WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator Reviews

WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-28

About: Create beautiful artwork using the power of AI! Enter a prompt, pick an art
style and watch WOMBO Dream turn your idea into an AI-powered painting in
seconds. So how does WOMBO Dream work? Type in whatever you want to create! —
“Alien Space Station”, “City Sunset”, “Rainbow Forest” or anything
else you can imagine are just a few of the billions of potential paintings that
could be made.

About WOMBO Dream

What is WOMBO Dream? WOMBO Dream is an AI-powered app that allows users to create beautiful artwork by entering a prompt and selecting an art style. The app uses the power of AI to transform the user's idea and art style into a painting in seconds. Users can save their artwork to their profile and share it with friends and family.



- AI-powered painting: WOMBO Dream uses the power of AI to transform the user's idea and art style into a painting in seconds.

- Prompt entry: Users can enter any prompt they want to create, such as "Alien Space Station", "City Sunset", or "Rainbow Forest".

- Art style selection: The app offers an array of selected styles for users to choose from, whether they want a vibrant colorful painting or something darker and more dystopian.

- Save and share: Users can save their artwork to their profile and share it with friends and family.

- No art supplies needed: Users don't need any art supplies to make beautiful artwork, all they need is an idea.

- Created by WOMBO AI: WOMBO AI is a Canadian artificial intelligence company that aims to provide the world with AI-powered tools to immerse themselves in entertainment.

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Key Benefits of WOMBO Dream

- AI can generate a picture from any key word and it never be the same picture

- Perfectly conveys the idea and color scheme in its own way

- Can use some of the art generated as NFTs

- Reminds us that art is the conveying of emotions

- Runs smoothly every time on my 2020 iPhone SE

- New update allows you to see other people’s creations

- Ability to organize the art we create into different albums or collections

- Esthetically pleasing images

31 WOMBO Dream Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Wonderful And Intuitive

Never thought an AI could be available to the everyday human to create art, it’s intriguing how it can generate a picture from any key word and it never be the same picture, I wish it could more accurately draw people of faces but it perfectly conveys the idea and color scheme in its own way. This is the pinnacle of Abstract and the future of art, would love to use some of the art generated as NFTs because these are truly one of a kind pieces that get created I also wish there was a option for longer rendering for a more detailed/ specific generation. Regardless, I’d love to see where WOMBODream will go, beautiful nonetheless and astonishing creativity. You may not be good at art but neither is the AI, it reminds us that art is the conveying of emotions and this AI can show us thing that make you feel a certain way, such as fear, sadness, chaos, hatred, love, lust, anger, pride, etc. 5/5 all the way. No bugs or issues with WOMBODream , runs smoothly every time on my 2020 iPhone SE, i most definitely recommend this to anyone and I show WOMBODream to everyone I come across. Do yourself the favor and give it a try, basically a free wallpaper generator. Thank you WOMBO for this beautiful Combo.


Best. App. Ever.

I almost passed out with dismay at the new update, because the new splash page appears to have reduced the number of art styles available. Thankfully they’re all still there, just took me a second to figure out the new UI. With that said: this is one of the most amazing apps I have ever used! I was aware of neural style transfer but had no idea an app existed for it until recently. I also had no idea that seed phrases could be used to generate said art, or the fact that it can morph images you supply into derivative works of art. Mind=blown. Some of the artwork WOMBODream has generated has brought tears to my eyes. As an artist, the potential for creative inspiration feels virtually limitless. I’ve tested countless phrases and word combinations, and it never ceases to amaze me how the algorithm can process natural language to produce something representative of said phrase. Changing any word in the seed phrase will change the feel of the art produced, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically. I’ve discovered niche uses for WOMBODream that go beyond simply generating art, experimentation is key. I can’t recommend WOMBODream enough, and this is just a taste of the future of AI based generative art.


Love it!! And I have an idea for a possible feature :3

I love WOMBODream. I could spend all day just messing around and experimenting with different prompt words and art styles. I especially love the newest update that allows you to see other people’s creations!

Now my idea for a future update would be: the ability to organize the art we create into different albums or collections, kind of like how we can organize our phone’s photos. I have different “groups” of artworks that kind of go together, so it’d be nice to be able to see each group in its own place. Plus, this feature would make it easier to find a specific artwork you’re looking for and not have to scroll through all your creations to find it (I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve created TONS of artworks with WOMBODream so it takes a while to scroll through everything).

Anywho. That’s all. I have nothing negative to say, download WOMBODream!! <3



This is the most beautiful AI art I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been wanting to try AI art for a while but have never been able to find an app that does it. Now I have and it’s brilliant!

There are a few suggestions I would make on the development side of things though. For example I think that it should be more social media-esque so that I could visit my friends profiles and see their gallery. The way the gallery is currently set up is a bit hard to navigate and it’s hard to find past artworks. It could just use some updates to improve the controls and such. Like when I am in the gallery it’s way too easy to accidentally click on things while I am scrolling through trying to find the one I want. It would be nice if the gallery was designed more like instagram, so that I could easily find what I want.

But in terms of the actual artwork itself, I wouldn't change a thing! Phenomenal!


Exquisite Corpse meets a Ouija Board

In the early days of iOS devices, there was an outpouring of incredibly creative art apps, many of which are sadly no longer available. I have been very disappointed with WOMBODream store’s offerings as of late, many of which are just a bunch of childish selfie filters and adult coloring books. WOMBO Dream is a much needed lush, verdant oasis in this currently parched app desert. I don’t think I’ve spent as much time having so much creative fun on my iPad since … 2012!

Wombo Dream takes words or phrases you enter (prompts) and turns them into AI generated art. You can then publish your image (I think it stores it on their server) and save it to your device/iCloud. The results can be uncannily artistic, frightening, insightful, hilarious, or just plain weird. Of course there will be those that cry “THIS ISN’T ART!” The same thing was said about digital art, and before that, photography. But I am infinitely more inspired by Wombo than by any other app in the entire app catalog from the past year.

I am looking forward to more styles and updates in the future!

Just a future feature request: it would be nice if you could include the “art style” (psychic, synthwave, etc.) as words under the image in the way the prompts can be included.


Incredible Tool for Creators! Needs Gallery Update.

This is such an amazing image generator. I am working on a few projects right now, and as a creative, this tool is incredible. I am able to think of an idea, plug it in, and it creates amazing artwork that I can use as inspiration for my projects! Only issue I have run into so far (and for me this is pretty major) is that the gallery could use some work. I would love to be able to create multiple galleries, one for each project I’m working on, so I can keep my inspirations separate and look at ones I group together all in one place. WOMBODream does exactly what it is meant to do. Absolutely love it and will continue to use these images as concept/inspiration art. If the devs are reading this, please please please add custom galleries!!


Thanks I hate it

So all it does is it takes words you put in, finds some semblance or concept using either the internet or some word and picture bank it has, and creates a new image. If you use it on your phone, it seems to only create phone screen size images, I haven’t figured out how to adjust the layout or anything.
It’s very abstract images. Do not type in “dog” and expect to get a cuddly image. I can’t see a way to feed an image into it.
But contrary to other reviews, you can save, share, etc the picture. Even without signing up. Just hit share and options should come up.
It seems to use my battery up something fierce though.
Otherwise… it’s neat! Kinda. It’s probably pretty cool for a free app, but applications are limited, I think. Still, you can make some stuff worth putting in your home. If you’re in to this sort of thing.


Incredible, that it

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to explain how amazing WOMBODream is. It bring digital art to a whole new level of breathtaking. As someone who has about zero artistic ability, this has quickly become my favorite way to see my ideas come together. I’m so lucky I found WOMBODream, it’s stunning. I can’t wait to see what new styles the developers come out with next! (If I could give this 6 stars I would because it’s just that good)

Just one suggestion, it would be great if there were a way to sort your “gallery.” Maybe with separate folders? It’s difficult trying to find a piece that I previously made, as I’ve made a ton and have to scroll for a bit.

Other than that is an awesome app and a super cool concept!


Love it! Super interesting and a potential tool.

I discovered WOMBODream by chance on a Twitter post, checked it out and was immediately sucked in. While I do not see myself as the “creator” of the resulting images, I see myself as a curator who types in prompts and selects the best generated image. I love that it’s possible to download the generated images, save them into a gallery, and even purchase physical copies of them. I will definitely use WOMBODream as a source of inspiration as an artist. Best free app I’ve downloaded in awhile!

The only current downsides include limited characters for image titles, not being able to change titles, and on the iPhone it can be a little hard to scroll through the gallery without accidentally selecting images.


Oh my god you need this

As a writer, I never knew or even fathomed about this type of app until I stumbled across it. Every piece of art is beautiful and unique and fantastic, stuffed full of genius ideas. I have no idea how people even created WOMBODream but whoever did is a genius.

WOMBODream being free is also absolutely amazing. For an app like this, I’d expect having to be able to pay a ton of money to get access to these features, which I wouldn’t have been able to pay. The only improvement I could even think of is possibly having a way to organize saved pictures so it’s easier to navigate them, but other than that, well done!!


Absolutely awesome! One feature would make it perfect!

I really wish there was a way to stop the generation, or get to choose from the images shown. Pretty often while generating the art, I’ll see an image in the frames shown that looks amazing and then it will iterate away from it giving a less good result. I often wish I could stop it when I see what I want, or have slides given at the end with the ‘in progress’ images shown as options to save.

This is a beautiful app, getting better every time and that single feature would be amazing. I’d easily pay 5$ for WOMBODream with that feature and maybe a few more adjustment options.

If you ever decide to make this “pro” version, I’ll be the first to buy it! Promise.


A really cool start

Really love WOMBODream and what it produces. I’m more inspired as than I have been all year because of WOMBODream. I enjoy it’s simplicity compared to the alternatives, however it’s bit too simple for anyone in my opinion. Much too simple for my use. At the very least it should give you an option for canvas shape and orientation. The next option I would add is too add some resolution options. After that I would love the ability to combine 2 or more photos with AI. I’d also love some sort of user upload-able style option. I have a ton of complex ideas beyond that, but I think those additions would be fair for a simple app like this.

Lastly, the terms of service are very unclear.
I would like to know what my usage rights are and what information is being collected clearly.


My new favorite thing

This is the very first time I’ve ever left a review on an app but I’m moved to do so. I’ve been using Dream for a few days now and am absolutely fascinated by it. I cannot stop generating images. It’s so much fun to see what kinda of psychedelic and abstract images is comes up with. I’ve been sharing it with everyone and everyone has the same reaction. Please keep it free and don’t get rid of any styles. Rather, just add more. I know once winter is over, the festive one will probably be replaced and that would be unfortunate.
Thanks for the hours of endless entertainment!!! This is just awesome.


Great concept but disappointing application.

While I will say that WOMBODream is amazing and produces some pretty cool and esthetically pleasing images, it falls short on the use thereof. It should be made very clear from the start that the output of the images, saving them to your phone, will be heavily branded and made such that using one of them for a wallpaper is not feasible. Once can order a print of what was produced for $45 and up, but I’m sorry, they are just not that good. I wouldn’t mind if there were a few that I could pay to produce all the wallpapers I want or print them myself, but I just don’t see using an image with their branding all over it. Hopefully this will change. I do understand the need and desire for income, I don’t fault them there, but I think this is a sad way to do it.


Amazing, or was before crashing

I'll change it to 5 stars if I starts working and I get my creations back. Seriously guys great job otherwise. Nothing else in WOMBODream store in this vein holds a candle. I tried more than 6. Especially in the last set of styles before Dali, WOMBODream would consistently generate some amazing art. (Did the number of iterations down?) Partner even ordered two of them and I spent hours on WOMBODream (having fun) trying to make a few pieces that I intended to order and hang. My check came in, hope 'my' art comes back. Being able to order the art is a great idea on your part, being able to make it tangible takes it to the next level and I'm sure helps with the $ too!


Super fun and amazing

Definitely better with scenery and landscapes than specific faces and objects, but it’s super amazing. I can get stuck messing with us for hours and I made some really pretty phone backgrounds. I haven’t yet found a limit on the number of pictures you can generate or save and I haven’t yet been asked to watch an ad. There is an option to buy your pictures as prints but it’s not shoved in your face. It’s just there if you want to do it I plan to give it a try. Will update if the prince thing is a scam but even if it is I would still use WOMBODream


Brilliant. Wish saving was slightly different.

I adore using this iPad app (and sometimes the site on my pic) as inspiration for my art. You can see that this AI program was made with love.
I really wish it would save its photos to a separate folder so I could have all its creations in one place rather than scattered throughout my photos. I currently keep that in order manually, but it would be a really cool addition to WOMBODream if we could control the save path!
Looking forward to working with these awesome dream creations more. Definitely keeping an eye on more by this developer!


Definitely Amazing- but could use more features

WOMBODream is very good at creating beautiful art the images aren’t very clear and are always somewhat abstract but I don’t really mind that
I do have a few suggestions I think would help WOMBODream improve

One is that I think you should be able to like others art and save them more like Pinterest or another form of social media

Second I believe you should be allowed to follow other creators on WOMBODream and access their galleries

Third I feel like it is a bit to simple I think when you click on an art piece you should be able to generate it yourself and it gets placed underneath the original as something like a “take” or put in a non original space similar to Picsart layout for edits

Overall WOMBODream is great!
I think it could use some more features to make it more of a form of social media but I definitely recommend it asides all that



It is very rare I leave a review on an app so that’s how you know how amazing WOMBODream is.
I became interested in the subject of AI art and looked for an app that creates it. After looking over some others they all required a subscription or payment. Then I came across WOMBODream…. No payment, No subscription, no trial period, YOU DONT EVEN NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT. It’s purely plug n play. It is an amazingly well designed app. It looks clean and feels smooth and does exactly what is says it does, create beautiful works of AI generated art. WOMBODream just amazing that’s all i can say.


I loved it. Til it stopped working.

I was using WOMBODream very happily on an almost daily basis for a while. Then I saw there was an update! So I updated it. And now it doesn’t work. Every time I open it, it takes me to the screen where I can type in my prompt, but then the various art style options don’t load, and then almost immediately before I can even start typing in a prompt, the whole thing crashes. Over and over I have tried. Crash, crashcrashcrash. I don’t know what’s wrong with this newest update or why it’s incompatible with my device, but it’s a bummer. I deleted WOMBODream . Maybe I’ll try again with some future version.


Unbelievable unforgettable mind blowing

I never write reviews, this is the best app since sliced bread. The art this creates is unbelievable and you will want to put everything it makes on your wall. The uses this will have in the future for those of us with no artistic ability but plenty of artistic ideas and imagination is endless. A game designer with no artistic skill could generate endless concept art on his phone. So many other uses not mentioned, well worth the time to download. Strong community lovely art!


This app is amazing. Please don’t ruin it.

Beautiful results, incredibly useful for artists looking for inspiration, DnD, or even for making quick mock-ups. The visual dream logic at play is really cool. It’s neat how this ai seems to imitate real thought, in the sense that a fuzzy idea becomes sharp as it pulls from past experience (image data). When a piece finishes, I can look at it and say that it feels about right to what the prompt is but I cannot express why because it really does operate on dream logic. Amazing.


Great!!!! except for one thing

I only downloaded about 2 hours ago, but I am already amazed, this has quickly become my favorite thing to do on my iPhone, I am so impressed that the photos really clearly coral are to what you type in the bar. I would suggest however that photos have the ability to be stored in WOMBODream and not only in my photos, that way they would be more easily accessible.


Amazing and Weirdly Addicting

Superb app where you can test your curiosity freely, as well as not having any ads or any type of pay to use type stuff. Could honestly just spend hours of my day on WOMBODream and be constantly entertained if I decided to. The only thing holding it back a bit is that the fantasy option only creates buildings or towns, but other than that I love it.


Better Than I Thought It Would Be

So far, I haven’t run into any payment methods or ads to create artwork. My review may change if I do, but not in regards to the quality of WOMBODream . The generation is quick and fairly accurate. I’d like to use some of them in my D&D campaigns. Honestly, especially for being free, I’d say it’s a 10/10. If I needed to pay, it might drop to a 9/10, but it’s still very good.



Friend recommended using this as a book cover art generator and I must say it’s pretty amazing. Fast, intuitive and none of the generated images look like some weird nightmare of jumbled garbage that other generators put together. The art is colorful and vibrant and usually gets your words depicted somewhere as long as you don’t over load it. And saves without watermarks!! Love it


Best thing ever

This is definitely the coolest program I’ve ever come across. Every picture is unique and absolutely gorgeous. There are 11 different styles, and even the same prompt will yield different images. 12/10 would definitely recommend.


Importing photos should be a must.

It’s clear that WOMBODream draws general “inspiration” from either images it finds on the web, or an internal library. It would be nice to be able to import your own photos to fulfill this purpose. Either in addition to the prompt, and/or in place of it. The photos it makes are stunning, I only wish I could personalize the context a little more.


Could use this for hours, just want more functionality.

WOMBODream is incredibly fascinating to use, and is absurdly powerful as an ideation tool. I deeply hope that there becomes a way to “scroll” through each step of the images generated, as some of those process shots are more desirable. I’d pay for that feature.



I love WOMBODream so much it’s so cool; I’ve been using it to get my creative juices flowing, all I do is put my concept into it and then the AI gives me inspiration…it’s so abstract that it stimulates your imagination and gives you ideas that you never would have gotten before… HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Fastest, most intuitive AI art generator

I can’t stop, I seriously might have a problem. WOMBODream makes it so much fun to make art through machine learning. I can’t wait until I can get more/expanded features and I would definitely pay for them.


Doesn’t work

I was super excited to use WOMBODream. My friends found it and everything they’ve created is super beautiful. I figured it’d be the perfect distraction, a way to escape... but no. I’m using an apple iPad 7th generation (because my phone doesn’t have iOS 14) and the text goes up off screen, even if I hit the enlarge button. I assume the text is telling me how to continue, because I can’t continue onto the next screen, either. Please fix this so I can use WOMBODream.


i never leave reviews but this one’s so good

genuinely so much fun. the art styles are pretty varied and all interesting, and just about everything comes out looking incredibly pretty. you can “publish” them to keep them on WOMBODream instead of in your photos, download with or without border, and share directly from WOMBODream , so i’ve had no issues with the technical parts either. it’s fast, has lots of options, and the products are so clean looking despite being nonsense ai pictures. great app please keep it up


Technical brilliance

WOMBODream really shows off the potential of learning algorithms and the incredible accuracy modern programs can have. The art created here still follows traditional rules but interprets words from a new perspective, try it out.

Randy Gerritse   5 months ago

Avoid this app like the plague. Their customer service is the absolute worst. Their app kept crashing, resulting in me suddenly having a second paid, overlapping subscription. After several weeks of running into a brick wall at customer support, they flatout refused to reimburse me, or even to merge the two subscriptions. Zero stars.

Snappy   7 months ago

Absolutely disgusted that after paying for an annual subscription back in December 2022 that I find I cannot now access the app unless I pay the new extortionate subscription renewal when I still have another 4 months left before my original subscription. Someone else also purchased the app in June 2023 and also locked out until they pay the new subscription. This is a huge ripoff, taking peoples money and cancelling their services. An absolute disgrace. You should have honoured your subscribers who would have been more likely to pay the new subscription fee when properly due but you have ruined that and all trust. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. YOU'LL BE LOCKED OUT BEFORE SUBSCRIPTION ENDS AND ASKED TO PAY 10 TIMES THE ORIGINAL PRICE.

Wolfman   10 months ago

I hate the idea that because it's "free" (nothing's free on the internet, we have to cough up cash to our ISP at least once a month, but I digress) that it gets a FREE pass for being junk. It has a limited vocabulary, it only for example understands "nails" to mean fingernails. So a hammer and a nail or a box of nails results in, you guessed it, fingernails with a hammer or in a box. Here's the worst part, it has a ridiculously inconsistent overzealous porn filter. The most innocent things get that stupid "generation failed due to NSFW content" error box, yet I've managed to create actual porn just by misspelling certain words. It's like a ridiculously strict censor who bans you from participating because you said "underwear" or "fart" once but it allows you to sneak in drugs and porn as long as the labels on them are misspelled. I'd like to be able to create art on here without constantly getting told that the innocent thing I want to create is pornography. Here's an example. Whenever you ask it to create a person, it's always a person of color, nothing against POC but it's not realistic that every person is a POC and not every couple is interracial. If you add something like Swedish or German or any kind of European ethnicity, it's labeled porn, even if it's something as innocent as "Swedish woman and Italian man out on a date". Somehow that's porn. But if I said "Swedish woman and African-American man out on a date" that's okay. "German man ordering a hamburger on the moon" gets called porn yet "African-American man ordering a hamburger on the moon" is okay. It also treats POC badly too. "successful African-American university students graduating from college" gets labeled as porn, so I don't think it's just anti-white. Yet mash words together and misspell profanity and genitals and you can see it make art of a dog licking a bare breast just fine. I only use it because I don't have to cough up cash I don't have. It's like YouTube, another shitty platform owned by Google.

Marja Myllyniemi   1 year ago

Much problems, love this app but tired of beeing logged out from premium, paid latest yesterday and still no premium. If this continues I look for something else. 129 Swedish crowns is much for an app that doesn't work.

Anaheim Scott   1 year ago

Dream sucks ass nowadays. It was once a fantastic app and then it got much better. But they have recently began tweaking the NSFW filter to be more and more and more strict. Now you can’t even generate an image of a fully clothed woman before it sends you an error. It’s totally fucking lame as fuck. Your best choice is not Dream. I recommend Wonder. Or just get a really good computer and install the authentic stable diffusion so you won’t have all the filters stopping the art from being created. That is your best choice. It isn’t Dream. That’s a thing of the past.

Y_theArtist   1 year ago

I am hooked! Once you learn how to overly and regenerate from the most detailed prompt results…you will find the results to be astonishing!! I am addicted!

James   1 year ago

No way to track printed image. The app to track is called shop. This app wants more money to show you where your art is. It is very suspicious. I doubt I will see mine, it’s been weeks.

Anon   1 year ago

You want the truth or read fake reviews? Get Wonder AI Or AI Picasso They're much better, believe me! Wombo Dream is laggy, hardly ever finished generating an image.. one just sits there looking at the spinner! Feel sorry for Free users, because Wombo Dream became Greedy. Like most apps that are on the way downhill. They load up w/non stop ads every 5 secs and hide dark mode behind a pay wall! Premium does not get better w/ lagging either! And there is a ridiculous low character character limit of 120 to 200 where most don't have limits at all.. So, you decide, that's if you even want to deal w/the blinding white screen and the ad mess!

Anon   1 year ago

You Want The REAL truth? Lowered my rating from 5 stars to 1 on the Wombo Dream App. Bad App & Horrifying experience! My main grievance is the server it invites you to:"Womboverse".They treat their subscribers whether they are Premium or not like garbage &/or like 5yr olds by allowing a psychotic moderator bully named "Buns" to run the show! No fooling! Subscribers are actually afraid to be there at times while paying for their subscriptions! So enter at your own risk! As far as the App, it's extremely laggy w/no fixes. Premium or not! Images do not finish generating, you just sit and watch the spinner! (Recent experience w/ the pricey Premium, shows their greed) And feel sorry for Free Users, because they can't escape the intrusive, sometimes NSFW ads every 5 secs! They also became so greedy they hid Dark Mode behind a Pay wall! It's 2022! Now that's the truth! Uninstalled!!

Katie   1 year ago

Was a Premium subscriber to this app & Wombot Stable Diffusion at "Womboverse" Discord invite link & I along w/many others were treated like garbage by a psychotic moderator bully named "Buns"! I'm still recovering from the PTSD and not alone! Besides, one can use Stable Diffusion's link right from their Discord server for free. This app is not at all what it used to be either. Forever stalling w/no fixes.Paid/not. How greedy! Along w/the fact they don't give a crap for their paying subscribers! They have a LOT to learn as adults running a business.. Adults that is, not power hungry money mongers allowing just anyone to bully paying subscribers for fun like a 12 year old with no allowance for the subscribers to defend themselves against it, it's like a ridiculous terrifying schoolyard game! Dealing with paying subscribers and themselves should hold simple mutual respect which goes a long way! Or at least take some tips and watch YouTube hosts on how they support their subscribers, even towards those that don't offer payment subscriptions on their Patreon! Horrible! Uninstalled!

sav   1 year ago

I downloaded this app a week ago to make a cute wallpaper for my phone. Since then, I have been unable to create the button just stays faded out

Is WOMBO Dream Safe?

Yes. WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 141,343 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WOMBO Dream Is 65.4/100.

Is WOMBO Dream Legit?

Yes. WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 141,343 WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WOMBO Dream Is 79.8/100..

Is WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator not working?

WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Yearly Subscription $85.60

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