Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover Reviews

Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-02

About: The sequel of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen and the latest addition to the series
with over 100 MILLION downloads is coming! This time in FULL 3D! REALISTIC
VISUAL Developed for 3 years and powered by Papergames' cutting-edge graphics
technology, Shining Nikki presents stunning visuals like nothing you’ve seen
before! Thousands of fabric textures are faithfully recreated with models
consisting of over 80,000 polygons, top-grade.

About Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover

What is Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover? Shining Nikki is a 3D dress-up game that offers a realistic visual experience with stunning graphics and thousands of fabric textures. The game allows players to customize their unique style with personalized makeups, latest fashion items, and glamorous costume sets. Shining Nikki also features an immersive story, social interactions, and intimate moments with Nikki.



- Realistic visual experience with stunning graphics and thousands of fabric textures

- Customizable style with personalized makeups, latest fashion items, and glamorous costume sets

- Fashion talent with the ability to capture precious moments with your camera and create your unique fashion blockbuster

- Immersive story with the opportunity to learn the interesting stories of designing and fight alongside Nikki and other designers to save Miraland from imminent doom

- Social interactions with the ability to attend the grand Guild Party and become the center of the spotlight

- Intimate moments with Nikki, including watching movies, going shopping, celebrating birthdays, and traveling together

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Key Benefits of Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover

- 3D animations and immersive story

- Loads to do, with the mind maze, investigations, the arena, the nail salon, and more

- Easier to get a hold on diamonds

- Easier to craft sets

20 Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover Reviews

4.6 out of 5


you’re gonna like it, trust me

as an avid player of love nikki, shining nikki took me by suprise with its 3d animations and immersive story. shining nikki is great at story telling, and i find the story more interesting then love nikki’s, as well as the game more interactive in general. there’s loads to do, with the mind maze, investigations, the arena, the nail salon, and more. i also enjoy how much easier it is to get a hold on diamonds, which makes it easier for me to get rare set items during events.

one thing i also want to mention that i really enjoy is how easy it is to craft sets. in love nikki, rare sets were not easy to design and it was a complicated process to find the original accessory you needed to being your process crafting the rest of the set. in shining nikki, the sets in the workshop are easy to craft, taking us to an entirely different menu that lets us see all the items in the set, how they look, and what we need to craft the items.

i do think that shining nikki is superior to love nikki, and i have been playing love nikki since childhood. i love the stories of characters such as Loen, Ashley, Lilith and the like, as well as the raised stakes in the story. i recommend everyone try this game, new players and old ones coming from love nikki alike <3


Lots of Components & Character Changes

I recently discovered this sequel to Love Nikki and was excited to play it. However, upon starting it, there were a few things I noticed that I didn’t particularly like about the game. Primarily, I found the different game play components as far as accessing multiple stages (solo and team) at one time can be confusing. There is also the matter of being able to obtain needed pieces to specific clothing items that is not clear. Secondly, as a ongoing love Nikki player, I was extremely disappointed in some changes to the character. In particular, Momo in the original game had always been mentioning “fish” but in the new game it now mentions “BBQ,” which I find to be strange and wonder why this was changed when it was greatly emphasized in the prior game. The other matter may be more of a personal opinion. In the original game, I envisioned Nikki’s character to be more of a soft spoken and thoughtful individual whereas the new game contradicts my previous perception of the character. In the newer game, the commentary by Nikki paints a different picture of her being more extroverted and outgoing than her prior demeanor. Aside from these factors, I am enjoying playing this game. In terms of the game, I wish the 3D version of Nikki could have taken on a more animated form since it feels like there is a great contrast between the beautiful 2D plot line and story animations and the more lifelike Nikki.


Nostalgia and even better than the original!

Love this game so much, although it can have a phew issues here and there connection wise and stuff, it’s really fun and enjoyable, in my opinion it’s even better than love Nikki in my opinion and I’ve played it for 4 or 3 years! I think this is much better than love Nikki but I think it still needs some improving, love Nikki in my opinion has more things to do but at least with the things you do in shining Nikki it isn’t extremely limited (?) like when you have to recharge a lot of times to get a certain amount of things and it’s really really annoying cause then you’d have to level up or something to v5 or v6 etc. I thinking this game makes you spend less and have a fun time, but I hope they bring actual crafting into this game where you can make more than just the outfits for the chapters, at least from what I’ve seen, like the cat headphones in the momentos!
Edit: also I think this game could improve with different body types in the game that are already there like the skin colors, and also to really improve with the skin tone cause it looks really awkward and glossy if that makes sense


Perfect, but One Small Nitpick...

Let me say first that this game is so much fun! The graphics are beautiful, I love the wide variety of clothes, and I especially enjoy the fact that you can spend time and make friends with Nikki. Ever since I downloaded this game it's taken up a lot of my schedule, I just can't stop playing!

My one gripe with this game is the lack of different skin tones in the dress-up section. While I do understand that the official Nikki is light-skinned, in previous games, different skin colors were added so you can choose to have Nikki look more like the player. I've seen others (mostly people of color) complain about this as well - there aren't nearly enough skin tones to represent the wide range of players.

I'd like to recommend, instead of having a select few skin colors to choose from, there can be a color-slider-type feature where you can manually change the darkness, saturation, and temperature of the skin (I add saturation and temperature because as an art major they are incredibly important when coloring skin in artwork). I think this would be more than enough to solve the issue, and provide a wide variety of customizable skin tones so that the entire playerbase can feel included in this beautiful game.



Been playing for a while( like a month after release) and the game is ok. It’s the best 3d dressing game right now and it introduced me to the Nikki games. The suits are fun to combine and the community is super nice. If you are a dedicated player then you’ll enjoy going on it everyday and doing your dailies. Now some complaints- takes huge amounts of space ( as expected bc everything is 3d and it takes time) - f2p is very hard and the game encourages spending money so if you don’t have self control, don’t get it - even if you pay you’re not guaranteed a lot of things so it’s mostly p2p- events are rushed but like whatever - Nikki needs more shades (skin color)- and a lot of the clothes don’t match with one another, there’s a lot of incompatibilities and it’s annoying. Also small nitpick but it’s annoying how normal story level take 8 stamina. You have to farm a lot in the game so 1 10 pull gives you 3 rare items but you just spent 80 stamina which is more half of the daily 120 a level 70 player gets. So give us more stamina or make it cost like 4-5 stamina per try. With all the events throw at us and no time you should just give us more diamonds. I don’t mind the story or getting events sooner as long as I have enough diamonds to get what I want, so give us more.


Nostalgia has brought me back

I played Love Nikki faithfully for around 4(?) years. It was a game that made me happy, despite the fact that it was pricey. I got a jolt of surprise when Shining Nikki got released. The 3D graphics are really nice, and the 2D still has that same, ethereal feel to it. The storyline so far is confusing at worst and mysterious at best. It when compared to the old game, it seems to have a sweet spot where it’s still the same premises and characters, but it’s all revamped and sleeker. The story might seem very strange to people who haven’t played the first game, as a lot of the key plot points from there transfer over to this game. But maybe i’m the only one that’s confused because it’s been so long. In app purchases still exist of course, and the excruciatingly frustrating crafting is here too, but it’s not that difficult just yet. As a whole, i think they took their time putting it together and really came through. I didn’t expect a long running game like Love Nikki to get a sequel, so this is a welcome surprise. Let’s hope that it only gets better from here!


Rushed UR event and Bugs

I’m sad cause I really enjoyed the love Nikki games I’ve been a long time fan here since Nikki UP2U and have spent quiet a bit of money into this game but it’s getting unaffordable since you guys keep rushing events before we can save up a bunch of gems and I understand people outside of Japan or China aren’t you priority because it’s obviously showing rn but it should be far for everyone? Idk if you guys think this is gonna get you guys more money faster from us but it’s not. You know what has happened with you previous games! You know what’s gonna happen again right? So why do you keep doing this? I also am seeing a lot of bugs right now with the game too so I see where your priorities lie… I may even delete eventually at this point I know others are thinking the same thing as well maybe try listening to players outside of mainly Japan and China. In the end it’s up to you guys but I can tell you you won’t be making more money by rushing stuff. edit: AH I SEE YOU GUYS ARE DOING A COLLAB EVENT RIGHT AFTER AS WELL? Do you think your player base all have a bunch of money? Or that were are wealthy? It’s disgusting and disappointing to see how selfish and greedy this company has become over the years. If you actually like even for a little bit care about the opinion of your WORLD WIDE player base PLEASE STOP RUSHING EVENTS!!!


Not just dress up!

So when you get the game you are so confused with all the buttons but then you find out you can level up and when you meet Ashley a girl in the story you have to create all these pieces and the one thing I love about the game is that it has a whole entire story to entertain people and not just : oh yeah just dress up your character - no it has so much more to it. And you don’t have to use much money on the game, instead you also have these fantasy tickets and mystery ones ti like unlock different stuff wich you can get them from completing tasks or doing stuff in the game and in fact the dress up part it just connects to the story itself too. Now the only problem I have is the guild.. when you get the stuff to buy other things in the guild and you come back you CANNOT exit the guild so you have I wait a day or hours for the game to reload then get back on it wich i will not get used too really. But overall I would totally recommend


Logged out automatically

I’ve had this game for a few months. I’ve had Love Nikki for 4 years already. And 3 months ago I came across this game and thought it would be fun. I’ve had periods where I didn’t play Love Nikki for months on end even a whole year. And when I went to play it again, I was automatically logged out of my account which wasn’t a problem because I just signed in with Facebook and I got to play like any other time and enjoy it. BUT with this game. I recently stopped playing it for a few weeks to a month, and I went to log on and it wasn’t logged into my account. It didn’t bother me much at all because both games I’m connected to Facebook. So I went to sign in through Facebook. And it literally made me start all over again with tutorials and everything. I lost everything I earned. And yes I did have myself connected to Facebook with that account. It just deleted all my progress. I’d only recommend this game if you’re a child and play games all day on your phone or whatever 24/7. If you’re a teen like myself and have better things to do than play games on your phone, then don’t get this game especially if you’re rarely on your phone. Thank you. That’s all.


Looks amazing but-

Y’all did great on ShiningNikkiFashionMakeover I’m hella impressed. A few things though…
Could we get different body and face shapes and types. I needs me a thicc gal.
Maybe a male option? A base hair and eye color option and please for the love of all that is holy please cut tutorial are at least make it an option. I want to rip my hair out every time I have to wait to click or wait to do something that is so ducking idiot proof. I’ve used a phone before. Trust me. I’m dying here.
But yeah ShiningNikkiFashionMakeover is beautiful. I like that you can just share the room with Nikki and watch her live her life outside of your actions. I wish she had more character and mini games could be cool too. Laundry, dishes, board games, relationship drama, helping her with her hair, making dinner, grocery shopping, etc. Maybe your character could find a love interest that sometimes conflicts with the main plot? Maybe your character has low self esteem but loves designing clothes? Idk idk just throwing out ideas 👀


REALLY GUD but crashes

I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME! I use to play love Nikki a lot but this game is also amazing. The Graphics are incredible and the character designs just- GOOD! LIKE REALLY GOOD! I love it , it’s fun to play and I love how we can talk to Nikki. But... I’ve been having problems with crashing and it’s heats up my phone a bit, it’s not my WiFi or Internet because those are working fine. But I hate that every time I press next to battle it’s crashes and kicks me out 🦵 🐁. I was thinking if you could help me out on how to stop it from crashing so much. It only seems to happen when when I want to battle and take pics and other stuff. It seems that no one else has this problem but me. I wish I could be like them where I can keep playing with NO INTERRUPTION. Overall, it’s amazing but I was wondering if you could add the commenting thing and posts that Love Nikki has. I LOVE THIS GAME THANKS A LOT!- Yasumaru


good but needs more diversity

The only character you can play as is a girl. more than this, there are only a few skin shade options. I think it should be possible to play as a boy or nb or even just offering more masc hairstyles and clothing. Similar to how there aren’t many skin colors to choose from, they really aren’t any poc or darker skin characters in the game. almost all are light skinned. i can really only think of 1 i’ve seen who wasn’t. also some of the designers ages are questionable. like why is there a 12 yo in the sexy section? as far as the actual gameplay goes, i love it. the levels are fun and i like the different events. my favorite so far was the styling match. i found myself playing even after i’d gathered all the points i could from it. i do find that the recommended styling power guides are usually wrong and i can sometimes beat them with around 20,000 lower. but yeah other than these aspects i think the game is amazing. i’ve been a bit addicted tbh


Cool, but compared to the OG, it could use some work.

I was a big fan of the original, and after downloading this, I have some opinions.

•The animation and everything is great, I find it really cool that you moved to 3D animation, and the models are really high quality, but you still kept using 2D art like in the original game.

•One thing that I don’t like though is the story. It’s really confusing, especially if you didn’t finish the first game. I think you should add a mode where you can just play the levels without the story going on, so players who don’t particularly care about the overarching plot can play without it in the way, just enjoying the mechanics. An idea of how you could do this is, include all the levels, have a small description of the character you’re going against with their sprite, a snippet about them, their personality, and what style of clothing they specialize in. That way, you still understand who you’re going up against without going through 10 minutes of dialogue.

•Going off my last idea, I had to delete the game because it took up too much space on my phone. If you implemented this mode into the game, without all the dialogue, voice acting, and extra stuff needed for the story to take place, you could have a version of the game that many more people that don’t have the storage to hold the full game could enjoy.

That’s all I have for now, but I might come back to this later with more. I hope you consider my ideas, and have a good day.


Great game with connection errors

I love this game. I really do. The art and graphics are gorgeous, there is so much you can do in it, and so many upgrades from previous Nikki games. My only issue are the endless connection errors, and it’s such a huge issue it prevents me from enjoying the game. Sometimes I’m unable to stay connected long enough to do even 1 thing in the game. I’ve tried “repair,” I’ve contacted support with no news, I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the game and local resources multiple times, but the connection to the server is still terrible. Sometimes, rarely, the game will stay connected and work, but more often than not, it doesn’t. And this is not a new issue. It’s been going on since I first downloaded the game several months ago. I’ve lost days on the monthly cards I purchased because sometimes nothing in the game will load. I know I’m not the only person with this problem, and I keep hoping it will be fixed. Without this issue, I would easily rate the game 5 stars.


It’s good, it could be better…

There’s only three things that are keeping me from giving this game a full five stars, the outfit crafting system, designers reflection systems and bonding with Nikki. Now the crafting I’d let slide, if it weren’t for the fact that sometimes you have to go to at least three to four different stages and have to sweep multiple times just to get enough of what you need just to complete one item. The designers reflection system is honestly a lot at once; upgrading levels, ranking up to increase score, upgrade any passive skills you have, upgrade the ‘Call of Reflection’, equip any concepts you find and upgrade those while you’re at it. Now, this isn’t my biggest complaint, but why do I need to bond with Nikki? It’s not even a total necessity when completing stages, so why?
If I were rating this game based purely on pretty the clothes are, I would no doubt give it five stars; but as much as I still like the game, I can’t give it a higher rating simply because of how pretty everything is.



While the game has many good points, and I enjoy a lot of it, the main premise of the game (collecting clothes) has been ruined by the company’s cash grab. It’s basically impossible to complete any of the event clothing sets without spending money. In the last Nikki game, I was comfortable occasionally purchasing one of the monthly cards because it was worth it and I loved the game. Sometimes it was hard to complete sets without spending, but usually you could complete most of the set f2p, and sometimes even all of them if you planned right. If you want to even attempt to complete an event set now it’s basically impossible to complete without getting a gem or privilege card. And sometimes even that isn’t enough. If you’re comfortable paying upwards of 20$ a month to have the full experience? Then this is the game for you. My frustration however has peaked. I think I’ll be staying away until they start making options for completing past event sets (in a way that doesn’t evolve paying an unreasonable amount of money).



When at home area, where you can do daily log in and stuff, go to dressing room. On the left you will see a cog for the settings. Click. You can change the quality of the 3D and you can do overheating protection and up the performance!!! Hope this helps!!

Actual review:
Everyone is raving about this, yes, the graphics are amazing!! A good addition is that if they are too strong you can lower it down (settings: Perfect, high, medium, low). Helps a lot for those you don’t have the best working phone lol. The plot is a bit confusing, but not that I followed the last one much ha. There is a lot of dialogue, though you can skip, which is what I do a lot of the time heh. But over all, beautiful. You can tell SO much work gets put into this. You can even talk to Nikki, pick different dialogues you want to say, and so much more. (PS, characters make good PFPs lol!)


It’s Okay….

So this game is definitely very fun and enjoyable, but the tutorial is dreadfully long, it took me like fifteen minutes to actually read what they were saying until I just started randomly tapping to get it over with, that may just be me wanting to actually play the game but I think it still was way too long, especially for someone who has played love Nikki and knows where most of the stuff is and what it is. I also feel the game is just way more boring, I mean there’s hardly a difference in color and style for the clothes you first get and I feel the game focuses more on the story aspect and not the styling, since the story part of the stage is extremely long and it doesn’t tie into the styling battle ( unlike love Nikki ) part, and when I played the first set of stages I had to use the same set for all of the stages! I’m also not a fan of the my house part, it’s not really fun since all you do is watch Nikki and buy her stuff, like you can’t even decorate it from what i know.


Some glitches here and there, but great

I love this game so much!! It has amazing graphics for a mobile game, the clothes are wonderful, and even though it is a gacha game it’s not in your face, and you can still participate in events without paying anything. I’ve gotten one glitch that was harmless (the game didn’t catalog an achievement, but I still got the reward anyway) and there’s nothing to do if you run out of stamina, but otherwise this is by far my favorite game and I’m absolutely in love with it. You don’t have to play Love Nikki before playing this game (I’ve never played ln) even though there are probably some things that would be funnier/more interesting if you played ln ahead of time. I love that this game’s events only heighten the drop rates of certain outfits, not make them exclusively available for that period of time. Great game!!


Fun, with some caveats

I can’t, in good conscience, give this higher than three stars, for reasons I’ll outline below.
I can say I’ve been enjoying playing, it’s been cool to see this game at its infancy. I’ve been playing Love Nikki forever and it seems impossible to collect all the suits. Since this is so early on, you actually have a chance.
I also enjoy the task functionality, there are a lot of elements and way to improve your characters talents, which provides more options to keep playing.
Some negatives: if you have little patience, which I often do, you will STRUGGLE with ShiningNikkiFashionMakeover. Like I said, it’s in its infancy and it is buggy beyond belief. I can get about 5 minutes max before it crashes, provides a “poor internet connection” message, and I have to restart ShiningNikkiFashionMakeover for the billionth time.
If you’re familiar with Love Nikki, then you will be quite familiar with all of the Top-Up, in app purchasing elements of Shining Nikki. Ah yes, Shining Nikki is just as, if not more, greedy as Love Nikki and will try to milk you for a much money as possible for as little as possible. While you COULD collect every suit, good luck doing so without coughing up major cash. While I don’t personally mind spending a little money to support an app I enjoy, it is astounding how little you will get for the money spent (ie, literally spending money to gamble for suits).
Regardless, if you can ignore the glaring flaws, you will have a fairly good time with it.

Is Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover Safe?

Yes. Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,128 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover Is 62.1/100.

Is Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover Legit?

Yes. Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,128 Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Shining Nikki Fashion Makeover Is 76.4/100..

Is Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover not working?

Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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