Tapestri IO Reviews

Tapestri IO Reviews

Published by on 2024-04-24

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About Tapestri IO

Tapestri is a free app that lets you get paid in cash for giving away information you're already giving away. How does it work. Simply download, allow Tapestri to run, and begin to earn. .


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Key Benefits of Tapestri IO

- Easy to use

- Makes sense to do

- Get paid for data

- Low cost of doing business

- 800 affiliates

- Amazing app

- Free product

- Unlimited income

- Less intrusive

- Compensated for allowing app to run in background

- Fun to see app develop

25 Tapestri IO Reviews

4.1 out of 5


Needed an extra income

I heard about this a few months ago and when I looked at the numbers I got really motivated about the possibilities! It’s so easy to use and it makes sense to do this. We have been giving away our data for years, so why not get paid for it instead? Becoming an affiliate made sense for me since it’s only $10 per month. TapestriIO pays $5 - $35 per month just for my anonymous data—so my maximum cost of doing business is only $5/ mo! I currently have over 800 affiliates that I’ll get check matches for….this will easily replace my income from my job! TapestriIO is very user friendly and I love that the developers are constantly updating it and making it better and better! Another good thing: if you don’t want to pay $10, you still make $1 for everyone that downloads it and runs it for 30 days at a time! And not just once! It’s monthly!


Amazing app

This is an amazing app

I’ll be it a new app and as we all know we’re constantly having to do updates no matter what app we have installed on our phone so that is common place. Is TapestriIO perfect no but what new product is perfect in the beginning but the but the the team and the developers behind TapestriIO are constantly making changes for the better.
I believe the management team is what makes TapestriIO and the opportunity different from any other app out there and the difference is that TapestriIO pays you for your location decisions on a daily basis.
As far as the opportunity behind TapestriIO there’s nothing better in my opinion it’s a free product that will always be free and for anyone ages 16 and up can make unlimited income with zero investment.


It’s About Time

It’s staggering to know just how much of our data we are giving away for FREE! Now I’m sure we have all agreed to it in the long and complicated terms and conditions the we say yes to just to play a game or check the weather. Tapestri is much less intrusive, in fact it’s anonymous! The idea to be compensated to allow TapestriIO to run in the background is a no brainer. If I let all of these other apps run and they offer me nothing, why wouldn’t I give this a try?
It’s going to be fun to see TapestriIO develop as they add new features. This is that app everyone will want so why don’t you get paid to tell them about it? That’s what I’m doing!


Love this App

TapestriIO is truly Honest when it tells people about the data and how other companies are you getting this information for free and allowing little people like myself get paid for And for anyone that says this is not good or TapestriIO does not work it truly does and so far it has helped me and my family on the extra income that we need this is why we should all look into apps like this and see how we can improve and even share with others this world is trying to separate apart with TapestriIO is bringing us together thank you and let’s make the world a better place.


Terrible developer

They really need to improve their app. Never got the places right and the monthly balance is way off compare to the earnings. Always stuck in the blue pre- log in screen. So frustrated each time when I check TapestriIO. The idea is ok but the software is so bad.
It’s been almost a month now. And TapestriIO stopped adding the total money since Nov1st. When we are close to the circle closure for our goals and TapestriIO stopped adding from the daily paybacks to the monthly balance. You would think this should just be a simple addition from the programming. So frustrated they just can’t make TapestriIO right. Please fix your bug. Do your developer teams do test TapestriIO out? Or the different developer groups don’t talk to each other.


So far so good

Works as described, like some of you I was skeptical but after going through TapestriIO and privacy information I feel comfortable sharing TapestriIO with friends and family.

Minus the small app bugs it’s a decent platform to earn some side income, won’t make you Rich but the accumulation adds up the more places you visit. You also have the option of doing surveys for extra.

My cash out can at least gets me a cup of coffee for my morning commute, so thanks Tapestri team for TapestriIO . ☕️


Passive Income!

I’ve been an affiliate with this company for several months! Love the extra money! But for that person who just wants some extra cash each month simply from taking their phone with them everywhere they go…. TapestriIO rocks!

No need to participate in the business model if you choose, but what a great way to build an income with others and get paid for doing what you do anyway.



Don’t waste yo time with TapestriIO they add .21 cent everyday just to end up taking your balance and saying they gotta verify funds. It’s been 2 months still haven’t received a payment and my balance was taken back down to 5$ now it says I have to wait til the 20th of each month to cash out!! TapestriIO goes back on they word honestly just don’t waste yo time they steal yo data and don’t pay you at all period! DELETED AND DEACTIVATED ✌🏽


Still not working well

I paid for the affiliate program before TapestriIO came out, since I’ve earned $2.08 and have seen videos of people earning $1000+. I’m a little upset, I want TapestriIO to work I want to edit this later, but right now it doesn’t do what I was told I would and have been told it should be doing. I don’t even the little green arrow on the map. I open it everyday click the map, nothing does anything , I have 2 referrals meaning I’ve earned $0.08 after 3-4 months and paying $10 what is going on man!


Working Well

I am so excited to finally get TapestriIO!! I am being paid, too! After I understood a few “user errors” on my part, everything is working perfectly! Precise location with an invisible bubble for my night time dwelling! And pinging me at the spots I visit. I am already earning $$, and it hasn’t even been a week!! Great app!


Love the concept - pretty slick

First off, I looked at some of the negative reviews - it's a brand new app so sure, there will be some bugs. When I downloaded it, however, I had no issues whatsoever.

I absolutely love the concept that we can get paid simply by carrying around our phones. So many of my other apps track my movements, but they don't pay me.

The map is cool to see where others in my area are using TapestriIO - but no personal data shows up. Like another of my apps (again, doesn't pay me) - we all show up simply as icons.

Yes, there are a couple little bugs, but it's technology - we just expect them. TapestriIO is genius.


Fantastic App that PAYS you!

Awesome app! You simply log in, set it, and forget it…. Go about your day and get paid in 30 days! Sweet! And, if you refer others and they sign up with your referral link, you get $1 a month passive residual income! This is Unlimited, folks, so download it, and tell the world! And yes! It will be going international!


Took some of my earnings…

I heard about TapestriIO an decided to give it a try. It was amazing until I took a look an saw that Tapestri took away some of my earnings. Each time I earn I would write it down. I had $6.73 an looked again an it was $4.73. I have never cashed out because I just started using TapestriIO . I am a little upset. If it happens again I will delete TapestriIO 😩


The future

I started with Tapestri from the beginning and have watched the growth and improvement in amazement. Tapestri is well ahead of the rest when it comes to first hand data monetizing. The future is very bright here at Tapestri. It’s never to late to jump on board.


Log in issue

I am already signed up and a member, but when I go to log into TapestriIO it says my email isn’t registered. This is something that needs to be fixed.


Doesn’t work hasn’t paid out ever!

He get TapestriIO for over nine dollars a month I have had TapestriIO since September so far they have paid me zero dollars. Their support is nonexistent. They never respond. I am not the only one with these kinds of problems. But they are always quick to point out that why are you fussing this is a free app. That is their response to everything don’t Fuss it’s a free app, so I guess the jast of that is it’s free don’t expect it to work right


Kills my battery

I signed up for TapestriIO months ago after I heard about it from several coupon youtubers. When it was released I downloaded it right away. However, I deleted it the next day. Because it will only work if you have location set to “always on” in the settings, the phone battery drains ridiculously fast. I have few opportunities during my workday to charge my phone, so TapestriIO just won’t work for me.


It’s finally live!

I have been waiting to get TapestriIO for months so happy it’s finally live. Do yourself a favor download and make the money for what you already do. It’s so simple so easy and so clean!



To be straightforward as I can be, TapestriIO doesn’t consist of blockchain technology, therefore this is a Ponzi scam. Setup in a multi level marketing schematic. You really they are paying you full on your data? You get cents….. not only that. You need to go through another third parter “Stripe” just to claim funds. Who is a merchant processing system. Probably affiliate related payout aswell. This is a scam do not reveal your sacred private personal data to this company. DO NOT. YOUR LOCATION DATA IS SACRED!


Tap your friends and earn!

Such an easy, safe application to use and make money by taking back control of your personal data. Can’t wait for international!!


Power to the user

Our data was being used anyways, now we get to make money from it! So excited for TapestriIO and vision


This is cool

I downloaded TapestriIO yesterday.
I went to the convient store and came home.
I made .01 cents.
Pretty cool for doing nothing but do what I would have done anyway ( I.e. going to a store )


Great App!

Using TapestriIO TapestriIO is one of the best ways to build a passive income! Super easy to use and its free. This is the 1st time and App is paying me for my data! Highly recommend it!


What an awesome app!!!

This is the easiest thing that anyone can do to make money for something you do everyday!! Great to see this live🔥🔥🔥🔥


Best App EVER!!!

This is the most amazing way to disrupt the big data industry! I’m so glad I found this SIMPLE way to creat a passive income. Set it and Forget it! ❤️💰😍


Can’t log in

Installed on my iPhone. Doesn’t recognize my password which is more than 6 characters when I signed up on the website. Did a test password and it treats me like a new person. Waiting for support


Getting paid for my Data!

Very cool and fun.


Easy Peasy

So easy to set up profile and Go


Get paid for my normal errands?

This amazing app pays me for running my errands and pays me for referring friends. So awesome.


Will make a difference

Excited for the chance to try TapestriIO out. The idea is great. Get paid for location tracking and private!!


Doesn’t work as expected

I paid the $10 for the year back in June and I got TapestriIO and I have yet to make anything. I got TapestriIO Wednesday. Not sure what to expect.

AJGregis   1 year ago

I joined this company before it launched in 2021. Built a team 2 levels deep, but there were so many issues, most of them left. Sep '22 got an email saying I needed to open my payment acct, which I did that same month. All that did was start a looong email train every month with someone at the top, who at one point said they were "waiting for funding." What does that mean? The last email I got was Feb '23, which again apologized and said, "You will be paid and I did put you on the list to expedite the process on Jan 30th. I expected you to be paid within a day or two of my putting you on the list." Well, it is Apr '23...and the $270+ is still sitting in my acct unpaid. I wouldn't tell anyone to use this app.

Jessica R Smith   1 year ago

I am unable to get the payments sent to my account. How am I supposed to get paid if I have amounts to go in. I have given my bank info. I am confused. Please help me.

Charles Pittsinger   1 year ago

I have had money available twice on the 20th of the month and it won’t let me cash it out. Something is happening and I don’t know what it is but it’s very frustrating

Heather M Major   1 year ago

This app does not pay out. The positive reviews must be fake, or possibly old if the company used to pay out but then stopped. I don't think you should be featuring positive reviews about this app, because I assure you they are fake or outdated. I have been going round and round trying to get my money, and it's clear they took my data with no intention of ever paying me out. If you continue to promote this app on your site then you will also be a target of the inevitable lawsuits surrounding a scammer company.

Matt Theiler   2 years ago

Absolutely terrible! Every time I try to do a survey they want me to enter a zip code. However, the app will not let me input anything!

Is Tapestri IO Safe?

Yes. Tapestri IO is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,353 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tapestri IO Is 40.9/100.

Is Tapestri IO Legit?

Yes. Tapestri IO is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,353 Tapestri IO User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tapestri IO Is 54.5/100..

Is Tapestri IO not working?

Tapestri IO works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

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Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $17.45
Yearly Subscription $19.99

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