The Conqueror Challenges Reviews

The Conqueror Challenges Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Earn stunning REAL finishers medals for completing a virtual fitness challenge
from anywhere in the world! Make Every Mile Count with The Conqueror Virtual
Challenges and smash your fitness goals with our award winning series of virtual
challenges. Choose a challenge pathway from famou...

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The Conqueror Challenges Reviews

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    Not Perfect, But Much Better

    This app was redesigned to replace the previous app for The Conqueror. That app wasn’t bad at all, and it had a simple format. This app seeks to raise the bar - both in accessibility as well as aesthetics. I agree this app could do more - more map choices, and perhaps sub-milestone markers in between significant tourist attractions. These would help provide map needs like me some more choices in visualizing our journey from above, and liven up some portions of the trails which have 200/+ miles between significant points. That last change is probably more of a format change, but I think it would be a good one and easily-transmitted on the app. For this app itself, I do like your incorporation of Google Streetview, and the easier transition between missions and additional features. I’d still like to be able to purchase a mission directly through the app itself, so if you’re looking for a way to make more changes, that would only benefit you.

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    Awesome new app

    Other than the improved aesthetics this app functions a lot better than the previous app. I don’t get logged out of it constantly. The data from miles upload within minutes from Strava updating my challenge quickly. Everything is easy to find and the icons do not make you second guess where they might lead you. The only thing I would like to see changed would be the total miles calculating one time per upload and not per challenge they are applied to. In general I do not do more than one challenge at a time, but this year I am having the 2021 challenge in the background to capture the over all miles, but the total miles listed is doubled since the miles are applying to two challenges. At the end, of the day though it doesn’t really matter as I can just check the 2021 challenge for total miles so far.

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    Great company; new app does have glitches

    First of let me say this app is almost 100% Better than the previous app they were using. The graphics and the systems are so much better. Yes there are glitches w. Connecting and syncing to apple health and other devices,but even the original app had its same issues. I am hoping they do get it fixed. I love that there’s now a conversion chart to make it where there isn’t just walking,running,biking. People have other exercise to do when it’s cold or just have to stay in doors. I find the app much easier to navigate than the last. It’s nice to be able to see the split screen of the full map and my current position on google map to see the views.

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    Vast improvement

    I’ve been doing these challenges for about 6 months (completed 7 of the challenges so far), and the jump in accessibility and overall style in the user interface is quite welcome. I was totally fine with the My Virtual Mission app but it did seem a little simplistic and lacked the style that these challenges deserve. I find myself scrolling through past accomplishments and pondering which challenge I’m going to do next far more often than I did on MVM. Hats off to the team and I look forward to seeing how they can improve it even further.

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    Love it

    Downloaded this app and started a challenge to motivate myself to do more indoor cycling and perhaps some walking and hiking when the weather allows. I love it. It’s very easy to input your distances. The map is really cool and the online community is lovely. I’m actually glad that I’m entering my distances/activities manually as I think that interacting with the app everyday adds more to the challenge experience; this way I’m seeing myself on the map, checking out my surroundings, seeing my progress etc. I have an iPhone 11 and haven’t experienced any of the issues described in other reviews.

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    Needs a little work

    When I first downloaded the app I was very excited. Graphics looked great compared to the previous app. Unfortunately I have had some issues with the app logging me out when I close it. I have to log in almost every time I log in. If you’re going to require that kind of security provide me with an option to setup a PIN number or allow us to use our Touch ID. A few times I’ve had issues with the app freezing up on me. Think the concept is good and I am sure that I’ll like it better once the bugs have been worked out. I’ll update my review in a month or so to see what changes and update have been provided.

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    Conqueror App Updates are Great!

    As a user of both the old and the new app for Conqueror Virtual Challenges, the new updates are an infinitely better experience. Honest truth, the old version had me so frustrated I just about moved on from the Conqueror experience. I was skeptical of the new update, but it was a world of difference better. So far, no issues syncing my data with the correct challenges in keeping with my selected preferences. Buttons, graphics, and interface all user-friendly and intuitive. Works like an app of this kind should. Thanks.

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    Great motivator

    I joined My Virtual Mission a year ago. It has since been renamed The Conqueror with a new and improved app. Last year I completed 6 virtual missions including walking 1500 miles. If you choose a well-known walk you get post cards and can watch your progress on a map or street-view. The medals you receive are simply beautiful and help motivate movement. At 74, I especially appreciate this. My medals are displayed proudly in my office. She thought she could, so she did!

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    No Fitbit steps

    This app has been extremely disappointing. I was excited to walk the Ring of Kerry because we use to live there. I have literally spent hours loading and deleting the app. Initially, I was trying to connect Fitbit and the app. All was connected, but default settings locked the acceptance of the Fitbit steps and the challenge(Ring of Kerry) was lost in my loading and reloading! The challenge is back, but “for 1%” of the people the steps being locked is a default and can’t be fixed. It was suggested that I buy Strava which costs $5 a month or I can manually enter my steps or I can get a refund. The positive out of the Conqueror Challenge is that when you submit a question for support help; they respond within a few hours.

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    Beautiful app

    I downloaded this newer app two weeks ago & it looks great. I’ve had no problem with it working. I easily synced my Strava workouts & workouts from my Apple health app. You can see yourself moving along on the map route. You can see your postcards & complete your mission to get your medal all within the app. The events & missions are super fun & the medals are spectacular! I would recommend to friends & family to enjoy & challenge yourself to get fit in a healthy fun way.

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    Bugs everywhere

    Initial review: the app has great potential. Pretty graphics, but the buttons are vague, blotchy, and settings/customizations are located in random parts of the app. Also, I have been logged out and every time I try to log in, the app is not registering that I have already purchased an event. It’s advertising the different maps I can purchase, but I just want to view my progress from the past few days. As another reviewer stated, it could be crashing because of the influx of new members, but it seems like a poor app design if it crashes during the very beginning of its usage...

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    Works Great for Me

    I believe that this app is far superior to the previous one and have enjoyed using it. In reading the negative reviews it seems they are centered on the interface between Apple Health and the app. I had that problem with the previous app, so opted to change to manually log my km, which actually I like better and works beautifully. I finish my activity, log my kms and then see where I am. Instant gratification.

  • Love it

    I read through the reviews and cannot understand the problems people are having. I am 60 years old and just purchased an iPhone12 Pro-it all works well and I have no issues. All my events log correctly to the multiple events I am involved in. No crashes to date and the graphics are outstanding! Better than the web version.

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    Motivational but the app needs work

    I really enjoy how the app looks but navigating could be made easier. I have found my way to the google view by accident but can’t find it when I want to. Have had trouble syncing my miles with my Garmin watch so I end up entering them manually. But aside from that I have not had crashing or any other issues. Really looking forward to the medal.

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    Love everything about this!

    I love the program and I love the app! It’s so fun to see the street views of the challenges you are doing and everything is laid out nicely. It may take some getting used to, but if you click around the app you can figure it out or ask the community! There’s always someone with helpful advice. Overall I have had no issues and think it’s fantastic!

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Is The Conqueror Challenges Safe?

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No. The Conqueror Challenges does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 111 The Conqueror Challenges User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Conqueror Challenges Is 16.8/100.

Is The Conqueror Challenges not working?

The Conqueror Challenges works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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