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Published by on 2022-09-15

Widgetsmith lets you personalize your home screen and lock screen like never
before. It starts with a wide collection of highly customizable widgets,
which range in function from photos, to date, to weather, to astronomy. Each
can be...

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Developer: BlueSkySoft

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Widgetsmith Website

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Developer: MagicVaried

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit MagicVaried Website

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Reported Issues: 10 Comments

By DrFog

Does the basics, but needs a few revisions

Overall, the app is good. I think it does its job well enough, but it’s very simple. I like the customizable nature of the app, my home screen looks a lot better since downloading it. The only technical issue I have encountered is that my large widget for my reminders seems to glitch at random points and not list any of my scheduled items. This is not a constant issue, but it does happen every once in a while, as well as taking a while to update once I add a new reminder. The only other complaints I have are a matter of further improving aesthetic and perhaps some future ideas, none of which are deal-breakers for me, but would improve my experience with the app. I don’t particularly like the battery widget as it shows only the battery and not the percentage, which seems almost useless to me, as I have the same symbol showing in the upper right corner of my screen at all times. I also wish that the widgets did not say this app underneath them (similar to how the name of an app shows under its icon), I would prefer they have no title/caption. My third wish is that the widgets could have customizable shortcuts, so that when I select them, I am taken to the app that corresponds to the widget, rather than simply opening the this app app. Nonetheless, I recommend this app. It makes me happy to see my home screen much more organized and customized to my aesthetic. I much preferred this app to others similar to it.

By HXJ45

Can’t exactly customize

So my friend uses this and says it’s good so that’s why I gave you some stars I personally haven’t used this because of what I will tell you. So the thing is I want this specific picture right but when I try to make it it only gives me a certain selection like favorites recents etc. but the problem is when I click it, it inserts a random photo from that category and that’s not what I want I want specific photos. I tried to go to the help settings but the videos are out dated the set up of the app it had is not the set up it is now and basically what I got from one of the videos is you can’t chose the picture it randomly choses for you. I want control over my pictures I mean the whole point is to be able to customize your widgets right? Also when I looked in the help section I found something that could help but these help instructions are outdated the set up isn’t the same I tried to follow the instructions but it said after going to default one scroll down to custom section but I scrolled there’s no custom section anymore. So If this is an option and I just don’t know or either you could make it an option that would be great! And if you could update the help instructions and videos that would also be great because if it is an option I would like to select certain photos and the instructions now can’t help because there outdated and it’s not well helping. So if you can help out here thank you!!

By lps4563

Love The Widgets, Support Needs Some Work!

This would have been a five star review, but minus one star for the clock’s hand that don’t move, on the medium clock with calendar widget, after the 2.7 update. Then, minus one more star for receiving an auto response from support when I sent them an email about it. I realize that it can be a daunting task to personally respond to every single person that sends an email to a developer, but how is one to know that they even looked at the bug report. It wouldn’t appear so, as they have come out with a patch since, and the issue remains. What good is a clock that doesn't keep time, well….it’s right twice a day. So, wondering if they at least read their reviews, and will look into fixing the widget that has had it’s home as the only thing on the first page of my Home Screen for a year, and I have had to move it to the last page until it works again. It’s the top of a Smart Stack so don’t want to get rid of it altogether, and don’t care for any or the others in it’s place.

By Dana
Sep 10 2022

The widget is displaying a black box on my screen. I also cannot open the app. It too only opens to a black screen.

By Charleane Hunter
Feb 03 2022

Smart Stack keeps reverting back to the grey screen. It works for 5 minutes and then it it shows the default message in grey. Very very annoying as previously it was working fine until I accidentally reset my Home Screen so I had to re-do all my widgets

By Jenna Moran
Dec 29 2021

my app is currently not working while i’m trying to add a new widgetsmith. when i click to add one it lets me edit it but when i try to add a pictures the screen just goes blank. I restarted my phone, updated my phone and they app, and closed out all my tabs multiple times. This issue is causing my stress and a headache, please help me throught this issue.

By Linda
Aug 20 2021

Thx for a very useful app!
I have to ask, how do I make my own list? When I choose “lists” there be just a widget that’s “empty”. Where to fill in?

By MariaLuisa Schirripa
Jan 27 2021

Hi. Can someone call me regarding the issues I’m having? I paid and not much is working. My number is 6479651371. Thank you!
- MariaLuisa Schirripa

By Dani Hayward
Dec 17 2020


I like how you have done a lot of gradient coloured apps but what about things like; fast food places or clothing?? Why is it only icons of the popular apps like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat etc. I think you should have UberEats, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, EBay and many more.

Is this something you can do?

By Lillyanna torres
Oct 10 2020

My Widgetsmith pictures I had displayed went grey and they were displaying last night so what’s going on?

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