push it - trending now Reviews

push it - trending now Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-03

push it is the first app that lives on your phone's lock screen. when you
receive a push, your phone magically lights up with a special photo of your
favorite person, right on your lock screen. press and hold the notification to
easily reply back on their lock screen! to see your hist...

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More Sending Options

I wish that if you miss a notification, there was still a way to read it. I’ve missed a few on accident and I don’t know what they said. I also wish that you could specifically choose people to send to, instead of having to send to everyone every single time. Lastly, I wish the notification text was a bit bigger and easier to read. Thanks!


Debating on deleting

For a good week now it’s not worked kept saying wait for others to join in my area. Now I’m getting alerts as of it’s ready to use in my area and all I see when I log on is either it saying I can follow people or search for my followers… says absolutely nothing about sending anything or posting anything to Snapchat or other social media apps…. Apple store made me put my card Info in to use pushit and it somehow billed me 15 dollars…. If pushit don’t work soon I’m filing fraud charges & getting my money back!



Okay so guys I don’t really recommend pushit right now. I tried it and it like literally won’t let me do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. It says that u have to have a friend on it to be able to use pushit . Like how stupid is that?!?! It also keeps on taking me to it’s Instagram page.


Not Letting Me Sign Up

i pre ordered pushit like a month or two ago, and when i finally got the notification that i could open it, it won’t let me verify my number, ive gotten so many verification codes and it won’t verify my number, i will keep trying, but i hope you can fix this bug.


Trouble With IOS version

Alright so I bet pushit works fine, but I’m having a bit of trouble. My phone states that it’s on the 15.1 version on IOS and it doesn’t work when I try to get into pushit (and I pre ordered don’t understand it much rn but I’m sure I will it too). If there’s anything you could say or do to help with my situation, it would help a lots, and thank you.


Loved this app… before the update.

I absolutely LOVED pushit… before the new update. Sending pictures would be a cool idea, but at least give us the option to still use the old format. I’d send my boyfriend little push notifs throughout the day and it was so cute and fun. Now it’s just a less accessible Snapchat or wanna be LoveBox. Please bring the original app design back. It was so clever and unique. I don’t want to delete pushit but I don’t want to use it after this new update.



it’s not working because it hasn’t opened in your area just wait till they drop it in your state and it will work when u hit check stats it takes you to there instagram to see if it’s open in your country


It works but I just don’t want the app

Guys pushit works u just have to wait there still working on pushit and there still launching pushit so stop acting like a bunch of babies it takes time to do stuff like this



U can’t is pushit tell you get a follower. So you have to share it with a friend or family member, that way they can push the button and follow you then u can use pushit to its fullest. 🙃


Not My Type

I got this a week ago, and it’s still stuck on the same thing. “wait with these friends” has been there for a week. If you want to have a good app, make sure it works! Right now I do not like pushit. Fix these bugs!!!!


It’s broken

I put my phone number in and it does not send me a message I tryed restarting it and uninstalling it and installing it back and it still don’t work


It’s funny

It can get annoying but it’s funny when we’re in class and then peoples phones start going off in the front bc of people with apple watches do it to the phones sitting in the back when we’re doing a test


Really good

I think this is really good because a lot of my friends are dumb and don’t read my texts so this helps me a lot to reach them like the retards they are. :)


It takes forever

pushit takes so long to load and when I sign up it just says wait with these friends. I recommend pushit if you are patient and you can wait that long but if you just want it to go fast then I wouldn’t download it.


Won’t work

I have lots of friends trying to get into pushit. But it leads you to Instagram every time you click the red push button. I know that you need to sign in and such, but once you do nothing else will WORK. It’s frustrating. I suggest give it time, but if it doesn’t work in a little while I’m giving up on it and deleting it. I hope this helped all of you out there!


How to work this app??

So my friend told me to download pushit but I don’t really know what to do now that I have it. I even asked her on what to do and she said she doesn’t know! She just wanted me to follow her though. So can somebody tell me how to work this!?


It’s ok!

You have to update it to get it open and you can only text people to have them follow you, but the thing is I have more of my friends on snap and stuff so I can’t really get more followers


Love it so much

I can talk to my friends so easy and ask questions to random people for example what show should I watch


This is great

It is so easy to do and I got the pre order so you know I was waiting on this from you guys so thanks but this is so easy to do it is not even funny


Hard to get followers

It takes so long to get where I am from and it is hard to get followers I can get more people on Snapchat and more but this stuff is so hard to get followers it is just boring and not funny so I would say not to get it or delete it if you do have it and it was anooying have to wait for us to come where I am from it is so BAD!!!



Every time I go on it it just says wait with these friends while we get things ready and then there is a button that says check status and when I click it it just takes me to the Instagram and it has been like that for hours and other people have been complaining about it too


Slow start

They're doing a weird thing rolling out the server availability to various locations, but that's halted. A small glitch let me get past the name reserve screen and pushit seems pretty void of features, just a standard messaging app.


Seems fun, not up and running yet.

I pre-ordered it about a week ago. I just opened it now. Not working yet, but super excited!


Push that Thing

So you basically push it and then it’s fire



Plz fix the loading screen



It’s a great app and since I’ve had it for the past however long I’ve had it it’s been great thx😁😁


It seems like a good idea.

Honestly, it sounds pretty cool to push a quick notification to someone but honestly it is unneeded and unnecessary. We can use text messages or group texting just to get our point across.



i was really confused on how to work this, my friends downloded it but i couldnt find them, i would think by now you guys may have fixed it, but thanks for pushit and im supper excited to try it out!


First Reviewer!

i know nothing has happened with pushit yet but it’s from the sendit creators so this might just be a good app lol.


not happy

i just downloaded pushit because i love the sendit app and wanted to try this one too, but unfortunately had to delete it. when i try to make an account, it takes me to the instagram account for pushit and won’t let me continue without following the account. i don’t have an instagram account, and i’m not planning to make one just to use pushit. i hope the creators will change this so i am able to download push it without having to download instagram too.


To long

It’s not bad but like the wait is to long to just login



So far good just waiting for it to open up in America



I’m the first person too use pushit can’t rlly do nothing



It’s not working but it seems like it’s going to be fun and I want to be the first to leave a review so

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Is push it Safe?

Yes. push it - trending now is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 33,036 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for push it - trending now Is 49.6/100.

Is push it Legit?

Yes. push it - trending now is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 33,036 push it - trending now User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for push it - trending now Is 49.6/100.

Is push it - trending now not working?

push it - trending now works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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