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What is iScreen? iScreen is a customizable home screen and lock screen app that offers universal desktop widgets and over 200 free combinations of widgets. It supports various features such as transparent small components, automatic replacement of desktop wallpaper, drawer-style wallpaper making tool, and exquisite wallpaper resources. The app also supports lock screen countdown and displays custom anniversary on the lock screen.


- Universal desktop widgets

- Free combination of 200+ widgets

- Transparent small components

- Automatic replacement of desktop wallpaper

- Drawer-style wallpaper making tool

- Exquisite wallpaper resources

- Lock screen countdown

- Custom anniversary display on lock screen

- Practical components with different functions

- Different component sizes (large, medium, and small)

- No limit to the number of desktop widgets

- Full transparency support for small components

- Integration with Apple Health App (for health-related widgets)

- Simple operation and easy to use.

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this app lets you personalize your home screen and lock screen like never before ! Universal desktop widgets, free combination of 200+ widgets, already supported: photos, todo list, X panel, countdown day, minimalist clock, glow tube clock, astronaut dial, task clock, calendar, quotations, small goals , Habit formation, today's step count, sleep duration, etc., all meet your needs. 【Special function】 1. Fully transparent small components, support glass mimicry, blank design, ins style, etc., and the design theme is more free. 2. It supports automatic replacement of desktop wallpaper, can be customized to add and import, and does not re-sample every day, giving a sense of freshness. 3. Drawer-style wallpaper making tool, you can make wallpaper by yourself, it looks better with transparent and no-word widgets. 4. Exquisite wallpaper resources, support wallpaper beautification, and make personalized wallpapers. 5. iOS14.3 or above supports lock screen countdown, and the lock screen automatically displays a custom anniversary. 【Use this app】 -Not complicated, simple operation, the home screen can be done in a few minutes; -Practical components with different functions, easy to call at any time; -Different component sizes, large, medium and small specifications, to meet individual needs; -There is no limit to the number, just put as many desktop widgets as you want; -Do not stick to the design, small components support full transparency! More personalized and beautiful desktop themes are waiting for you to design! 【Notice】 this app optionally integrates with apple Health App. This integration is used to display your data if you select one of those widget types. If you want to use the health-steps/sleep widget, please allow APP to obtain health-related data when adding Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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