Match 3D Reviews

Match 3D Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-04

Get ready for a new, challenging and original matching pairs game. You need to
match 3D objects on the ground and pop them all! When you clear a level, you
will find new objects to pair. Features Shiny 3D visual effects and
objects: Every level of Match 3D will give you an enjoyable fu...

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Match 3D Reviews

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    I play regularly please add these features

    I’ve had this game for over a year now and I play this game on a regular basis. I enjoy all the features of this game. Two added feature I would like to see add to this game. First the ability to see how many minutes long my next game will be. This would an excellent feature to add because it would give the player the ability to see if the next game is a two minute game or an eight minute game. Why does this matter to a player? It would give the ability of choice to the player when or if to use their boosters. If it’s a short two minute game I might want to use both the clock booster and the magnet booster. If it’s an eight minute game I might chose to skip using either booster because I feel I’ll be able to clear out all the objects before the time is up. I want the ability as a player to know how long my next game will be so I can personally decide if I want to use, one, two or none of my boosters for the next game. Second I would love to be able to use my boosts after the game has already started. For example, I decided not to use any boosters before the game started. But after I start playing the game I realize I’m having some trouble with the game and I want to use my clock boost to help me finish the game. Since they are my boosters, I should be able to use them whenever I feel it is the most beneficial to me. Please add these two features. Thank you. - Melissa

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    Money grubbing

    I have never seen a game try so hard to make money. It is a timed, race against the clock game, but ads popping up in the middle disrupts your concentration and throws off your momentum. Especially since some ads can drag on for a full minute. To make matters worse, after a few levels you reach levels that are impossible to complete without boosters. You can get boosters for free, but to pass some levels it would take days of playing and losing the same level over and over to get enough free boosters to win the level. The only alternative is to pay for boosters. I know app developers don’t work for free and they need to make money by selling the app, in-app purchases, and/or ad time. I have paid for other apps, boosters, extra lives, etc., and have patiently watched ads between levels in other games. It’s the price of entertainment. But in other game apps, you can enjoy the game for free just by sitting thru the ads because the ads pay the bills. This game tries to force you to buy things despite selling ridiculous amounts of ad time. The number of ads and their placement in the middle of games made me not want to pay for anything in this app from the beginning, and after seeing how they make it nearly impossible to enjoy the game without buying things I have decided to stop playing altogether. It is a shame too because it is a fun game.

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    Good game, too limited options, constant “up-selling”

    ***If I’d known the game was this limited, and would be constantly trying to up up-sell me, I wouldn’t have bought the paid version. I’m sorry I did.*** UPDATE: I’ve decided to stop playing this game. I liked using it to relax and de-stress, but playing against the clock creates stress rather than relieves it, and there’s no other option to play it. I like this game, think it’s a creative idea. I like interface overall. I’d easily give it 4 stars, probably even 5 stars — but there are no “practice modes”, or any way whatsoever to the play without a timer constantly running. I had been using the game in the mornings to help wake up my brain, but am constantly irritated that I have to rush against the clock instead of having the option to let my mind relax and find the matches in varying levels without a stress-inducing clock running. ***The only way to change that is to spend money on boosters that add to the clock, which is manipulative.*** I purchased the paid version of the app, yet I’m still having purchases pushed at me, which cheapens the game for me and makes me want to not play it, and even worse, not recommend it to others. If a “play without the clock” option was available, and there weren’t “Buy boosters, give us more more money” things in my face all the time, I’d love it.

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    Love but hate at the same time

    I have a hard time finding a game that can challenge me. Most games I try I get bored of quickly and delete. This game has actually kept me coming back until recently. The ads keep freezing up. They play and then I am unable to go back to the game. Then I lose whatever boosts I used and I have to start all over. This has been happening for over a week. I have been patient waiting for the bug to be fixed but nothing. I am really enjoying the challenge of this game but I hate being cheated by it constantly freezing up after the ads are done. It’s not even like it’s a glitch that pops you back to the game after a minute. It just sits there at the end of the ads, no X pops up, or if it does you can’t click it successfully, or the screen turns black and I wait but nothing else happens and I lose my boosts and have to start the level over. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled didn’t help. I’ve made sure my iPhone is up to date no changes. I’ve turned my phone off and restart it but that doesn’t help either. Nothing helps. Hopefully support can because I would really like to continue playing. Thanks for your time.

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    Relaxing and annoying

    I really like this game. Sorting things is really relaxing and the visuals are great. The timer helps make the game more challenging, although it would be nice if there was an option to play without a timer. As others have pointed out, there are too many ads. I don’t mind there being ads between levels but it’s really annoying when you are playing a level and an ad pops up out of nowhere; and this happens several times each level! And these aren’t short ads either; they tend to be about a minute long. The biggest problem I have with this game is that the timer doesn’t pause for ads and that’s a problem when you only get a few minutes to complete each level. So for example, if you get 4 minutes to complete a level and an ad pops up that’s 1 minute long, then you’ve just lost a quarter of your time and you’ll likely get more ads that will steal even more of your time. I could tolerate pop up ads if the timer paused for them. There are also frequent glitches in which the game abruptly pauses for a few seconds. A lot of other people have voiced the same complaints as me so I hope these problems will be fixed soon.

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    I like the game itself but they CHEAT! They show the big magnet as booster but then you sit waiting for it to come AND IT DOESN’T! This means you just wasted precious seconds waiting for NOTHING! Also, many times it would stop the game & text 60 seconds UP, so then you continue & 28 seconds later (I had friend time it) it texts 60 seconds UP! which was a total lie, so I continue & 34 seconds later again: 60 seconds UP! So that it takes all the $1,000s of coins you’ve saved up PLUS the $600 coins from the piggy bank you just PURCHASED and leaves you with next to nothing. Then it tells you you have to watch videos to get $1,000 to play again (10 videos!) even though your extra lives are TOTALLY FULL. This game just steals your game coins, plays way too many video ads & tricks you into buying more & more coins and extra crap from the store to steal all your REAL money in order to play their stupid cheating game! It doesn’t matter how good you are at it, they’ll cheat you out of your coins & make you spend $20 just to play 1 round of their game! I don’t like games where they set you up & cheat so that there’s NO WAY you can possibly win! I QUIT! And I’m wiping your game off my iPad. Unless you like cheaters who steal your money by cheating you out of time, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!

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    Relaxing but a money grabber

    The game is super relaxing and I would keep it on my phone if it didn’t do a couple of things. There are way too many ads for it. An ad when you start the game, three ads in the middle of the level, when you pause it and want to go back there is also an ad, when you want to go home or the next level there is an ad. Of course you can just pay the $3 to get ad free, but the game definitely makes sure it annoys you to the point of buying it or quitting the game. In the later levels it gets harder to pass the short time levels and it becomes almost impossible to do so without extra time or one of the boosters. The first few times you can get extra time through an ad, but after that you have to pay 100 coins to increase the time limit. You can get coins from the chests but you don’t nearly get enough to pay for it. So the only option is to buy it it’s $2 for 200 coins. And sometimes even the extra time still isn’t enough so you would have to buy extra time multiple times. The game really is a short term game that either gets you to spend as much money as possible or to watch as many ads as possible.

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    Great game, poor maintenance

    I 100% love this game but again WAY TOO MANY ADS. We all understand the need for ads and sponsorships, but I see more ads than I do of the game itself. 5 ads in a 15 minute timed round is a bit much. One whole day of me playing this game was the great “ Acorns” ad. Realistically, I bet that ad showed up over 150 times. This game is great but the amount of ads makes it hard to continue playing. Yes I can spend the $5.99 to stop the ads, but I chose not to. Also a huge complaint is the very short timed rounds which are purposefully made impossible to complete without using coins for an extra 60 seconds. Sometimes those rounds can be passed but not when the game glitches and won’t let the items be moved to the platform. There’s only been maybe 2 times I’ve passed those rounds without having to use coins and the game did not move the items. As I stated before, I love this game and play it a lot but I think the developers could do a better job with the ridiculous amount of ads and the frustrating glitches. Oh, btw, let a full round go without interruptions of the same ad over and over and over again...just saying!! 🤷‍♀️

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    Steals a live !

    The game is good but as mentioned before there’s toooo many ads. For everything even when you pause the game there’s an ad and I get it, you can pay to remove ads but what’s the point of it’s a “free game” ads aren’t bad just wayyy to many ads. Aside from that sometimes the ad freezes when it’s a few seconds away from finishing and you can’t do anything about it so you exit the game and go back and you lose a live and okay that’s fine but it’s not like you re start the level. It starts off where you left !!!! That’s TRASH! So for example there’s 57 seconds left to the timer, and a ad pops up.. it stops when there’s “16” seconds left and it doesn’t continue and you wait and wait and you exit the game, you go back and it shows the main page of the game you click play and realize you lost that one live for exiting the game you ASSUME you start the level over with the amount of time you start off with (example 5 minutes) but NO you looooose a live and you start off with the 57 seconds you had left when the ad popped up so I feel THAT needs to be fixed!! If I lost a live RESTART the game and don’t take my live away and leave me with the remaining time i had left !!!

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    Non-Responsive on Feedback

    I want to start off by saying that, at first, I really did enjoy this game. However, for no apparent reason, the timer for each game seems to adjust to shorter amounts of time. Also, The game does not provide an overall description or instructions as other games do. For example, when you finish a level and receive a bonus, there are icons that appear. It would be helpful if you could find out what these icons represent. But that is not shown anywhere in the game. As for my title of this review, I have written a few times about these issues, but I have not seen any responses or corrections. As with other reviews that I have read, the game does have glitches where it freezes pieces that you are trying to move, while the timer continues. That causes you to lose the game. If these issues were corrected, I would absolutely give this game a five star rating. But since it is very frustrating to encounter these problems (not to mention the incessant ads that pop up in the middle of a game and use up your time), I have given it only a three star rating. And I feel that is generous.

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    In app con

    Game itself is very good, but ads are very long and so numerous that it is impossible to play this game. Have to pay for the game but there is no option to buy the game on the App Store. You must download the game and then in app pay money to get rid of most of the ads. I still get ads but infrequently. We have family share and while this game says it works with family share, it does not. Caveat under family share for this game on their site says no in app purchases can be shared. So what then is shared is the game with all the ads, continuous ads even in the middle of a game. So in fact there is no family share of this game. This is a memory game and interruption of the game with a long ad makes it very difficult to focus again when one has to keep looking for the ability to get rid of the ad on the screen even after the ad is done. Once back to the game lots of time is lost (timed game) while studying the screen seeing where you were. Second problem this inability to family share causes is that anyone on the family share cannot pay to get of the ads. Can’t even get to that page it appears. Developer needs to take off their site that it is compatible with family share because it is not!!!!

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    Money Hungry Game

    This game has potential to be extremely fun... if you’re willing to spend pointless money on it. To begin, there are too many ads. These ads pop in between levels and even while you’re in the middle of playing which can be very frustrating and interrupt your focus. Turning your phone on airplane mode solves this problem, but then you’re risking missing important calls and other notifications. Additionally, there gets to be a point where the given time to pass a level is simply not enough, and you have to use numerous boosters to get through them. Sometimes this can happen five levels in a row! You obviously have to pass levels and gain stars to earn these boosters, but even then that may not be enough. That’s when you’re given the option to buy the boosters for an unnecessary amount of money. It’s a fun game to pass the time when you enjoy matching a searching and have no care for completion and progression, but if you are one of those people (like me) that do gain satisfaction from completing a level, this game is not for you. Unless you’re willing to spend your money on it.

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    Good but unplayable for free

    This game is incredibly addicting. I find myself closing my eyes at night and drifting off by matching objects in my head. Once you reach a certain level you have enough coins and boosters to beat any level even if you run out of time which is nice. Unfortunately, this game is absolutely unplayable if you keep the ads (unless you like to torture yourself). They pop up unexpectedly in the middle of every single level - usually more than once - and you instantly lose the flow you were in. I paid to remove them. The coin flow is very slow I will add, but it’s been okay. My only UX complaint is that this game is INCREDIBLY detailed and touch sensitive until the last few moves. It always amazes me when I see an object barely visible under a pile of others and it still recognizes I’m touching that one to move it. However, once you’re at the end and the board is nearly clear, it stops being as sensitive and I find myself swiping on a tiny object 10x to move it. It’s really annoying to lose your streak over it too.

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    Great design!

    I am so addicted to this game! I paid to remove the ads and now there are none. At all. Unless I want to watch and earn more lives. I don’t think $6 is unreasonable because I used to buy a puzzle magazine for $6 before smartphones. I had deleted this because I was spending too much time playing but reinstalled it and I still don’t have ads..yay! The only problem I have is that if I pause the round, I often accidentally tap the incorrect picture to restart it which causes a NEW round start. So if I used a booster it’s still used up and that’s aggravating!! Especially if it was your last ditch effort Lol! Oh and I’ve accidentally hit the freeze snowflake several times with my hand but I don’t know what the solution is for that. I still think it deserves 5 stars!!! Great design! I love how there are shadows so you know you’ve picked up a small piece, how they spin when you hold them, and how they interact with the other items if you drag one across the pile.

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    Fun game but ADS DESTROY IT!!!! *please read!

    As many MANY others have pointed out, while this game is extremely fun and a great type of game I’ve not played like this before, the Ads are destroying my enjoyment or even my ability to play! I hate ads of any sort BUT, I can tolerate ads that pop up between levels and the ones who try and entice you with adding more time to a level you couldn’t finish. But these Ads pop up in the middle of the game!! Not only does it STEAL your precious time but it takes you out of the concentration you’re in while playing which is VITALLY important for this type of game on a time limit! It quite literally makes it impossible to play now that I’m in the higher levels. Just not enough time because the ads steal it in many ways. And the truly sad part is, if the ads were like older games like I explained above in between levels etc, I have at many times just purchased the game for no ads! But this is so ridiculous that I’m not wanting to give them my money because I’ve seen reviews that are almost a year old and nothing has changed! So this company must not care! Sad! I would have bought this game had it not been for that.🤷🏻‍♂️

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Is Match 3D Safe?

Yes. Match 3D is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 801,297 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Match 3D Is 29.2/100.

Is Match 3D Legit?

Yes. Match 3D is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 801,297 Match 3D User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Match 3D Is 29.2/100.

Is Match 3D not working?

Match 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 9 Comments

By Helen
Sep 22 2021

Game is so slow that it is impossible to play

By Katrina
Sep 19 2021

All if a sudden items don't land in the circle properly, impossible to play

Sep 16 2021

After playing Match 3D for several minutes, I feel like my heart is beating faster.
Also feel numb with some electric effects on fingers.
It is fun game to play (when my phone has more than 50% battery, and not working without rebooting) but I feel that it has some effects on my body and makes me feel sick.

By Doreen Huggett
Sep 03 2021

Love this game, but decided not to play again. The screen freezes too often, have to switch off and reboot. Happened 3times in 10 minutes this morning.

By Quaker Lady
Aug 23 2021

Some ads come up and do not allow me to end them after they are finished. No way to get back to the game.

Aug 23 2021

Everything the respondent’s have said is factual. Such a fun game, however, so many hiccups (that never get corrected!) that have been reported time & time again! Who the hell is running the b.s.?
Have a site to Totes bring Y down!

Jul 20 2021

Way, way too many ads and they should Never pop up in the middle of a game. That is cheating so I will Not suggest/recommend this game
to anyone - you will Not make money off of me or my friends. Earn it.......

Jul 20 2021

Way, way too many ads and they should Never pop up in the middle of a game. That is cheating so I will Not suggest/recommend this game
to anyone - you will Not make money off of me or my friends. Earn it.......

By Sue
May 26 2021

I enjoy playing this game but I an so over it freezing constantly whilst the clock runs down. I also think there are too many ads. This all makes what should be a pleasant activity very annoying and not much fun at all.

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