ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Reviews

ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-24

ScreenKit app is the #1 choice to customize your iPhone homescreen with
aesthetic themes, icons & widgets! It helps make your app icons, backgrounds &
widgets look aesthetic AF! With over 3 Million users raving about ScreenKit &
10,000+ 5 star reviews, our trendy app icon kits and widget...

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ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Reviews

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    Great app!

    I really do enjoy this app, I always constantly change my iPhone backgrounds, which is way cheaper than just buying a new phone to feel a new change, and this app has just about every background for every season or mood that relates to you one day verses the next. I do have some minor complaints- I mean I get they have shortcuts in able to make your screen look fresh and new, but I don’t like the shortcut pop up that happens every time I open an app & I did have an issue recently where i purchased the app and it wanted me to continue to purchase the kits , but the customer service was so fast to answer all my questions and assured me that a new update would fix that. When you have good customer service, you have a great product so I definitely recommend this app and I’m excited to see what new thing you update in the new year.

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    Super clunky and doesn’t really work

    I purchased the premium subscription because it wouldn’t allow me to try any of the themes without purchasing. I would let me use the widgets for free, but that’s not why I got the app to begin with. I wanted the custom app icons. So first off, the instructions were pretty confusing. But even after I figured out how to use it it took FOREVER because youHave to install each individual app icon. There is no way that I could find to just have it automatically replace all of the old up icons with the “bookmark icon” things. Then, after I finally got them all installed and somewhat organized for some reason the “bookmark“ wouldn’t open the app that I associated with it. So I would click on the TikTok app and instead of opening TikTok it would open my maps. And so would like 4 other of the custom app icons. But some of them would work. So I REDID IT AGAIN. It did the same thing. Redid it a 3rd time, and it worked! I tested each one and they all opened the correct app. But then 2 days later, today, it’s not working again - opening the wrong app. Overall, I love the concept, but it just doesn’t work how it needs to work. One last thing, they don’t have very many app icons for things like your bank app and various others so you have to upload your own and that’s a whole process in and of itself. I’m going to try getting a refund. If the technology improves I’ll try again in a year or so.

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    Great app needs a few improvements

    I love this app! I wouldn’t have spent my money on it but I had an iTunes gift card. A few things I would suggest to add are as follows: 1. Search bar. You can type in a color or aesthetic and themes that fit your text will come up. Will be very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for 2. Able to save themes. If there was an option to create an account and save the themes you like for future use. 3. More themes! This one is self explanatory. Just having more themes in general. It seems themes are added very infrequently. 4. Adding more popular themes. They added among us themes when that started blowing up. Adding ones that are popular at the time. I would personally love a BTS theme or other artists. 5. Being able to add your own theme and then it get showcased to everyone that uses the app. You can submit your own theme and others can use it! 6. Make all themes have the easy install option. I hate the ones that open up safari first. So instead I have to screenshot the photo and create the shortcut myself. I think those would make the app even better! Customer service is great!

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    Fun and Cute but

    I think this app is great and the idea it great! I found so many themes I would try out if I didn’t have to pay $10 for it. I think that’s way too much, phone cases aren’t even $10. I think charging for changing the pictures on your apps (which anyone could do for free) isn’t a good idea. This app is maybe great for inspiration but I wouldn’t pay $10 to change my phone background. I think $3-$5 should be paid if that person changes their background MORE THAN 3 times. The first few options you have should be absolutely free and I think you should be able to change and move whatever widget icons you want without charge. There are ways to earn money off free apps, but not giving your customers even a chance to try your product without paying first.... I just think it’s too much. Thank you!

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    Super Great App!

    I really really love this app! Because you can click on any one you want and then you can save a wallpaper you like. ScreenKit, This is really nice and beautiful because the way your widgets are and guess what? Thank you for this app on app store! Also, I liked some of your themes. Also, I never knew this existed. This is really fun and the best part is that you can add widgets! Cause you can pick any kind you want! And I rate this a 5 because this makes me feel great and happy. I bet this took a long time to build all of this stuff didn’t it? Maybe it didn’t took so long. But anyways... Thank you for making this a great app! Sorry if I made this review bad. Also, Sorry if this looks like a short review. I tried my best to keep it long.

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    ScreenKit is amazing but I just can’t figure out why every time I try to go on safari to look some thing up I can’t when needed to because it sends me to when I last opened ScreenKit and tried to download one of the icons but overall I love the app and I’m glad I found I’d because my regular Widgets were bland and not what I really wanted them to look like but I hope you fix the problem and maybe I’ll change the four star to a five star!!!

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    For $10 I’m not very impressed

    I purchased this app in hopes of customizing my phone and went ahead and spent the $9.99. Well, almost every theme I’ve tried has had an issue with changing/downloading the icons. “Can’t connect to server” in safari in order to add to home screen, and it’s really frustrating. Also, not all packs have the same amount of icons, so when I find one with a lot to customize, I push the plus button, and can’t change like half of my home screen icons for some reason because they don’t show up as an option. Really cute themes (if they worked), but for $10 it’s not worth it. I looked at other apps before I bought it and decided on this one and now I’m wishing I would have invested in a different one.

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    I thought this app would be super cool, and for the most part, free to use. But I was very disappointed when I realized that legit everything costs money! There are like four sets that I can use, and that’s it! WOULD NOT recommend this app unless you want to spend money on images that you could just look up. The app does not even put the icons on your Home Screen, it just gives you images. Only the most basic and boring sets are free, and you can only use the rest if you purchase a 50 DOLLAR subscription. I could honestly do better myself just googleing images. This was a complete waste of time and effort. It would be better if the just made the app itself cost money, and not everything in it. Don’t say it’s a free app when you need to pay for everything.

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    Bad app, Messes up your phone

    I got this app in hopes to design my home screen which I have done it multiple times before (using purely “shortcuts). However, looking for a quicker alternative, I downloaded this app. I was able to download the widgets and customize the apps without paying the 9.99 but spent over two hours because the app kept turning my phone off. I am not a quitter and persevered until I had a beautiful, free design but quickly realized I couldn’t even use my phone before it shutting down. I couldn’t keep any apps open without my phone turning off and had to delete all my work. It could be because I have an older IPhone 8 but I have never had this problem before... It was super frustrating to delete two hours work I was excited about.

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    Don't waste your money

    It was such a pain. There are only so many icons in each set that are set up and you don't have to do yourself. And then not the apps fault but you can only change certain ones based on those apps themselves. You have to download and do each individual thing seperatly it's a long tedious process. Again maybe not the apps fault. If your fine with taking a day to deck out your phone and then only have mismatched icons in the end it's a good app. I also couldn't get half the wallpaper that I wanted to work. In the end I just went back and set it up myself without anything from the app that I paid for.

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    Waste of money, inefficient and doesn’t work

    I downloaded, saw some themes that looked nice, and saw that the app has an average 4 star rating. Went ahead and spent the $10. Now I realize it’s completely inefficient, opens multiple windows when you use any of the “bookmark” icons, and doesn’t offer an option to use basic icons to replace other apps you have that are not included in the theme. Half the icons don’t even work, “can’t reach server”, or whatever. If you are looking at the reviews and thinking “those people who rated it 1 star must be using it wrong”, nope. I am tech savvy, googled for tips, and still this app completely wasted $10. To reach an average 4 star rating, the company must be paying for fake positive reviews. Do NOT buy into this app.

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    Nice idea, doesn’t work

    Downloaded this app with high hopes. Was immediately bombarded with pop-ups to pay the one time fee of $9.99, which I eventually did. However, none of the widget links work....they’re dead buttons so I’m just a tap tap tapping my screen to no avail....and the ‘help’ links take me to a ‘page not found’ screen. Then, I tried to click to get help from customer service and am told I have to download the mail app (I use the Outlook app instead). I’m not downloading another app and setting it up just to get help on another app. So, kudos for trying but I wasted $10 and a bunch of time on this. Considering there’s nothing else to do during the lockdown, you can keep the $10 and count it as an adult babysitting fee.

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    Horrible Customer Service

    Worst customer service of an app I’ve seen. After paying $10 for the full app, it wouldn’t work on my phone. Contacted the developer, no response for over a week. After a week one response asking for proof of purchase, another week goes by during so I followed up multiple times. After two weeks they responded the message went to their spam box and they would email me what icons I wanted to download. After sending them what I wanted they responded (AFTER ANOTHER 4 DAYS) they would send me three things, because it was too much work for them... Don’t waste you money. The free app you can download minimal things, and the paid app is questionable with the worst customer service available.

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    Complete waste of money - don’t buy this app

    First of, there were limited options on the free version, so I had to upgrade, but now the app keeps telling me pay $9.99 (again) to use all features. This app is not user friendly and having to add each picture to the icons is just time consuming. Also, every time i hit the safari icon, it takes me to the app, then another website; and then if I’m lucky to safari. Sometimes, it just stays on the app even though I had opened the safari tab. Completely disappointed and won’t be using this again. Is there a way to get my money back? I’m not even able to use all the features having paid for it.

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    Major waste of money

    I had to pay $9.99 right away and it doesn’t even work on its own. First, despite the tutorial, you can’t download the icons. Only the wallpapers and some widget pictures. Second you will need to use an other app called “shortcut” because not all the apps are available with this tool (I can’t customize Google Maps for example. It’s not an option that shows in the list of apps). So the solution is to download the icons and use the Shortcut app... BUT like I said, you can’t download the icons images.... Sooooooo basically waste of money. I’m actually going to see if I can get my money back. Hopefully they fix all issues because it’s a great idea otherwise!!

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Is ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Safe?

Yes. ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 29,793 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Is 47.2/100.

Is ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Legit?

Yes. ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 29,793 ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets Is 47.2/100.

Is ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets not working?

ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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