Noom: Healthy Weight Loss Reviews

Noom: Healthy Weight Loss Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-18

About: Looking to lose weight and get healthy? Any program can tell you to eat less
and move more. Noom is different.

About Noom

What is Noom? Noom is a weight loss app that focuses on the psychology of weight loss and behavior change. It offers a 10-course program that helps users gain knowledge, tools, and skills to change their habits, lose weight, and make progress beyond the scale. The app also includes state-of-the-art tools such as food logging, interactive lessons, personalized coaching, healthy recipes, group support, water tracking, and integration with the Health App. Noom's approach to weight loss and behavior change is scientifically-proven and was created by a team of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers.



- Psychology-based weight loss course with 10 mini-courses

- Food logging with over 1 million food items in the database

- Over 1,000 interactive lessons

- 1:1 coaching experience with personalized goal setting

- Hundreds of simple, healthy recipes

- Unlimited group support

- Water tracking feature to help users stay hydrated

- Integration with the Health App to track activity progress

- Focus on developing a healthier relationship with food

- Covers topics such as the psychology of weight loss, mindful eating, joyful movement, the science of metabolism, the 10 types of hunger, self-experimentation, emotional health, decision making, and self-care

- Users can earn the title of Noom Master at the end of their journey

- Scientifically-proven approach to weight loss and behavior change

- Created by a team of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers

- Featured in the New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, and more.

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Key Benefits of Noom

- Life changing program

- Easy to follow

- Teaches you to listen to hunger cues

- Teaches you to think about nutrition

- Allows you to have treats

- Mindful about food in general

- Articles to read

- Helps you choose food wisely

20 Noom Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Just Do It!

I have never, ever written any kind of review before. But this program is life changing, so I had to! If you’re having doubts about trying “yet another weight loss program that probably won’t work,” stop doubting and just sign up! this app is everything you hoped all those other programs claimed to be, and so much more! My husband and I have tried other “diets,” and after struggling with hunger pangs, finding the ingredients for, and cooking crazy, bland meals , we are so excited to find a program that is doable and easy to follow. Just like you, I had my doubts, but when my husband lost 10lbs, something he had never succeeded in doing on any other diet, I had to give it a try. I’m less than 5 weeks in and have lost 10lbs. I feel so much better about myself. I’m eating far more healthfully, and I’m shocked that I don’t crave all the junk I used to eat. I do treat myself at the end of almost every day, but I check to see if it’s in my calorie budget first. Instead of handfuls of mini Cadbury chocolate eggs. I’ll have a serving, which is 9. I savor each one and feel completely satisfied. I know you probably don’t believe me, and that’s okay. I only believe me because I live it! I’d like to tell everyone to sign up for this program, whether you need to lose weight or not! You will become your best healthful self. I hope I’ve convinced you, and wish you every success! And to my husband, I am forever grateful!


Closest thing to being hypnotized!

I used to always joke and say that if I could find someone to hypnotize me to make me hate pizza I would be just fine......
this app pretty much did just that (without the hypnosis- haha). The tips and ideas were small, easy to maintain, and really made sense. Losing weight wasn’t for a group or other people- it basically just taught me little things that help me keep on track and made losing weight simple-more of a lifestyle and not something I “had” to do.
I have felt for too long this pressure of having to please others and it always threw me into a down slide. It’s not for’s for me! It explained why I hit a plateau. It explained when and why I feel hungry and the science behind it. It wasn’t overwhelming- it actually made sense and made me look forward to the 10 minutes or so a day I had to read my info.
I finished my subscription about two months ago. After, I chose to stop the live this app updates and just keep the free version. I love that Noom pushes you to do that and not “live on a diet”. I have managed to maintain my weight and find it has turned into just my way of life and not something I just finished… I didn’t run back to everything that I used to overeat because Noom taught me that I should make it a point to eat special treats. Noom just taught me how to do it so that I’m not going overboard constantly.
I owe my new midlife body and mindset to this app!


Really helping me improve my relationship with food!

I joined this app because I was desperate. I’m tired of losing and gaining the same weight (and more) over and over. I’ve tried a lot of programs, and while losing weight is almost never an issue for me, keeping it off is. My eating habits were broken, and while I had success with WeightWatchers and MyFitnessPal, the former’s use of 0-point foods was no good for someone like me, who will overindulge on anything she feels she’s given license to, and the latter focused so much on calories, it sometimes made every food seem the same, so I would try to game the system to get as much food as I could and be scared of treats. Not good either. this app is teaching me to listen to my hunger cues, think about nutrition, allow myself treats, and be more mindful about food in general. It is really helping! The weight is coming off, but more importantly, I feel my attitude and outlook on food changing, and I’m enjoying what I eat more instead of stressing about it. This gives me greater faith the weight will stay off. Two changes I wish they would make would be to allow people to log in advance, so we can strategize for big days, like holidays, and not to make it so after I log a meal, I have to go back into log another one; it’s a bit annoying to have to take extra steps when I’m logging. These are minor annoyances, though. Overall, I love this app, and I’m ending Week 4 16 lbs down!


Noom changed me for the best me ever

I heard about this app from a friend and then seen lots of commercials on tv. I just started a new job and knew that my old routine was going away. My life was going great and then I decided what the heck go big or go home. I added this app a week after I started my new job about 2 and 1/2 months ago. I am down 15 pounds and I feel amazing. I always hated the word diet and I have to say this really is not a diet. I don’t have to get rid of the stuff I love to get healthy. Noom has taught me so much from being mindful of everything. I love that it teaches you so much and how to make the best decisions that work for you! The only recommendation I would have for this app is consider having a call with your new members to show them how to best navigate through Noom . I know that if I had something like that in the beginning it would of helped start my journey much more smoothly! I can seen that would be a reason someone doesn’t stick with Noom if they are not as motivated. You really have a life changing solution however not everyone is tech savvy and may get discouraged if they don’t figure it out! That is a true shame as my life has changed for the best me ever and everyone looking for that deserves it. Don’t let your members get frustrated early then your program will end up being something everyone uses! Thank you so much for what you have done for me 🙂


Great program!

I’m just finishing my second week and despite taking it slow, I’m noticing a difference! I’ve been carrying the extra weight from my youngest for the past 5 years now. And the pandemic just added to it. As well as now I have a work at home job on my computer all day! It’s not exactly a recipe for success! I knew I needed a change. I knew I wasn’t gonna just do what I needed to do on my own. I started to look into the this app app and liked what I saw. I committed to 6 months, and after 2 weeks I’m glad I did. Paying for the program adds motivation to keep it up, but I’m seeing it working too! Two weeks in and I’ve lost 3lbs! Not much, but considering the first week I just kept track of what I ate and didn’t cut the calories like I was supposed to, I’m doing well! Taking slow. First week made me mindful of what and how much I was eating. Second week I actually committed to the meal plan. I stayed within my calories, and I’m not starving! I plan for regular intervals for meals/snacks, and I’m making sure to have healthy options around. I still have a ways to go. I’m not even exercising yet! But I’m already seeing this working! Only thing I might suggest is a full list of foods and where they rank and where they fit on the meal plan. So we have something to reference, and maybe get ideas from. Otherwise I’m happy with the program and Noom !


I love noom, pls make better

this app has changed my life, period. I an 21 years old and i have been very set in my binge eating ways. going years of basically starving myself to lose weight and then binging and gaining 30 pounds. My relationship with food has changed and i still feel satusfied without the self hatred,
in fact i love my body now, not because ive lost a lot of weight, but im happy with how im treating myself. ive tried weight watchers, diets, everything imaginable but ive found something that actually motivates and has me WANTING to go out and get extra steps or skip dining out because i know it wont fit in my calorie budget. if you knew me, you’d understand how impossible that was. good habits are not somethjng ive ever had before this app. yes, the lessons can be obvious, but they are things you need to hear to remind you of what your goal is. my BIG thing that this app needs to change like yesterday: add a journal or a way for us to save our goals! there is so much writing involved in the lessons, writing bad habits, our long term goals, etc., and this app doesnt save any of it! i didnt realize this was the case until i was 2 weeks in and wanted to look at what i had written, which was a lot. it had just dissapeared. this seems intuitive and its kind of annoying that they didnt have it available in the first place. there should also be streaks for water goals and step goals but thats minor. this app nerds- we need our goals to be saved in app!!!!


Good program, but has some issues.

I am now going into my fifth week with this app. I find it to be a good overall concept and I have learned many things about myself, and about nutrition, and human nature, but am I losing weight? Not much, but I do plan to stay with the program for at least another month. While I feel that the basic concept is sound, there are some issues that need adjusting. (1) The program’s daily lessons are centered around a working woman’s or man’s environment, i.e. office , co-workers, break room, etc. They don’t seem to realize that there are those of us who have left this part of our lives behind and moved on, or, there doesn’t seem to be any appropriate material for a stay-at-home mom or dad, or for any other younger, or older persons out of this working” category. This hard for me to follow. (2) They tout one-on-one attention, and, truly, you are given a food coach, assigned to a group, and given a group coach as well. However, I’m not sure that these coaches are not bots. Asked questions sometimes are not answered for 24-48 hours (and never on a weekend). When they are answered, they are impersonal and often do not apply to the real situation at hand. I do think that this customer service aspect could be improved, or, strike the personal touch from Noom advertising. In short, is this a good program? Yes, but if you want quicker weight loss and personal attention, I would take my business to Weight Watchers.


Great Progress, Only One Request

I have heard about this app many times, and never gave it a second thought. However, I went to try on some of the clothes in my closet, and was disappointed when they didn’t fit, and was tired of ALWAYS being disappointed that nothing fits. Furthermore, I just had my third baby six months ago and have made no progress in losing the weight I need to lose to be healthy. So I decided to pay for the subscription, and I love it. I’ve only been using it for a week but I have already caught myself applying knowledge from the behavior chain to keep myself from snacking when I’m not hungry - which made me super excited, because I had the power to say no without being sad. I said no not because I was depriving myself, but because I was not hungry, and did not (do not) want to allow environmental factors to drive my eating habits.

The one thing that I wish this app would expand on is data from other apps. I have synced my smart watch to log my activity for me, but I wish I could sync the data from My Fitness Pal for my food dairy. I have been using My Fitness Pal for many years and my food database is not only extensive, but I create all of my own food items based on weight, so I know exactly how many calories I’m eating. I’d like to sync this app and My Fitness Pal so I don’t have to go through the process of building my food database with zoom.


Approach With a Healthy Mindset

I have this app incredibly helpful for me. Noom eases you into its program and each day gives you different tools to see the habits you have accepted as facts in your life. One of the best parts of Noom is that it admits that there is no one size fits all path to weight loss. It even admits that the amount of weight you think you should lose might not be what best suits your lifestyle. Sometimes I find that Noom throws so many ideas at you that it can be difficult at first to know which goals you should be setting each week and which things to focus on. But sticking with it definitely helps. Eventually you start to notice your own patterns, how much Noom and its functions help you proceed to where you want to get to, and which parts of Noom you can maybe disregard or save for another time. Caveat: I used Noom in 2019, lost weight then traveled, stopped using it and gained it all back. I am back on this app in quarantine knowing that one of the flaws I have found with this app (and this just might be me personally) is that it is really successful when I’m in full control of my environment, but can be less so when that control decreases. This is something I’m still working on but hoping that with the help of my goal specialist and group I can push through. this app has helped me lose 12 pounds and 2 inches off of my waist. But, more importantly, it has helped me change certain habits around food.


Remarkable Success

I just finished my one year subscription with this app and it was the best money I ever spent! I started last Jan at 215lbs. I saw the commercial on TV, New Years Eve and thought Noom looked colorful and fun like a game. I thought it would be entertaining enough to keep my interest, but it was so much more. I learned about all the eating mistakes I was making. I learned what to eat, what to limit, what to increase. Because of my immediate success during the trial, I decided to pay for the subscription. I just wanted to get under 200lbs and be in less pain!
this app helped me work through so many of my life issues where I was stuck!
I hit my goal and kept going. I felt like the pace was perfect. The lessons were really motivating, and the group was safe and encouraging. I hit 162.5 in October. Because of this app I challenged myself to create a more balanced lifestyle. I started walking, then running, and finished 2 5K’s. I’m now Snowshoeing several times a week and have signed up for 5 - 5K’s in 2020.
My work has improved so much, I’ve received several raises and so much encouragement. All my coworkers are inspired as well as many friends who have joined this app too!
I’ve managed to keep the weight off even through the holidays and now in Winter. this app really works, especially if you have some supportive encouraging friends to walk and share with. If you do this, and stay really honest with yourself, it works, no excuses!


Love this app but not customer support

I was doing great with Noom. I love the articles that they have to read, the way that they show you how to choose your food wisely so you can keep on track. However, I was logged off by Noom and required to sign back in. Have not been able to get back on Noom since January 1, 2021. I’ve contacted Support and at least 3 to 4 times a day I get the same suggestion to fix my problem from a different person at Support. I just realized tonight that it is coming from Zendesk which is an app and not real people which explains why I am being told to do the same thing over and over again that does not work. There is no way to contact a person at this app to get help. I am so disappointed that I cannot use Noom any longer. I even tried starting a new account with a different email and it still keeps bringing me to the window to upgrade which means I have to pay again and I have done this twice with no luck. Every time I sign in it comes back to the I want to upgrade window and will not allow me into the actual app. It is so frustrating not to be able to talk to someone to get help with this. I really wanted to continue to use Noom and had planned on paying the $200 for the year to reward myself on New Year’s Day but found myself locked out. I even sent an email to the CEO, Saeju Joeng and received a reply from Zendesk. I was only able to use Noom for 4 months.
Great app if you are able to use it.😩



I wouldn’t say, as some reviewers did, that this app has “changed my life.” However, I’m beginning my 6th week on the program and I am enjoying it. When I began, I was carrying around about 18 lbs that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of-and, truth be told, I was so frustrated during this pandemic that I began to gain even more weight. I am a lifetime member of WW from many years ago, so I KNEW the correct way to eat. I just couldn’t bring myself to want to be that strict. I’m 63 years old, and I used that as an excuse to just “let myself go.” I read the reviews with this app and did their trial for 2 weeks which I liked so I joined for 3 mos. 5 weeks and down 8 lbs. I’m happy with the way it’s going. So here’s the difference with this app: unlike diets which have you purchase their specific foods, and unlike diet programs that only focus on food, the scale, and dropping weight, this app is the first program I’ve seen and been involved in that focuses on BEHAVIOR. Why/How am I eating? So,yes, daily weigh in’s and exercise are part of the program. But I also get a virtual support group, a separate personal “coach,” and TONS of very helpful and informative articles which have really helped me with understanding my behaviors. I don’t want to just drop these last 10 lbs. I want to never diet again. I want to change my eating behaviors forever. This program has really done that for me! 😊😊


I will be a NOOMER for the rest of my life!

I lost over 40# in 6 months with the this app program and app. This has absolutely amazed me and my friends! The philosophy and science behind the methods were the perfect ones for me and I have never felt so good while trying to lose weight, physically and mentally. You do have to make a monetary commitment but that’s no different from most weight loss programs. You also have to make a daily commitment to read for about 10 minutes, to log your foods and your activity level. I believe this all made so much sense to me and became a large part of why I was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I learned so much about myself and good and activity and living the right way for myself, making MY choices. Learning why certain foods were advantageous to eat over others. How certain foods made me feel. Portion control was a huge lifestyle change and a real eye opening lesson learned!
I could go on and on, but this app is definitely a way of life for those who want to learn and lose and aren’t just wanting a quick fix for the moment. You do the work, you get the reward!
My doctor and nurse are amazed at my new bloodwork numbers, weight and flexibility in just 6 months! Oh..... did I mention that I am 70 years old?! So, it’s never to late to feel and look your best! And by eating real food at home and in restaurants.


I love Noom but it has a major flaw

I have been using this app on and off for 4 years after successful weight loss but the one thing I always hated is that they say you can customize your own recipe but that is not true. The calories is automatically generated and is always wrong. For example, I am trying to log a recipe with 725 calories, it automatically makes it 2725 calories and you can’t change/correct it. I was told by support that it can take 3-6 months for the recipe to be in the system. What if you want to log it because you just had it and want to stay on track with your calories but can’t see it in your calorie bar because it Is incorrect? There is no place to type the correct information. Makes no sense why this app doesn’t have it and Lifesum does. I might switch to Lifesum because I do not want to wait 3-6 months to log a recipe I just ate. I want to know how much I eat calorie wise. this app should have made it so it so you can fully customize your dish and nutrition info. This is the biggest let down of Noom .

I have talked to support about this 5 times in the past 2 days and most of them are clueless to what I want and those that do understand say “it can take up to 3-6 months for it to finalize”. I have tried this before and it never goes through. I tried 2 years ago and do you think anything happened? Nope. Really upset with how this app handles this. Just make it so we can enter are own nutrition information. Lifesum does it


I still eat pizza.

Yes, I still eat pizza, peanut butter, bread and still drink wine. But logging all these foods in, which is quite easy (I do it by dictating to my iPhone) has shown me how much those foods affect my calorie intake and health. I’ve learned that I can still be happy eating those foods less often. I like that this app does not necessarily exclude any food type or food group. But they definitely make you aware of the foods that will benefit you in weight loss. this app is all about swapping out good things over less good things. It’s about figuring out how to avoid temptation by having the right foods around and the right frame of mind to deal with temptation. It’s about replacing good habits with less good habits. It’s about connecting things that you really like with things that you need to improve on in an effort to create a new and more beneficial habit. My morning ritual now includes a big cup of coffee and some quiet time reading my this app articles, some area bit goofy but still fun to read and informative. I’m a much better eater now and it’s actually been fun making the transition. I’ve lost over 18 pounds over nine weeks, way more than I anticipated. For me it’s been 100% about looking at the food I eat every day and understanding how those foods affect your weight loss journey. It definitely takes dedication and a certain amount of concentration to make progress but I guess that’s what it’s all about.


It’s working for me!

I am delighted with this app. I started on the trial basis, but saw results within the first week. My efforts to control my weight for the last few years had not gotten me anywhere. this app is a system that allows for all the types of food you like, just not as much and not as often as will cripple efforts for weight control. Noom is easy to use, and the daily encouragements are at times corny, but are fun and help to keep me on track. this app uses what they call “Psych Tricks” to educate and encourage a healthier eating lifestyle. I’m extremely glad I tried it. After a month, I’ve lost 9.5lbs, my clothes are looser, and I’m looking forward to wearing my pretty clothes again after a few more months on the program. I tend to respond well to programs with step-by-step instructions. Logging in my food isn’t a chore, but an interesting challenge to put together a day’s meals. I’ve even allowed myself my favorite cookies, (not every day and not half the package) which I no longer consider “food crack” because I can enjoy them without overdoing. I got a thermos to take soup to lunch, and have experimented with new recipes that are something to look forward to at mealtime. After years of failed attempts to get the weight off, the community of this app offers a system that works, support and humor, and a way to start feeling like my real self again.


BEST Program, EASY to use!

I have tried ALL the other weight loss programs out there, I LOVE THIS ONE!! I always went back up in weight after being off the other programs, but this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I am having such GREAT success in this program! this app teaches me a totally new way to lose weight & keep it off! I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! Thank you all @ this app for changing my life. It’s been a real life changer for me and I highly recommend this to everyone who hasn’t had success in the past. It has taught me so much more than just losing weight, I have learned about how to combat my weaknesses and change my way of thinking. This is so much more than a weight loss program, it has taught me about myself, my habits and how to change them. I have the Apple Watch 6 and it syncs perfectly all of my health data. I can go back and see the weeks that I lost the most weight, and what I ate, how active I was to compare the days. I haven’t used the free coaching, but I definitely will if I hit a weight loss plateau as I had on all the other diets I have tried. I love the reminders you can set, the short daily lessons, and how EASY it is to log daily info. I love the reminders they give me! It keeps me motivated and for the 1st time ever I don’t dread weighing myself! (BIG SIGH!) For what you get, this program is BEYOND worth the price! I am hitting my goals & couldn’t be happier! THANK YOU this app!!


A few months and I’m (somehow?) both physically and emotionally healthier.

I’ve been dieting on and off since my teen years and I just didn’t want to live that life anymore. this app offered a balanced perspective full of sound advice and well-researched science. I lost a bit of weight and more importantly I feel like I’m in control (and happy with) my own day-to-day. I’m healthier and feel totally free of the yo-yo diet loop. Lots of great support in my chat group and a fantastic curriculum meant new perspectives and sustainable healthy habits. It was 100% worth it for me.

Oh small note to the developers - I agree with others, Noom could use a little work. It took up a ton of space on my phone (over a half gig!) and the messaging portion could be easier to use (better thread management, the ability to edit messages, etc...) but overall really nice product! Very well-designed UI/UX-wise and easy to use :)

Also for others researching, a couple of notes: it’s definitely not a “fast results” kind of program; or at least it wasn’t for me. It’s more about changing your whole lifestyle, which takes time. Also the coach was not super helpful for me - they don’t respond in a very personalized way (was wondering if it was a bot for a little while) and only check in semi-regularly, so if that’s a big priority for you, I would look elsewhere. It’s more of a reminder, “keep you on track” tool than actual personalized guidance, which was a little disappointing.


If you want success!

I have tried many diets. I would say that I don’t even consider this a diet but it does affect the way that I eat. There are so many little tidbits of information that help me throughout the day. And even more importantly I have had 1:1 assistance with some virtual cheerleading and direction, a coach, who has directed me toward articles to read and such, to lift myself up. Each day, the lessons, come with practical things - like weighing daily (which I always was told weekly), shopping in the morning for food cuz of decisions process is affected as day goes on... all have encouraged and made me excited about what I am doing. I don’t remember which day I started - I think it was about a week ago. I have lost 12 lbs. I know it is fluid mostly but choosing food that fills me up better is also part of that. Understanding the “psychology” behind things has helped. I have not been perfect at following a regimen but i have got on all the goals set and accomplished many already, which in and of itself motivates. I think this is really gonna work cuz I don’t have to give up stuff - really. I been making exchanges and that has satisfied. Love this and can’t wait to see if I can make it to my goal weight. I know the weight loss will slow down soon - but I am still at a wonder at how I don’t feel deprived. Loving this app!


Great but..

Great app to begin with but then it wasn’t.

I lost 25 lbs in about 3.5 months and have kept it off for another 3. this app was a huge part of it because it taught me to look at food differently. It was great because no foods are off limits and I can still have my favorites. The program was supposed to take 16 weeks to become a “this app master”. The first 16 weeks were definitely helpful. I am now on week 23 and still haven’t “graduated”. The don’t really tell you how long you have left because there’s no way to look forward. My “course progress” has not moved in weeks. Lessons have become less and less about food and food attitudes and more a repetitive rehashing of old lessons. Lots of talk about breaking and changing habits but we have already done this weeks ago. The website is no help either. I feel like I have come so far with this app but by not actually “ending” the course I feel robbed of the final part of my weight loss journey. A sense of completion and the satisfaction that comes with it. I would have been fine if the had actually “ended” the course at week 16 allowing me to “graduate” and then give me the opportunity to keep going.

At the end of the month I am canceling my subscription without completing the course. I am grateful for everything that I learned and will carry it with me for years but I am sorely disappointed at not getting that final sense of accomplishment.


So Far, So Good!

I’ve been with this app for exactly 1 week today and I’ve lost 11 lbs. All I’ve done so far is log my meals, my liquids, and pay closer attention to my caloric intake and try to stay around the 2000 calorie mark. I’m not perfect. I have messed up by eating more than I should have, but this app is helping me hold myself accountable. By logging my meals, I have a visual of what I’ve been putting in my body. By watching my weight steadily decline on the graph, it’s boosted my self-esteem and that’s given me the encouragement to keep making good food and drink choices for myself. Having lived through other diet failures and having had surgery to lose weight, with no success, I was very skeptical about being successful with this app. I enjoy reading the article and I like that I can save them for future reference. I’m an addictions counselor and use the same psychological referencing from the S.M.A.R.T goals that this app offers, to lead my addictions clients, but I never thought about using S.M.A.R.T goals to help me lose weight. So far, I’m very happy with this app and how easy it is to use. With the Holiday season quickly approaching, I am excited to know I will be able to enjoy the eats and treats and not feel deprived because I have all the tools I need to recognize those triggers and help me psychologically break down my behaviors so I can combat my cravings. For me, it’s all about planning ahead and being prepared!


Customer Support: 👎🏻

This is a phenomenal weight loss tool that is being held back by its lack of customer support. I’ve tried so many programs, both on my own and ones that require an app or a meeting, etc. This one actually works. I love that the science behind weight loss is shared on a daily basis with users and that there is validation that weight loss isn’t easy and there’s no magic formula that makes it that way. This truly is a program that aims to educate and promote lifelong, sustainable habits that lead to a healthy weight and lifestyle.
However, their customer support is severely lacking. Personal coaching is touted as a main feature of Noom. Where is it? My group receives what appear to be automated articles and challenges daily, but after two weeks (ironically once my free trial was up and I started paying for the program) my “personal coach” has disappeared. I have some operational questions about Noom that I can’t get answers to and the “Help” section is no help at all.
This is a problem, this app! This is a paid program that is developed by what appears to be highly intelligent and well trained people in the field of weight loss.
I will stick with the program because the weight loss portion does work. I don’t want my money back and would recommend this program to others. But I would appreciate a response from the developer. One that isn’t automated as it appears the other developer responded see I’ve read seem to be.


App is great; customer support is very poor

I’m very pleased with the approach this app takes to weight loss. It’s about helping you change your thinking about food and helping you make gradual changes in your lifestyle that will lead to sustainable weight loss. It’s well paced, informative, and well supported by coaches and a personalized group. Sadly, I cannot say the same for the customer support which was TERRIBLE! The sign up process is somewhat confusing. (E.g. different levels of payment for trial and total for subscription). When I had questions about this, I discovered there was NO phone support available. I had to use email which turned into a long, convoluted thread. I had to write my questions multiple times to 3 different people, none of whom answered them fully. In between, I received numerous automated emails saying that if I did not reply within 3 days, they would consider the matter closed. I was told I “should” have gotten a receipt multiple times (I didn’t). After 4 to 5 days of this and with no recourse to talk to someone, I finally cried “uncle.” Had one person simply fully addressed my questions, I would not be writing this. I think there was an assumption that I wanted my money back even though I wrote several times that this was not the case. I did let them know that I was very unhappy with their customer support response but, given that no one seemed to fully read my previous emails, I rather doubt that they read it.


Not your typical diet

I will try to update my review as I see weight loss, but I am on week 5. And this isn’t about weight loss (any longer) for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have quite a bit of weight to lose, but Noom is helping me change small habits one day at a time and it’s doing more for my brain than my body right now. My body is benefiting though...I am moving more and making better food choices. I have not lost much weight yet, but my mind is definitely changing and I truly believe that weight loss and a healthy body is in my near future. If you want to try something out to make you feel better about your relationship with food and make small changes for permanent change....this is Noom .

It’s a lot of small daily tasks and readings, but doesn’t take too much time per day and I personally like to read more about why we do things so that I understand why I want to do them. The goal is achievable lifetime habits and I feel like I am erasing 30+ years of bad habits a little each day. Love the community aspect too...I feel like we motivate each other to keep logging in each day! Coaches check in once a week to create goals and community coaches are usually poking into the group every couple days. I think it’s less about depending on a coach and more about believing in yourself, but the coaches are there as a bonus!


Worth it- for me. 👍🏻

I was skeptical when I first started the trial. I have been through Weight Watchers, at least five times in my adult lifespan. It’s a good program, it teaches you how to eat. But at this stage of my life it did not fit into my busy schedule. I did not have time to work around the limited meetings in my area to weigh in. Roughly a month into this program, I have lost almost 10 pounds without much inconvenience, LOL-if that’s a good description. The things I mark it down for are a limited data base when you go to scan in a food to add it to your daily intake. That will improve with time. (I’m certainly helping, you can choose to input your food info as you go). I’d have to say that these people are on your case 24/7 to help keep you on track. You also have access to multiple other people who are doing this at the same time you are. I think the message board could be organized in a better fashion, to be more user-friendly and to allow you to have access to multiple threads at one time without being confused. All in all, I’m going to stick with this because it fits into my life at this time. It addresses psychological issues as to why people choose to eat what they eat, and why they overeat the wrong things. You are given the tools, should you choose to use them, to deal with these situations that affect those of us who have always had a complicated relationship with food.


Needs work but lots of potential

I like Noom but the developers could make it much more user friendly. First, I need to be able to see my food diary without trying to log a meal. There needs to be a tab called Food Diary and another called Analytics where you can see your “colors” as they develop across the day. Currently, you can only see the diary or macro breakdown if you are about to log a food. Sometimes you want to see your progress without entering food, to analyze your data to plan ahead, but you can’t with Noom. Also, I like to log ahead — I do this in myfitnesspal — if I know my work day will be busy, and this keeps me on track. You can’t do that on this app. There is no way to plan ahead. This is particularly bad if I know I’m going out for one meal and need to plan the other meals to be lighter — and as a result, I keep going over, even trying to be conservative. And, finally, this app doesn’t have a tab for logging exercise. You have to select “do more” and drill down to the limited exercise menu, which needs more options. They need to add HIIT workouts there. And finally, this is the beginning of week 2, and I have yet to talk to a goal specialist. I’ve gotten some bot-type interactions, but she won’t actually respond to me or my questions. She’s just kind of a push notification, like “good job for logging veggies today!” The cost is supposed to pay for the coach. If there’s no coach, then this is just a less robust version of myfitnesspal.


Better than expected

I’ve had good success with this program. It took twice as long as predicted, but then again I didn’t try very hard. In fact, I feel like I did very little and it still worked! The group stuff is great, the goal specialist is ok so long as you keep your expectations in check. The content, while the real content lasts, is excellent. It would be better slowed down and stretched out a bit, so it’s easier to retain.

Pros: 1. The program really works! 2. Activity/Active Calories/Steps data works flawlessly with Apple Watch/health kit 3. The support group and group coaches are awesome 4. Can read data from other (more robust and free) logging apps like MyFitnessPal if you prefer. 4. Great content for the first month or two

My complaints: 1. Food database is better than expected but nowhere near as great as MFP. 2. Logging salads is the worst. There’s no way to save meals or create recipes to save time 3. Weird technical issues. For example, if you want to change payment plans you have to delete Noom and start over (Or so I was told). 4. Goal Specialists are hit or miss. 5. There’s no pricing to continue with your group and logging after you’ve reached your goal. So you continue to pay a premium price, or you quit. 6. The red, yellow, green ratio doesn’t quite work for vegetarians


Essentially starving yourself

I had really high hopes for Noom! First let me start off that after 2 weeks of your trial, they will charge you $130 for 4 months without notice. You also can’t get a refund if you’re not satisfied with that because “you had two weeks to cancel”. I guess that was my fault. Next thing is, you start off with a 2000 calorie budget and then it drops lower and lower. I feel as if this app wants me to starve myself. I work outside, I am constantly sweating and walking around. I’m going to eat, and I shouldn’t have to feel bad about going over 1300 calories while eating healthy foods. Second of all, they list some foods that are high in nutrition like almonds/peanut butter and oatmeal as “red foods”. This makes me feel like I can’t eat anything, I only have so much time to make something quick and healthy that will fill me up until lunch time. Overall, I’m really not pleased with Noom! I know it’s all psych tricks to make you break your bad habits but it’s just not working for me. I really wish I could get my money back. The only good part is counting my calories and seeing if my weight goes down by logging it in. I also believe they should let us take pictures of our meals for accurate calorie calculations, as in they measure how much calories our plate has and we list the things in them. That would help! I don’t recommend this app if you’re broke like me, just constantly go to the gym and eat more veggies than yummy foods! That’s been working for me!


Life Changing! Worth every penny!!

I started this app in June of 2019, weighing 165 lbs and wanting to get in shape after recovering from ACL surgery and knew it would be easier if I were thinner. But isn’t that to story of my life. Everything would be easier if I were less heavy. I could move easier, fit in to more clothes and wear what I wanted. Those were things I’ve wanted for years. I’ve been a little overweight since I was about 13 years old. Always about 20/30 lbs more than where I needed to be. I even had someone ask me once when I was in my 20s if I was pregnant, I nearly died. I’ve tried Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, fad shakes and everything that I could find, but nothing really worked. Until this app. I learned about my relationship with food. I learned about what I was choosing to eat and why. It changed my entire view about what I can eat and when I should eat it and why I should it. I lost 30 lbs and met my goal in four months. When my subscription automatically renewed, I emailed and asked for a refund, which they provided immediately. I’m now at 135 and maintaining my weight right where I want it to be using the tools I got with this app. If you are even thinking about wanting to lose weight and change your life, don’t wait! Do it. This is a great program!!


Mediocre and not worth the price.

I’ve been using another app to monitor my macros and exercise for some time. I was having weight issues because of the humidity and swelling and no continued weight loss. It’s imperative I don’t gain weight as I’m an amputee and device fit is essential. What I discovered was it was environmental and plateau. My weight went up. It was muscular as my clothes did not fit any differently. My device didn’t fit good. That was weather and exercise related. It was hot and humid. I was doing interval training 5 days a week combined with biking. So when the weather changed everything changed and the plateau broke. My diet really remained the same. My devices began fitting the way they should fit once the humidity and temp dropped.
I was very unhappy with the way food was categorized by caloric density. I could not understand why some high fat foods were Yellow and other foods were Red. I even questioned it and got answers I just didn’t like them. It was just something I wasn’t willing to change. I also wasn’t sure about doing weight daily. I learned to chart it weekly vs daily.
I’ll continue to do my food and weight charting. Even chart it daily. I find that helpful.
The psychology being used is somewhat repetitive for me. Grateful for the 2 week trial. Very minimal assistance from specialists. Every 4 days doesn’t seem worth the price.
If it works for other, great! Go for it. Just not my thing.


Helped me get back on track

What I liked: the motivation to weigh in, the weight chart, most of the content (although it’s very cutesy and hashtag-heavy), and the ability to log exercise. What I though was pretty good: the calorie-logging function. I have nothing to compare it to short of reading labels and writing on paper, so I don’t know how it compares in simplicity and accuracy with other apps that might be out there. I thought it was pretty easy. What I didn’t use or find helpful: The weekly check-in from my goal specialist and the group coaching. Once a week I would get asked a generic question by my specialist. They only communicate with you once a week. Also, group coaching on an app is just not for me. I don’t want to be looking at my phone all day and reading other people’s responses and trying to figure out what to say back. That is way too time-consuming. So after the first introduction I never went back to the group. I didn’t have too much weight to lose, I signed up to give me some accountability for what I was eating. It was eye-opening. I liked this app for tracking what I ate and making me think differently. I did it for two months and it helped, I took off the few lbs I wanted to lose and have maintained within a couple pounds. I have to say, when following the program, I was almost always hungry! Losing weight is no joke.


Did not provide services paid for

While, the concept of this app is pretty good, Noom is not user-friendly except for daily activities. Only available contact with a this app ‘coach’ is available; and conversation, although promised on a daily basis, is sporadic (once a week)at best. I had an issue with not receiving the meal plan and exercise plan - buyer beware - this is an add-on $$ at sign-up. When I inquired on how to receive a refund for the plan I didn’t receive from my ‘coach’, the only thing I received was a link to cancel my membership. Since I could not find any alternative contact information, that’s just what I did, still not having received the meal plan/ exercise plan that I paid for up front.
FYI: this app makes you wait until your free trial period is over before setting you up with full access to the program - there’s no real way to understand if the program is a fit for you until after you pay the full fee. Sure, food logging and step counting is great, and there are some recipes in Noom . And daily information, but this isn’t really anything that can’t be found outside Noom . There’s no real taste of the program until you pay the joining fee. I’m disappointed in the free trial that only showed me that I would need 10-15 minutes a day (plus time to log each meal) to read through daily lessons and complete tasks. Not hooked enough to shell out $150+ to find out if it’s a program I would stick to long term.


Life without Noom - Impossible!

I have struggled with losing weight all my life, stuck in the yo yo syndrome. Lose it, Gain more. Have tried numerous calorie counter apps and worked with several nutritionists. After completing a Restart program and doing a three week sugar detox, my mind was set to eat healthier. My daughter recommended that I try this app and I can’t be happier. this app is way more than a calorie counter app. It is based on psychology, science, and sociology. Boom! The missing link to everything else I’ve tried. You have a personal coach who works with you to get you over hurdles, set goals, gives positive feedback and encouragement. You also have a group coach and a group to share successes and setbacks. You receive daily articles covering all kinds of topics: understanding the this app color system, setting goals, becoming a portion master, taming your elephant and making your rider strong, how to get through the dreaded plateau, and so much more. SO MUCH MORE! Noom makes it easy to log your meals/ snacks and has a library of great recipes. I’m starting my ninth week and am very happy with my weight loss and progress. I have made good habits, eating healthier, moving more, sleeping better, and BELIEVING in myself. Take a journey with this app and see how it changes your life! It has mine!


Evaluate what you want from Noom

I have over 100lbs to lose and know that dieting doesn’t work and wanted to try something different before taking the first steps towards Bariatric surgery. I’m at the five week mark and I’m not sure this is for me. First, I feel this program is not geared towards people who have 100+ pounds to lose but more so to people who have 15 or 20 pounds to lose. I also don’t like the sporadic contact with your goal specialist. It takes a week to hear back instead of having a conversation in the moment as the program makes it seem. I also am not a fan of the group. I think grouping people by their goals would be so much better. I’m in a group with people who are not massively overweight and it’s hard to be open when people with 15lbs to lose are like “I’m on week 3 and lost 10lbs already!” meanwhile, I’m on week five and I’ve lost 3lbs. It’s so discouraging and makes me wish I could turn the group function off!

I also don’t like having to weigh in every day. I’ve been taught that this is not a good way to measure weight loss as weight fluctuates due to many factors and weighing in weekly is more accurate for weight loss. Also, as someone who is a recovered and now massively overweight anorexic, daily weighing is so, so triggering and brings back old habits but that’s my own personal hang up.

Overall, I love the psych tricks and they are helpful but I don’t think the $44 a month is worth it for what I’m getting.

Is Noom Safe?

Yes. Noom: Healthy Weight Loss is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 804,983 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Noom Is 29.3/100.

Is Noom Legit?

Yes. Noom: Healthy Weight Loss is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 804,983 Noom: Healthy Weight Loss User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Noom Is 45.3/100..

Is Noom: Healthy Weight Loss not working?

Noom: Healthy Weight Loss works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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