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Published by on 2024-01-16

About: Join more than 15 million Pixelcut creators! The Pixelcut photo editor and
graphic designer helps you create stunning images in seconds. Pixelcut is an
all-in-one editor that uses AI to help you create images with ease.

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Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

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Developer: Circular, LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Pixelcut AI Photo Editor Website

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Developer: Image&Video Studio

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Image&Video Studio Website

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Reported Issues: 25 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Saina

3 months ago

2 days ago I signed up for a free trial and cancel on the same day. Today they were charged for one year and took 499:- kr from my bank account!!!! Who is responsible for this problem?? it is absolutely fraud! Give my money back otherwise I will report it!

By holly

9 months ago

Please refund my money or I am filing fraudulent charges.

By Destiny Carr

1 year ago

I was charged $59.99 for not using your app

By Holly

1 year ago

I canceled this subscription and they still charged me for 1 year - over 90$ Canadian. Please help me get a refund.

By Shawn Jackson

1 year ago

What happened to my cutouts/projects? They disappeared before my free trial ended January 16, 2023. Why?

By Sandile Ngiba

1 year ago

Good Day, I was fraudulent charged, I need my money back Kind Regards Sandile Ngiba

By Deb Gerber

1 year ago

I signed up for free trial Canceled same day Was charged for a year how do you get refund ? Do we contact BBB?

By Nicole

1 year ago

Hi, I want your app, I downloaded it and got the free trial and thought I was gonna be charged a months worth of the subscription, instead I was charged a whole year. How can this be fixed?

By Nicole

1 year ago

Hi, I want your app, I downloaded it and got the free trial and thought I was gonna be charged a months worth of the subscription, instead I was charged a whole year. How can this be fixed?

By Quadriyah Spence

1 year ago

I was charged for your app, which I don't need. Please refund me my 59.99, I downloaded you app not knowing I was signing up for a subscription. Please refund me! I'm very upset. :(

By Quadriyah Spence

1 year ago

I was charged for your app, which I don't need. Please refund me my 59.99, I downloaded you app not knowing I was signing up for a subscription. Please refund me! I'm very upset. :(

By Renell

1 year ago

Please refund my subscription. It said I could do a four day free trial and then immediately charged my account

By Rakshana

1 year ago

I have subscribed by mistake and now the money has been debited. Could you kindly help me out. I don’t want the subscription. Thank you.

By Samridhi Kabra

2 years ago

Forgot to unsubscribe the app and want a refund for the same.

By Marily Hernandez

2 years ago

Hello, Can you help me please , i have a problem with the refund of the APP PIXELCUT, I have the authorization email from you for the refund, but I would like to know if they will do it in 30 days or in these days. They told me to contact Apple, but I don't have the contact. Please thank you for your kind and prompt response.

By Imran Ahmad

2 years ago

Hello ,I mistakenly clicked at yearly purchase plan ,I been charged $65 ,my account is over draw ,I want my money back plz refund my money

By Amada

2 years ago

The app no longer removes background to make it transparent and I paid for the subscription expecting that feature. I need a refund, thanks in advance.

By Roda

2 years ago

I downloaded the app but i did not use it I thought it was for free until I realized it’s paid Please i will ask for a refund

By Beth Malbon

2 years ago

I clicked on the monthly subscription and I was charged $59-! I’m not happy. I want a refund!

By Goran

2 years ago

I have a business that has multiple devices that require your app. I need information regarding costs of subscription, per device, any restrictions. I’ve currently got a 1 month subscription on 1 device, that I’m evaluating and want to rollout to upto 10 devices.

By Marceline wamban

2 years ago

Kindly refund 229 aed pixelcut deducted from my account. I’m not interested in your app. Thank you.

By Robin white

2 years ago

Worked great in the free trial. Now that I purchased pro version it wont fully delete background or change to any of the options offered. I only get black checkers on every try!

By instablows

Pixelcut into your finances in a shady way

I give one star because of shady business practices . They make you choose a subscription package by highlighting the “click here for a 3 day free trial!!!” Which obviously will lead to you being billed if you don’t cancel it , but instead of it renewing for a week , or a month or bi monthly or quarterly , nope they sign you up for a year and take. $60 from you. Becsuse why would you only want to keep them monthly you obviously don’t need $60 but you need a year of Pixelcut. Just shady greedy not customer first approach to running a business . A quick money grab and most apps are irrelevant after a year anyway so they have your money and don’t care if you renew with them . So yea don’t give them your money they’ve stolen enough off of people already

By Tim Turnip

Be mindful of time of day when opting for free trial

I opted for the free three-day trial period. It's not really three days. It was late Sunday evening when I subscribed, an unexpected family thing came up and was unable to really experiment with the app until this morning, Wednesday, at 6:30 AM. And wouldn't you know, my trial period has expired. It seems like three days would be Wednesday evening same time I subscribed Sunday evening...nope. I'm pretty sure this app would be just what I'm looking for, but that's pretty shady. Sixty dollars is no small change. And if you opt for the 10 dollar monthly fee, you can't go back and get 50 percent off the yearly subscription price should you decide it's right for you; pretty bummed as three days is a really short trial as it is.

By charexile

From impressive to laughably bad

When I downloaded this app I was impressed at the speed and accuracy at which it removed the backgrounds, even when done in batches of 6. Great app, A+, totally worth the 10 bucks a month. They’ve since released a couple updates, and it is now hilariously broken. Most times uploading a batch of 6 will cause the app to completely crash. The times it doesn’t crash, it will either tell you it couldn’t remove the backgrounds and to try again (for the same message over and over) or it will remove some and leave other photos untouched. The only way I’ve found around this issue is to do the photos one by one, and even then it’s not as accurate as it used to be. I’ve seen nothing from the developers as to why it was changed from awesome to terrible, or when a fix is coming. But yeah keep billing us all 10 bucks a month. The worst part is it worked perfectly and then was destroyed with updates for no reason whatsoever.

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