Covet Fashion: Model Makeover Reviews

Covet Fashion: Model Makeover Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-01

Live your most stylish life - virtually - in Covet Fashion, the #1 fashion game!
Build your digital dream closet as you shop and discover clothing and brands you
love, plus get recognized for your style with incredible in-game prizes!
Makeover your virtual model with fabulous items from...

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Covet Fashion: Model Makeover Reviews

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    Voting, TL, Borrowing, Challenges

    Like others have stated, the game is fun and I do like playing. BUT, 1) I strongly believe the team needs to review how voting is done. Why would a level 10 player go against a level 55??? The higher level of course is going to get the vote. Higher levels always do because they have the cool makeup or hairstyle. Work on this Covert! 2) Top Look/Perfect Score is usually always the high levels and all the looks-look the same. What happened to fashion being an expression of one’s personality. 3) Borrowing, again I strongly believe the team needs to review the rules and update them. Players who are in a Fashion House and have Friends should be allowed to borrow 1 item from each per outfit. Do a test run and see if we the players responded positively or negatively. 4) This is a pive of mine. Please y’all check your spelling and grammar. Most of the time I have to piece together words to figure out the challenge. 5) About challenges, if you ask the players to dress a nurse, you should provide scrubs as an option. That is just one example. I could literally go on. 6) Hair accessories should be an award, players should not have to spend $8.99 of our money. If you want to charge than players should be allowed to purchase with game money or diamonds. 7) A big pive of mine is being required to purchase jewelry on a challenge and because of the scene the earrings don’t even show. Other than the things I mentioned, the game is fun.

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    Overall, this game is okay. I have a couple complaints and suggestions to make the game better though. I really like this game because of my love for fashion. I appreciate the little changes in diversity that the developers have added. But I feel that there should be MORE changes make to the game than just the appearances. For example, When I enter 28 challenges and won the months styling spree prize, it was out of season. I don’t think it’s fair to make this that way. I also believe when a new season starts and you have barely any money to spend on creating a whole new closet, you should get a welcome gift for each season to help start you off betterIt’s unfair to expect everyone to turn to their wallet for everything. I think you should get your tickets and diamonds at the beggining of the day instead of having to wait until evening to use them. You should be able to earn game cash more in challenges you have to buy things for, not just daily challenges. When I have voted on looks, I have noticed that they put very high level players against players almost 30 levels lower than them at times. I do not believe that this is fair to the players, I think it should at least be within the range of the player. If you read this, I think it’s worth playing the game, but just as well, there are definetly flaws that make gameplay not as enjoyable. Thanks for reading. *Abby B.*

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    Fun but frustrating

    I have been playing this game on and off for the last four years or so. It’s a lot of fun, and is honestly one of my favorite games to play. It is incredibly frustrating for a couple of different reasons. 1) The voting system is terrible. Looks are voted on by other players, but sometimes a level 6 is pitted against a level 57 and there is literally no way someone just starting out could compete with the closet, hair, and makeup available to a level 57! I try to level the playing field by always voting for the one with the lowest-level hair. Someone with a gorgeous fancy hairstyle is probably a high level, whereas I can easily recognize the lower-level hairstyle. I know it’s not fair to judge this way, but I feel it’s the only way to give the newer players a chance! The next thing is actually my biggest frustration with the game. When you first start off playing, you advance levels pretty easily—I want to say every $25,000 or $50,000 spent (of Covet money, of course! Not real money, lol). Then, once you reach a certain point, you only level up every $100,000. It makes the game a lot less fun for me. I’m not trying to spend a ton of my own money, which I’m sure many of the higher-level people do (I always imagine them as housewives who don’t work but have an unlimited amount of money to spend on an app), so it takes foreverrrrr to level up. any other complaints are minor, but if these two things were fixed, the game would be almost perfect.

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    Fun but unfair

    I really love playing the game, but it’s so unfair on so many levels. The voting process needs to be updated. There is no way for a level 6 to compete with a level 60! Even if you buy the hair accessories, you can’t use them until you get to a certain level. I have a great hair accessory, but I can’t use it until I’m at level 8. It takes at least a month to move up a level, and that’s a very long time. And the really cool hair accessories aren’t available until your level number is extremely high. The top looks are all occupied by the same exact looks, and mist often the looks are the blonde, blue-eyed looks. Every now and then I will see a designer of color in the top looks. There are more top looks than the long, flowing, blonde hair. I’ve often lightened the skin color just to have a shot of a better score, and that’s wrong. I’ve noticed that the lighter the skin; the higher the score. There is no way to be on the top unless you purchase and purchase and purchase. The FUN part is designing the outfits. But not being able to truly compete at a lower level is disheartening. It takes way too long to level up. The original designs are scored so low. I’ve seen some amazing outfits that only score 3 stars, and that is also very disheartening. This game has the potential to be great. The way it’s set up now, you’re practically begging beginners to stop playing the game. You’ve retained your long-term players, but I think you will lose a lot of new players. ✌🏾

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    Great game

    Covet is a great game you can enter so many challenges its so great to be able to see what people think about you design when you vote if your reading this to make sure its safe for your kids it is there is nothing wrong with it there’s no inappropriate stuff its all safe also there’s no adds which is so good but you do have to watch adds if you want to get some extra gems 💎 but other then that there’s no adds its a great game i have a question so i want to leave my fashion house right but im the leader but im the only member so i have no one to be the next leader so i cant leave the fashion house is there a way you can make it possible for me to leave the house it would be great plus you feel so great when you level up or earn a new item and you can make designs without joining a challenge you can practice or just make one just for fun also when you start it gives you a lot of money 💰 so make sure you save it and spend it well because when i got it i just used it all up could you guys make guy ones to not just women that would be cool also i dont like that all the models weight are so skinny because thants not a great example i wish we could choose how their body looks and their height also what i dont like is you guys but a level 7 with a level 70 because it is not fair when you vote so this game is good but i could be better

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    Wow i e watched 3 videos for coins and received none now ive wasted all my money on a look i cant even enter !!!. Its ridiculous how much this game glitches wen watching videos for coins almost like its on purpose!.. I'm getting fed up with this game its no fun wen u guys dont give out nearly enuff money or coins to buy anything for it... ive been playing this game on an off for over 5 yrs and dont even have 1,000$ to spend !!.. this is the most realistic fashion game ther is and i love this game and dont want to stop playing but its turning out to be stressful wen its supposed to relieve stress to play !!. I wish u guys would make some changes so that people like me an many others could afford to play because i can not afford to constantly buy coins and money as im sure many other people can not afford it as well.. i really hope ur team at covet fashion reads this an considers some options .. on another note ive scored over 4.0 on almost rvery single look working with less then 1,000$ and less than 1,000 diamonds if i could be able to earn money an diamonds an easier way i would be able to do some amazing things so please please i really hope for a little change it would mean the world because fashion is wat i love to do .. thank you for taking the time to read this and i look forward to your teams response!.. Sincerely, Amber Dawn

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    It Stops Being Fun

    There are so many great things about this game. With the amount of clothing items plus the accessories, props, and head wear, it’s almost impossible NOT find something amazing. That’s why I can not seem to understand why the top looks in EVERY event look exactly the same. I don’t even have to scroll down because looks #1 through, like, #20 on the first page have the same dress, same hair, same props, same everything. Now, I’ve played the game long enough to know that yes, challenges have certain items that have to be worn. But there is still a HUGE variety of things to create. I keep coming back to the game because I love fashion, but I always stop playing because I don’t think it’s allowing people to be individual. Maybe our votes don’t count unless you spend money. But when a game doesn’t let you advance unless you spend money, it’s not really fun. Otherwise I would pay ONCE and then have all the closet items unlocked. Or have a monthly subscription or something. But I get so tired of seeing the exact same copy cat for top looks. And majority of the looks are actually the newest and/or most costly pieces. The thing about fashion is that it’s so diverse and different. That’s why you don’t see people walking around wearing the same pants with the same shirt, same hair style and color walking the same dog. I know you have the ability to switch it up. Because when I’m voting, I see some different looks. Not a lot, but some.

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    Uneven voting

    Levels are done by what your closest is worth. So someone, who’s closet is worth $400,000, is level 12. Someone who is at level 46, has a closet that is worth $3.7 million dollars. The more items in your closet, the higher the value of your closet. The more items you have to chose from, the better your results. So how is it fair, to put a level 12 next to a level 46, and have voters choose the best look? Clearly the odds are in the favor on the person who has more items in their closest. Obviously the person who is a higher level is good at design, so it’s not like that they got there by luck. If you are going to have voters choose, put a level 12 against a level 11 or 13, maybe a 14. I think they are aiming to get people to buy more diamonds to add things to their closest, because you pretty much have to buy more to get to the higher levels. Also, to get things like tiaras and veils (they have bridal challenges), you have to be at the higher levels AND pay $9 to unlock them. I decided to try one design with a tiara, and a similar design on another without a tiara. The one with a tiara got a 4.96 rating from voters. The one that didn’t, barely got a 4 rating. Unblock a few more accessories or at minimum, give one vail, and a tiara like headpiece. Or, don’t make people pay for every single hair accessory. Get to the levels unlock the basic ones, and the more elaborate ones you can charge for. Fix the uneven voting and I’ll change my rating.

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    Could be so amazing but they want your money!

    I don’t even have to begin to go into detail of why and how this game is so unfair. Why? Because every other review, good and bad, says the same thing. I looooovvvveeee this game! But it is unfair in so many ways! I’m on the verge of deleting the app because the challenges have become completely unattainable. If you’re not spending money......and I mean anywhere from $0.99 for fashion packs in challenges that’s gets you 3 out of the 4 items needed for a challenge or $1.99 for 600 diamonds which get you maybe one or two items (sometimes none) or freaking $8.99 for prop packs!!! Covet you’re tripping! Fall 2020 challenges are outrageous! I’m leveling up and finding myself more and more unable to enter challenges because of the requirements. Also, there seems to be Less and less room for creativity. All the top looks are the same. Challenges make you pick from a limited amount of items; like 4 shirts or dresses to choose from. So all the looks end up being the same. And the worst of all is when they lock challenges to certain seasons!!! So for example, all you can use is Spring 2015 items (yes! 2015) so unless you’ve been playing for 10 years you have no Spring 2015 items. So you go to purchase the included fashion pack and find you have no shoes to enter the look. So you’re stuck with a challenge you paid $0.99 for that you can’t enter. I’m over it and the more I write, the more it pisses me off!

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    Covet Review

    I love this app so much. It is an amazing app, but like every good one, there is always a catch. You have to check the app almost every day to receive prizes and you constantly have to buy new clothing items. I you don’t have enough tickets, dollars, or diamonds to buy something or even enter a challenge, you therefore cannot enter the challenge. This has been a pain for me because when a challenge interests me, I am always having to check every little thing to make sure that I am able to do the challenge. You can join a Fashion House, which allows you to chat and ask opinions on an outfit or challenge. BUT. You need to always check your chat and participate because they can kick you out if f your fashion house. Another thing I don’t like is that it takes so long to get the results. I understand that when in voting it may take a while, but I think voting times should be closer to 4-6 hours. Waiting 18 hours for a mobile outfit is unrealistic. A suggestion to help this would be have a calculation process. It could help by additional points on an outfit, but also help the rating results being calculated during the voting. That way, the second the voting time is over, you get your results. Now, like I said, I love this app. There are many amazing things apart of this app. Don’t let the bad parts have a huge difference on you. Cover fashion really is an amazing game.

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    Fun game , infarte voting and hair accessories

    I truly enjoy the game and I find it very fun, however there are a couple of things that I find very frustrating about the game. The voting on the game is unfair, paring someone on level 5 with someone on level 35 is really unfair for the lower level player. First of all lower level players don’t have the cooler hair and make up the higher up players have, with that alone lower level player very rarely can score higher score, it’s almost impossible. Votes should be generate per level exemple level 5 against level 5 and and so on . Another thing thing that I find very annoying in the game is the 8.99 for the hair accessory, that is very expensive , it should be way less and player should be able to pay with the game currency, and if player want to spend real money than they can spend real money. Lastly I think players should take into consideration of the items that the models are using are in season or not. Covet should actually have a way to show above the models image when voting their season meter. I think it’s really unfair to the new players or player in general who spends “money” on the game to get everything in season and get doesn’t even get 5 stars. Overall the game it’s fun and Covet is constantly working on bugs. I hope this review is helpful to new players and to Covet itself to do some updates on their end.

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    SO fun and entertaining

    I’ve been playing this app for many years and that’s weird for me because I have literally no other game apps on my phone because I lose interest OR they always require you to buy your way through it. Covet does require some in app purchases but not so much that you cannot fulfill any design. If you like fashion or design they have A LOT of features and it’s buildable, way more so then when I first started playing. And if you’re not bothered by in app purchases, they really aren’t that much. The designers of the game are also really hands on. They needed to do some tweaking with the game and had to have it shut down for a bit of time, which took away from some of the timed design looks people could have fulfilled and earned points on. So they gifted everyone the winning totals anyway when they were done with their updating. I’ve never experienced that with an iPhone game in my life. They do also give out random gifts periodically as a thank you for continuing to play their game and the customer support is quick and efficient. As someone who detests in app purchase games, I honestly do not mind this one at all. I’m still easily able to go through many designs and fulfill many of the daily features. This is the longest amount of time I’ve spent on an app since downloading instagram.

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    Fun, addictive, needs minor improvements

    This game is super fun and really well-made. Beware, it’s addicting...and everything isn’t free. There are some minor improvements I would recommend (although these conditions are probably intentional efforts to increase revenue for the game...but hey, maybe if we complain enough they will listen): 1.) have skill brackets where comparable leveled players compete in voting rather than grouping all levels together, which gives higher-level players the advantage because they have better hair/makeup options 2.) introduce a search feature, or more detailed category selections, to make finding garments easier. 3.) allow Covet cash to cover diamond purchases when diamonds are insufficient. 4.) allow hair and accessory packages to be purchased using diamonds rather than actual currency. 5.) make previously favorited/loved garments accessible when creating outfits so they can be easily retrieved and purchased without unnecessary efforts to locate them by scrolling through hundreds of other items. 6.) allow one borrowed item PER OUTFIT. 7.) allow shirts/sweaters to be layered over dresses....or really just layering multiple clothing items in general. People do’s a thing. 8.)ALLOW MANUAL SELECTION OF BODY TYPES...please :) The rationale for the ‘modern body’ option (which randomly assigns you one...but it’s somehow always still Barbie thin?) is ridiculous. Evidenced by them not doing a similar set up with skin tones!

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    Good but.....

    This app is really fun, and easy to use. You get to create any fashion look that you want. I love how competitive it is but also how excepting everybody is of your style. Also it’s very easy to earn the money that you used to buy more clothes in this app. There’s a wide variety of dresses, bags, jewelry, and so much more. One thing that I would change is the part where you can speak to people in your fashion house once you complete so many challenges. It’s a little offputting having a kid talk to people in their houses. It’s a little dangerous to have your kid talking to people in your house because you don’t know who they are or what they look like. Other than that though I don’t see why it such a big deal. It’s a lot of fun to use there are many different things to choose from once again. I personally Love this app. And I think you will too! I give this a four star rating that one star was taking taken off because of the chat option I wish there was a setting to be able to turn that off. That’s the only thing I would change. Other than that it’s a great app and I hope you will get it. One thing that I forgot to mention, is that you get to vote on other peoples luxe for the category. Also if you update the app in a certain way there’s a big diverse amount of models and I love that fact about it. So I think that rounds everything up.

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    I love this game... but it can be really frustrating. For instance: I enter every single challenge - therefore winning a lot of free items... and I get a ton of one brand or another and whenever that brand is required for a challenge, those pieces aren’t included. Or rarely included. Sometimes they have pieces (especially jewelry pieces) that are even named the same thing and one will be accepted as a required piece and the other isn’t. I don’t get it. Also, I own many of the hair accessories after playing for a couple years (& I am now only 10 levels away from the max!), but there was a glitch a while back that allowed us to use different HA’s on any hair style.... and I wish they did more of that. There are quite a few accessories that would be used a lot more often if you didn’t have to use short or ugly hair with it. The coloring on some of the hair is weird too. I also wish the “Covet” pieces could be used all the time on any season we are on. Tattoos should be able to be worn with gloves. Aside from that, I have always loved dressing people up, starting at Barbie & then helping my sisters and friends, and this game makes me so happy! I love the variety of looks I can do - even if some of the looks are a bit weird when we have to add a handbag to a situation that would never need a handbag! Lol. Even with my complaints I enter every challenge and love the game.

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