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Published by on 2024-02-01

Brite is an all-in-one productivity app with deep customization. All tools for
productive life and work are combined in one easy-to-use app.

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By Max Nieder   1 year ago

I bought the app on a one year-trial but without creating an account up front. So I created the account afterwards and wanted to connect my trial with the account (I was wondering how its even possible to have a payment without an account) but that was not possible. So I would have to buy the trial again and also it is not possible to get into my first-trial “account“ as it seems like vanished. Can someone help me with this issue? Greetings from germany

Common dislikes about Daily Planner, Schedule app

- Freezes and glitches

- Unable to log into account

- Calendar event always sets to the day before

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Tasks, calendar, goals, habits, annual plan, ideas, chat, notes, knowledge base, storage, diary, finance, projects, mind maps, contacts, passwords, collaboration with colleagues, and more are combined and combined in one product.  An ideal environment with everything you need for productive personal and work activities, self-development, synthesis of new ideas and their preservation, and the opportunity to work together with like-minded people.  We believe you don't need to use many different apps and switch between them to stay updated on your schedule, daily routines, or work tasks.  The main idea of our app is to replace different productivity apps, such as task managers, habit trackers, budget apps, note-taking editors, diaries, mood diaries, meditation, and many others, with just one versatile and fully customizable service.  In Brite, you will find everything you need for productive work and happier life.  All tools for productive life and work are combined in one easy-to-use app.  You no longer need to waste focus and time switching between different applications with the functionality you need.  Stay organized and become happier with the simple and easy-to-use tasks tool.  We strive to create the ideal environment where you can maximize your personal and professional potential.  In our time, work and personal affairs are incredibly intertwined.  Create and successfully track projects and complicated tasks.  It is integrated with tasks and group chat.  Create group chats with teammates and colleagues.  Therefore, to catch the "Stream" state, minimizing distractions such as switching between applications and interfaces is essential.  Save and share your ideas and thoughts with the notes tool.  Create a flowchart easily. Visualize your plan. 

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