Daily Planner, Schedule: Brite Reviews

Daily Planner, Schedule: Brite Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: Brite is an all-in-one productivity app with deep customization. All tools for
productive life and work are combined in one easy-to-use app.

About Daily Planner Schedule

What is Daily Planner Schedule? Brite is an all-in-one productivity app that combines all the tools for productive life and work in one easy-to-use app. The app aims to replace different productivity apps such as task managers, habit trackers, budget apps, note-taking editors, diaries, mood diaries, meditation, and many others with just one versatile and fully customizable service. The app offers features such as tasks, calendar, goals, habits, annual plan, ideas, chat, notes, knowledge base, storage, diary, finance, projects, mind maps, contacts, passwords, collaboration with colleagues, and more.



- Timeline: Plan, view, and manage tasks day by day

- Storage: Manage, save, and share files and ideas

- Projects: Create and successfully track projects and complicated tasks. Integrated with timeline, storage, groups, finances, and chats

- Notes: Save and share ideas and thoughts with the notes tool. It is integrated with tasks and group chat.

- Personal Tasks: Stay organized and become happier with the simple and easy-to-use tasks tool.

- Business tasks: Be more productive every day. Use reminders, AI tags, and group timelines.

- Messenger: Create group chats with teammates and colleagues. Share tasks, ideas, passwords

- Groups: Create and join workgroups to manage complicated tasks or projects

- CRM: Oversee your sales on the move. Control every step and use automation to save time.

- Flowcharts: Create a flowchart easily. Visualize your plan. Tasks will be created automatically from the flowchart.

- Finances: Control your personal and business finances with the financial tool, integrated with CRM, Tasks, and Timeline

- Password Keeper: Manage and share passwords with teammates. Integrated with tasks and group chat

- Habit Tracker: Create repeating habits and track your progress.

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Key Benefits of Daily Planner Schedule

- Helps keep me disciplined and motivated to complete my life’s goals

- Great for organizing and tracking projects

- Good customer service

- Easy to use

20 Daily Planner Schedule Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Too good to be true - too buggy

Ive tried many productivity app out there (you name it), and felt really good about this one, but sadly it turned out to be true.

I was super excited at first when I signed up, but immediately when I connected my calendar it started freezing and no matter how many times I closed DailyPlannerSchedule , even deleted DailyPlannerSchedule and restarted my phone it kept freezing on the scheduler. It was also glitching to the point where it would change what day it was in the default view. Finally as a last resort I tried logging out of my account and now I’m in an endless loop unable to log into my account. I keep getting a login notification in an Eastern European language and tried every channel to get in contact with the developer to help me get logged into my account to no answer.

Trust is such an important part of an app like this as it has access to your calendars and tons of personal details. You’re also trusting DailyPlannerSchedule the manage your life and it can’t even do calendar integrations or signup properly. Unless they can fix this bug ASAP I’d say run! Its not worth investing any time like I did into an app that is super buggy like this.


The worst app I have ever used

I was so hopeful for DailyPlannerSchedule because it was exactly what I wanted in terms of an app that combined serval other apps (notes, calendar, etc.) But I was completely let down by DailyPlannerSchedule , which basically doesn’t work. Want to add something to the calendar? It will set your calendar event to the day before, every time, no matter how many times you select the correct date and save. It’s always the day before. That’s just one example of how terrible DailyPlannerSchedule is. I desperately tried to use DailyPlannerSchedule. I wasted 8 hours of my life on it. It took me 2 hours to figure out the ONLY way to get the calendar to display that April 4 is a Monday (it is), was to set the weekly view to start on Monday, rather than Sunday. If you started the week on Sunday, it would display that April 4 was SUNDAY! It’s not! Sunday is April 3! You can’t just do that! And every day following would also be wrong! Why would this ever fly?! How did this ever get past beta testing?! Hands down the worst app I have ever used, I unsubscribed from my free trial after the first day because DailyPlannerSchedule is literally worthless.


Either fix or I want a refund

I just purchased the premium and as soon as I did it’s like the little bugs in the free version went from minor issues to app breaking issues. I can’t use DailyPlannerSchedule at all. DailyPlannerSchedule has potential to be a 5 star app but if I can’t use DailyPlannerSchedule or get anything in it to work then how and what can I appreciate about it other than the potential the idea of it is. I need DailyPlannerSchedule to work it would help me stay more organized but if DailyPlannerSchedule isn’t goin to work it’s no need for me to transfer all of my stuff from the other planner/organizer apps.
Details on the issues.. if I click a category for ex the project page it won’t let me create anything. I click nothing happens and it’s with all the different categories like DailyPlannerSchedule isn’t reading that I’m clicking. I added a space it won’t let me delete or rename it. Please just fix DailyPlannerSchedule . It’s potential is amazing but right now I’m just disappointed


Has amazing potential

I think DailyPlannerSchedule is amazing. The features are and functionality are like unlike anything I have seen. It has just about everything you could want to track your personal and professional life. But the iOS app is very slow and buggy. I think all the functions and widgets might be slowing it down or maybe DailyPlannerSchedule is still in its infancy because I can’t do much in DailyPlannerSchedule without it glitching or freezing on me. I’ve had to restart DailyPlannerSchedule 4 times in the first 15 min of using DailyPlannerSchedule . I will continue trying to use it as it has everything I want as well as a web app which is amazing (very few iOS calendar/task apps have a web app) and it is essential to have web access in my workflow. But if it continues to be this glitchy/freezing so often, I don’t think I’ll be able to stick with it as it’s happening so frequently.


I want to love this

The mind behind DailyPlannerSchedule obviously belongs to a person after my own heart. It’s like someone took one of those fat Franklin-Covey day planners from back in the day and made it fit inside my iPad. It has every single thing I have been looking for in a productivity app. Unfortunately it also has a few little gremlins that make it utterly useless.

1) the date is behind by a day. After doing some poking around I discovered other people having the same issue who said that it could be resolved by changing the “week start” day to Monday rather than Sunday. I changed this setting but it did nothing to solve my problem. This is a catastrophic issue that I just can’t get past and it renders DailyPlannerSchedule pointless.

2) the map is terrible. If I have to look up the exact address to the appointment I am trying to input into my calendar then what is point in supplying a “location service” in your app at all? Couldn’t there be an option in the settings (as I have seen in other apps) for the user to change the map service being used? i.e. Apple or Google. What you have going on now is study in frustration.

Please, please, PLEASE fix these two things and I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen.


Could be so perfect!

Brite provides a variety of in-app tools that are all effective and easy to set-up. There’s quite a few options for themes and customization in general in all the different tools. My number one favorite is the Habit Tool. My only problem with it is that when you set a cover for the background (whether it’s your picture or Brites) it blurs it. Also the color options and symbol options hang off the screen and when you try to scroll, it closes the options. I’ve tried a few different things to try and fix it, but it seems to just be DailyPlannerSchedule . I would love to see these little bugs get fixed so I could have the perfect app.


Has potential, work needed

Trialed on iPhone 10 max.
What I like:
Huge versatility to view what you want about your day on one screen.
Love the Color coding options.
Habits, calendar with syncing, lists, tagging… etc.

Needs work:
Cannot read events on week view. Maybe remove check box and turn week view horizontal. (Or add horizontal option for those of us who like to see our week that way) Being able to read the text of my week at a glance is a must. The month view seems to show the text of my events just fine.

Major lag when switching between screens: Events will show in month and week view, but do not appear in day view or on “my day” screen. It takes a minute for these events to appear, and they disappear again if you switch screens.

Currently unusable for me. But may revisit in the future as this all does seem to have much of what I want.



I really, really wanted DailyPlannerSchedule to work. I’ve been looking for something like this, with everything in one. My experience was very similar with others. DailyPlannerSchedule is difficult to use. When trying to add events to the calendar, it schedules the event for the day before or after the time you are trying to set it. It also doesn’t let you edit it. I can’t go back and forth from the home page and the calendar. I think the major issue that needs to be fixed is the calendar feature. Everything else seems to do what it is suppose to do.



I’m ADHD and struggle to keep all my ideas and physical to do lists without losing them. DailyPlannerSchedule tremendously helps me, using it along side with Apple’s “hey Siri” time reminders to complete my tasks... it’s helped keep me disciplined and motivated to complete my life’s goals. Definitely upgrading to the premium version. Had the free version for over 6 months . 10 /10 stars if that was a thing !!! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!!!! MASSIVE PRODUCTIVITY!!!!


It’s a great app

My life basically depends on DailyPlannerSchedule. I use it to organize my day and remember events for the future. DailyPlannerSchedule is great and customer service is responsive to issues! DailyPlannerSchedule had some update that was causing issues with rearranging tasks and a few weeks after notifying them, they fixed the issue. Very helpful.


Having a difficult time using

Would love to use DailyPlannerSchedule regularly, but having an issue with it being super glitchy…? It keeps adding events to the wrong days, or won’t save events I’ve added. Events I’ve added won’t save half of the time and won’t show up on the calendar even if they do. There’s also no function to change out of military time which would be helpful. A lot of the functionality doesn’t seem to be working well for me, but if it do would love to use DailyPlannerSchedule.



DailyPlannerSchedule is super good for projects! I can organize and track everything I need, and then it gets done just like that! I recommend it for every age and for any use you can think of! Habits you want to build, projects you’re working on, or any task that you just need to get done!



A cool app that helps you plan your day, mainly when you have a lot to do and you overlook everything. Lots of cool features, you can write notes, set goals, and you can even begin to lose weight, set a goal, take body measurements, and tune your changes.


Great even for the free version

Amazing! Syncs to all my devices, the free version has enough for you to manage your tasks. Use it to manage all my web design clients and love it! Will most likely upgrade to the paid version soon enough!


Better than Salesforce

I use DailyPlannerSchedule to keep track of all my tasks and to do lists and it’s way better than using my salesforce and my outlook. Highly recommend using this as your personal helper


Very helpful!

Keeps me organized and on my toes! I typically have multiple projects in process at any given time and this program makes it easy to keep track of them all very easily.


Well thought out todo app

DailyPlannerSchedule is easy to use with tons of quick features. You don’t have to use all of them to make it worth your while but using really helps productivity.


Good enough

It does what it supposed to do, helping you control your plans, keep track of goals and tasks, and keep notes organized.


Great app

For a long time I've been looking for an all in one easy to use productivity app and this one right here is amazing. Kudos to the developers.


Lots of UI bugs

Just wanted to give an honest opinion. I think DailyPlannerSchedule really needs some attention on the UI. Text inside of buttons not aligned and centered. Labels showing over a sun background that looks odd. Your logo on the sign in page is blurry. Even your icon on DailyPlannerSchedule Store in dark mode has this weird white border around it.

Is Daily Planner Schedule Safe?

Yes. Daily Planner, Schedule: Brite is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,187 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Daily Planner Schedule Is 41.9/100.

Is Daily Planner Schedule Legit?

Yes. Daily Planner, Schedule: Brite is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,187 Daily Planner, Schedule: Brite User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Daily Planner Schedule Is 58/100..

Is Daily Planner, Schedule: Brite not working?

Daily Planner, Schedule: Brite works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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