Task Management: MeisterTask Reviews

Task Management: MeisterTask Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-20

About: MeisterTask is the most intuitive project and task management tool that runs on
mobile devices and in your browser! With its powerful collaboration features
and flexible, Kanban-style project boards, MeisterTask lets you and your team
organize task lists and manage projects of all types and sizes. With reminders
it keeps you up to date on your teammates’ progress, while also making sure
that you never lose focus of your own.

About Task Management

What is Task Management? MeisterTask is a project and task management tool that can be used on mobile devices and in browsers. It offers collaboration features and flexible, Kanban-style project boards to help users organize task lists and manage projects of all types and sizes. MeisterTask also provides reminders to keep users up to date on their teammates’ progress and ensure they never miss an important deadline. Additionally, MeisterTask is a place where all project-related information is safely stored and accessible for all project members at all times.



- Free Basic Plan: Create an unlimited number of tasks and invite others to collaborate with you, dashboard with quick access to all your tasks, checklists/predefined checklists, notifications to keep you up to date on what’s happening in your team, real-time communication across all devices, activity stream in projects and tasks, commenting and liking on tasks, and integrated time tracking widget.

- Pro Plan: Create project groups, upload custom background images for dashboard and projects, automate workflows with various actions, statistics and reports, multiple checklists, recurring tasks, and agenda - Personal Board.

- Business Plan: Roles and permissions, share projects with your team, custom fields, add groups to your team, and timeline - Gantt Charts.

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Key Benefits of Task Management

- MeisterTask can handle both small and large tasks, from simple reminders to complex team projects.

- The app has a smooth and intuitive interface, making it easy to use.

- MeisterTask has a high level of fit and finish, making it stand out from other productivity apps.

- The app runs smoothly without any issues.

- MeisterTask offers a Windows10 version with more capabilities than the iOS app.

- The app allows for the creation of projects and templates to streamline workflow.

20 Task Management Reviews

4.6 out of 5


PW Loop

In an attempt to trying multiple Kanban type apps I downloaded three top selections including this one, which looked great. The other two setup great, yet for some reason this one was stuck in a password (PW) loop. After signing up (using phone auto PW) I had to exit TaskManagement (inadvertently), upon reopening and selecting current account my PW wouldn’t work (probably got messed up with TaskManagement closure). I verified the e-mail was correct by trying to signup with a new account, yet that e-mail was already in use (with initial setup). Next I reseted the PW, went to the sent e-mail, clicked the “reset password” link and it brought me back to the signup page. I attempted to sign in through new signup and existing account but it said PW wasn’t correct. The PW was reset three more times trying different approaches with no avail. I rarely ever write reviews, yet was frustrated enough to do so on a app I never had a chance to see because I spent way too much time trying to login with no clear solution. Maybe this might trigger a update to improve the signup procedure as it was cumbersome if app is prematurely closed (PW loop). Thank you... I’m sure TaskManagement itself was good... too bad it gets a bed review for simple signup. I deleted TaskManagement (too many apps out there to spend 10-20 minutes trying to setup). Best Regards!


Best todo. Tried dozens

In my quest to optimize productivity in my short, dense life, I have been an avid user at varying moments of:
📋 Wunderlist
☑️ Things
⬜️ Clear
🥕 Carrot 🤖👁
📓 Reminders
🗃 Google Keep
🧞‍♂️ Asana
- [x] Markdown lists
⌨️ Pivotal Tracker
📃 Post-it Notes
📔 Moleskines
📙 Field Notes
🤔 Just trying to remember what I have to do
😎 Forgetting everything and doing whatever I please
😐 Doing nothing
🏖 Sand and stick
🗡 Whittling in trees and park benches

Of all these, I have selected MeisterTask full-time. The wedding is in June and plans are going super smoothly because everything is neatly arranged in MT.

MT, MT, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
1. One app that can handle picayune tasks (remind me to eat pizza) and elaborate, team projects (build a spacetime travel machine).
2. Two key views of what needs doing: My Tasks (allowing focus) and Projects (providing context).
3. Three little dots next to just about every interface object, behind which MT keeps a handle array of contextual functions and customizers


Columns demarcating various states or phases can execute actions (like adding tags, moving tasks to another project, or assigning tasks to a team member) whenever a task is added to them.

The interface is elegant, scannable, easy-to-learn, deep with every feature you might desire, snappy, and keyboard navigable for the most part.

Integrates with Siri so you can add tasks with your 🥧🕳.

Makes great cinnamon toast!


Top notch organizing tool!!!

I just began using this great app two weeks ago, and I can honestly say that it has made a BIG difference in my daily productivity. There is no shortage of apps to help you organize your personal and professional life, but MeisterTask has the fit and finish that makes working with it really smooth and intuitive. As an example of just how impressive TaskManagement really is, I actually upgraded from FREE to the PRO version after just the first week [this, for me, was a very big deal because, my side hustle/ startup is pre revenue; this means I NEVER upgrade if I can possibly help it…. But after my first week with TaskManagement, I was downright eager to do so!!!!]

If this all sounds like a fake review—trust me, it’s NOT…. TaskManagement is just that good!

Thanks for this really great organizer :-)


Smooth running app

It has taken some time to figure out how TaskManagement’s controls work but it does run smoothly without any issues that I have detected. One of the ‘learning issues’ I had, was due to the Windows10 version having more capability than the iOS app does. I was trying to duplicate a project I set up on a windows browser using an iOS app on my ipad. Finally through customer service, I learned projects can not be duplicated using the iOS app but only using a browser. Also, you can’t set up a template to start a new project with the same settings each time. The work around of course is to start new projects on your browser before using TaskManagement to update it. I would expect to see improvements in the future but for now, I’ll stick with it as useful and well written.


Awesome little tool

I found this tool through our O365 Teams application and added to several teams in MSteams. Since then, I downloaded TaskManagement version on my phone and iPad as well. I love this thing. I’m using it for work tasks and small project tracking. I’m also in school and use it to manage assignments. It resembles a kan ban board but can be used for any kind of list or task tracking you can think of. The collaboration concepts is stellar also. I can see my team’s progress towards tasks and the notes concept is great. It’s super easy to use and has a very elegant look and feel. I really love TaskManagement. Notifications are enabled (at my approval) but are not at all annoying or invasive. It’s just the right amount of nudge.


Almost Perfect

I’ve tried many other productivity apps, such as Trello, Wunderlist, Asuna, and Anydo to name a few, and Meistertask is my favorite by far for many reasons. It is easy to use, is beautiful, has almost all of the features I need (we’ll get to that in a moment), is really affordable/most desires are free, and functions pretty well in general (we’ll also get to that). MT is an essential part my workflow for school, my personal life, and several projects I am working on with other people. I recommend it to everyone because I think there isn’t a single person that can benefit from it in sole capacity.

I have two problems with MT, which are small and manageable.

1. Features - I would really like to see a feature that allows me to set multiple notifications for an event, as well as reoccurring events / notifications. I know this feature has been hinted at and is expected to be added soon.
2. Functionality - the only functional issue I have is that on iOS, the syncing takes a long time to catch up / work is sometimes lost in sync. I’m not sure how to solve it besides logging out then back in every time I need to sync, which isn’t the most convenient.


Beautiful & Easy To Use

I was able to quickly begin using TaskManagement without having to go through a ton of tutorials.

While TaskManagement may not have other features that Task Managers have, I’m confident that more will be added in time.

Their website is informative and provides helpful tips and tricks, especially when it comes to Siri Integration.

As someone who’s just getting into using Siri more, this has been pretty simple to setup even though I’m always changing things.

I definitely recommend the free version just to check it out. I LOVE that both parties see instant notifications for Shared Tasks which is very important.

It would be nice to have a Landscape Mode when viewing tasks which can possibly give more information.

Also more Helpful Tips on Siri and maybe some Shortcut Examples would be great - I personally am struggling to learn Shortcuts but that is my own fault and not Meisters.

Dynamic backgrounds would be really neat, or even animated Logos / Icons for Tasks. These could be used to visually separate tasks other than the time they’re due.

Aside from that TaskManagement is a definite 5/5!


Best task manager ever for individuals and teams

Task Meister allows our nonprofit's teams to add tasks and make assignments and to see who is on first for everything. I love being able to set up different teams on the fly and add tasks in real time as we discuss projects. No going back to handwritten notes for The Who, what and by when. If someone can't be at a meeting, they get alerts for any tasks assigned to them and their due dates. My only suggestions are (1) to able to assign a task to two people since we sometimes have co-leads with shared responsibility for a task, and (2) make dragging a task to the done column and automatically changing status a basic (free) rather than pro function.


Best out there

MT combines all the best attributes of many time mgt and org programs. It is also a great management and supervision tool. If you work in a job with diverse responsibilities that a linear checklist just does cover, MT is your tool. I should specifically mention that it syncs well with gmail to create tasks from your inbox. the multiuser function is great for remote supervision of projects and people. The reason why it lost a star is the anemic scroll bars and screen navigation. How MT can have such user friendly design across the program, but utterly be eclipsed by every other productivity program in scroll function, is ludicrous.
But you learn to adapt your lists to scroll sideways less.

Overall, MT is the program that summarizes the best attributes of all the others.


Life changer

TaskManagement has helped me to stop avoiding tasks and actually get things done. I love tried different planners and methods, but I’ve found that day planners are too rigid for my on-going projects. I like to have daily wiggle room with a deadline in mind. I also love to the “watch” feature that allows you to see how long it took to finish a task. My only complaint is the main page that is supposed to house focused tasks. It feels a little forced to have to manually place them there. I wish that the “in progress” items automatically were shown on the home page. I’m sure that may be a paid feature. I love TaskManagement and it has seriously given me peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Thank you all so much👏🏾


Trello killer

Some Rails Developers in Germany have built somethign awesome here! I've been using Meistertask for about 3 years. I've tried all of the other major players in the game (Asana, Trello, Wrike, Freedcamp, etc). When it comes to the Kan-ban (I think that's what its called) layout, this is the best. The MAC app and iPhone apps are great; and you can run it just as well in your browser, and it gets better with every update! Unlike Trello you can use Meistertask out of the gate with most of the great features. It's only until you become a "Power user" do you need to upgrade. A must have for fans of the Kan-Ban.


Great, but

I feel a bit guilty for giving TaskManagement only 4 stars, but I have to review based on my personal need and experience. If you work in a collaborative and multiple platform organization, then there is no better app than this on (truly amazing and a pleasure to work with). I, on the other hand, needed it for almost entirely Apple environment)Macs, iPhone and iPad) and need an app with specific functionality like dragging an email to make a task (like in Reminders ) and pasting links to content in other apps. Apps that are made for multi platform users will not be able to offer these, but otherwise this is a wonderful app.


So promising until...

I was so excited.

🧝🏼“Finally...? Have I finally found The One App? The calendar/notes/reminders/tasks app 🧝🏼‍♀️ which I have sought in every far flung corner of The Land of App Store for an endless age?”

Almost giddy, I signed up for the free trial.
TaskManagement looks great, really simple and beautiful.
On my phone, at least...
Being that there is no available version optimized for the iPad, that’s all I can say about it. I didn’t even really get to do much but look at the tabs and settings before I found the fatal flaw.

I’m giving 3 stars because it I should’ve seen this wasn’t iPad compatible but was distracted by the nice clothes, straight white teeth and steady job. TaskManagement is a looker and seems relatively uncomplicated. The kind of app that would be nice to have around the house, maybe...

I took 2 stars because I wanted to love you, Meistertask—I really, really did—but you just didn’t know how to be the kind of app I needed you to be and now I’m just so very sad. 😞
Maybe after another few updates we can try it again, again.


Great organizational app BUT....

This is a great productivity app, and great for people who like to compartmentalize tasks for productivity. I’ve used it individually and with other people, and I love the section feature for each project, which allows you to create a visual workflow for projects.

HOWEVER, my two qualms with TaskManagement are the sorting/filtering and the tediousness of editing tasks.

For the filtering, most things can only be filtered by assignee. TaskManagement only sorts tasks by assignee or creation/due date. I think it would improve TaskManagement to give you the option to sort by completed/not completed. Or to change TaskManagement to send completed tasks to the bottom. A lot of other productivity apps do this and it really makes a difference in organization.

As for editing/checking off tasks, it’s ridiculously tedious to check off tasks or add a deadline/notes/etc. it would be nice if TaskManagement developers could change TaskManagement to be more streamlined for editing each task.

Thanks for your work!


MeisterTask is now part of my life

I use this application to manage all the workload at work and my personal life tasks. It is very intuitive, easy to use and really nice looking app. When I bring MeisterTask up during meeting, inevitably I end up doing a demo of it and others end up setting up an account. The integration with Outlook is great, I spawn tasks right out after reading an email, let’s me keep track of things I need to do, manage projects and keep track what I have done. I use this alongside Mindmaster. I love this tool!


My God This Is Amazing!

I tried TaskManagement several years ago and deleted it because it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I was using Asana instead, but it’s just not powerful enough for my increasing needs, so I decided to see how TaskManagement has changed and WOW! TaskManagement is everything I need and then some. It’s PERFECT for my needs. I can already see 2020 becoming my most productive year yet thanks to TaskManagement! Sorry, I know I sound like an ad, but this is honestly the best simple project management software I’ve ever used.


Single best task management app

I have used many task management app, both on personal computer/Mac, and iPhone. Compared with a number of pioneers such as Evernote, Google Keep, and some newer ones such as Bear(MAC), the TaskMeiester is the best of all. Task management app is meant for productivity, which should create a simple but effective user interface and flexibility to create, modify, update, track and complete tasks. TaskManagement has combined everything is should have in a task management app in one, yet avoided all the unnecessary or burdensome features. I love it!


Kanban board with to do lists and images

I had a very specific requirement for a to do list app.

1. It must be visual - making to do lists is easy, but remembering them - not so much, unless there is an image or an icon beside each to do list item.

2. Kanban boards- moving tasks from one column to another give the ease of monitoring all the tasks across various states.

3. Tabs - multiple projects- the ability the categorise tasks related to a specific location genre activity into its own separate category which does not interfere with the others as opposed to cramming all the tasks into one huge list offers the ability to switch contexts .

The only Mac software that can do all the three is mindmeister. Need less to say I tried tons of other software before choosing mind MeisterTask.


Life saver

With the end goal being working remotely, my team needed to find a way for management to verify our productivity. We had been using the "old way" spreadsheets and email notifications. It was difficult and time consuming. The project manager usually gets 450 emails per day so our reports are constantly lost or forgotten. Which leads to a constant state of "proving ourselves". This program is a game changer. We can also finally prove how tremendously understaffed we are.


Solid task management and to do list app

Sync is perfect across Windows app, IOS device, and website. 4 devices for me in all, plus the website.

No ads! None! They make money by allowing those who work with teams to do a monthly subscription cost. For what it is worth, if I needed that feature I would likely subscribe. So you won’t need to watch a 30 second ad about the newest tower defense or bubble pop game.

Clean. TaskManagement is very clean. We designed, drag and drop works well, overall very intuitive. Small settings can be changed as well so dates and times show up how you want them.

Two minor critiques:

1. No repeating tasks without using a 3rd party like IFTT. They say it is coming and I am looking forward to that.

2. The red dot notification in IOS does not reflect how many tasks are due or overdue but instead reflects “Notifications”. I want to know how many tasks are due and overdue.


Trello killer

Some Rails Developers in Germany have built somethign awesome here! I've been using Meistertask for about 3 years. I've tried all of the other major players in the game (Asana, Trello, Wrike, Freedcamp, etc). When it comes to the Kan-ban (I think that's what its called) layout, this is the best. The MAC app and iPhone apps are great; and you can run it just as well in your browser, and it gets better with every update! Unlike Trello you can use Meistertask out of the gate with most of the great features. It's only until you become a "Power user" do you need to upgrade. A must have for fans of the Kan-Ban.


Absolute dream of a platform

It does everything we need, and then some. Works well on my smartphone, tablet, & computer with little accessibility loss between them. Ideal for people on the go who need quick, intuitive approach to project management.

Only 2 requests of developers:
1. Be able to convert tasks to projects on mobile devices & not just computers.
2. When task is converted to project, use any items already on task to populate new project. Would be a great help!

Is Task Management Safe?

Yes. Task Management: MeisterTask is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,533 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Task Management Is 79.5/100.

Is Task Management Legit?

Yes. Task Management: MeisterTask is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,533 Task Management: MeisterTask User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Task Management Is 97/100..

Is Task Management: MeisterTask not working?

Task Management: MeisterTask works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

Basic Plan: Free

- Create an unlimited number of tasks and invite others to collaborate with you

- Dashboard with quick access to all your tasks

- Checklists / Predefined checklists

- Notifications keep you up to date on what’s happening in your team

- Real-time communication across all devices

- Activity stream in projects and tasks

- Commenting and liking on tasks

- Integrated time tracking widget

Pro Plan: $8.25/month (billed annually) or $9.99/month (billed monthly)

- All Basic Plan features

- Create project groups

- Upload custom background images for dashboard and projects

- Automate workflows with various actions

- Statistics and reports

- Multiple checklists

- Recurring tasks

- Agenda - Personal Board

Business Plan: $20.75/month (billed annually) or $24.99/month (billed monthly)

- All Pro Plan features

- Roles and permissions

- Share projects with your team

- Custom fields

- Add groups to your team

- Timeline - Gantt Charts

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