Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Reviews

Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-16

About: Join more than 15 million Pixelcut creators! The Pixelcut photo editor and
graphic designer helps you create stunning images in seconds. Pixelcut is an
all-in-one editor that uses AI to help you create images with ease.

About Pixelcut AI Photo Editor

What is Pixelcut AI Photo Editor?

Pixelcut is a photo editor and graphic designer app that uses AI to help users create stunning images in seconds. With over 15 million creators, Pixelcut offers an all-in-one editor that allows users to remove backgrounds, erase unwanted objects, generate AI art, create collages, make link in bio sites, choose from a variety of backgrounds and templates, control shadows, add text styles, and more. The app is designed to help users sell more and grow their presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Poshmark, and Shopify.



- Background remover

- Magic eraser

- AI art generator

- Collage maker

- Pixel sites creator

- White and color backgrounds

- Templates for shopping

- Shadow control

- Text styles

- Community templates

- Pixelcut Pro membership with unlimited background removals, templates, fonts, overlays, and backdrops updated monthly.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

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Negative experience

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Key Benefits of Pixelcut AI Photo Editor

- Simple to use

- Does a very good job

- Easy to edit

- Lots of ways to alter background

- Impressed by how well it performs

- Great for making logos, social media posts, and designs

26 Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Does An Excellent Job Removing Background

This is a nice background remover. Simple to use. I find that it does a very good job as long as the main subject's colors contrast the backgrounds colors. Sometimes you nay have to re-edit small portions of the background that was removed incorrectly but editing any area is very easliy and clean. I like all the ways that you can alter your background with colors, text, gradients, and even your own pictures. I already use a background remover which is pretty good but this one is much better as far as ease of use and ways to change the background. I use this frequently with samples of my paracord designs. I do feel it is a little costly and wish it could a single payment only. Still, a great addition to my workflow.


Just ok

I purchased PixelcutAIPhotoEditor and while I like the fact that it removes the background quickly, it has a tendency to cut off portions of the subject and/or doesn’t completely remove certain areas of the background. The tool that’s supposed to help you correct those areas is quite difficult to use because you cannot zoom in for detailed work to keep from erasing a portion of the subject and the tool that adds it back is the same way. If you can’t zoom in enough, you can’t erase or add back those areas so The end result isn’t quite satisfactory. I love the fact that it has shadow options and other basic editing tools, however it would be nice to have a tool that allows you to adjust subject clarity. Considering the price, it should also include a lot more templates and backgrounds than what it currently provides. Now that I have purchased it, I am stuck with it for the next year but, in the meantime, I will be looking for a different app and plan to cancel this one unless it’s updated to include significant improvements because it’s just way too expensive not to have better features than it does.


Good, could be great. Not really free.

I will say the cutout feature is impressive for how quickly it works, and most of the time it cuts out your subject well. However it could be made a lot better if a feature were introduced where you could refine your cut selection. For example erasing little bits that got left behind, or refining the edges. The second part is the free version - pointless to be honest. You get 3 free cuts and that’s it, however since PixelcutAIPhotoEditor is not very intuitive, 2 of my cuts were “used” but not actually used, so in reality I received 1 free cut before it locked me out. To be honest $9 a month / $60 a year is high for this simple app. There aren’t that many features making it worth that price. If more detailed features were added, I’d maybe consider it. But even then, you can get Photoshop + Lightroom for $10 a month to put it into perspective. Just make it a one time paid app download in PixelcutAIPhotoEditor store rather than marketing it as “free”


From impressive to laughably bad

When I downloaded PixelcutAIPhotoEditor I was impressed at the speed and accuracy at which it removed the backgrounds, even when done in batches of 6. Great app, A+, totally worth the 10 bucks a month.
They’ve since released a couple updates, and it is now hilariously broken. Most times uploading a batch of 6 will cause PixelcutAIPhotoEditor to completely crash. The times it doesn’t crash, it will either tell you it couldn’t remove the backgrounds and to try again (for the same message over and over) or it will remove some and leave other photos untouched. The only way I’ve found around this issue is to do the photos one by one, and even then it’s not as accurate as it used to be.
I’ve seen nothing from the developers as to why it was changed from awesome to terrible, or when a fix is coming. But yeah keep billing us all 10 bucks a month.
The worst part is it worked perfectly and then was destroyed with updates for no reason whatsoever.



I’m using the free version which has only a limited amount of cutouts, but so far I’m very impressed by how well PixelcutAIPhotoEditor performs. I happened upon it while using a different pic editor, which is great except it constantly crashes on me in the middle of editing so I’ve been looking for a new one but great pic editors are hard to come by. I figured I’d give this one a try, and like I said I’m pretty impressed. I just wish they had a trial for a few days before I purchase the pro Pixelcut because I want to make sure that it’s consistently great. My advice would be to give it a try because I’m pretty picky with my picture editors and for me to even leave a review, (especially a positive one) means it’s definitely worth a try…🤷🏻‍♀️


Saves me sooo much time

I am not usually one to leave reviews, but I just had to jump in here for this one. I am a freelance filmmaker/photographer/podcaster and am always making logos, social media posts, and designs to share the stories I work on and content I produce. Before pixelcut, making these high quality designs just took too long. I realized I was spending more time on graphic design than I was making the actual work I love to make (stories, podcasts, etc). So I looked for an alternative tool. After trying a few, I landed on Pixelcut and it’s been fantastic. Saving me so much time while not sacrificing quality/professionalism.. it’s allowing me to get back to the work that I love



I was quite excited to finally have an app that afforded an easy/flawless background removal feature. Running a small retail business as an online store requires that I deliver a flawless product catalogue for my customers. The time required to refine what PixelcutAIPhotoEditor fails to do in order to deliver the stunning photography that is necessary to be relevant in today’s fast paced, on-demand e-commerce industry is beyond what I can actually afford to give. I will say that on the occasion that the photos actually come out on the first swipe with the background fully removed- the result is hands down the best I’ve seen and have been ecstatic to showcase. Yet, it is seemingly less and less that this happens. PixelcutAIPhotoEditor would be perfect if it could provide consistent and flawless background removal even 90% of the time.


Need a subscription re-evaluation

Simply put, 10$ a month is a bit unforgiving. It does a job, and it does it very well. But Photo shop is 5$ a month. I don’t want to spend 53$ for a soft end mobile editor. That isn’t permanent either. If your money is disposable, please by all means grab PixelcutAIPhotoEditor. But if you’re sensible go get photoshop. It does this and more for 5$ less. Just more to learn.
(High star rating because PixelcutAIPhotoEditor is labeled as what it does, and it does it well and it’s incredibly simple to use. Which I appreciate endlessly.) not fair to bump down a star because of payment; if the developers feel PixelcutAIPhotoEditor is worth 10$ I respect it. But it won’t stay with me.


Great program but could use more features

This is definitely a great program, lots of useful features for removing backgrounds, changing colors and adding filters. However some simple tools you would expect to be in a program like this such as an eraser tool is not. The background remover works great 90% of the time but when you have to remove something the software didnt, you cannot. Also tools like warp/perspective, and social media aspect rations are not available. Features you would find in a lot of editing software. I just expect a bit more from a paid pro version that rivals the cost of software that includes many more editing tools. Overall a great program but missing more tools.


What a great app, and great customer support too!

PixelcutAIPhotoEditor is the biggest timesaver for my business product photography that I have come across in a long time.I am positively thrilled with the batch editor. I get very professional results instantly! And the customer service has been phenomenal. Immediate follow up and with me for the long-haul until we figured out where my glitch was happening. And as it turned out it was not the fault of PixelcutAIPhotoEditor at all. Thank you for this wonderful product, I wish I had found it years ago!


Sloppy Background Edits and Clunky Func.

I was surprised after doing a few images how bad the photoshop effect was. When the AI is supposedly deleting the background, even on a clearly blue to white 2 color logo I spent 25 minutes “refining” it only to have one option if I made a mistake. Start over. Y’all out of pocket lol how is there no undo button?? And to make matters worse. The reason it took me 25 minutes (or possibly more) was because PixelcutAIPhotoEditor kept erasing work I had done after about 90 seconds. Seems like PixelcutAIPhotoEditor was sloppily thrown together and nobody really used this thing for its use cases. Cuz no graphic designer would be better off using PixelcutAIPhotoEditor vs. Adobe photoshop. Even if there’s a buff with the auto erase AI tech in PixelcutAIPhotoEditor . The amount of refinement I’ve needed to be involved in so far is alarming.



It works about half of the time. The rest of the time there are scraps of background everywhere and when trying to edit new background bits pop up in places you just removed. Or half the image is removed along with background. And then they want you to pay to use more than once a day. That’s hysterical. Not happing. You just stole my one freebie for the day while I was trying to edit and basically having to manually cut the whole thing out myself. Now I have a useless image and zero retry for the day. What a waste of time. I might as well do it myself of I’m going to put 20 minutes effort in and then get booted in the middle of my edit and be stuck with a crap image I can’t use. Thanks for nothing. You get what you pay for, right.


Pixelcut into your finances in a shady way

I give one star because of shady business practices . They make you choose a subscription package by highlighting the “click here for a 3 day free trial!!!” Which obviously will lead to you being billed if you don’t cancel it , but instead of it renewing for a week , or a month or bi monthly or quarterly , nope they sign you up for a year and take. $60 from you. Becsuse why would you only want to keep them monthly you obviously don’t need $60 but you need a year of Pixelcut. Just shady greedy not customer first approach to running a business . A quick money grab and most apps are irrelevant after a year anyway so they have your money and don’t care if you renew with them . So yea don’t give them your money they’ve stolen enough off of people already


If you are a reseller, best investment!!

I don’t review much, but PixelcutAIPhotoEditor is amazing and has saved me so much money and space, because I don’t need all the backgrounds and backdrops. It truly is a app you should look into and take the trial to see how it works for you and you will most definitely continue to be a Pixelcut user.

Please one thing
Can you add Mercari to the list of stickers?
Mercari is a selling platform like poshmark and I can’t find anyone who has anything that would help with Mercari advertising. Can you all add that into PixelcutAIPhotoEditor? Thank you!!



We live in a world now where you might buy an app and it may or may not work. When you contact them you may or may not get a response. Well..... after using PixelcutAIPhotoEditor for months it started to crash on me. Normally I don’t reach out because the lack of some company’s customer service is horrid. But not PIXELCUT!!

I got a prompt reply giving me some troubleshooting suggestions. Nothing worked. Then I got another email saying they found the problem and fixed it..... and thanked me!!! Great job guys. Proud to be a PIXELCUT user. 5 STARS!!!


Excellent App for online businesses

Reason why I say that is to be able to white out the backgrounds of your products and clearly show your products in the best light this is the best app for you. Do you know how much time this has saved me and my company with Editing out backgrounds don’t have to pay someone to edit backgrounds I can’t take the picture on my phone white out the background and then put the product online for sale nothing beats that. #lifesaver


Be mindful of time of day when opting for free trial

I opted for the free three-day trial period. It's not really three days. It was late Sunday evening when I subscribed, an unexpected family thing came up and was unable to really experiment with PixelcutAIPhotoEditor until this morning, Wednesday, at 6:30 AM. And wouldn't you know, my trial period has expired. It seems like three days would be Wednesday evening same time I subscribed Sunday evening...nope. I'm pretty sure PixelcutAIPhotoEditor would be just what I'm looking for, but that's pretty shady. Sixty dollars is no small change. And if you opt for the 10 dollar monthly fee, you can't go back and get 50 percent off the yearly subscription price should you decide it's right for you; pretty bummed as three days is a really short trial as it is.


Works great but at a price

Look, I know devs gotta make money. But PixelcutAIPhotoEditor used to allow one free use per 24 hours. There was a bug...I think it was a bug...that even loading a photo "into the cutter" if you will would count your one use even if you didn't tell it to go ahead.

They must have snuck in an update which removed that so after you try it a few times it just stops working. Too bad.

It's a good background remover but sorry I'm not adding a "subscription" for every app on my phone. There has to be a different way for devs to make money because soon we'll have hundred of $0.99/mo subscriptions on our phones for all the apps we use.


Great background remover.

Simply amazing app. It really does what it says it will unlike a lot of the other apps out there. Well worth the subscription if you are doing a lot of photo editing with background removal. Only one issue I’ve run into so far and that is that if you need to refine your removal it is frustratingly impossible on some photos because you can’t make the working image larger to better be accurate on refining details that the program removed in error or didn’t remove. Add in that feature and PixelcutAIPhotoEditor would be 5/5!


I Love The Intent, Not The Execution

They obviously try to make it so you pay for the “Pro” version of PixelcutAIPhotoEditor , makes sense, whatever, but why limit “cut out” (erase background) amounts every 24 hrs even when it doesn’t erase the background well at all — and even when the person “cancels” their editing, it still counts towards that 24hr limit. For images I thought it would have no issue with removing the backgrounds for (Like contrasting products already on a white background), it removes parts that I’d have to go in manually to restore (so tedious, not at all simple like their ads)… makes no sense to get the pro version if even the free version wont get what I need done….


Wow this just made my job so much easier

So thankful to have this program it literally simplifies my least favorite aspect of my job which is photography. Now with this powerful tool along with everything else I was already doing to edit photos this makes it as simple as airdropping it to my computer and editing whatever adjustments (standard size, blemish, color) on photoshop. Only think I wish I could do on PixelcutAIPhotoEditor is mask the original cutout since sometimes (and it’s actually very good at not doing this) it cuts out some of the product (if it’s white).


Amazing App

I’ve never seen an app quite like this one!! It does everything advertised. Well worth the price. The cutout functionality is unbelievable. Simple and works flawlessly. I have lots of apps the profess they do this but all have limits on the capability. The cutout blends seamlessly on a solid background with many options for color or gradient effect. Allows the ability to add a reflection and many other options to enhance your work. I’m a photographer and artist I’m delighted with the editing capabilities. I highly recommend PixelcutAIPhotoEditor.



For people who don’t have all the computers and software Available to them like me and love creating, GET PixelcutAIPhotoEditor. It’s so easy to use and get addicted to, a good amount of features I’m still finding out about and it’s so cool. One day I hope to get a laptop and photoshop with it but because I don’t this is the next best thing....IN THE PALM OF MY HANDS. So quick, so reliable, so affordable for a true creator or artist. So many apps out there saying to do what this can do but are not even close!! GET PixelcutAIPhotoEditor!!!


Great product

I don’t write many reviews but I was so impressed with Pixelcut that I had to. It is so easy to eliminate backgrounds and the finished image was great. It didn’t need any touch ups or feathering. Then I had all the other tools to customize the new background, size, text and
more. I’m using it for my website photos and it’s made my life so much easier. My only regret is that I can’t get a version to use on my computer


Love this app for making professional shots 😍😍😍

The remove background feature is so good!! I love how easy it is to make a white background product shot. I would love to see more templates. Can you make it possible to add our own fonts? Or just add more fonts? I would also love the ability to change the size of a template. Video backgrounds would also be great! Thank you so much for PixelcutAIPhotoEditor 💕


Needs One important feature …

Please make some sort of tool that allows you to make small adjustments (pixel reserve or remove). I works well, but often it will cut out something I want, or leave something behind I don’t want. I know photoshop can do this, but it’s inconvenient to do another step (and some people don’t have photoshop).
Also, it would be great if I could sign into my app from two devices. Sometimes I am on my computer or getting someone to help me with product uploads.

Thank you.


Awesome app

PixelcutAIPhotoEditor is something special. Has so many backgrounds and things to toggle and play around with. I’ve used other photo editing apps and have not seen such cool backgrounds or a feature that cuts the image out to place on the background. Makes editing photos so easy. Highly recommend to anyone that likes playing around with cool photos and creating content!


This app!!

If you are a small business owner and you take all your own photos and editing, YOU NEED PixelcutAIPhotoEditor! It literally takes all the work out of editing I am BEYOND pleased with PixelcutAIPhotoEditor. The possibilities are endless what you can use PixelcutAIPhotoEditor for my pictures looks SO professional ! I just with they add a watermark option so I can watermark my photos with my logo as well .


Free version pointless

I understand having a watermark for the free version of PixelcutAIPhotoEditor, but to do that and limit the amount of times you can use the use the free tool is pointless. Just charge up front for PixelcutAIPhotoEditor instead of marketing it as free. Seems a little deceitful. I understand you need to make money, but at least be honest about it. In app purchases can be done very wrong and in this case it was done very poorly, marketing wise. I ended up deleting PixelcutAIPhotoEditor . Which is a shame, the actual tools works well, but I might have been more willing to pay for it if it was marketed up front as a paid app.


Moving your subscription from one device to another

I just bought a new phone and transferred all my data through iCloud. I usually don’t have any issues transferring any apps from one device to another, PixelcutAIPhotoEditor hasn’t allowed me to do so! Pls help. It asks me to manage my subscription but doesn’t allow me to use it. I am no longer using it on the other device, I’m only trying to use it on this one.

Barbara Nyga   1 year ago

Horrible. I did not request this…I want a refund

Barbara   1 year ago

After being told by Apple to update my credit card, I did. Soon afterwards I was charged 59.99 for Pixelcut. This is the last thing I need or want. I want a refund. It seems impossible to contact Pixelcut directly. Don’t BUY

Miss Eye Spy   1 year ago

I want a refund i Apple is not letting me I think another scam app. Can I please assist Thank you

Tavia N Palmer   1 year ago

I purchased the pixel cut pro version and it charged my credit card for $10.81. I have tried logging out and back in and still not working. I have emailed them repeatedly and they don't seem to get that I paid for their product and their product is not allowing me to use the upgraded version I paid for. I have sent them Screenshots of my card being charged and also snapshots of the app still saying I needed to upgrade. Can't get them to get back to me in a timely fashion. They have put me three days behind as I use the app to post inventory for my online shop. At this point I'm getting very aggravated. Would be nice if I could call and speak to someone as this emailing back-and-forth is not working!

Lorelei   2 years ago

Help SCAMMERS NO customer service BS

Marlene   2 years ago

I am frustrated. Do you really have to be a graphic designer to do anything besides remove the background. No tutorial on layering. This ap not user friendly. Where in the Heck to i get help? Im wasting hours.

Is Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Safe?

Yes. Pixelcut AI Photo Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 148,548 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Is 80.3/100.

Is Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Legit?

Yes. Pixelcut AI Photo Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 148,548 Pixelcut AI Photo Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Is 100/100..

Is Pixelcut AI Photo Editor not working?

Pixelcut AI Photo Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

Pixelcut Pro Membership

- Monthly subscription: $9.99/month

- Yearly subscription: $59.99/year


- Unlimited and instant background removals

- Hundreds of templates, fonts, overlays, and backdrops

- Monthly updates

- Subscription auto-renews at the end of each term (month or year depending on subscription), unless cancelled 24-hours in advance

- Payment charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase

- Manage subscription and turn off auto-renewal in Settings after purchase

- No cancellation of current subscription allowed during active period

- Free trial period offered, any unused portion will be forfeited when user purchases a subscription.

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