Superlist - Tasks & Lists Reviews

Superlist - Tasks & Lists Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-13

About: Superlist is the home for all your lists. From team projects to grocery runs,
get it all done in one place.

About Superlist

With Superlist, you can do it all: Create to-do lists, capture thoughts or detailed notes, assign tasks to teammates, and everything in between.

Whether you’re coordinating with a co-worker or planning an upcoming vacation, manage your whole life, from work to home, in Superlist.

By the way, Superlist also works great your 2024 resolutions.

Intuitive, private by default, and integrated with everything you already use, it’s built to work the way you do.

Don’t just create a list of resolutions – set them to repeat, add reminders, and more.

Superlist is the home for all your lists.

From team projects to grocery runs, get it all done in one place.


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4.1 out of 5


Best To Do List App out there!

I’ve used Notion, Apples Notes and a ton of other to do list apps but this apps is the one I’m enjoying the most. I love the user interface and the sound it makes on the desktop app when you complete a task. By the way huge fan of their team, they’re always there to help and if I find an issue in Superlist they fix it right away. Love what they’re doing, can’t wait to see the features they cook up this year!


Half baked

Superlist is not fully ready yet it needs more features and better UX. Also features parity between web and iOS apps. The screens seem imbalanced which is a strain when working with a productivity app. It’s a hurried launch.


Not loving it

Superlist feels rather different from Wunderlist. I’m not sure how best to use it, and I feel little interest in learning. I find the lack of landscape mode on iPad to be unfortunate, and the integrations touted are of no interest to me.


Welcome back Wunderlist’s creators

I’ve been using this app now and I’m very impressed by its design, features, and performance. It’s a beautiful and intuitive app that helps me organize my tasks, projects, and lists in a simple and elegant way. I love how it integrates with other tools like Google Calendar and Slack, and how it uses AI to make smart suggestions and automate some of the work. It’s also very fast and reliable, and syncs across all my devices seamlessly.
this app is clearly made by the same team that created Wunderlist, one of my favorite apps of all time. It has the same spirit and charm, but with more power and flexibility. It’s not just a to-do app, but a super list app that can handle anything I throw at it. It’s perfect for both personal and professional use, and for both individuals and teams.
The only thing I’m missing is the ability to add widgets to my home screen, so I can see my tasks and lists at a glance. I hope the developers will add this feature soon, as it would make Superlist even more awesome. Other than that, I have no complaints. this app is a fantastic app that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a simple and effective way to manage their life. It’s definitely worth the download. 👍


The To Do App for Creative Organizers

Actual rating is a 4.5 / 5. But they are doing right right that I rounded up.

This feels like a to do list for creatives who appreciate organization and flexibility. I hope they don’t abandon this in favor of dozens of team based features like most productivity apps.

Style/Design: 10/10
+ Great usability
+ Customizable lists (header photo, formatting, etc.
+ Swiping to open tasks is very quick/fluid on iPhone

Unique Features: 9/10
+ Task lists are rearrangeable on pages, like notes. Mix headings, dividers, notes, and comments with tasks. Amazing!
+ Task list sorting
+ Comments and messages in tasks/notes for collaboration or as reminders for yourself
+ Mac desktop app
+ Web app
+ Integrates with Google and Microsoft
- Lacks Apple reminders integration

Optimization: 7/10
+ Opens and loads in a blink
- The offline notification popping in for a split second every once in a while is a minor annoyance
- Still a few little hiccups and occasional bugs. But it’s very good overall. I’m sure the rest will quickly be taken care of.


No landscape mode on iPad

In the year of 2024 this developer released a productivity app without landscape support for the iPad. I downloaded Superlist , opened it, then realized quickly that I could not uninstall it fast enough. For such a well regarded developer I am shocked they would release this without landscape mode. Superlist is basically useless for anyone using a Magic Keyboard or any keyboard cover for that matter. 2 stars for making an app. Minus 3 stars for wasting my time.



The iPad app is pretty bad. No landscape mode, tap targets seem off, non-native copy/paste menu, no multitasking support, animations and transitions are super wonky. I can’t even tap into the “Getting Started” tasks which seem to have details like notes and assignments.

I understand that this may be an early release and that these things could be on the roadmap, but unfortunately this is an instant delete.


iPad Support?

I tried using Superlist on iPad and it seems Superlist doesn’t support landscape orientation. Is this true? Seems odd to overlook that in the 1.0 dev cycle.


A to do app that gets it

Finally, they understand the depth and complexity to tasks


No Landscape Mode

A very good program, but unless it can go yo landscape it is unusable for me. I use a 12.9 iPad Pro. Any chance this is in the near future?




It's labor heavy to do dinne simple things. Please add human English due date and time creation eg "Lunch with Jane tomorrow at 1p repeat weekly #appointments"


There’s no widget support.

There’s no widget support yet.


Ok start, but worried

App seems to be an okay start and I like it’s current state. However, I’ve seen enough of these productivity apps get bigger and slower and feature bloated and cost more to individual users over time. IMO it seems like a stripped version of Notion that is a bit streamlined and faster. But, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the direction they are heading.

If I had feedback, I’d say I understand that teaming apps make money, but as a individual user: I don’t care. I want the focus to be on designing features for my personal life, not scrum/PM/MBA team management stuff. I want an app that’s absurdly fast and simple like Apple Reminders + Apple Notes, but cross-platform, interoperable between some other services, and some other tweaks that can be roadmapped more quickly vs. the 2-3 years you have to wait for new versions in iOS.

I don’t know if it’s me, but my family isn’t a marketing team at a F500 company sending emails back and forth to trigger automations, collaborating and making Kanban boards for our vacation, or funneling tasks to different family members to have @conversation threads.

No, we text and send each other links in other apps and kinda graft things together in whatever works for each of us. I have a shared grocery list and that’s about it. The rest is my own notes and tasks that I jot down and go back through to organize/setup times or categorize. TickTick is the only app I’ve found even close to this sort of perspective, but it still has its own problems.

It may not make as much money, and may not get you cashed out by being acquired by Notion (RIP Cron), but I think Superlist needs to really think about what sets it apart before it becomes just another productivity app eating Notion’s leftovers.


Beautiful App with Intuitive New Features. . . And Unusable on the iPad

As soon as I heard that this app was made by the founders of Wunderlist, I was sold. It didn’t disappoint on PC and I still have high hopes for it, but no landscape option on the iPad makes it unusable for me. I still have high hopes, but it’s a no-go for me until that is fixed.


Want to love it but no landscape for iPad is a no go

I watched a video on this and was all in with the feature set, I downloaded it right away and would easily pay a monthly subscription for this but then I launched on my iPad Pro and no landscape…am I missing something? This must be an over site since the web version is landscape.

I will not be using this until this is addressed so I will check back and hope this is fixed.


Needs landscape mode

I really, really like Superlist, and I look forward to using it. But no landscape mode is a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to have to keep turning my iPad Pro to portrait for only one app. I see it is “planned”, and I hope it comes very soon!


iPad app half baked

iPad app feels unfinished and is lacking customization features found in the iPhone app.


Looks beautiful but sync has issues

Just created my first list, and when I went back to check it, half of the items were lost


Yey! Welcome back

I LOVE IT! 🥰 So impressed, Been trying it out this past week and it’s FABULOUS! Love the design and how easy it is to manage. Unlimited! The ability to theme our personality with productivity is awesome. Things will get done lol. Thanks! #momplans


Horrible sync, loses data, above average UI

Has potential to be a great ToDo list app. Was hoping for something like Things with collaboration and cross-platform, but unfortunately Superlist falls really short when it comes to syncing data and bulk actions.
You could spend half an hour creating ToDos and writing notes in a list on the web app (which is already sad, why does no one do native apps anymore?), and then as soon as you open the list on your phone you realize that it only synced 1/3 of the content (most of the time cutting some task off on the middle of the sentence), so you go back to the web app to make sure the data still exists but no, it has removed everything that hadn’t synced entirely from the web app as well. Unfortunately, Superlist also bricks itself if you’re ever unlucky enough to go anywhere without cell service.

The UI is above average and is mostly pleasant, but not yet great. There is no easy way to rearrange things (the long-hold gesture or Force Touch gesture is already associated with something so you always have to wait for that to dismiss itself after a long enough pause), and there’s no way to do any actions in bulk, like delete, move, or check things off. I would appreciate not having a header image forced on me for every list, it takes up precious screen real estate which I’d prefer to have back.


Finally Found my List App! Just Needs Widgets!

I used Wunderlist previously. I’d moved to Todoist and just felt it lacked some of the simple things that made Wunderlist so special. Super List has those things. It’s about making lists and it doesn’t need to be anymore complicated than that.

My one missing piece is that Superlist doesn’t have a widget (yet). My ADHD brain would love to see a quick view of a list from my Home Screen. It helps me stay focused on what needs to get done. Im rating a 5 because when it comes to lists, this is Superlist to get! Im excited to see Superlist grow and improve.


Needs work for parity among other to do apps

This application looks nice and has a pretty UI but the UX is not ideal - a bit of weirdness and workflows that are not intuitive and confusing. The interactions with list sections do not allow you to share an entire group of lists with someone else, and you have to actually share the sublist with other individuals which is not ideal. As a user of Wunderlist and Microsoft ToDo, I really hope the team makes necessary improvements across the board. I’ve attempted to do Slack integration, but that requires a pro version which is not even possible to upgrade to an app.


Unreliable sync, keep losing entries

I was so excited for this. Wunderlist was one of my favorites. I should be able to open an app like this and work right away, without hesitation. But sync is very unreliable. If I start typing, half or all of it might disappear with a silly “I’m sorry” message.

Sometimes I wait a few seconds before doing something, but that doesn’t always work. I shouldn’t be afraid to use or have to wait and see if a productivity app is going to work


Beautiful UI but app not ready

Beautiful UI. So much more pleasant to use than Notion’s barebones UI. But missing one major feature I can’t live without - SEARCH. I use this for daily notes so I can go back and search my work notes. Not functional without it. Would also like to see subtasks drop down and indent on same page and a few more options for line formatting. Close but not there yet!


Great potential but glaring early issues

Significant and consistent sync issues. Data is wiped out off their platform and no way to retrieve it. Not sure what all is being deleted so there is additional concerns over what is missing.

This is a major concern and the this app team is busy tweeting and posting about design details that nobody cares about. Seriously, they've posting about how Superlist 's rounded corners is a design win, how their icon glows when you click to open it and multiple designs on the task dividers.

Can we just get Superlist to reliably sync all data and not randomly delete important data?

It's obvious you are building this to sell, but until that day please ship a product that does the basics first (sync, add a new task button!) before boasting about design innovations. Thanks.


Not quite ready

The current version skips over many fundamentals that made Wunderlist solid and intuitive. Instead, there’s more focus on the “team” bloat that came later. I’m more concerned about my Microsoft To Do data that I supposedly “imported.” It wasn’t transferred, it is simply referred via API. This is risky, since MS will eventually shut off API access, as at-risk platforms tend to do.


Excited for this, but needs a landscape mode for ipad

Lots to love here, but can’t use it with my iPad Pro when connected to the Magic Keyboard bc there’s no landscape mode (that i can find).


Landscape view, please

I do most of my work on my iPad with a Magic Keyboard; since Superlist only has portrait mode, it’s essentially unusable. Which is a shame, since I loved Wunderlist and I’d like to give Superlist a good shot. Hope this is in the development pipeline. Once it appears, I’ll come back and give this app a try.


Let’s hope this isn’t an indication.

I had and still have hopes for Superlist. However, quite some time after their 1.0 launch and Superlist is no where near stable. It’s only pretty. App looses notes and detail of tasks. Forget about the simple prospect of syncing your work and personal calendars, even if they’re on the same account. It’s a 3 start app currently and does not stand up to its competition.


It is a good app.

Superlist is fine. But that’s all there is to it. I don’t see any reason for me to leave something I already have. Also, for a productivity app on iOS 17, you need to have shortcuts support. So many features can be built by the user if you just give them basic shortcuts support. It will also be great for widget compatibility.
Also, please consider adding natural language processing for due dates and projects. Hitting menu icons when you are trying to capture tasks quickly is not intuitive at all.


The connection is not stable

The connection need to be improved


Has Potential, but Not There Yet

I was a Wunderlist user until Microsoft turned it into To Do, so I had high hopes when the Wunderlist team released this app. Unfortunately, it’s not up to that standard yet.

I like the design, mostly. The 3rd pane with the picture feels like a waste of space that could be better used. A calendar view?

I like the Gmail integration where I can add a this app label to an email to add it to my this app inbox.

However, there are key features that are missing and some quirks that prevent me from using this app instead of Todoist for now:

1) Ability to set priority to list items

2) Ability to rearrange items in the Today and Tasks views

3) Ability to make bulk changes to tasks. E.g., change the due date to multiple overdue tasks.

4) Subtasks show as separate items in the Tasks view rather as part of the main task.

5) More options for recurring tasks would be nice. E.g, 3rd Thursday every month.


No Watch app, no shortcuts and NO WIDGET support?

Nice app. I’m afraid it’s going to be awhile before I could switch and I’m sure I am not alone when I say this. With heavy weight managers out there. Things 3, Todoist, OmniFocus. Superlist has some miles to go to compete. To be a powerhouse. We must have apps for all Apple’s ecosystem. Phone, watch, iPad and Mac. I will say it is promising and I will keep it on my device to keep up with the updates. Still have 1 eye 👁️ on you for the future. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future updates.

P.S. Don’t forget full keyboard support!


This App is Awesome, BUT…

When I use my iPad in landscape mode (which I do 99.9% of the time), it doesn’t go into landscape mode???? I’m not sure why, it just won’t go. I can’t use an app I have to tilt my head every time I try to use it on one of my main devices. Please fix and I’ll give y’all 5 stars!



I am just loving Superlist so far and have switched to it full time. The multiple levels of lists are perfect. They listen to feedback and implement new features (wish updates came more frequently). Biggest complaint is the lack of widgets, I wish they would get on that soon.


Great potential. Sync issues. Needs landscape mode on iPad.

I can’t wait for this to be my main app. Right now, the syncing issues between devices (and the fact that the list view is sometimes completely empty), as well as the lack of landscape support on iPad, makes this not usable for me.

Hoping they’ll fix it though at which point I’ll update my rating. Thanks team.


Not quite fast enough

Superlist just takes too long to load tasks. Yeah it's probably oy half or three quarters of a second, but that's an eternity compared to the instantaneous loading of other todo apps.

I see lot of potential for this app to be far more powerful than any other todo list app out there, but right now it just feels sluggish and unpleasant to use.


Good but

I like a lot about Superlist but items I create in the mobile app don’t always make it to the web app which is probably the worst problem to have if you are trying to maintain an accurate list in the most flexible way possible. They keep saying the issue has been fixed but it hasn’t.

Is Superlist Safe?

Yes. Superlist - Tasks & Lists is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Superlist Is 70.3/100.

Is Superlist Legit?

Yes. Superlist - Tasks & Lists is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16 Superlist - Tasks & Lists User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Superlist Is 84.5/100..

Is Superlist - Tasks & Lists not working?

Superlist - Tasks & Lists works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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