Mystical Mixing Reviews

Mystical Mixing Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: WARNING! You will absolutely get addicted to this game. Let the fun begin with
this magical game.

About Mystical Mixing

You will create and mix your own spells and forge your own creatures that live in the mystical forest.

Take magic into your own hands and create a completely personalized mystical creatures.

Unlock new spells, collect resources, mix new creatures and more in your own magical world.

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WARNING! You will absolutely get addicted to this game.


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4.8 out of 5


Cute but frustrating game

This is a game where you get to mix up a bunch of cute creatures that clear land and find treasure for you. Sounds good, however, the ads popping up every 30 seconds or so is obnoxious! Because of it, it takes so much longer to do anything because you don’t know when they will interrupt. ALSO, when you unlock a new mixing cauldron you suddenly don’t have access (or it is hidden really well) to your previous cauldrons, meaning that any creature that takes fewer ingredients are now IMPOSSIBLE to make. I may keep trying to figure things out, but it’s not making the game fun. They creatures are cute, but so far all I can get is variations of lizard type and fox type creatures, are there others? I may never know.


I love it!!! But here are things to be fixed please.

Ok. BEST. THING. SOOOOO CUTE awesome game. But, sometimes, like if I leave or my iPad dies or the game crashes while I’m mixing, the game aims what I’m looking at at the sky so I can’t see anything. BUT don’t be upset or delete it, all you have to do is switch to the snowy area and back and it’s fixed,I really like this. The many ads are annoying so it isn’t worth it to make creatures just to merge. If that was fixed I would really appreciate it. Ads to get stuff are ok, but constant ads are really annoying. But it is so worth it to make a cute little creature. But i find it horrible that you can’t use feather arms and wings on the same creature. ALSO ITS NOT A FELINE ITS A FOX!!! The merge birds turn into dragons for some inexplicable reason, I would like that to be fixed. Also you should be able to make an all black creature. But other than that it is a great game and I really recommend it for anyone who loves animals.


Great game but some recommendations.

So, I got this game a couple weeks ago and I have been playing it ever since. I absolutely love how the animals r so unique and cool! I also love how every animal u can get has it’s own unique thing about it. One recommendation is that u should add more colors and features. I almost have all of the features and I have all of the colors so I would love if u added more. I also want u guys to add some more potions. Maybe a nature themed one? I love how there r so many animals u can get, too! One problem is that whenever I log on, the animal r all stuck in the ground. I then move them and they r still stuck. This started happening when there was 5 trees left. I now have the whole area cleaned out with the castle, mushroom, and flower field area. I would like u to fix that problem. Overall, this is a very cute game that I would recommend for people 4 and older. I love this game and keep up the good work! ❤️



But honestly I’m really saddened because I spend so much time into it making my characters and two times I’ve had to delete MysticalMixing because it keeps bugging and the work stations where they’re working on the forest and the vortex world the map will completely go blank and no matter what I do it won’t fix. One time I was able to get it to come back just for it to bug out again a hour later. And I’ve tried restarting my phone deleting other things on my phone off and taking closing in and out of MysticalMixing also clicking the book of animals and the cauldron and the vortex and both maps are just a light pink blank page. So now I’m on my third install with MysticalMixing and again I have now lost everything I worked hard to make. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played as far as fun and my son loves it. But this bug that it has is a bug that will completely destroy the possibility of playing it and getting anywhere. If you guys could look into that but it would be awesome because it also happened to my friend but she was able to get it back.


Great but buggy

This game is great, customizable and doesn’t need internet like those annoying games. Isn’t packed with adds, yet sometimes the adds are buggy and make me restart whatever I was making. Also screen bugs where my screen is positioned wrong, but I fix that by going to the white forest and back. I’ve encountered a problem where I can only see sky. I can still make creatures but not place them down. Nothing worked for me so it’s pretty much can’t progress more and you have to restart. Which is sad and organization is pretty bad. It’s hard to find new recipes and I also have seen a problem where my creatures would walk in place and not do anything, but I just pick them up and put them down again.
These are among the few bugs I have found. With a little work, I bet this game would be much, much more enjoyable.
Thank you for your time.


Not to bother but there is a glitch

I love the game in all but when I unlocked the new map I was able to only play for a few more hours before it glitched and I couldn’t play in the map I love mixing in all but I love the map I tried to go to the old map to fix it but it didn’t work and now I can’t get to the map and where do my pets go? Can you please fix this glitch and if not I guess I don’t have a world. If you do fix the bugs tysm! This is one of the best games one of my favorite games there should be more games like this you did a great job on this game. I love the cool/adorable creatures that there are I really love them and the merged ones are really cool btw about the glitch how do i merge the second map ones and get new stuff if I can’t get to the maps? I really don’t like that idk why it’s glitching like that.


I 100% adore this game but I do have one complaint

I’ll start with the bad but then go to the good news. I have only had this game for maybe 3 and whenever I place my familiars on the map they move for a second then they get stuck into the ground, and as of this morning my map won’t even load on the screen, so I’m unable to further my progress in the game, and if I’m being completely honest, mixing is fun and all but I’m wanting to get more ingredients for the familiar potions. With the exceptions of the minor glitches(the glitches being minor are just my opinion 😅) all in all I thoroughly love this game because I myself am a Wiccan and I even boil my teas as well as cook most of my food when camping in my different cast iron cauldrons, so this game is so wonderful to play. The entire concept of this game is so amazing, cool, cute, and beautiful and I hope this game goes far with it’s status


Unplayable after a while

I rarely ever leave reviews, but in this case I feel like I need to. This game is great at first. It’s pretty fun with the different combinations and the recipe book, and the unlockables. My problem is the ‘late’ game. Late is in quotation marks because you can’t even get to the second portal. Most of your creatures get irreversibly stuck in the ground once you get past a certain point in the second world. After that, if your game restarts, the worlds are gone. I uninstalled and started over, hoping that it’d go better, but I got the same result. I would love to play the game, but I literally can’t after a while. The worlds are the main part of the fun for me, especially with merging in the second world, and once those are gone, there’s literally no motive to go on. I’m only giving 2 stars because the game before this point is fine and pretty entertaining, if it’s only a cash-grabby time waster


It’s great but one small problem…

In the game you get a lot more freedom than I thought like you can mix anything together (as long as you have it) and it always makes something new! Expect if you mix the same stuff together again, now here is the problem… adds. There is too many adds I know I just got the game a few minutes ago but still! THERE IS TOO MANY ADDS, like I was put a new pet in the garden and got an add and when it was over I clicked the grass and I got a another add! Most of the adds I find are in the garden so when you are mixing you are safe (for now) also remember I just got the game like 5 minutes ago so things could change as the game progresses.(what I’m trying to tell you is that I could be wrong)


One more thing to fix

It seems as if I reach 900 gems it seems as if the map just goes off this is really killing me I actually enjoy making my lil creatures but it continues to do that with me on level 24 or 30 when I go off the map and I can get back but it’s not how it was before but I noticed that when I reached all the gems for the portal when you switch between worlds it starts glitching to plz fix this again cute game but maybe put a fix bug button on there ☺️ Ty for creating this game again the creator did a great job and not only that there’s a bug that keeps the new on the creator book when I have done looked at it that’s all Ty for your hard work ☺️👍🏻


Why I don’t like this game and why I do like this game

So I love this game but it’s really laggy and I have a lot of ads I love animals and this made me want to play it like every day since my mom‘s best friend we kinda think she’s like an aunt so she’s not biological but we kind of have her as an aunt in our family so my mom‘s friend and my dad has like something to go to so that’s why I were watching her daughter and I wanna play this game with her but there’s a lot of ads I kinda wish there was more to the game so you could like buy a lot more stuff for your pets looked at another comment just turn your Wi-Fi off if you don’t like the ads it makes so much sense😆😃😁😀😄😢🥰😌


Please fix

MysticalMixing is really fun, I like creating all the cute little critters and mixing different ingredients to see what combinations I can get. However, there is this bug where I can’t see either map and the screen is light pink or purple and I can’t move the screen of the forest area and can’t add in the creatures, even though I tried to the other world or the cauldron. I want to enjoy the game without having the need to delete MysticalMixing and then download it again. Also there are two locked body potions that I don’t know how to unlock and can’t find any chests in either forest. If you get these glitches fixed then I’d really appreciate that.


Cute game but please fix some bugs

Cute game plus I like the idea but once I got 200 gems and I bought the rock for the color but every single time I tried using the rock it changed it to the popsicle causing me to waste 200 gems. I just decided it was fine and kept playing but once you get too many of the little guys they lag really really bad so I suggest adding different maps to keep to much lag from coming in. Most of the other stuff is great! The game is addicting to me and I just can’t stop playing so I’m still giving five stars. I do suggest fixing this lag.


If you don’t like the pop up ads then turn your Wi-Fi off

If u want to do that u can go to settings. But it’s hard to do on settings so if u want to do it the easy way then go to the thing we’re it shows all the volume u want or if u want ODNT disturb on or the brightness or darkness for your light on your tablet or iPad you have to press the Wi-Fi thing if it’s on then press it to make sure it’s not blue this. Is hard to explain so don’t complain ok the person who made this game is trying there best and I appreciate them for doing there best effort in this game!😁❤️💚🖤🧡💙🤍💛💜🤎❤️‍🩹


She’s 5 stars, but buggy af…

…so she’s a 3, which is ONLY because this really is fun and addicting. Sadly, I’ll probably have to delete and reinstall, take my chances. I can no longer properly access the lands on which to plop my little adorable abominations. The screen only shows sky and I cannot navigate back to land even if I tap on a conversation bubble. Without this, I’m stuck with the ingredients I have and no way to progress. Also, the index of your stewed spawn is in sore need of an update. It gives each monstrous minion a description underneath its image, but that name once bestowed upon its beastly brow at birth by the gods on Mount Crazy Labs? Never seen again.


One Problem…

Hii! I love this game sooo much, I Iove mixing all the ingredients together and seeing what color the water (or whatever it is?) will turn. But there is one one problem that occurs whenever I load MysticalMixing . When I try to go to the little forest with all my creatures (which are insanely cute!) it’s just a pink screen! Everything else is there such as the speed up button, the get back to mixing button and all the others, but the island and creatures aren’t there! I would love if you could fix this bug so I can get back to mixing and awwwing over my cute creatures! Have a great day! (Or night!)


Game needs work

This game is a lot of fun and has a lot of content, unfortunately it can not handle all this content. Sometimes once you’ve made so many creatures the game will crash and after that you won’t be able to access the meadow and it will no longer log any future creatures you make. On top of that it will erase some of the progress you made in the game. Also when you have a lot of creatures in the meadow it gets really laggy. I feel like once these get fixed the game will be much better.


Would’ve been a 5 if…

This game is so cute really love it! I just get really upset because I have redownloaded this game over 3 times now and it still keeps breaking. What I mean by this is my whole entire island disappears after a certain point in the game and I can only see the sky I can still mix but I can’t get more ingredients. It kind of defeats the purpose of this game. Wish it didn’t do that probably will stop trying to download over and restarting to get the island back after awhile. Really frustrating:( and disappointing. :(


Wish there was more to the game

I downloaded the game yesterday and my creatures have already completely cleared all of the forest that was provided. I wish there was a bit more to the game that made the collection of wood and stone worth something instead of me just sitting here with 50+ creatures I’ve made, 75k wood, and 5.8k stone. I thought we’d be taking “orders” to make creatures sometimes based on the ad I saw that led me to download, but all I do is make creatures and wait for the last of the ingredients to become available. Looking forward to what the next update has!


I love this game!!!

I am in love with this game. I love that I can mix up my own little creatures. I love that there are so many combinations. I truly hope that there are some developments that are made because I would love to have a more in depth game. I would even pay for an ad free version. If there were levels to the game that would be amazing too! Make it to where we can upgrade stuff. This could be an even more amazing experience for the players. I’m looking forward to seeing more.


Cuteness all over

Hey!! This game is really fun and cool but also the little things u make that come out of the pot need to like go with the item! Ya know that little gold ear ring thing that should be an earring I agree what the crystals should be and the color but in the color part I got this little purple and pink large crystal thing and it was sparkly and though but the animal was not. It got me all excited about the spark but the animal thing wasn’t. And how in the world can we get the sea stuff or the heart wand!!! 😣😣 I really want those things!! I really thought the add was a lie because how in the world did u get everything!!!!! I love this game guys I really enjoy it but my sister will not go over playing this game! Also maybe u could make the animal things u make like a chi muck from Alvin and the chipmunks like Alvin Simon Theodore and Brittany Jeanette Eleanor?!? I love Jeanette my name is actually that but spelled differently! 💜👓and the chipmunk look is not how the real ones look in the movie and the show not the old ones! Love it but please make these changes I will love this game forever if u do and even die with it!!! Pleasssssssseeeeee am begging PLEASE 🙏


I was so confused.? why the creatures are glitching duh?

I remember when I was going to the airplane I play this game so when I make some more creatures I find a whatever that calls the blue thing and when I answer it and tell me to put the creatures in the potion thing so I was starting to put one and they look really cute in except for the geckos look weird in their eyes so I will put it them to the cold thing and they were starting to glitch and the nature too I was getting confused why they were glitching because if there’s like of coronavirus in this phone😂😂 so I’ll get this like a five stars because there are glitching and one of those furry things wait fur-anyways so I’ll give this like eight out of 10 because I don’t know what’s going on I think it’s because my jams are getting crazy or my money so please play this game because it looks cute and the creatures are getting my nerves


Pls fix this problem🙏🙏🙏

I loved this game but when I got to the second level it said we need a gems again to get to the next level but when I started looking 👀around the map there was no gems. But I said to myself “well maybe it’s talking about the gems that we bought things with and I need to do that when I clear out the map💎 “. But I was wrong so i was hoping by writing this review that the creators can see it and fix it. Besides that I love this game is so fun and all the characters are sooooooo cute!!!!!!!🥰

(Plssss copy and paste this so creators can see it and fix the problem)

( btw this is NOT hate to the game just so the creators can fix the problem)


OK hear me out you need to read this if you’re going to buy this game

OK first of all there are way too many ads so I’ll just tap and then I will come up like every single time I tap a basically and I comes up and the ads are like really glitchy so I don’t know if that’s like my iPad problem but still it’s very glitchy and the game is good but the adds too muchLike so this is basically the same thing about every crazy rap game but still it’s very very very annoying cause I’ll just be tapping and it will it will come up and and I will come up and make the added like 20 seconds long and first of all a pauses for like another 20 seconds so basically it’s just addsBut the game is good but just the ads but just get rid of the ads please I mean you can still put us in there but like stop putting so much I know you want to I know you wanna make money but still don’t put that much


Fun until nothing

I loved this game at first but then when I got to the second world it said I needed gems but there were none then I cleared out both worlds and my animals started glitching and there were nothing to do but make potions there were pictures were you could make potions for other people but I never got that opportunity I loved this game until this happened and I tried updating it didn’t work I tried deleting and downloading it again didn’t work this game was awesome until I couldn’t do anything anymore I hope you the creators can fix this so I can play more and do the things in the pictures


Lovely, but there's problems

I love the art of the game. I'm not usually fond of anything other than horror & surreal art, but this game is super cute. I like the concept & the way the colors, animals, & features work.

At this point, I do not have any glitches or bugs. Though, I find it hard to enjoy the game with the lack of things to do. I think it would be more enjoyable if maybe I could make a shelter or there's something you could do with the materials you get? I do also wish you could mix breeds (like the dragon & lizard), I think that would add a nice touch.

Overall, not a big deal, though I think adding another section or more to the game would bring more players. I really wish there was just a little more.


Love it!❤️

I love it but could you please like put more potions and that we can mix potions I’m 10 and I’m literally obsessed with this game! But the problem is that the characters are really slow and they take too long on just mining or something . And the characters that go over to the fishing rod or something they take so so long. Longer then the mining thing oh and the person reading this the game is amazing don’t worry you can download ! Also keep up the great work developer oh and can you add more pets like cats dogs or like hamsters or something. I’m sorry if I’m asking too much the most important thing is your health!💕 love the game that’s all bye!


Why are my pets digging into the ground

So I got this game and it was very fun so I played it for a bit a big days to be exact I know something I went into the second area there was no germs maybe that was working in progress and my pets started digging into the ground and not working they’re not going to trees so there’s a problem and only a few of my pets work and there’s no gems in the second level soul I love the game but there has to be an adjustment if you could please please please please please please fix it for the other people and me PS please fix it One of my pets say hi


I LOVE this game but..

So I absolutely love this game and spent hours on it but overall I feel like this isn’t a type of game you can continuously play after a while my animals cleared all the trees in both the worlds and now no matter where I put them they just dig at the ground and glitch also if there was a way to see what animals I’ve made or merged it would help it just feel like the game ends too fast I honestly think if we could use the wood to built houses or some? Just to make the game not end so fast or add another world? Idk really if the glitching was fixed I feel like that alone would help so much ps not trying to be rude just wanna help give ideas on what in the game needs tinkering


Works Until it Doesn't

My daughter absolutely loved this game. She liked creating all the different characters and all of the different things she could do/unlock. Right away we noticed that the videos to open chests or unlock items didnt work. You would click on the videos but nothing happened. Today, random ads started popping up in the game and, each time they did, it would close out of her game. We tried installing the latest version of iOS and reinstalling the game but neither of those things worked. She has now lost all of her game progress and the issue still remains. We are on the verge of deleting this game because its not playable at this point.


fun, but…

overall, i Love this game and everything in it. the creatures are all very cute and there are so many different combinations. the little fields that you get to clear out with them is a nice touch. i like that they’re not just unlocked, never to be seen again. the cauldrons are pretty, and the mixtures are gorgeous. just a couple complaints.

#1 the ads alone are the sole reason i put 3 stars. i would pay real life adult money to get rid of them too, but i don’t think that’s an option in the game.

#2 i’m at the point where i can mix two colors, but i can’t find my lil guys in my book. it shows “New!” constantly now and it really bugs me, but they’re not under any of the categories.


Cute but too many ads

This game is very clearly made for kids or anyone who likes mystery creature creation stuff. It would be a fun game but it has way too many ads- you honestly spend most of the time watching ads. You get an ad for mixing the ingredients, you get an ad before you start mixing, you get an ad before the reveal, you get an ad after the reveal, it’s like you get an ad for simply interacting.
Which is sad because the game has cute creatures and the mixing is super fun, and I love the “random” aspect of it.
Just wish there was less ads or at least a way to pay to get rid of them, they’re beyond annoying and made me uninstall. I’d reconsider if they made the ads less obnoxious or at least have a paid option.


Adorable game🥰💖💖💖

This game is so cute and really adorable, Ever since I started playing this game I became so addicted to it, This is so cute I have to say. When you mix different ingredients into the cauldron, the potion turns into different cute adorable little dragons, For other people, Please give this adorable game a try, It’s super fun and really cute, You’ll unlock different types of adorable cute dragons. You can even built them a cute home as well, Please give this try, You will love it and have fun playing it🥰💖💙💜💕


I don’t even know what to do😔

Hi, I would like to take some time to write this review, and I hope you take the time to read it.

I downloaded this game because it looked super fun, regardless of the reviews for all the ads and stuff.
I was really looking forward to playing this game because I am very creative and i would love to see what my creations would become. The ads would pop up everywhere for the game in all my other games, and I decided to get it finally.

Sigh, it was all a waste of time...

I opened the game and I was expecting to play it. It started loading, and then the bar stopped filling and it froze!? The ads were still switching on the bottom of my screen and it was only the loading bar that wouldn’t load.

I sat on that screen for maybe five minutes, and then closed out MysticalMixing and reopened it. It still wouldn’t load. So I deleted the game twice to see if it would finally load, because what have I got left to lose?

It still wouldn’t work. I am very disappointed and I would have loved to play this game, but I guess it was a no-go🙅‍♀️ If you end up fixing this problem, please let me know.

Thank you for your time 🙏


Love it! But…

Honestly, I’m addicted to this game. It’s really fun and there are so many different combinations you can do without doing the same ones over and over again. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because once you have a really good amount of creations it starts to get really laggy and starts messing up in little ways. I’ve had to delete MysticalMixing and start all over twice now. The first time because it wouldn’t show the island and the second time because I couldn’t collect some of my things and because after I would make a creation and then go to put it on the island, it would disappear until I click the portal and then went back.


Fun game but some bugs

I downloaded this game because I had too much storage and it was pretty fun. It was normal with no bugs until I got to world two. Then whenever I went to world two and came back the animals would just freeze and be like their walking but frozen. I have to tap all of them to get them to work. A second bug is that the ground disappears at about the same time Apa’s the first bug. Not all the ground but some of the outskirts. The final bug is that sometimes it says my characters are working but it’s just empty, so I cannot make any money. Please fix these bugs! Thanks!


I like the game buttttt…

I like the game, but, there are many things I would change. First, so many ads. I get irritated by the amount of ads there are in this game. I would stay on it for awhile if it weren’t for them. Second, I got to the snow level on the game and I can’t find any gems. Is this a glitch? Is there nothing after the first level? I don’t know. Third, maybe instead of having us look for gems we could build a little town for them. I would love to decorate and design a little community for them. Forth, I wish there were more options. I did see that we have more wand option, which cool! But I would love to see more animal options.


What I like this game magic mixers

This game is so much fun. I started playing it like a year ago. I have a little bit of trouble with it sometimes like it has malfunctioned a few times but it’s still really fun and I kept making new animals on the first time that I started playing with it and I made tons of new animals. The only thing that I don’t really like is that it takes a long time to get like a new bodies for the animals I mean creatures, but other than that it’s really high


Good to play but…

Ok so I love this game and everything but it’s slow and all the creatures are always glitching. And where the heck are the GEMS FOR THE SECOND PORTAL? Please can you fix that for literally everyone. Also why is there no warning after 60-65 days that it goes back to day one? I almost had a heart attack when it did that and I thought I lost everything after that and all the work was for nothing but I still have everything but can you please just keep the days going after 60-65. Please and thank you. Otherwise it’s a good game but please please do something about that!!!!!!‼️


Amazing Game! One suggestion though.

This game is amazing! I only have one suggestion that I feel would make the game better. After you create the creature, you can only view it up close and rotate it to see full details once. It would be great if you could click on their profiles in the collection book and be able to do this again!


⚠️pls read ⚠️

Oh my God I don’t mean to be rude but I’m going to be a little harsh it’s because I tried saying this so much but no one was listening to me so every day when I play MysticalMixing first of all it literally takes a little too long it doesn’t take hours but takes little too long but there’s a stupid glitch that happens every day I know I have to be calm but I was dealing with this so many times it says MysticalMixing is for iPhone is not really for iPad but I am an iPhone and it’s working so badly I check my Internet my Internet is so good but I tried so many times for MysticalMixing and it’s not working that it starts getting on my nerves I start throwing my phone everywhere MysticalMixing literally make me cry I cried so much that my parents took my phone away and it’s all this apps fault MysticalMixing is getting on my nerves so badly that I’m starting to hate MysticalMixing so much and every day I try to stay calm and take some of your advices but none of them are working horrible app


This gAme is amazing! But 3 things…

Hey everyone! I hope all of you are doing great. Ok, so this game is one of the BEST games I have ever played! I’m sierious! But 3 things I have to ask to the creators. So thelittle characters that we make, and when you bring them to life and they start clearing things, can you make it a little faster please, it’s to slow for me. And the last time I played it, there was some type of glitch, and I tried resetting my iPad, but it didn’t work, so I had to delete the game. But then I reloaded the game. That all happened when there was like a portal that says, “different World” or something like that. So I wouldn’t recommend going there, to the other world, you can if it doesn’t glitch for you people, but I still haven’t figured that out yet, it’s not glitching anymore for me. And last question, the portal that says, different world on it, what does it mean? I taped the portal and there was a bunch of different characters in it. So what does it mean? And that’s all I wanted to tell you about. Have a good day creators. And have a good day to all of you people out there! Bye!😁❤️


Great game at FIRST but..

Great game for the most part, It's really fun and addicting at first, but after the first level you have the second level but there isn't really anything else to collect. That and the game clearly isn't finished. There's another portal on the second level that needs gems, but there's no more gems to find. After awhile once you find everything to mix the game gets pretty boring pretty fast. Not only that but I completely cleared both levels and I didn't even unlock the last two potion bottles. Also after getting to day 60 of mixing it reset my days back to the beginning. My collections saved but I had to start over. It also kept getting extremely glitchy towards the end in other ways. So it's fun for the first level, like REALLY fun, but then very disappointing very quickly. Honestly I would love to see the developers set aside some time from their other projects to really give this game the attention it deserves. I get this was originally created as a cheap money making machine, but it has some real potential and I think it could be something amazing and memorable with some extra effort.


Good game but one problem…😭

The game is good, but when I got to the second world, there were no gems to get to the next portal and I’ll destroyed all the trees in the game, but there were no more gyms soI am still in the first and second one and maybe you should make sure that there’s actually gems and one of the world because in the second world there were no chance I was really confused about that so if you can fix that, I think the game would be amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Also, I think that there should be no ads in the game but that’s just my opinion please fix those little details like found and well yeah


Developers READ !!

Ok no one is probably reading this but at least I can try. So I’ve been playing this game for such a long time on my iPod (I have a iPhone now) and I got threw level one and then I get to the snowy area, right? I make my hybrid monster thingys and after awhile I have so many they can probably clear the snow level. I clear and there’s no gem! I restarted my iPod but still no gems. I reinstalled it and then installed but it STILL wouldn’t give me gems! 😡😤😖 this game has amazing music adorable hybrid monsters and okay graphics but PLEASE fix this bug. I read some of the other reviews and they said the same THING!!! So pls hear us and fix this. Another thing other people put in there reviews is the ads. I’m not the girl who would sit here and crap myself over ads. I’m fine with the ads. I give it 4 stars bc of the bug. Otherwise, I love this game, it’s addictive and fun. 😍😝😁


Missing something…

It would be a little bit better if you added these things. It would be awesome if you added a little race place and a place to meet up with other players, and if you could breed the little creatures that you have also if you could interact with the little creatures and more and more buildings and maybe even a trading center where you trade your creatures! And I would love it. If you fixed some bugs, I found one of the bugs I found was… Getting trapped under the little biome. not being able to teleport through the portal even though I’m done with my land if that’s not how to go through it I’m sorry about talking about it. Also, it would be very exciting if you added mailbox that you would get a daily egg where you could hatch with a random creature! developers if you see this, please add those things. Thank you for listening to. =>


Amazing game! But one problem…

Now don’t get me wrong… this game is amazing! but there’s one ad that keeps on kicking me out of the game and it’s really annoying. I restarted all my apps, and it would still kick me out. and also every time I click on something there’s an ad. For example, I click on something to make a potion, AD. I move one of my animals, AD. There is also the advertisement about these stupid masks and it pops up every time I click on one of my creatures. so can you please make this like an ad free game or something? cause like who cares about ads at this point. not trying to be rude. The one ad that keeps on kicking me out by the way, is an Instagram puzzle thing. I click on a puzzle piece, it glitches, Lags, and manages to kick me out. So, please fix this issue developers. just so you know, I don’t take your hard work for granted, this is an amazing game. Keep up the hard work.

Is Mystical Mixing Safe?

Yes. Mystical Mixing is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 37,238 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mystical Mixing Is 29.3/100.

Is Mystical Mixing Legit?

Yes. Mystical Mixing is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 37,238 Mystical Mixing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mystical Mixing Is 43.6/100..

Is Mystical Mixing not working?

Mystical Mixing works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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