Stop 2 - Word Trivia Game Reviews

Stop 2 - Word Trivia Game Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Challenge your friends to an online multiplayer categories word game!!! STOP 2
is the pen-and-paper trivia word game you know and love ..

About Stop 2

STOP, Tutti Frutti, Bus STOP or Basta - whatever you may call it, the goal of this words game is still the same - to answer the word categories with the correct terms, beat competitors, and have lots of fun.

STOP 2 has updated the beloved quiz word game STOP for the modern concept of online games with friends.

One letter! Five-word categories! 60 seconds! Infinite chances to become a trivia quiz legend of challenge games... or at least laugh, have fun and play with your friends.

There are themed, unique events, advanced multiplayer games and match-making, and new word game modes to play this challenging quiz.

STOP 2 is a word, trivia, and general knowledge competitive and category game.

Are you a competitive player? Do you like word games more than others? You can take advantage of available boosts - unlimited life power-up and no ads ever! You can have no ads game.

- Learn new words, answer questions, meet new people, and become a STOP champion and master.

These power-ups are for those who are passionate about trivia word games and want to develop their word category knowledge.

- Friends busy? Don't let the game STOP.

What about challenges? Are you a master of trivia? Test your skills and see how fast can you answer all five categories.

Here, you can build a community of friends who want to learn, challenge and meet new people.

- Done answering? Stop the timer and end your rival’s answer round early.

STOP 2 is a unique, new experience made from player to player.

Word with friends is even better now.


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4.7 out of 5


fun but too many ads

this game is actually really fun but the ads make it basically unplayable. you only have three lives, and you lose a life every time you play a classic round whether or not you win or lose. the games are only a minute or less so three games goes by so quickly, and then it takes almost half an hour just to get one life back??? its insane. so then you have to watch an ad for every single game to get a life back, and like i said the games are only a minute or less, so youre watching an unskippable ad every minute. not to mention you also get an ad as the round ends!

my recommendations to the developers is to change the system to lose a life only after losing a game. it makes no sense to punish players for winning and playing the game. this combined with shortening the amount of time it takes for lives to regenerate - down to maybe 5 or 10 minutes. 25 minutes for a single life is unreasonable considering how short the games are. fix these things and youd have yourself a great app that people would actually keep downloaded on their phones, thus creating steady long term ad revenue.

sincerely a game designer



I love this game and play it ad nauseam, but it annoys me that I’ve earned over 40,000 (closer to 50,000) diamonds and there’s nothing to spend them on. A few stop memes, and a half dozen frames. Why not have an option to use the diamonds for more lives (I purchased unlimited, but others may like the option) or upgraded avatars, or something? You guys are the creatives. 😊 Another suggestion would be to retire categories and add new ones every so often. Or just keep adding new ones. Red or green things? Why not add yellow or brown? 🤪 I enjoy the Facebook group, too.



I’m a fan of stop, I had played the first one for a long time(and still do). I’ve paid for all of the benefits in the original and won’t complain. Ever since this release it seems more of a “try hard” to make a great game…. More great? Based on the reviews it seems like this game didn’t get much popularity. Coming from the original stop to this one feels like a joke. I give this one a 2 star because obviously I love stop(hence an extra star from 1). There was no need to make another app for the same game, like literally the same questions too. Also, nothing against the other game modes, but all people want to play is against another REAL person.


Fun game!

This is a great game. I don’t get tired of playing and get bored. I keep coming back for more gameplay with friends. I really like how you can challenge anyone. BUT I have one complaint. The hearts, preventing you from playing more games with other people and only with bots. I think that you should get rid of them or be able to earn them back in arcade and marathon. That second one is probably the best idea, to where you can loose hearts, but still earn them back. Please put this in consideration on a update. Love the game! Thank you


Am I missing something?

Played a few rounds of the guess the word game with different categories. Whoever compiled the answers is absolutely insane. Nothing makes any sense. The winning word for the birthday category was art with the second place guess being SPECIFICALLY apple iPhone? Pizza toppings category had the answer of EGG?? Things that ACTUALLY go on a pizza were all in red, and then I guessed cucumbers just to see if it needs to be fully unrelated to the topic and it appears as though it does because cucumbers was in green while cheese and pepperoni and NORMAL TOPPINGS were all in red. I had to give up on every single round because nothing made any freakin sense. Stay away from Stop2 as a whole or at least the guess the word section.


Fun at First

In the actual game many of us has played, there isn’t so much a wrong answer as not matching the other person, which cancelled out yours. If an answer was wrong, it’s agreed among the players. But when the letter is P and the question is ‘Red Things’ and Paint was deemed wrong? Or for the letter M and “Tomorrow Will Be…” and Mine was deemed wrong. Actually, it was an original answer that the other person would likely not have. But this game seems too many answers wrong, so I’m likely deleting. I did write to Support, I’ll see if they even reply.


This game is fine but I have one question…

Why in the world does one match cost me one heart? It used to be that one loss cost me a heart, which seemed way more fair. Unfortunately, now I can really only play like three games because of the dumb decision to have one game make me lose one heart. I’m not sure about losses since I haven’t lost yet, but I honestly don’t wanna know. This game is fine, but I don’t like the new heart system. Kinda prefer the first game over this game.


Fun game but the support and updates are low mid

I understand ads are necessary to keep the game free but the current frequency of ads just seem excessive. You can’t even view results without ads. And guess what if you pay for the no ads version of the game, there are still ads. Why not call it "less ads"? Also the questions are becoming quite samey. It seems like keeping content fresh should be ongoing. And lastly many correct answers are not scored as such by the game. This is a fun game just a shame it’s such a cash grab.


It's somewhat fun

I enjoy thinking of words within 1 minute. Don't always get it though. However, when I play a "random opponent", I notice when it shows my words and points after 1 minute it sometimes "waiting"for the other "player." A few minutes later, it shows their word. How come that "player" gets extra time? Also, there are a lot of ads... sometimes way to long. Improve some things and I'll raise the ⭐️


love game but lives is an issue

i love this game. so much. the fun of this game (in my opinion) is being able to play with my friends. most of my friends live far away so i love being able to keep in touch with them.

i get the reasoning of not wanting spam and too many lives, but i think the arcade mode that doesn’t require lives can be frustrating because the fun part of the game is the option to play with friends. we play for like 2 minutes and then run out of lives. i can understand the hesitance with it, however i think a few more lives, or other options to exchange gems for them would be helpful or something.




I like this game , it’s fun to play if I’m having trouble sleeping. But , if I’m playing the secret word game and the category is animals , if I put hippopotamus and it’s a word above it the correct answer should not be hippo. Aren’t those the same animals? It seems like you get very close to the correct word then a word or place / animal / thing you’ve never heard of is the right one. Again , I like the game it just frustrates me when that happens.


Downgrade from Stop 1

As someone who used to play the original Stop, I was pretty excited for the second one when I saw an ad for it. I was excited for the personalized profiles, mostly. However, this game is nothing but a downgrade. The art style seems to have de-evolved a few decades, and the overall look and function of Stop2 is an unfortunate remake. I think they should have kept the old functionalities and look of everything, but perhaps added some more categories and the previously mentioned personalized profiles.


really fun app just the lives concept

Stop2 is super fun and a great way to pass time but the only problem i’ve ran into the fact that you have a certain amount of lives and you have to wait 30 minutes for one life. if your goal was to make players not want to play or just forget about your app in general then you are doing a great job at it because i’m not going to wait 3 hours for full lives. and if you want more lives you have to pay because of course, you can’t have fun is you don’t have money! and yeah you can watch an add but no one wants to sit through a 45 second add to get one life. the sad thing is i have at least 8 of these kind of cash grab apps too.


Arcade Mode

I got all five answers correct in arcade mode & so did the computer, yet I lost. Why would you give the computer the “r” rare word option? That should only be for us playing. I also had a round in arcade mode that said it was a tie. Doesn’t seem right that you can’t win in arcade mode even if you guess all five correct. It’s like we’re playing slots & gambling but your controlling when we win. That’s doesn’t seem right.


Facebook Integration Doesn’t Work

It’s a fun game, but connecting with friends and via Facebook is impossible. You get tons of errors whenever you try to connect, and on the occasional instance where it appears to work, you will lose all of your friends list when you leave Stop2 and return.

If the developers can fix the lack of Facebook connectivity and volatile friends list, then it would be a great game to play with others you know. Until then, it’s getting a 1 star review.


Super Fun

Although the ads can be frustrating, there isn’t hundreds of them. I love this game. It is definitely less laggy than “Stop 1.” You definitely need to get this! It makes you think and it’s challenging and fun!


Needs an update

This was my favorite game to play to pass time. The reason for the 3 stars, I can no longer play Arcade, I finished all my tasks and the game will not let me restart. I’ve been waiting 2 months for a game update to fix the issue.
I played Mystery yesterday, and now, it’s not showing up to play.
IT’s frustrating when you can’t play your favorite game.
Please fix !


Stop 2

Stop 2 is a amazing game all the time I have been playing and winning all time and I been playing stop 2 for 2 years and I love this game a lot


Lack of Diversity

Today at 7:43 pm pacific standard time, I was playing against Dr. Wizz in arcade mode and one of the categories was “historical people,” and the letter was “E.” I responded with famous black and native American sculpture, Mary Edmonia Lewis. After I finished the round, the answer showed up as wrong. As a part of the native American community I was enraged by this. She was one of the many important women who went from tough times in her life due to racism. This game should show respect to her legacy. I am offended by this game.


To many ads

Ok, this game looked like so much fun in the ads, but when I downloaded it, it took 30 seconds just for the game to log in! When I click to play an opponent, it takes forever to load! And there are a lot of ads. And the categories are super hard! Overall, it is not a bad game, but could use improvements


Is Stop 2 Safe?

Yes. Stop 2 - Word Trivia Game is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,360 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Stop 2 Is 40.3/100.

Is Stop 2 Legit?

Yes. Stop 2 - Word Trivia Game is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,360 Stop 2 - Word Trivia Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Stop 2 Is 58.8/100..

Is Stop 2 - Word Trivia Game not working?

Stop 2 - Word Trivia Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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