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Challenge your friends to an online multiplayer categories word game!!! STOP 2 is the pen-and-paper trivia word game you know and love ... and now it's better than ever! STOP, Tutti Frutti, Bus STOP or Basta - whatever you may call it, the goal of this words game is still the same - to answer the word categories with the correct terms, beat competitors, and have lots of fun. Can you guess the answer? How smart are you? One letter! Five-word categories! 60 seconds! Infinite chances to become a trivia quiz legend of challenge games... or at least laugh, have fun and play with your friends. It's fresher, funnier, and more hectic than ever—and yet, no pen or paper required. STOP 2 has updated the beloved quiz word game STOP for the modern concept of online games with friends. A new, customized experience where you can collect timers and select skins. There are themed, unique events, advanced multiplayer games and match-making, and new word game modes to play this challenging quiz. From the studio that brought you the smash-hit crossword categories game CodyCross, Word Lanes, Everyday Puzzle: Fun Brain Games, LunaCross: Crossword Riddles, and the award-winning original game STOP - Guess the answer, an App Store Editor's Choice in 18 countries! UNIQUE AND CLASSIC FEATURES - An update of the pen-and-paper categories word trivia game! - One on one...don’t forget to invite others and enjoy this online game with friends, also known as tutti frutti - Done answering? Stop the timer and end your rival’s answer round early. Word with friends is even better now. A trivia word game where you guess correctly or lose - 200+ fun and unique categories (and counting)! Can you answer more them 20 questions and categories in a row? - Play anywhere: on the couch, on the go, on your lunch break ... it's all good! The perfect, fun games for when you're bored - Friends busy? Don't let the game STOP. Let the multiplayer matchmaking feature find you a brand new nemesis to add to your fight list - Learn new words, answer questions, meet new people, and become a STOP champion and master. NEW FEATURES How many trivia games do you know of that are this fun? Are you ready to enjoy the new features of this riddle challenge and multiplayer game? - Hone your skills against tricky AI opponents in the new arcade gameplay mode of this word categories game! - Create a CUSTOM look all your own with new themed skins. Play with friends and see who has the best skin. - Collect new themed timers in this online game with friends! - New seasonal, themed, and timed events offer fresh challenges. Guess the answer and show off your word skills! - Player rankings to display your word puzzle prowess and trivia crack skills to the world! STOP 2 is a word, trivia, and general knowledge competitive and category game. Can you guess the answers? The prizes are waiting for you! NON-STOP WORD GAME Are you a competitive player? Do you like word games more than others? You can take advantage of available boosts - unlimited life power-up and no ads ever! You can have no ads game. These power-ups are for those who are passionate about trivia word games and want to develop their word category knowledge. CATEGORIES GAME AND FUN CHALLENGE Can you guess the answer to all the riddles? There are categories for everyone, from "circular objects" to "dog's common names". What about challenges? Are you a master of trivia? Test your skills and see how fast can you answer all five categories. STOP 2 is a unique, new experience made from player to player. We want you to enjoy this fun with your friends, family, and the world. Here, you can build a community of friends who want to learn, challenge and meet new people. You can read our privacy policy at You can read our terms of use at

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