ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Reviews

ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-13

ScreenKit app is the #1 choice to customize your iPhone homescreen with
aesthetic themes, icons & widgets! It helps make your app icons, backgrounds &
widgets look aesthetic AF! With over 3 Million users raving about ScreenKit &
10,000+ 5 star reviews, our trendy app icon kits and widget...

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ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Reviews: 20 Reviews



When I downloaded this app, I was SUPER excited! It always takes so much time doing it without an app, so I downloaded this. At first it was really working well. I paid the $10 and I was doing the Christmas and fall ones. Then my phone started acting REALLY weird. It would have a black loading screen randomly and that bothered me a lot. And then it would go to my lock screen but not require a password just use face id. It started to get really really annoying so I told my mom about it. She said it would be fine just try powering it off and back on. That didn’t work. Then one night I woke up to it doing it OVER AND OVER. The charging noise was on and off on and off. So I powered it off and on and it stopped. I woke up the next day and my phone was completely out of control. It was adjusting the screen brightness and it was frozen. Then it wouldn’t turn on. After it did it was super super slow and hard to operate. It would turn off randomly and not turn back on for a few minutes. I was super stressed out bc i thought my phone was broken. Then eventually it turned on (it was still freezing randomly and being really slow) but i was able to delete the bookmarks(app icons) and delete the app. It was super stressful but my phone is now working again and I just wanted to warn anyone who was thinking of downloading this. I was surprised none of the other reviews said anything like this! Please listen and learn from my mistakes!!!


Great app!

I really do enjoy this app, I always constantly change my iPhone backgrounds, which is way cheaper than just buying a new phone to feel a new change, and this app has just about every background for every season or mood that relates to you one day verses the next. I do have some minor complaints- I mean I get they have shortcuts in able to make your screen look fresh and new, but I don’t like the shortcut pop up that happens every time I open an app & I did have an issue recently where i purchased the app and it wanted me to continue to purchase the kits , but the customer service was so fast to answer all my questions and assured me that a new update would fix that. When you have good customer service, you have a great product so I definitely recommend this app and I’m excited to see what new thing you update in the new year.


Their app keeps opening when you click on icon

I probably wouldn’t have minded if the app opened and then redirected to the intended app. However, when you have split screen on your iPad and you’re trying to go back to the app later while it’s still on split screen, you will not be able to go back to it again. The reason being is because the Screenkit app will first direct to their app once you try to open your split screen app and will redirect you to open another safari window. So you won’t be able to complete the work you were previously doing on your split screen. This is an issue for anyone working and did not save their work. You would end up losing your progress. I had to delete the app to prevent it from redirecting. I found it not user friendly as I use split screen all the time. I requested a refund. Honestly, the app is only good for those who are not savvy with creating their own icons on a free app like Canva. The designs were okay. I felt like I can create better designs on the Canva app. I still had to download some of the icons on my own and even then, they didn’t have all the apps I usually have on my home page. So I would still need to use Canva to create my own app icons anyways. This was a no for me. Glad I was able to still get a refund when I ended up purchasing their full version thinking I’d get more out of it. It was worth a try.



I was searching for a app that did this type of thing. I was very excited when I got the app because I thought I could actually make my device look cooler. There was a lot of different things to choose from and they all looked cool. I had downloaded other apps that were supposed to do the same thing but deleted after I found out they could only be used by paying. When I pressed one I really liked, it told me to pay. I immediately exited and searched for another one. I hoped this wouldn’t happen. I kept looking for one that didn’t cost money but they all did. It’s ridiculous! I should’ve read the reviews before I downloaded this app, because after I exited the app to read the reviews, others had the same problem. I read several reviews saying that it was expensive, didn’t deserve to cost money, etc. The fact that this game isn’t even useable without paying is rude, greedy, and annoying. It’s disrespectful to the people who downloaded your game just to find out it costs money. It’s just a app where you make your device look cooler. It isn’t worth it! No offence, I am not trying to be rude, but it’s disrespectful to do this to people. If there is anything on this app that is free let me know because I haven’t found anything free yet, even though I have been searching for a long time. If the developer sees this, please take my review seriously. I had hope in your app and you dissatisfied me. Please fix this!


Super clunky and doesn’t really work

I purchased the premium subscription because it wouldn’t allow me to try any of the themes without purchasing. I would let me use the widgets for free, but that’s not why I got the app to begin with. I wanted the custom app icons. So first off, the instructions were pretty confusing. But even after I figured out how to use it it took FOREVER because youHave to install each individual app icon. There is no way that I could find to just have it automatically replace all of the old up icons with the “bookmark icon” things. Then, after I finally got them all installed and somewhat organized for some reason the “bookmark“ wouldn’t open the app that I associated with it. So I would click on the TikTok app and instead of opening TikTok it would open my maps. And so would like 4 other of the custom app icons. But some of them would work. So I REDID IT AGAIN. It did the same thing. Redid it a 3rd time, and it worked! I tested each one and they all opened the correct app. But then 2 days later, today, it’s not working again - opening the wrong app. Overall, I love the concept, but it just doesn’t work how it needs to work. One last thing, they don’t have very many app icons for things like your bank app and various others so you have to upload your own and that’s a whole process in and of itself. I’m going to try getting a refund. If the technology improves I’ll try again in a year or so.


Should’ve read the reviews

I’ve been looking for an app I can use that can customize the app icons on my phone because I get bored of the same thing every day so I started looking for apps that can do this and I found this one. I got really excited, made my account, and started searching for some themes and I found one that had pixilated icons and old computer pop up widgets I really liked this one and went to download it but then I realized my mistake. I mistakenly thought the FREE App would let me use it (at least just a little bit) for FREE however to my surprise in order to use it I’d have to pay for a membership and I don’t have a lot of money so I’m not going to spend it on a subscription to an app just to make my phone look cooler... My suggestion would to be charge for the app itself when getting it instead of having the person get the app make an account and then tell them they can’t use it without paying for the app they thought they’d be able to use for free. It’s not just this app ether every app like this I’ve looked at so far has been free however when I got it I wouldn’t be able to use it without paying for a subscription with money i don’t have.



I give this 3 stars for a reason: themes are amazing! The designs are so cool and you can find a design for almost anything, and lots of the themes have multiple versions, which is really cool! So the idea of the app and it’s designs are the good parts. But there needs to be so MAJOR updates! Whenever you go to download the icons, if you don’t close out all of the tabs that it opens on Safari, or whatever Internet app your device has (I have an iPhone, so I have safari) The app will immediately crash and will continue to do so every time you open it. So I have to clear out all of the download tabs and close out the app, so it’s a lot of going back and forth between opening and closing the app. The other updates needs to be to get rid of the way you download the icons, as I talked about before. For $10 and for all it promises, we should be able to just download the icons immediately, without all of these additional steps. And it’s annoying that whatever icons you download always opens this app up before opening the app you’re trying to get to. It’s easier to just get the design saved as a photo and making a shortcut app, that way the app gets opened immediately. So, this app is a 50/50 for me.


Don’t download it..

This app may seem cool but once you actually download it and open it all the wallpaper and icons cost money. AFTER downloading it and BUYING😓 the premium for the app, I check the reviews and learned it used to be a subscription, when I bought it, it said that it was a one time purchase. So I paid the $10, right? Hoping that all I had to do was simply press a button or two and that everything would be “set” or downloaded onto my iPhone automatically.. But NOPE I still have to manually install all of them. And for apps like Facebook or instagram, it says we have to follow them (I believe they want us to follow the creators of ScreenKit (This app). I’m just sitting there, confused as to why I have to follow them just for an icon. In the end I don’t do it, you might think that was lazy of me, but you shouldn’t have to go through that just to get ONE simply icon. So, I deleted it. But a while later, reinstalled it, hoping everything was fixed. and guess what… NOPE still the same. Something even popped up saying I had to make another purchase, it was something for 2.99. I thought premium was all I had to buy right? I guess not, anyway, I ended up not buying it. This app isn’t good at all, but I have to give credit where it is deserved?? I guess?? I command this app for its display, and how easily it fools someone. 1 star 😀


Please Read This Review So You Don’t Waste Your Money!!

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people do the whole “aesthetic home screen” thing and I thought I would try it. This app seemed reasonable enough, and I even paid the $10 because I thought it had a lot of themes so it sounded ok to me. But you have to individually change each icon which I spent about two hours doing, only to find out that a lot of the icons I connected to specific apps (like the Snapchat icon to the Snapchat app) would be connected to other apps (like the Snapchat icon opening the Notes app). I would go back and fix it, just to find another one that was previously correct now opening the wrong app. I went in circles for about ten minutes redoing them and no matter how many times I tried it they kept getting switched up. Very very disappointing! I’ll be asking Apple for a refund! Definitely not worth the time it takes just for it to not function properly. Also worth mentioning, about halfway through my phone started glitching where it would restart, I’d put my password in, and it would show up my home screen and then immediately restart again. I finally got it to stop after turning my phone off then on again, and it hasn’t done it since. But I know it was the app making it do that. Like I said, not worth it!


Read this and don’t buy it!

Guys I really like this app and the cute wallpapers and apps but you have to pay abt 10-20 dollars to buy 1 Home Screen and its monthly that you have to pay for this it’s not just a 1 time thing. I downloaded it and my iPad got so glitchy the only thing you can do with it was look at it. There was no purpose in it anymore so if you want it then don’t keep it for long or else you will have to buy and new iPad or phone. My parents kept telling me to keep restarting it or maybe it’s not charged but I tried everything but nothing worked. I don’t recommend this app. It’s overpriced glitching and you have to pay monthly. It’s ok if after reading this you still want it but I’m giving you a warning now that if you have a laptop then it might get a virus or you might have to buy a new electronic. My parents were so mad at me because I just had gotten the I just don’t really recommend this app if you are looking for a wallpaper app I would just recommend that you go on chrome or safari or what ever you use to search things up because trust me this app isn’t the greatest app I’ve seen. Have a nice day and thank you for taking your time out of your day to read this! 😊😊😊


DO NOT BUY OR DOWNLOAD! You will get a virus!

I am extremely dissatisfied with this app and what is has done to me. I was so excited to get my phone looking pretty and aesthetic. I purchased the $10 because it wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING without purchasing. The entire app is basically just just an ad and you can’t do anything but look unless you pay up. So that’s what I did… until my phone is now messed up. I started downloading the icons, not to mention has to be done individually, and after about 10 apps were downloaded I couldn’t stay on my Home Screen for 10 seconds before my phone would just off and back on. I would delete an icon from this app, phone shuts off, delete another, phone shuts off, and continue to do this until I got rid of everything. My phone is functioning a little better now that it’s all been removed, but it’s still not the same. I’m pretty sure this app has given my phone a virus and if this is the case, I am demanding a refund and requesting that the creators send me a new phone for this unsatisfactory app. I am very disappointed. Do not waste your time or money!!!!!!! I’m surprised my phone hasn’t shut off before finishing this review.


Great! Suggestion tho-

I don’t normally write reviews so ya know this is legit. Read if you want the truth from my perspective. So I downloaded the app and I couldn’t use ANY of the backgrounds so I was forced to pay $10, which I think is a bit excessive. Maybe like $5 would be reasonable. Anyways, I paid my $10 cause I was desperate. I downloaded all of the things and in about an hour or so I had my phone completely changed and I loved it so much. The only thing that bothered me was when I added the icon to my screen via the app, it would open a blank tab, then the app I clicked on would open. So instead I took screenshots of the up close icon and changed it through shortcuts. (Which by the way, you can’t take screenshots if you don’t pay for it, trust me it doesn’t work only cause when you try to resize the picture it won’t work I dont know how to explain it.) Anyways, I clicked on another theme and it did give me access to download the photos and whatnot. So the “only pay $10 once, no subscription” thing works with all of the themes as far as I know. I’ve only used one theme so far and only had this app for a few days so yeah. The only thing I suggest is adding a search bar because it’s a pain scrolling through the themes. Also, another far fetched idea is maybe people could make their own theme and add it to the app? So it’s not just the same things the app came with.


This app isnt very great

(READ THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO PURCHASE THIS APP) Hello. So i have been decorating my phone with shortcuts and pics off of safari and then i found this app! It would be easier just to choose a theme and it automatically change your phone instead of doing every app icon which takes like a lot of time by the way. So i downloaded the app and it had me choose themes i liked and different things i was interested in so i could find backgrounds i enjoyed. so i found one i liked and took out the apps and added the apps i wanted. same with widgets. But when i tried to save it to my phone it said i had to purchase premium. so i thought it was probably bc i added things and i had to have premium to do that so i just chose a different background without editing it so i wouldnt have to purchase premium. but it still said i had to buy it. i tried this with various themes and backgrounds but you cant do it unless you pay for it. so yea i mean this app is nice but its just stupid that you have to pay for every single thing.


please don’t download! this is a scam :’)

okay so I was scrolling in the App Store and I found this. It looked pretty cool so I tried it. I payed the 10 dollars and then I didn’t get anything out of it. So I deleted the app and made a refund. The next day my iPad was acting weird. My screen randomly went black and locking out of nowhere. It was annoying but I thought it was just my iPad being old. The next day it was getting worst. My lock and Home Screen went back to the default. I thought that was pretty strange because no one uses this device except me. Then I went to safari to search “why is my iPad screen turning black and freezing” but when I got into safari there were tabs with scam links there. I was starting to get very scared. At that time I noticed that I still had this app installed so I tried to delete it but it wouldn’t. I got off my device for 2 days and tried it again. It worked that time. Please don’t get this app, I don’t want anyone else running into this problem. Btw if you are wondering how this app has a lot of good reviews, I’m pretty sure the people behind this made fake reviews :/


Experience without paying

I am really into making my phone aesthetic, so I found this app and thought it looked really good. I downloaded it, and lo and behold, it looks awesome. Looks. Without paying $10, you really can’t do anything. You can browse for inspiration, but that’s about it. I can’t even manually install everything via Siri Shortcuts, because I don’t have the paid version to even give me that option. If you’re willing to pay $10 though, it seems really cool and the automatic install feature looks really awesome. At some point, I may end up purchasing the full version, but certainly not right now. I do have a suggestion though, can you add a search bar? I was looking for a summer theme and had to scroll and scroll and I ended up settling on a summer-y-ish one, but it would be great if you could search for those sort of things. Overall, it seems like an awesome app if you’re willing to pay $10. If not, you can’t do anything but look for inspiration.


Premium? 😬

I purchased premium a few hours ago because I thought the icons and widgets were cute. I added some of the icons on my Home Screen and I realized that the images and icons were somewhat blurry… for $9.99 I’d hope that your icons look at the very least a bit more crisp than some of them do now :( tbh it looks like I stole icons/photos from Pinterest because it’s got a pixelated texture to it. (It’s not uncommon to find low quality versions of icons that people are promoting on Pinterest for purchase… so that those people can then get the high quality versions of said icons). When I would put an icon from this app beside another app that has its original icon, you can see the difference in quality. Usually I wouldn’t do this, but I’ve submitted a request to apple for a refund that I’ll hopefully receive. (If not, well it didn’t hurt to make an attempt 💀). Could’ve used my $9.99 on my Apple Music subscription instead 🤷🏻‍♀️🤠 UPDATE aug 9th 2021 — I ended up getting refunded after explaining the situation to Apple. Highly recommend others do the same!


Not Worth $10

I was considering paying for this app, but as of now I will not. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve heard there are free app cover things to customize your Home Screen. And there are free widgets and wallpapers as well. A phone case is not even $10. I think a better price would be $0.99-$5.50. I personally don’t think I would buy this app for more than $5.00. Please at least be upright with the fact you have to pay. Because I am not the only one who is upset about this. I think this could be one of the most popular apps if it is upright about the payment and is just a little bit cheaper. Because I was genuinely kind of sad. And since this app is targeting people 11-16 years old a big price is unreasonable. Cause I am a preteen with no allowance, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy this app. I don’t even know if this app actually works yet, so I would not pay $10, especially sense I have gotten scammed before. PLEASE make this app cheaper because then I would definitely make a new review with my opinion after actually using the app.


I wish I could rate 5 stars

I wish I could rate this app 5 stars but I have to rate 4 only because when I have a calendar widget it shows the week starts at Sunday but once I set it on my phone it comes out as Monday I checked my calendar app and it’s set up as Sunday and when the temperature icon is up it comes up as Celcius when I have it set up as Fahrenheit also sometimes it has this thing where my backgrounds on the widgets disappear all of a sudden and the time shows as military time not that I can’t read it but still I prefer reading it as I’m used to…it had lots of ideas and I wish they had an easier way to install the app but it’s not too bad it does make it easier to design my own icons if I need to


Do not download! Extremely glitchy.

I’d give 5 stars if it weren’t for the horrible glitches. I’m so upset I paid $10 for this. Many times when I tap an app icon to open it, it’ll glitch and open 10 different apps all at once - none of them the one I want. Then I’ll go back to the Home Screen and tap the icon again; it does the same thing usually 1 to 3 more times. This is unbearable at times, especially when I need to make a call, send a message or use GPS. It takes a couple minutes sometimes to open an app. The chances of this happening is 1 in 5, which is A LOT. Other times it’ll open the app I chose, but my screen will go black for a few seconds and when it comes back on it shows my Lock Screen. This, as well, will happen multiple times in a row when I continue trying to open that specific app. Sometimes my screen will go black for a long time and I’m afraid one day it won’t turn back on. Another annoying thing is that each time you open an app, it opens a “shortcut” tab first and then opens the app. So it opens 2 windows every single time. Which I’m sure makes the phone run slow. I’m constantly force-closing dozens of windows on my Home Screen. I’ve used this app for a few months now. It has nice themes and is fairly simple to setup once you get the hang of it. It’s a shame the creators haven’t fixed these glitches; there are so many other widget apps available that don’t have these issues.


DONT PAY - Do it yourself

I thought this app would make it easy to set up a pretty, aesthetically pleasing display but the user is still doing most of the work. I downloaded the app and looked around first but you have to pay $10 in order to use any of the images (not too much) so I paid. Once I paid I thought it would be just a simple click to auto-upload all the apps but it’s not. The few app displays that can be changed automatically have to be done one at a time and most of the apps must be manually changed. Also, even if you pay the $10 the ads won’t stop popping up which is kind of a given in apps but especially something like this where you are trying to focus and don’t need extra pop ups taking up the screen. All in all, you’re paying $10 to have pretty pictures gathered in one spot but you could just Google them for free since you have to do everything else anyway.

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Is ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Safe?

No. ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 55,395 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Is 13.5/100.

Is ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Legit?

No. ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 55,395 ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Is 13.5/100.

Is ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets not working?

ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Riley Businelle
Apr 04 2022

Is there anyway that I can do all of the icon replacements in-app instead of manual? It would make it a lot easier!🖤

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