PublicSq. Reviews

PublicSq. Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Welcome to America’s Marketplace: the largest community of freedom-loving,
patriotic consumers and businesses the nation has ever seen. PublicSq.

About PublicSq

Welcome to America’s Marketplace: the largest community of freedom-loving, patriotic consumers and businesses the nation has ever seen.

Find amazing products and services, including exclusive discounts, from businesses that you’ll love.

connects values-aligned members and businesses both locally and across the country.

Join today and help us grow the movement.



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Key Benefits of PublicSq

• Gives back to the American people and American businesses

• Lets the people decide what is good and right for their children and families

• People behind the company care about our country and our freedoms

• Stands up for what is right and speaks up for us

• Proud to be an American and grateful to be free

26 PublicSq Reviews

4.4 out of 5


Helps me support Other American Citizens

PublicSq is outstanding!!!! I can’t express how much our world has needed an app like this. Something that actually gives back to the American people and American businesses!!!! I have personally been waiting for something to come along like this. I have always had a hard time searching for businesses that support freedom and finally there is an outlet!!! Also, I personally have been affected by the mandate and looking for work is one of the hardest things to do right now. Because you don’t know if they’re going to respect your religious beliefs or not and it takes a long time to figure that out so financially it’s very hard to stay true to your views AND pay your bills at the same time. I can’t say enough about PublicSq!!!! How thankful I am!!! Everyone should know about it and use it!!!!! Support your fellow Americans!!! Thank you this app!!!!


Finally an app for the people by the people!!!

PublicSq is amazing what a concept!! Let the people decide what is good and what or right for their children and for their families!

Enough of the big business and big government making decisions and influencing our every choice in life. I can say the people behind this company truly care about our county and our freedoms. They stand up for what is right and are brave enough to speak up for us. Thanks Public Square for all you do!!


About Time!

Thankful for PublicSq launched in my community of San Diego!
There are so many people who are too afraid to be canceled so they don't speak up,Doesn't matter if you're on the left or the right. If you don't believe the ideology that the current administration preaches, then this is PublicSq for you. Proud to be an American, and so grateful to be free... PublicSq allows me to support businesses who are freedom loving companies, and allows me to engage with others in my community who are like minded.


Here To Stay.

A lot of people talked about making something like this back in 2020. Some people made long lists of businesses that most freedom-loving Americans would want to support. this app. has taken action and made an app that freedom-loving Americans can rely on for information, commerce, community, and free speech. PublicSq has much improved since it launched; I look forward to see how it will improve in the weeks, months, years, and generations to come.


Vote with your dollar

Supporting businesses that support the same values and principles as you is so important. PublicSq helps you do that!

It also helps you keep “Public servants” accountable, with the fountain feature all the contact info for your city/state officials are being compiled there… so when you see something you don’t like you can call someone who can do something about it.

PublicSq will explode.


I don't know...

What happened? App was working great then out of the blue, it won't let me log in and even when I retrieve a new password, it STILL won't let me log in... Anyone else going through this? Update: After speaking with customer service, turns out for whatever reason, I could not log in with my user name but I have zero problem logging in with my email address. All good now!


Exciting and refreshing

Great initial launch this app. I am excited to have a resource to connect with others who believe in all we were founded on. We may not be perfect but we are an amazing nation. I love the opportunity to support small businesses in our community! Needed a dentist, boom, found one on this app! Just one example. Keep up the great work!


Mostly for San Diego at this time

As more businesses sign on, PublicSq just gets better. This is a great place for conservatives to find like minded businesses to support as well as connect to your direct community and find out about local politics and our representatives. It’s very informative and a breath of fresh air in the polluted leftist world we are living.


The app we needed!

this app has been the answer to so many issues! I can now find and support businesses that align with my values. I can freely connect with people in my community fear or censorship. I can educate myself on local politics. I can host community group conversations knowing the group won’t be deleted and I can do it all in one brilliant app! I love the this app App!


The app we all need

PublicSq is everything I dreamed of and more. If we start shopping/supporting businesses that align with our values and stop supporting businesses that promote and support tyranny, then things will change. This is a huge step in the right direction! Don’t think, just download!


Great Resource

I love that I now have an app that allows me to connect and better understand the issues that are important to me. The group feature allows me an easy way to find the information I need from the people I trust. Great now and on the way to amazing!


Resourceful, awesome community!

I use PublicSq daily whether community news updates, shopping, restaurants, find a salon, coffee place & just ask a question. We are each others support network. Love how small businesses are supported here too.


Love every aspect of this app!

This is great! I can find patriot businesses that share my values all in one place! I also appreciate that I now have a safe place to share ideas and have discussions without being sensored. No more FB jail! 🤣


Brilliant Concept, Yelp Replacement! Bravo to FREEDOM!

I'm stoked on PublicSq, where I can find and support businesses that believe in and uphold freedom, bodily autonomy and my right to choose.

With every purchase, we vote with our wallets. I refuse to spend anywhere else!


Free America!

This is PublicSq every community needs so we can support business big & small who are practicing common sense logic in the midst of outrageous political control. There is no reasoning or research to support these ridiculous mandates or infringements on our bodily rights.


What we've been waiting for

this app. has already helped me feel connected and inspired. I feel like I'm not alone, I'm surrounded by freedom-loving Americans and businesses, and am more excited than ever to go impact my community.


Thankful for this App

Love the doors PublicSq has opened for people like me who believe in medical choice and freedom! I am waiting for them to expand to more parts of California so I can have more job opportunity, but this is a start.


The app we’ve all been waiting for

I’m SO thankful this app. exists. It’s a trustworthy source of freedom loving businesses so I know where I shop I’m supporting my values. Also a great place to meet other people who care about freedom 🇺🇸


Game changer!

PSQ is a game changer. Fighting for freedom by connecting like minded patriots! I cannot wait to see PSQ expand though out the USA to give freedom loving Americans a voice! PublicSq is easy to use and I love the information available!


Great app & concept!!

It’s not available in my state yet, but I’m so hoping this will catch on throughout the US & be used by fellow freedom loving Americans!! It’s time to take back our country!!


Just what we needed

I’ve been using PublicSq for a month now. It’s such a relief to have a place to be able to connect with other individuals and businesses that share in my beliefs, freedom of choice and letting folks live their lives. PublicSq is constantly being updated with new features and the team behind it takes the communities ideas and feedback seriously.


An Answer to Prayers

This is the platform I have been waiting for. What a blessing to have a safe place to be in conversation, free from the threat of being cancelled. The fountain makes it so easy to be equipped and engaged in our communities. My experience with this app. has been flawless- so happy to go on this journey with some good people and support businesses run with integrity.
Time to bring freedom into the mainstream!


The Key to Freedom!

I love PublicSq! Finally a place where I can support other freedom loving Americans with my hard earned $’s, exercise & enjoy my freedom of speech and consume truth on important cultural issues from a trusted and reliable source.
Public Sq. is the key to freedom!


Much Needed App!

We’ve been looking for an app like this for years! We use it for the majority of our purchases!


Brave and Beautiful

I’m so thankful for alternatives in the social space. The market is saturated with so many horrible companies it is nice to have a great alternative. PublicSq is beautiful and thoughtfully crafted. You’ll love it.


So needed

Excited to have a place to connect w people that want to see America succeed and to support those businesses


Just the beginning

this app paving the road for the new world that is being created! One of Truth and Connection. Not one of Fear and Isolation as the world is pushing on humanity.


Love it!

Easy to use. Love being able to connect with freedom loving people and businesses on PublicSq🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸


Freedom fighters unite

Great app to support businesses fighting for freedom and get like minded people together. Cant wait see it expand throughout the US.

tom thumb   1 month ago

As much as I would lke o support conservatives, Public Square has been the worst online shopping experience I have had. Still trying to get my order or a refund.

Frontline Designs, LLC   3 months ago

Our company, FrontLine Designs, LLC was contacted by a representative of PubicSq sometime back in reference to advertisement options. I was familiar with PublicSq from other companies we follow. We agreed to advertise with PublicSq seeing great potential. Pro-Americans, patriots, like minded audience, what could go wrong? We chose the Gold Plan ($900.00) for 3 month commitment. We never signed a contract. We had a promotion in place to monitor the traffic from the advertisement. After 60 days we had zero traffic using the promotion code. We reached out to the company to find out why we were not getting any traffic from their page. We were told traffic from PublicSq analytics showed upwards of 8,000 traffic through to our website. When I checked our analytics from our website provider these numbers did not coincide. Our traffic for a 90 day period we in the low hundreds with no sales. Our PublicSq page had two likes. I confirmed our link on the post went to our page and it worked. When I reached out to the advertisement section of PublicSq I was told I needed to change image quality of our images. They offered to help build sales for our page and they never did. I told the representative that the images on our page would not prevent anyone or sway anyone from clicking on our link to our page. PublicSq failed to provide the service advertised to us. I have asked for half of our fees to be refunded. PublicSq has not refunded our money to date. I do not recommend advertising with PublicSq.

Maria   8 months ago

Hello, I tried signing up through the app but I was unable to use either of my email accounts to do so. The message popped up saying that email is not available, although I don’t have an account with you. Please let me know how to fix an issue and why you think that occurred. Thank you, Maria

Mikee   8 months ago

"This email is not available " Is the error I get when I try JOIN using the app (on android)

Laurie Smith   8 months ago

I’m trying to sign up but I’m told that my email isn’t available.

Mo   10 months ago

I don't want to necessarily join or log in. I just want to shop!

Is PublicSq Safe?

Yes. PublicSq. is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,101 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PublicSq Is 67.5/100.

Is PublicSq Legit?

Yes. PublicSq. is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,101 PublicSq. User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PublicSq Is 86.3/100..

Is PublicSq. not working?

PublicSq. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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