CrimeDoor Reviews

CrimeDoor Reviews

Published by on 2022-03-26

CrimeDoor is a revolutionary news app for the True Crime space that delivers
daily news updates, with an unmatched database of case file content from around
the globe. Staying updated has never been easier, as the latest links and local
reports from the biggest sources are updated multip...

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CrimeDoor Reviews: 20 Reviews


Finally! A True Crime Library

The vast amount of content within this app is so well managed and curated, with access to all the media coverage and imagery of the period in which the crime took place. They’ve collated all the historical news and TV show content that covered each of these crime stories. There are numerous podcasts that detail the events and continue to discuss these crimes to this very day. There’s no links sending you off to another media app’s all in this single app. Try walking around the actual crime scene within one of the augmented reality Door experiences while listening to the podcast describing the events that led up to this moment. Deeply immersive. A whole different perspective on headline crimes I thought I fully understood when I read about them at the time they occurred. Highly recommend the unlimited monthly subscription. It’s a good value, as you get access to all the new augmented reality Doors as they come out, AND you can continue to access the entire library of AR Doors. In terms of content, this thing is massive.


Great Information and Updates

The app has a lot of good information on it from both past and current cases. At the time of typing this is October 20, 2021 which is about a week after the Gabby Petito live autopsy reveal was announced. I heard it from this app first and went straight to it. There aren’t many free AR doors, but one they do have that’s free is the JonBenet Ramsey case, which is one of my favorite cases. They have links and videos and articles below their information. My favorite feature of the app is “This Day in Crime.” It will show a crime that happened on that day in time, and I like to look at those crimes and put small remembrance notes for the victims on school locker. All around, amazing app with great info and definitely the best true crime news app I’ve downloaded.


Great App but...

It’s a really great app especially for those would be detectives or just a curious person that is wondering what true crime scenes are about. This app is one of those app on the App Store that is free and at the same time provides a enormous potential. The downloading time for loading ar are incredibly slow, graphics need a little improvement, players need a little more room to work with such as walking outside the crime scene or interacting with tools in the crime scene. If the developers spend a little more time on this I believe that this app is a huge potential and maybe a game changer on the markets for detective games.



Love this app, I’m a true crime junkie, and this helps me get my fix anytime - it is an exhaustive collection of information. It’s especially great on vacation, if you’re getting a strange vibe and are curious what’s gone down in the area. Come to think of it, it might be good for house hunting too!!! The best part is the actual crime DOORS. Totally cool, and eerie being AT THE CRIME SCENE!!! I need to see if I can access the app via my VR goggles...because if that’s possible, this will be totally amazing! I’m hearing they will release new doors every month, so I got a year subscription - can’t wait for more doors. I’ll update this review (if I can) to let you know about VR goggles!


A Comprehensive App for the Crime Junkie!

I’ve been waiting for an app like this. As a true crime junkie I’m able to explore and investigate any time. I love being able to go in depth with cases I’m already interested in, and discover new cases from around the world. The developers have thought of everything from crime scene photos to court documents to articles and 911 calls. My favorite part is exploring the Doors which allow you to walk a crime scene like a real investigator (just give yourself enough room to move around with your phone when you do). If you love true crime, download this app now. You won’t regret it.


Love app but more crime doors please

I started paying for this as soon as I heard about this because I’m such a huge crime buff but and I’m sure the developers are working on it but for the price I would like to see more crime doors. I’ve always been into true crime so a lot of these cases I already know about- I’m paying for the AR experience of feeling like I’m at the crime scene and I’m not getting as many as I expected for the price (and I’m not including the ones that are free for everyone) I just feel like people who are paying should experience more than what they’re getting



I’m so excited to finally have a central hub for all things true crime! As a fan of the genre sometimes it’s overwhelming to look for new podcasts or media to consume. This lines it all up super neatly and accessibly. The AR doors are really cool! I always imagine how things look in my head when I listen to a podcast and to be able to actually step Into the scene and be able to look around and get more context is phenomenal! I can’t wait to see what more AR portals they come up with and how they will work with podcast hosts to create a truly interactive experience!


Useful and informative but slow

I check this app every other day, and while I do enjoy reading up on cases I find that no matter what connection I have most pictures just refuse to load.


Gratuitous and uncomfortable

I am a true crime fan and have been for decades, and the idea of walking through crime scenes was beyond intriguing. What I was not prepared for was graphic 3D models of the real victims. While I understand this tool would be helpful for investigators/detectives, the average person does not need to find the body of a murdered child around a corner, bloodied bodies staged perfectly that you can walk right up to, or to see 2 murdered teenagers frozen in time with their murderer coming towards them- adding in that some scenes cost money to view is literally making a profit off of dead children. Beyond unnecessary and cruel to the families of victims. Chalk outlines or X-marks the spot should have been utilized instead for the deceased.


Colossal Crime Catalogue

Tons of information with each headline having several credible sources reviewing & summarizing every event. Def insightful & hard to stop scrolling through as it uncovers the truth behind actual homicides most of which you weren't even aware of, not to mention it even discloses how close or far each event physically took place from the users particular location. Def a nice touch offering the subscriber a more involved experience while using the app!


Great app

Amazing graphics and so easy to follow which is a must for us folks that are not tech savvy. I found the unsolved cases the best part. It puts you in the middle of the mystery. Maybe someone will come forward for whatever reason to help solve the crime. Providing some solace for family and friends of the murdered person is really important. It will not bring them back but will answer questions about what happened and why it happened.


Pretty good

I only got this app for the 3D scenes but it only shows you a missing person poster in the 3D scenes. But it gives me daily notifications of random cases that happened either this week or today. It gives a really good summary of what happened and gives you other sources to watch news coverage from. This is perfect if you don’t have time to watch a show and want to get your quick true crime fix.


Fascinating App!

Developers have gone to great lengths to accurately portray infamous crime scenes, historical and contemporary, with detailed visual perspectives using all available records and evidence. It’s an interesting new take, using 360° user interaction to virtually walk around documented famous crime scenes as if you were there immediately after they happened. If you’ve ever fantasized what it would be like to cross beyond the yellow tape and view a fresh crime scene like a homicide detective, this is as close as you’re gonna get. NT



this app is super easy to walk thru and the stories are beyond chilling. I came thru this app wanting to see some true crimes and didn’t know there was even some around my area! I love the step by step walk thru on the stories with link, pics, docs, and even some podcast! i also love the cases tab where the day of the week is shows exactly what crime happened on that specific day. Get this app if you’re a crime junkie!!


The Best App for True Crime Fans!

This app is incredible. I love how it pulls together all the media, documentaries and articles from each case so that they’re all in on spot. So often I am listening to a podcast or watching a documentary where they reference another film or podcast and it can be hard to find everything you want to fully go down the rabbit hole. This is an app for the biggest of true crime fans and I’m here for it!!


It’s so so

I think it’s a good idea to have an app like this to help solve some of these awful minders. However you have to purchase if you want to see more. I did just that and I didn’t see anything from the Delphi murders that I couldn’t find on you tube or Reddit or even google. So I feel like this type of thing should just be free. Unless they are offering something much better. Sorry. I hate to be negative but I just feel it was a bit of a waste of money.


So thorough & informative

As a true crime nerd, I encounter a lot of repetition in podcasts. This app is great because it offers more of an immersive dive into the facts & history of events....its definitely a unique feature to be able to check out what happened based on my location. It’s like my own personal walking tour on a larger scale. Really cool; I highly recommend this app!


Awesome app!

This app is a must for True Crime fans. It's such an amazing experience to be able to walk into an actual crime scene and explore from the comfort of your home. The portal concept is genius. I was very impressed with the graphics too. The scenes are very detailed and true to the details of the real cases so the developers obviously did their research. It's immersive and informative at the same time. Very cool.


Try it

I'm always confused as to how to show that I feel the story told was done so exceptionally well however the content was so awful it shouldn't be deemed excellent! In other words I give this and every story I've read on here five Stars! The content is so disturbing it makes me feel guilty rating it s...


Stop forcing the update!!

It is not always convenient to update. When you lock out the app and force the user to update that is about your convenience not about customer service. Let your customers use the app and content they have paid for and update when they chose! And after the update the app keeps crashing!!! I can’t even contact support because it crashes! How about you worry more about fixing the crashing problem than forcing updates that haven’t had proper QA!

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact CrimeDoor customer service directly
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Is CrimeDoor Safe?

Yes. CrimeDoor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 526 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CrimeDoor Is 74.0/100.

Is CrimeDoor Legit?

Yes. CrimeDoor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 526 CrimeDoor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CrimeDoor Is 74.0/100.

Is CrimeDoor not working?

CrimeDoor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Madelyn
Jun 15 2021

I like your app - but today I received my usual notification from it and was shocked to notice you used an emoji after saying “guess how many stab wounds he had” or something to that affect. Please don’t use emojis and click baity titles in this app. It’s gross. The victim, Thomas Clifton, probably would not have appreciated it.

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