which is awkward. There were very few people in my area (a big city) on it and it kept giving me people from 100+ miles away. I’ve never rated an app before. But this was so bad, I had to. I thought I’d get much higher quality than other sites, but the other sites that are free are better.


Like the safety features

Back online dating. Tried a couple other sites but got concerned about meeting people without knowing more about their backgrounds. E harmony s features allow me to explore multiple profiles from many perspectives and start communicating in a safe, protected space within eharmony . Also they are great at notifying me of any possible concerns with a match. I’m happy with eharmony.


Pure scam

First the website is incredibly out dated. Profile format does nothing to help create an interest for a conversation unless the person goes rogue and just writes whatever they want instead. Then 90% of your matches will be people trying to scam you. Seriously. You can tell by all the emails you’ll get about your matches getting banned. Now I’ve emailed them to cancel my account and got no reply. Just got billed for another year and their phone number is disconnected and I get an error while trying to log in to cancel or contact them. Please, save your money. Don’t sign up with this horrible service. Go back to bumble or maybe try Match.


Awful customer service

I thought that such a big name company it would be a good app. Very low quality. Reminds me of 15 years ago being on MySpace. Everything looks outdated and low quality. Worst is that you can only email them through their site. Their customer service phone numbers are no longer active. I emailed them through their portal to delete my account. They did delete my account..... BUT then about a day later they charged my account for another 3 months! I emailed them back stating my concern and asking for a refund and ZERO response. Awful customer service. I’m extremely disappointed.

Is eharmony Safe?

Yes. eharmony: dating & real love is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 33,120 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for eharmony Is 22.3/100.

Is eharmony Legit?

Yes. eharmony: dating & real love is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 33,120 eharmony: dating & real love User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for eharmony Is 29.8/100..

Is eharmony: dating & real love not working?

eharmony: dating & real love works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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