iScreen - Widgets & Themes Reviews

iScreen - Widgets & Themes Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

About: iScreen lets you personalize your home screen and lock screen like never before
! Universal desktop widgets, free combination of 200+ widgets, already
supported: photos, todo list, X panel, countdown day, minimalist clock, glow
tube clock, astronaut dial, task clock, calendar, quotations, small goals ,
Habit formation, today's step count, sleep duration, etc., all meet your needs.

About iScreen

What is iScreen? iScreen is a customizable home screen and lock screen app that offers universal desktop widgets and over 200 free combinations of widgets. It supports various features such as transparent small components, automatic replacement of desktop wallpaper, drawer-style wallpaper making tool, and exquisite wallpaper resources. The app also supports lock screen countdown and displays custom anniversary on the lock screen.



- Universal desktop widgets

- Free combination of 200+ widgets

- Transparent small components

- Automatic replacement of desktop wallpaper

- Drawer-style wallpaper making tool

- Exquisite wallpaper resources

- Lock screen countdown

- Custom anniversary display on lock screen

- Practical components with different functions

- Different component sizes (large, medium, and small)

- No limit to the number of desktop widgets

- Full transparency support for small components

- Integration with Apple Health App (for health-related widgets)

- Simple operation and easy to use.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Negative experience

Positive experience


~ from NLP analysis of 23,921 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of iScreen

- No subscriptions required

- Fully functional

- Off work widget is great

- Developers are brilliant

1267 iScreen Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Paid for it, still has Issues

I paid for the upgrade but it still says this app at the bottom of each widget. Get rid of that if you pay. You don’t need to advertise to me, I already bought it. Also, it has some Chinese at the top of the right side of the weather widget. Can’t get rid of that.


I Love It! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I Can’t believe it, there’s no subscriptions here, And this fully works! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!



This is an awesome app The developers are brilliant.
Off work widget it’s the absolute best!!
Love iScreen!






After iOS 16 updated the widgets that are animated are not moving anymore. Help fixing this please?!!!!



There is one theme I like but I’m afraid to use it because it’s another language





I said it’s really good

I say it’s really good but except like I wish there was never ads in it because it would be so bad like I literally hate it when it when I’m looking for photos and after a while, you have to watch an ad to get a photo



Love iScreen awesome they always keep it updated put new screens widgets worth buying this I give this 10 stars


like but…

I like iScreen but when editing the widget on the homescreen the options are in another language and it takes awhile to guess which option is correct…


More app options

I wish I was able to change the icons on all my apps, instead of a select few. I was so excited to change all of my apps to something cute… so sad


Add more character customization!

I wish we could change skin color, hair color, shirt color, and had more options for customizing your character profile!


What I think about the game

iScreen looked really cool but I wish it would work on iPad so I can use it.


Lack of diversity

iScreen has appeal BUT omg please add more skin tone options for characters!! If you add a character feature to an app to be used internationally, give it decent appearance options. Pretty sure we’re all aware there is more than one skin tone. So lame to be doing this in 2023!


really cool

i love using it alot, my only complaint would be that the text on the photo walls isn't removable, its really cute but seeing that just bugs me and i hope that removing the text becomes an option someday


No longer works

I just paid for iScreen 3 days ago. Today I woke up to a blank widget. I can’t re add one to replace it as they all show up blank. Please fix this.



I gave it a 5 star because I’m nice it’s really confusing and not for me sorry but no PEROID


AI filter

So when I try to use the Ai filter it gives the same picture as it showed earlier and I can’t change it.


Fix It.

It has many complications with iScreen that needs fixing. For example I did everything that was needed for the transparent widgets and it still did not work.


Amazing but….

Should add skin tone and a lil more customization for the people interacting widgets


I used to like it

All the stuff are good but there are too many ads and they are really annoying.


Can’t Install.

My bf and I wanted to use this but neither of us can install the widgets it doesn’t even show up in my widget list very disappointing


problem with dice widget

the widget’s are good and all but the dice widget has a problem with changing because it keeps going back to its original state whenever i try to get rid of borders


I Screen

It’s the bestttttttttttt



it shows in the poctures that there is ipad using widgets, when o try doing wdgets it says it 'desmt support ipad'


how do you change your nickname

i totally didnt make my name something stupid.. just asking for future reference


For the next few weeks

I can do it tomorrow if I


How much do they weigh on

I’m so happy you found her



I’ve been trying to find one of this apps and I finally found it!!!! I really recommend iScreen if your looking for cute widgets to add to your phone. I’ll gladly spent my money on iScreen<3



Was personally enjoying iScreen just fine for awhile even though I wasn’t paying for it. I never had to watch ads just to change the status of my widgets, and yet now I have to do so? It just feels like a weird decision to make considering iScreen was just fine beforehand.


Watch ads just to test

Everything I try to complete forces me to watch a 30 second ad. I’m not going to pay for an app that won’t even let me trial without being hit with ads.


It’s such a good app!

I really love iScreen its so cool and amazing, it have everything on it and it’s such a great app for learning how to make widgets. I love it!


Very useful and fun!

But why isn’t it free? I adopted a pig and it is fun to play with


Great app

I love it it has such cute lifestyle and kawaii
Widgets that I can’t choose one!! But I definitely recommend iScreen


The best widget app ever

When I first started playing this I was obsessed
With it you get to make your own character and make your own widgets. It is so amazing.


I like this

Response because u get to choose the type of thing u like



I love iScreen because you cant text your friends amd put cool widgets on your phone .


Iscreen my review

It is very well good I would definitely download I just don’t understand somethings and it’s difficult



I love this it makes my Home Screen so much more custom to my style


Great app! Room for improvement

I love iScreen! It’s so nice when you’re doing long distance, very sweet and so fun. I will say, that some of the menus are hard to navigate/go in weird places. Otherwise amazing. I also think it would be really nice if they included a history for all interactions, so we can see what our friends have been up to!



This is the best app! it’s very easy to do it and it give us a tutorial on how to do it ! Best app pls download best app in the world don’t have to pay totally free am acting like a ad😂 no but actually very good app the best Best app count/3



It’s so freaking bad . It doesn’t even deserve 1 star . It just loads for 1 hour then shows letters in Chinese. I tried several times with several phones but it does not help . Such a useless app . Kindly fix iScreen and create something which can help people other than advertising on social media



Pretty good so far. Just have to read and watch the directions…


Why I gave 5 stars

I loved how iScreen is free and it has such cute widgets and wallpapers it was super cool and cute to use and overall iScreen was great 👍😁


This app is the best widget app!

Ive been looking for a transparent digital clock widget and none worked until i came across iScreen. The widgets are great and ive had 0 issues so far. This is an amazing app!



I loved iScreen for MONTHS and now I wake up and my custom pictures that have been on my widgets are now locked and can’t use without VIP, I’ve had iScreen for MONTHS without V.I.P I find that so frustrating now I have to find another app,it won’t even let me use the FREE pictures for a home screen widget this is upsetting and I’m confused,honestly.



This apps widgets you can use are so cute, I definitely recommend


Love the app excited for more new widgets

iScreen is overall the best app for the most creative widgets. As someone who changes the screen every week, while it has a variety of options, it could be even better if the developers keep updating more and more new and creative options. It would be great to have more seasonal options like Halloween, Christmas and Chinese new year to make it more fun.



I need help , it doesn’t wanna show anymore on my lock screen , idk if anyone else Is having this problem


Where to find widgets?

in this app! You will find some cute widgets there ^^ and you can also communicate with your friend in online if you are long distance friends i recommend widgets here :>



iScreen is PERFECT. it’s super cute! there’s a lot of cute things to do with your home and lock screen without an annoying popup of a “premium” payment you have to buy to have a small cute widget on your lockscreen. iScreen is amazing!! 10/10!


Taking Features Away through paywall

I have been iScreen for a couple of months to have cute matching widgets with my girlfriend on our lock screens. We would have one for little notes for each other and another our distance. Out of nowhere my widgets now say “VIP ONLY GO PREMIUM.” Really annoying now that features we have been using for free are locked behind a paywall. Not worth it, don’t waste your time and storage.



i literally would’ve rated this all 5 stars, seriously, i would. but it’s so disappointing how money hungry they’ve become. before, you were able to use so many more widgets free of charge. twice already have i had to change my entire screen get up because of the fact that they’ve turned “vip”. it’s honestly frustrating since their main advertising basis was on the FREE INTERACTIONS….


Vip premium

my boyfriend and I used the lock screen widgets so much… WHEN IT WAS FREE. Suddenly we woke up and see that everything became a VIP premium widget so the cute connection we had during long distance got taken away… I disliked how they made a free option into a VIP only thing when we were already using it for almost a year.


Lure you in to spend money

I loved iScreen for awhile. My fiancé and I really enjoyed the interaction ones but with the latest update I can’t use those widgets at all anymore without paying for them. I can understand having some higher end features for people to pay for, I don’t like it but that’s what companies do nowadays, but to straight up take something that you used to offer for free and force you to pay for it in order to continue using is just straight up wrong. I will not be supporting a company that does that to their customers.


Paywall on Everything Good

Me and my partner initially got iScreen for the friends feature where we’d be able to see each other’s statuses and emotions. Later on I began indulging in the other features as well. It was a great app until paywalls began limiting nearly every single option with each update. I can no longer access the friends feature because of a paywall, cute weather features are blocked because of a paywall, photo options are blocked because of a paywall. Almost everything they advertised now has a paywall, and I’m not willing to pay ~$20 for something that used to be free — especially in consideration of my financial situation. Being in a long distance relationship, iScreen was one of the few tools that made our distance easier to cope with. It’s saddening to see that this is no longer the case.


So cute

I love it so far!! although they have a premium thing, u can still get a lot of cute widgets to make ur lock and homescreen so cute and aesthetically pleasing :))


All my widgets have turned black

Was working great but this morning every single one of my clocks are gone and I’m watching other widgets from iScreen disappear. What the heck is going on? Some help would be awesome. Five full starts when everything works again.
Edit: now nothing works. Yes I paid for this too. Full subscription.


Loved this app …UNTIL

I was planning on giving iScreen 5 stars because I loved it! It offered so much without having to purchase a lot of great widgets, everything was cute and mostly customizable! I was obsessed! That was until some of the widgets I customized and had as part of the free section started to one day turn into premium only? It started with one widget my bf and I would use to send cute messages throughout the day and I was annoyed because I had to watch an ad to have it and the one day it just said it was unavailable because it’s now premium only. I thought it was a strange one time thing, but now it’s happened to one of the widget games I had. Why make it free just to take it away? It’s shady and annoying. It’s so sad because the free widgets they offer are so great and aesthetically pleasing but I don’t understand why you offer the consumer something that’s free and then take it away from them. I would understand if it couldn’t be downloaded after a period of time but if you already have it why take it away? It makes no sense to me.


Things have changed

I have loved iScreen since I first started using it. The only problem that I have is the premium options. I was able to purchase a premium option (2.99 for 3 months) when I had my old iCloud account. Now, I can’t find that option. I’ve created another Apple account hoping that I can be able to purchase the same plan. Unfortunately, I only have the choice to purchase a yearly or lifetime plan. I will change my review if you can make that possible.


Paywall for everything, shady app.

At first, I thought it was an amazing app because there were so many cute widgets and most were also free, but then after a few days later,all I saw on my home screen was “PAY TO USE WIDGET” ??? Like why put something that is free and then take it away from customers? Also, there were many ads but it didn’t really bother me UNTIL it showed so many photos of scary images, so if you wanna get jumpscared, you should get iScreen lol.


Greatest widgets

I absolutely love the widgets and it makes my phone look not so plane. I also love how you can connect with tour friends and partners through iScreen and how there are animals that you can bond with and you can love.



This is the best app you can get for your phone just to change your background the aesthetics that this has I recommend getting iScreen💖


I screen

I screen is a really cool and beautiful app that can change your whole phone, it’s literally so cool that I have 95% of my phone full of I screen widgets, the only problem is that for some beautiful widgets you have to pay for the crown thingy but all of them is good


Doesn’t work

I was using this app’s Mood Calendar to track my mood throughout the past couple months, and all was going good for those couple of months. All of a sudden, all but a few of my moods I had set each day were gone. iScreen is unreliable and deletes your data without warning, be wary.



I recommend iScreen so much is so cute and it has some amazing free pictures for your wallpaper and also very cute animal I love iScreen you do have to
Buy some of the things but it’s pretty cheap in my opinion


after much searching this is the clear winner!!!

ッif you really like widgets, you want the very best most diverse types of widgets. This is iScreen for you the widget they have on iScreen don’t even compare to other apps and I’ve already paid for a few of the other ones that I’m never going to use now, don’t waste your money. Go ahead and get the best!!!



It is so good

It gives a free option to people and that’s why I like it, most widget apps don’t even have that option so I feel like iScreen is really good for people who don’t want to pay for an app or for just a widget which I totally agree on. The conclusion was that iScreen is good for everyone, they let you watch adds for premium widgets but in most widget apps you need premium to get them. So that’s why I think iScreen is really good!



anyways iScreen has LOTS of good widgets like wowww!! for some of the widgets all u have to do is watch an ad to get it!! but overall the widget and everything is js 🔛🔝! so i think u should get iScreen


Creative app!

Honestly, it’s not tricky and quite easy to use. There are some things you can purchase in store, but it’s not very much. A majority of it is free!!! I’ve enjoyed it so far! My homescreen is aesthetically pleasing to look at! I can’t wait until I download it on my iPad


I use to love this app but not anymore:(

I use to love iScreen. My bf and I used it back when we were long distance and continued after we moved closer to each other. I unlocked my phone and saw that many of the free features like the friends interaction has a paywall. I understand that you guys want money but was the hundreds of ads on iScreen not enough? I hope things change bc that was the only reason people used iScreen.


Bug fix

Ever since the newest update as of yesterday where iScreen claims to have fixed a bug I've had nothing but problems wirh iScreen, my widgets keep appearing and disappearing and in app it says I have none of them downloaded, My Plants has all of its plants I've currently grown so far gone deleting all my progress and I'm very dissapointed and confused and would absolutely like if I could get some aid somehow.


Bring back old interaction lock screen widget

I love iScreen , but I don’t like this new update. The lock screen widget for interactions is horrible now. It was so much better when you could only see your significant other’s interaction with you alongside their name. Now, my s.o. has me as a « he » on the status bar, which is odd considering I am a female. Bring the old version back, or at least give the option between the old and new version because this is really disappointing…



I love iScreen and it has so many options! You can aim for cute or cool or personalize it with your own photos. The only reason why I gave iScreen four stars is because so many of the things are for members. I wish the cute battery icons were few along with so many other things!

Is iScreen Safe?

Yes. iScreen - Widgets & Themes is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 23,921 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iScreen Is 23.4/100.

Is iScreen Legit?

Yes. iScreen - Widgets & Themes is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 23,921 iScreen - Widgets & Themes User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iScreen Is 29.8/100..

Is iScreen - Widgets & Themes not working?

iScreen - Widgets & Themes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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