Widget Custom HomeScreen Reviews

Widget Custom HomeScreen Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-20

About: Tired of traditional screen layout? 'Widget Custom HomeScreen' is your number
one go to homescreen customizing app with 5000+ icons, 500+ themes, 500+ widgets
including various aesthetic wallpapers for both iPhone and iPad. Install
amazing themes and skins to style your iPhone (or iPad, iPod) using widgets &
Shortcuts app.

About Widget Custom HomeScreen

What is Widget Custom HomeScreen?

Widget Custom HomeScreen is a homescreen customizing app that allows users to personalize their iPhone or iPad with various themes, icons, and widgets. The app offers 5000+ icons, 500+ themes, and 500+ widgets, including aesthetic wallpapers. Users can install amazing themes and skins to style their devices using widgets and Shortcuts app. The app works on all iOS/iPadOS devices running iOS 14 and above.



- 5000+ icons

- 500+ themes

- 500+ widgets

- Various aesthetic wallpapers

- Personalize home screen themes with icons and built-in widgets

- Choose a theme and set custom icons following the step-by-step guide

- Widgets available in small, medium, and large sizes

- Icons can be used with Shortcuts App

- Themes offer various colors, fonts, and styles

- Health widgets integrate with the Health app to collect and display health data from iPhone or Apple Watch

- Pedometer widget displays daily step count

- Activity widget displays move, exercise, and stand progress

- Monthly and yearly subscription options available

- Subscription payments charged to iTunes account

- Free trial period available

- Privacy Policy and Terms of Use available on the app's website

- Customer support available through the app's website.

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Key Benefits of Widget Custom HomeScreen

- Simple and easy to use

- Adds a nice flair to widgets

- Ability to match background and theme with iPhone update

- Variety of options and ability to customize

820 Widget Custom HomeScreen Reviews

3.9 out of 5


Can’t make annoying music stop, poor widget organization

I’m looking for an app that will help me add some functional widgets to my desktop. Some of these widgets would be cool, but they are organized by a combination of color and function which makes finding one that does the thing I wanted to do really difficult.

Organize your widgets by function and then give options to change colors and appearance.

I was investigating the battery charging screens and with every single one some horrible song would start playing and there’s no way to shut it off in this test version. I don’t want to pay to find out that the music can’t be shut off.


Good so far, but it needs some work ☺️

I love the concept of WidgetCustomHomeScreen. It’s simple to use and it adds a nice flair to a widget that lets you match up your background and theme to with the new iPhone update. However, it’s quite restricted. I can’t seem to change the color a wallpaper; not sure if that’s a glitch as I can select colors for the wallpaper but nothing changes, but I really like to add the themes to update my homescreen.


Not All Icons Work

WidgetCustomHomeScreen is SO CUTE but sadly not all of the icons work! If it were some I didn’t use often then I wouldn’t mind, but safari & Pinterest are two musts for me and they just pull up as a blank page. Love the variety of options and ability to customize, though! Hopefully they’ll fix this issue!


Limited widgets available in the free version.

Every time I try to add a date and time widget it takes me to a page to pay for the premium version, which I don’t want or need. $30/yr is a bit much. I might consider if it was a one time purchase.


Stop just stop

I got this bc i wanted to change my icons on my device every thing was going great i unselected the ones i did not want then i wrote the apps but after like an hour i clicked download icons and it said "subscribe" and continue i hit that and it took me to the page back again


Not that good honestly

The only way to get stuff is to pay no set for it and what it says to pay is a bit to much


Widget home page

WidgetCustomHomeScreen does not work easily. Not user friendly. I asked for money back through contact us 30 minutes after I foolishly purchased. I had absolutely no response. This is why I don’t usually buy apps that I am not aware of. DONT PURCHASE unless your tech saavy and don’t mind trying something that may not work


I don’t like how you need to buy everything

I like the icons and and stuff but I can’t without paying to use them! You guys should make everything free. I would be happy if you did.



I would love a “patient reward hub” app a “Done” app and a “widget smith app” it would make my 4 starts go to a five stars because other than that WidgetCustomHomeScreen is good!!


requesting feature

I would like there to be Christmas icons


You have to pay for a free trial.

i know WidgetCustomHomeScreen would be very good, although it makes you pay for a free trial. Their is only one free pack and it is valentines theme. I really hope they can add some more free packs.


Rate the app

Everytime you do something you are asked to rate WidgetCustomHomeScreen and if you are enjoying it. I am but having to close out EVERY SINGLE TIME is annoying and makes me not want to pay for the premium service. If I’m paying, I don’t want ads or requests to rate WidgetCustomHomeScreen .


It should not be this difficult to add a widget

Get Themify. It is way easier. I’ve saved the same widget as a few different ones and none will show on my Home Screen. Themify is way easier


Do not download

WidgetCustomHomeScreen is terrible. I couldn’t even get to a widget without it asking me to pay premium! WidgetCustomHomeScreen would not even let me get off of adds and when I did, premium payment. So annoying and stressful. Do not download



Horrible! You have to pay for everything on WidgetCustomHomeScreen! If you are looking into it, don’t get it unless you want to pay $. I recommend Aesthetic’s app. You can use things and don’t pay for them!


Nothing is free

Everything is red! One this is free everything else you have to pay for.


I love it!!

Easy and quick to use


I am so sorry to bother you on the wto

I am so sorry to bother you so


I do not recommend sincerely

I don’t recommend WidgetCustomHomeScreen because u have to pay to get like anything cute so WidgetCustomHomeScreen could do much better


Don’t want to pay

I just want to add some style to my home screen and WidgetCustomHomeScreen is telling me to pay for that and i don’t want to please put things for free


My Personal Experience

Sorry to say this but I wrote this 2 stars because of my own personal experience

I got WidgetCustomHomeScreen and saw no so good looking wallpapers* maybe there were some more actually CUTE free wallpapers but I didn’t see any of them *but anyways I was like oh no but then saw a beautiful kit it was called *Pink Rose* and I went to the widgets and tried it but I saw I couldn’t get it because you need to pay and those took away 3.5 stars away and I took away the whole 3 leaving a 2 star after one thing I noticed though there was one cute icon on the 2nd page

Barely any widgets, reviews,not as good wallpapers *but they can have more that I can’t see* almost everything cost*

All though I really recommend these apps

Aesthetic Kit Themify WidgetsSmith Pinterest

So I gave WidgetCustomHomeScreen 2 ⭐️⭐️

- Me



Ugh i hate WidgetCustomHomeScreen with all of my heart. I downloaded WidgetCustomHomeScreen, hoping there would be lots of aesthetic home screen features for free. But NO. There is ONE free home screen icon and its the ugliest one. Also you have to pick your own wallpaper and that one free icon is the hardest one to pair with a cute wallpaper. Don’t waste your time with WidgetCustomHomeScreen if you don’t want to pay a ton of money, and just download color widgets instead.


I love this app but

I would like to include more app icons. For instance BeReal doesn't have one. but i love it over all super cute and fun i would recommend.


Are you serious

For the price you’re charging and the actual selection you provide is a rip off it’s false and misleading and does not offer a 3rd of what is described you are taking people’s hard earned money based on lies don’t waste your money



Amazing wish could get more !


I love it but

I love WidgetCustomHomeScreen for my widgets but lately having the issue is not letting me edit anything. Try to create then it goes back as to create without saving. Hope it can be fixed Ty!



Hi I like WidgetCustomHomeScreen but sometimes it doesn’t have what I want and when it doesn’t I pull photos from the web and use Freeform to make my own and screenshot it so I would like you if you can’t I understand but if you can make a Chicago fire Home Screen and app screen



This game is perfect I know I’m only 30 seconds into it but I have already downloaded a bunch of stuff and I love this game


can you guys put on a search?

I love WidgetCustomHomeScreen it really just helped me find what I like but I just want them to put on a search so that people can search things that they are looking for. That’s all Lily Dominguez out.


Love pics and widgets but… pls read before getting

So I love the The fact that there is widgets and wallpapers and they’re adorable. The bad thing about this is that you you cannot get anything Unless you pay 9.99 each month so it is not fair to anyone honestly because you cannot get anything without that. I think it should be fixed because it is a serious problem with people who need like wallpapers and they won’t let you have it. I do not recommend this game is a threat to people who can’t afford AndI really am disappointed in the developers and the people who decided to do that it really breaks my heart house and people can’t do this just knowing that I can get a different app that will let me do anything I need and I can just screenshot some of the wallpapers and then I have to go onto my Photos then I have to go and then I have to set it as the wallpaper so I do have some of those videos I just like pictures of you could get better ones on Safari on Google or something but it’s not OK that you have to do that and so I do not recommend this game for anyone.


Good app, but…

The options it give you are great. There is a lot to choose from. The issues I have are that when you use your own picture they aren’t as vibrant or clear.



Profit for business $$ open on home screen updating the amount made as day goes on

Is Widget Custom HomeScreen Safe?

Yes. Widget Custom HomeScreen is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,539 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Widget Custom HomeScreen Is 87.7/100.

Is Widget Custom HomeScreen Legit?

Yes. Widget Custom HomeScreen is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,539 Widget Custom HomeScreen User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Widget Custom HomeScreen Is 100/100..

Is Widget Custom HomeScreen not working?

Widget Custom HomeScreen works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

Widget Custom Homescreen Premium

- Monthly subscription with a 3-day free trial for $9.99 USD

- Yearly subscription for $29.99 USD

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