Wondr Health Reviews

Wondr Health Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Flip what the world has told you about diets upside down Bring mindfulness to
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Reviews (23)


Mindfulness matters

I am enjoying Wondr because it is helping me to be mindful of not only eating, but all areas of my life. I find that mindfulness heightens the joys of our senses, increases gratitude, and incubates self control. Instead of rushing headlong into everything Willy nilly, it creates an anticipation, a challenge to fully experience, and a satisfaction and feeling of completeness. And it naturally includes self-control. I have always had a self-control issue, but I am discovering it isn’t self-control at all, it is taking charge of my schedule and keeping it in check. And thus does mean saying no too quite a few things I used to jump into. Now I ponder the effects of activities on our schedule, our time together, the quality of that time, and what things are possible now that I’ve made mindful choices. This is a huge change for me, challenging, yet rewarding. Thank you.


Poorly Designed

WondrHealth is poorly designed. Some videos don’t work or app crashes. In fact, WondrHealth crashes a lot, sometimes out of the blue for no apparent reason. Has a timer for logging meals, metrics and to help with determining when your full or still hungry during meals - it has no audio just haptics and no option to use one or both. I just use the timer that comes with my phone instead. I don’t link to any metrics. They’re just SC’s. I don’t give much information except weight and log time if they’re tracking that. You’re locked into only viewing videos for a specific week you are on, but when using WondrHealth or logging in via web browser I was still locked out of viewing all videos allowed for that week of training. Supposed to be coaching available, but it is through a chat section of their website. I waited close to 48 hours for a response on chat. If you want to speak with a coach you have to use a web browser to get to the support page and put in a request. It is not available in WondrHealth .


Wondr is Different-Lifestyle Not a Diet

As someone who has gained and lost significant weight in the past I am skeptical about any weight loss advice. For example, I know about proper nutrition and what works for me to lose weight, so I tend to tune out nutritional advice even if it is sound. Even so, I have never been able to maintain weight loss because I always go back to my “old ways.” As an emotional eater, that means when troubles start the progress I made goes out the window because I have restricted quantities or certain foods and never developed sustainable habits. I have just finished week two on Wonder and the taste tests were eye-opening! Along with the other mindful eating videos this week I can see how changing habits is a lifestyle change and not a temporary weight loss solution. Feeling very inspired!



The newest version of he NS app is IMO a complete fail. Presentation and function are inferior to the previous app (which fortunately still works) and the most recent previous app was inferior to the one prior to that. Each successive attempt by some techie to leave their mark on NS, saddens me. One small example...Two versions ago the timer worked great. Beeped when it was suppose to and was easily accessible. The prior version to this one made unnecessary changes to the timer. This newest version is significantly more hideous and makes it practically unusable. Everything about the “enhanced” app is a complete turn off for me, and that is coming from someone who looks forward to new and improved tech, so I’m not one to not like it just because it’s different. I anticipate deleting this sophomoric version and using the old one until it no longer functions, then just not using a NS app at all. Too bad. The rest of the program is so good, one would hope the tech aspect would continually evolve and become better. Instead it has repeatedly regressed over time.


Over 40 Weight Gain

In my 30s, I was a Beachbody coach, and I lost a ton of weight (from size 14 to size 4), and as soon as I stopped the program, most of it came back. When I turned 41, I went to a holistic doctor and found out many things I was allergic to food wise. I started lifting weights with an online program and got most of the weight off counting calories and doing weight watchers. Like before, as soon as I stopped doing those things, the weight came more than what I’ve ever experienced in my life. I am now 43 and just started this program last week, and I love that it teaches me how to eat mindfully as a lifestyle, and during the first week (just finished my first week) I got rid of 8 pounds, and enjoyed the process of being taught how to eat, why to eat, and when to eat.


Slow Down

I am so glad I chose WONDR and also glad they chose me. I’ve been a fast eater all of my life. Being a member if a large family time management was necessary. Because of this I believe I was forced to eat fast. I have since learned that eating this was caused many unforeseen problems with my health. I am so thankful for WONDR and have asked coworkers and friends to consider using it as well. I have never really been a dieter and usually just ate as I pleased. Now being older with metabolism changes I see how that affected my health. I am so pleased with The Coaches and have gained valuable lifetime tools to use for successful eating and weight management. Thanks Again to WONDR. Bri in Alabama😃


This Review is for the App, Not the Program!

I love the program. If I were rating Naturally Slim, I would be giving it 5 stars. But this is for WondrHealth . And it’s so glitchy, I’m being generous by giving it 2 stars. The timer and meal tracking functions only work about 25% of the time. Often, the timer stops if my screen locks, so instead of 4 minutes having elapsed, it will show 1:50. The timer also runs slow! I know this sounds crazy, but those seconds tick by slower than my phone timer. Most of the time, after having dealt with a stopped timer several times throughout the meal (which really takes away from the enjoyment of the meal), I get to the end only to find that the description, picture, and hunger level are gone. So, I re-enter it and hope it saves. About 50% of the time, it will. The rest of the time it’s gone, so I have two options: fuggeddaboutit or redo all just so I can have a record of the meal. I’m actually okay with setting my own timer like I did before WondrHealth had a timer, but since WondrHealth has one, I believe it should function perfectly. Like other reviewers, I find the steps tracker is glitchy, too. 22 steps in one day?! (I didn’t set my phone down and leave it in one spot all day.) I have another app that tracks my steps, but it would be nice if all of these functions were in one app. Love the program. Dislike WondrHealth .


Grateful for the science

For WondrHealth itself, not so great. The steps are all wrong even after syncing with my Fitbit. I manually backfilled entered steps history for a month and WondrHealth did not retain it. Steps tracker is useless. Exercise tracker needs to offer more inputs like tennis, biking, swimming, that steps won’t capture well. Timer is gone if I go to another screen or phone locks. I cannot find a detailed daily log or hunger pattern like the ones in the journal. Videos will not show full screen content in full screen mode. Annoying. Great program. NS program gets 5 stars. Only at week 2 and have done many weight loss journeys. I prefer behavioral science and think it is a more viable lifelong solution. WondrHealth itself is a bit simplistic. The videos and video library are my favorite. I think it is wise to “unlock” only when skills have been practiced week by week.


Solid app with high quality content

WondrHealth helps to introduce simple concepts to help with weight loss, and the tools to help build the skills needed to lose and maintain your weight. There’s no calorie counting and no food limits (except for a sugar hiatus in the beginning for 3 weeks). It’s all about slowing down, being more mindful of the food you’re eating, and savoring the food more. I’m a couple weeks in and I’m impressed so far. I’m taking it down one star only because I’ve noticed WondrHealth crash a couple of times when I’m using it to watch the video content…the video usually completes, but before the next one in the series can start, WondrHealth crashes. It doesn’t happen often and doesn’t have a negative impact on my experience, it’s just an inconvenience. Thanks for the great content and tools!


I’ve been waiting all my life for this program

I’ve battled weight since adolescence and coming form a culture that viewed food as comfort, it never dawned on me that those cues I’d adopted on my youth were what was hindering my progress. I, like so many others, had tried EVERY conceivable diet program, potion, and pill yet, to no avail. The information shared within the program, some of which I’ve heard before but never put into practice, and most which is new and exciting and game-changing, are so motivating!! I’m now excited to sit at a meal and actually savor it, not rush, but slowly enjoy each bite. It is changing my relationship with food, one forkful at a time!


Pleasantly participating

I’m on week two and, as a food lover, am quite relieved that this program is not focused on restricting foods I love. The program actually encourages you to eat what you love but learn to build habits that help you control overeating and mindless eating. The guidance I have been given so far is reasonable and practical. Frankly, it’s a Wondr I didn’t realize these things myself! I feel confident that I can commit to this program because I don’t have to worry so much about what I can and can’t eat. I can eat what I want and I am losing weight.


It’s working!

Just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying this program. I don’t have to restrict everything and I’m learning new skills to slow down & enjoy my food. I thought I was eating little before but I’m more aware at how often I was eating and how much I was eating. Eating snacks was tough because I was always rushing my meals just because I was busy. Now I can eat a normal snack and continue with my errands and after 15 minutes I’ve forgotten that I really wanted to eat a lot more of my snack. I’m down five pounds in 1 1/2 weeks!


So So Happy!

I am ecstatic to be using Naturally Slim again as well as Health Quest. Progress is already happening and I KNOW more is coming! I am down 2 pounds So far! The first time I used this program I lost 23 pounds. I cut my total cholesterol from 6 to 3. All I will say is I was weak and tired and working crazy hours with gowns and masks and gloves and I fell off big time. But guess what? That was then and this is NOW! Thank you for all of your knowledge and skill and passion to teach whosoever life long skills to get and stay happy and healthy! May he Lord bless you all.


Wonder is amazing .

First of all I though weighing in everyday was ridiculous . I was proven wrong I look forward everyday to get on that scale in the morning. At first I said to my self what have I gotten into. I am happy I join it with my sister because we encourage each other. At first getting to level three was tough but when you get use to it you can identify it. I enjoy learning new techniques. I am determined so see great results. Thank you wonder team I to look forward to loosing my weigh and make it a life style.



This is my first time using a weight loss program. I really enjoyed the skills-based approach that the developers created. The content is superb—high-quality videos by experts in their own respects. The developers made this program easy to use and very supportive. I am on my third week in the program and couldn’t be happier with the developers philosophy and approach. Wishing everyone the best on their lifestyle change. Truly the program focuses on lifestyle change and not solely on weight loss, which can feel daunting and overwhelming.


I love it! - only one are of improvement

I love the videos. They are really short, very well spoken, clear, organized information when said & eventhought they are short they provide very importante informatin about taking care of ourselves & even a one sentence summary, repeating what we need to remember. The only thing I will recommend to WondrHealth Producers is to modify the weight graph in a way that we can see clearly our weight of everyday. That way I could see if I am losing weight or not from the day before.


Some features are not working

When I try to enter meals, steps, or weight, it is very hard to do so. Adding documentation outside of “today” or real-time ends up in confusion. Currently, if I try to add a measure for yesterday (October 16th), I need to spin a monthly wheel to dial back. The problem is that I only see the months of November and December, not October, in the wheel. The number dates are not even visible, although I can tell that they are there in the background. I accidentally hit the area where the date numbers should be. I saw the numbers changing for my entry date. Given all of these work arounds, I am left to enter my information using invisible wheels of information! Kind of crazy! This should have been caught with testing prior to release.


Much improved version of app for a great program

I’ve been on the NS program for ~16weeks and just saw the new app. The program has been fantastic (I’ve already lost 17lbs without major lifestyle changes/feeling deprived). The new app itself is much improved. Videos are actually the right resolution so you can see the whole screen, it looks fresh and modern, and the data section that graphs your progress is scaled appropriately so you can actually see the changes relative to your goal.


Stuck in the middle

I am a newbie with the NS program...it’s moving rather slow...but I’m still willing to stick with it until the ongoing end. I am hoping for a life time change. WondrHealth has continued problems that are a little annoying. The timer stops or disappears, along with my photo, and then it’s like starting all over again...happens quite often. The information we are getting is important and educational. The presenters are clear and concise with what they are presenting. It is easy to understand. I am looking forward to see what is to come. I hope to see positive results soon.


Best Thing I’ve Dine For Me!

Honestly it is the best thing I’ve done for myself. It is the best weight management plan I’ve done ever! My employer offered it to their employees and believe me, I qualified. In the first week, the plan is explained. I like it because if I need to, I can listen to the videos again so I fully understand. I’m on week two and the experts know just when to give you the information you need. WondrHealth is easy and the experts help you every step of the way. I’m losing weight and gaining confidence!


Love it!

I’ve been using WondrHealth for a few weeks and it’s been a great tool for tracking my goals. I love the timer and being able to track my meals.


Does not save logon, no face ID

It's annoying to have to keep logging in manually every day


Needs improvement

I wish you could access the knowledge base from WondrHealth. Another frustrating thing is that it doesn’t stay logged in for long so I have to retype my login multiple times a day. On top of that you can be logged in (or so you think) fill out a meal form or other data but it doesn’t prompt you to login until after you’ve input data or done a 10-5-10 meal—-so all that data gets lost!

Is Wondr Health Safe?

Yes. Wondr Health is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,090 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wondr Health Is 33.0/100.

Is Wondr Health Legit?

Yes. Wondr Health is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,090 Wondr Health User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wondr Health Is 33.0/100.

Is Wondr Health not working?

Wondr Health works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Denise
Aug 31 2022

The Wondr Health program itself works and I couldn't be happier that I discovered it through my employer 5 years ago. I lost 32 lbs and have been able to keep it off by following the principles learned.
I decided to do it again with my girlfriend and pay the membership (my employer paid the first time). This is where the continuous problems began because they immediately associated me with the employer linked account. First let me tell you that there is no way to contact Wondr other than email. And this is not even handled very efficiently. Through several back and forths on that issue they finally got the accounts resolved. Now 3 months later I want to cancel. Here's where the horrible app issues begin. I ended up in a loop of sending me back to a login page where it kept giving me an incorrect username/password message even though I was literally already logged in. It made no sense whatsoever. I finally had to go to the web on a computer to get to the link to email support to cancel. we'll see how long that takes.
Really too bad that their technology and support have made their program look so bad. They seem to be staying high in the positive review category through their corporate accounts. This doesn't work for those of us doing it on our own.

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