Matchington Mansion Reviews

Matchington Mansion Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house
makeover in this fun match-3 adventure! Download Matchington Mansions for Fun,
Exciting Gameplay: Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible
boosters & power-up combos! Piece together hidden o...

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Matchington Mansion Reviews

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    Fun but...

    I really like the idea of the game but as some of the reviewers in the past have said, it’s waaaaaaaaay too slow to be interesting. I would much rather spend my time on the actual decorating than the candy crush type game play... I mean that’s not why I downloaded it... I didn’t even know that there was a matching game to it. I saw an ad from a different game and this is not at all what I thought it would be based on the ad. I can see maybe a different type of game for different challenges and also different amounts of stars, but you can’t increase the amount of stars that we need to complete tasks and only give us one star for completing each level. Plus I’m on level 29 and it’s taking me forever to complete the level. They progress so quickly in difficulty, and looking at the size of the “mansion” there is no way in hell I’ll be making it past level 50... I also don’t want to have to wait 10 mins to get 1 life. Either make it make me wait 1 hour for 15 lives or make me wair 2 mins for 1 but it’s way too long between running out and I definitely do not want to pay for anything. There also needs to be more coins given away because 20 a game is not getting me anywhere. I’m going to keep the game downloaded but only if there’s an update coming soon because there need to be quite a few prominent changes. Overall though, there is a good foundation to the game but there need to be changes to the game to make it better.

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    Not fair

    My stars are going down even more. This game is fun but becoming more frustrated because of the need to use the hard earned stars for things that’s really stupid. 3 stars just to clean up soot from a oven or to clean up anything? Stars just to greet someone ? Stars to give a dog and cat a cookie? Stars to give someone tea or a cookie? I’m sorry but as hard as the game can get it’s just not fair. You don’t give enough coins or rewards. I feel when you complete a area you should be rewarded by a couple of boosters. I know I’m not alone I’ve read most of the reviews. We want to be able to have fun in this game and spend the small amount of stars we earn on renovating the mansion instead of things that don5 pertain to that. I know it’s just a game but seriously it’s really unfair to us. I will give 5 stars once things are fixed. I’m in the 400 levels and I think I’ve given this my best shot because I do love the game. But if it doesn’t change I’m uninstalling And where is the game that was advertised? Clearly it’s not this one. And one person is right you can’t coordinate anything with those horrible colors. The outside looks better than the inside. I’m starting to believe this is just another money hungry game now. An update is definitely needed here or ppl will leave this game. I understand the game gets harder as you progress but it shouldn’t have to take you a week to finish a hard level then be rewarded with 15 coins.

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    PLEASE fix the crashing

    This is/was my favorite game. I am/was truly addicted. A couple weeks ago, the game started crashing rather often. I reported it but nothing improved. Then in the last update, the game severely broke. The game now crashes when entering the game, trying to load a level, during a level, after a level (if you’re lucky enough to make it to the end w/o crashing). Every time this happens, you lose a life. I don’t have a life as it is, I don’t need a game rubbing it in. All kidding aside, this game is now 100% unplayable. I’m not the only one with this issue. It’s not me. I updated the game, my iOS, rebooted, freed up a ton of space, entered the game w/o an internet connection to make sure it wasn’t my connection, I’m not running any other apps, etc. I sent another support ticket in a couple few days ago and haven’t heard anything back. If it’s because it’s too graphics heavy, add an option to reduce graphics in the settings. The game will just keep getting more and more graphics heavy the higher level you get. Either fix this critical bug or just give us the option of reducing the graphics so you aren’t disappointing loyal players. The game is completely unplayable the way it is. I’m not even being dramatic. It’s literally impossible now with the crashing. Please don’t let this game crash and burn. Pun intended. If/when the game gets fixed, so we can actually play it, I’ll come and revisit my rating/review.

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    Good but...

    I like that the game is like bejeweled twist and how it is creative and with a story line. But there are some levels that are a pain to get through just to get one star. Whenever i run out of moves sometimes the and ad is available and I can do the spinning wheel but there’s a low chance of get extra moves. When the ad is not available there’s the 500 coins to spend just to a few extra moves. A 100 coins for 1 freaking move, not to mention the amount of coins I get depends on the explosives left that I got on a level. If you plan on making levels harder why can’t you just make it so that you can earn more stars based on the difficulty of that level. I am on level 1767 and I am playing the new version on the time limited room where you earn a certain amount of lightbulbs that depends on how many levels you’ve done. I have done 32 levels and I don’t get enough lightbulbs like I usually do with the previous version. You already got people complaining about how some levels are hard to do just to get a star then spend like 2-3 stars on some trivial things. Now I know you extended the days to 8 to complete the time limited room. But for me, I personally like the previous version where I can match the cushions that has the lightbulbs and I can get more that way rather then doing like 3 levels and get an award of 40 lightbulbs.

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    Do you read your reviews?

    I like your game but I read your reviews and most are about the same things. I seen and played with the feelings that they express. So obviously you don’t. Otherwise reviews would be better. You do have good graphics and storyline. Decorating a mansion is pretty awesome especially since I will never afford to live in one. But in my family we all play this one game and I have already payed over $200 since the first of the year on this game. For this gaming company this I just a raindrop in what they make in a month. I check their monthly revenue They have everything in their product that is lacking in yours. I research the company and found out why they soared to the top in little over a year. They studied gaming company’s and read their reviews. They listen to what people wanted in a game and incorporated into their game. Maybe you should listen and incorporate yours. I am sure some of you even played the game especially when you tube is blasting away all time about the game You have a great game but it could be better. If people are excited about playing your game, they’ll tell friends and so on. More will play and more revenue for you. Make the game exciting and achieve able goals. When you can not level up at a reasonable pace what’s the use. Rewards when you level up that’s paltry,what’s the use. The idea is decorate a mansion on less than minimum wages, why play.

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    Deceptive advertising and gameplay

    From other games in-game ads I found this game. It is NOT at all like the ads. It is a typical match 3 game where you earn stars to ‘buy’ what you have to accomplish in order to advance. That part is all well and fine when you actually start playing, but again, NOT at all like the ads lead you to believe. The real reason I give this 2 stars is because in the mid 20’s levels you have to break crates that a wind up mouse is hiding in. This mouse moves to the next nearest crate when you break it, moves off the map entirely when there are no more crates. WRONG! When you are down to the last mouse, when you are down to your last available move, you break the crate and the mouse should go away OFF THE SCREEN because it has nowhere to go and you progress in the game. Nope! It ducks down into the crate and pops back out like that move didn’t matter. Can’t pass the level now, start over. This is rigged. During these levels long before I’m close to running out of moves, the very same move eliminates the mouse. Get down to actually beating the level and the game has its own rules to keep you from winning. I’ve replicated this very thing over 11 times across 4 different levels. Obvious cheating trying to make you spend money to continue. Treat me like a dupe and the game is forgotten about. Make an actual game that isn’t rigged and I’d HAPPILY pay the Devs money for their work.

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    If you like to wade through in game advertising, this game is for you!

    Several months ago I would have given this game five stars but having to wade through forced advertising(for the game folks! Not ads!) that you can’t skip for the most part. Below is a typical game start. Open app and wait for the expected ten second load. Pop up of holiday event, hitting go to event or exit out makes no difference, you go to holiday event wether you want to or not. Ten second load screen later, you arrive at holiday event. Hit exit button to go back to the main game screen you wanted in the first place. Ten second load screen latter and once your back you have a pop up advertising the game sale of X and X being on discount. Hit no and another pop up of a in game event, luckily there a skip button and you bypass the dialogue. Ten seconds later, after the animation is done, another pop up of an in game event that can’t be skipped. Fourth five seconds to a minute latter, you can finally exit out of the forced dialog event only to finally be greeted by the daily gift pop up. Collect gift and somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four and a half minutes later, you are permitted to actually play the game. Seriously devs, are you trying to tick off and drive away customers? All the events are great but make them skipable for crying out loud.

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    My thoughts on this game

    It’s a good game with good graphics and nice characters. But it gets to difficult to where you almost have to spend money and I’m guessing that’s the point... which is annoying. But once you pass a very difficult level you sometimes have to use your rewarded star on something like petting the cat or greeting a person. The story line is almost to precise. We like to be able to get out with the old, in with the new and be able to choose what we want that’s new. Not have to do extra little things. It’s very annoying but I still play it anyway because getting further in the mansion is worth it. I suppose... There also needs to be more ways to make more money than just video ads. Beating a level doesn't hardly earn you any coin. And everything you buy to help you beat a level is so expensive. Even buying hearts/lives. I think there should be no limits on the hearts. If you receive more hearts that should be added on the the previous. There should be no limit. Because getting unlimited lives is very rare. We’d run out of hearts still anyway so why give us a limit? For ads to run?.. that’s also annoying. Anyway, I’m leaving a report because this game has good potential with a good idea. Thanks.

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    Please stop making me play with the cat!

    This game was fun at first. The levels were challenging, but not impossible. However, now that I'm up to level 75, the game is getting quite frustrating. Some levels are so difficult that you either have to play for days before you get a passable board or purchase lots of coins in order to buy power ups or extra moves. Then, once you finally do clear a level, you get a pathetic 30-50 coins (meaning you have to pass dozens of levels just to purchase one power up) and 1 star. Worst of all, after decorating the initial rooms, almost all of your tasks involve answering the door or playing with the cat. Seriously, I've wasted 10 coins in a row doing nothing but getting the cat yarn to play with, rescuing it from the suit of armor, buying it shampoo, and giving it a bath. And none of these tasks are optional. I haven't decorated anything in days, which is what I downloaded the game for in the first place! I see lots of complaints about this in the reviews, but judging by the developer's responses, it doesn't seem like they are addressing the problem. I will probably delete the game soon since, frankly, I hate cats and the game is quite simply boring at this point. Add edit: Another issue: I have contacted customer support several times to report an issue, and there is never a response. This game doesn't seem to receive any developer support at all.

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    Love the game— but...

    I have been playing this game for a long time now.. I have made it to the island. And though I do sometimes get frustrated at some of the levels that take forever to get past- I do eventually get past them. My “but” has to do with you most resent update. Supposedly we should be earning stickers to get Halloween decorations, but even though my screen shows that I am in Halloween mode ... no stickers... no decorations??? What’s up with that? It has been 2 days since the update and still nothing? I would also like to say that I would like to see more decoration options - choosing between orange, blah brown, and ugly green is not really a choice. It’s like picking the presidential candidate that makes you want to vomit the least. And enough with the flowers already... I have like 25 different flower options ( and like 7 are slightly different cacti- 6 different fruit trees ( 2 barely different orange and 2 slightly different lemon). And to be honest, I am tired of spending stars on flower pots - I would never put so many flowers in my house, let alone in one room. Maybe flowers are the easiest thing for you developers to create for the game, or maybe you just have flower crazy developers, but enough is enough. It like for every piece of furniture, I have to add 3 flower pots.... it is starting to make me not want to play.

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    I first downloaded the app due to ads in another game. It is nothing like the ads (like you’re not picking tools to fix stuff, you just get to do the actions available using stars you earn solving puzzles). I enjoy solving tough puzzles and completing rooms; but the irrelevant side quests irritate me to no end. Currently Rex is being the Butler. I know Rex is the Butler. My only option is to spend a ton of stars hiring him, getting back things he swipes, etc. I’m here to decorate not stop swiper from swiping in Dora the explorer... I could have finished maybe two additional rooms if it weren’t for irrelevant side quests. I think it would be helpful if we could turn that part of the game off and just decorate the mansion if we want. You should also get more stars for solving more difficult puzzles (especially if you’re going to drum up the number of stars one needs to complete a task). Sometimes I enjoy the game but more often than not I’m frustrated about it not progressing more quickly. Once I beat over 70 levels in a row in the 400s and barely made a dent in what needs to be done. I would also like the option to make Tiffany go away, she’s useless and annoying. I was wondering how far I have to get to explore the cave behind the house or dig up what I assume will be pirate treasure under the palm trees that form an X.

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    So much more than just a puzzle game!

    I normally don’t write reviews, but after it kept asking if I would like to rate and support them, I considered it because I realized I’m on the game more than I would like to admit, lol. This game is so much fun, and I love to play when I have a day off and need to rest. It keeps you entertained by having a little bit of everything in the game for you. I love the puzzles, I love how I get to decorate my own mansion and gardens, and the story is quite cute, and very family friendly. I have to say how I absolutely love that you have events that you can play every day, and earn extra lives and extra tools you need to get by certain levels. None of that ‘you have to pay to get passed this level’ stuff in this game! That is what drives me away from most games like these. Overall I gave it 5 stars because of every little piece the developers put into the gameplay, you can even earn extra furniture/plants/rugs/etc. by just visiting your friends mansions and adding to your collection. Changing up my look, and turning it into my own without spending any’s just the game for me. Thank you guys, and I fully support this game. Keep up the great work!

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    Light Bulbs not enough

    Game is fun, I have been playing for a while, The problems stated on the other reviews are true, but it is still fun to play if you are a patient person. What disappointed me the most what the new way to complete the additional limited time rooms. When given the opportunity to complete the additional room for a limited time you ate supposed to do so by collecting light bulbs. Before you would play a round and the bulbs would be on certain pillows. The more you collected the faster you would complete the room. Now you have to play 4-8 levels to get a certain amount of bulbs and power ups. Which takes longer for you to collect the bulbs, you know with the more difficult levels that takes many tries, sometimes days, before you pass the lever. So I spent a lot of time, trying to keep up, did super good. With 16 hours left to complete the room, only a couple of decorations missing, I hit the end of available bulbs to collect and could not complete the room. I did not ran out of time, the game simply did not provide enough bulbs to complete the challenge and it was a complete waste of time. Had I spent any money on power ups to finish the challenge on time I would be outraged. I sent a message to the developers who have completed ignored me. If you play this game DO NOT spend ANY MONEY, it is designed to take it away and make you spend more and more. The developers are greedy

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    Love the game...but

    So I love the game, like a lot of people do. I’m up to level 234 rn. But I have to agree with the other people, it is getting more and more challenging. I get that it’s supposed to be challenging, but sometimes it takes me close to a week to pass a level. And i get that playing with the cat and all the extra stuff is part of the storyline, but really I’m just here to decorate a mansion, so wasting ten stars on a cat is a little annoying. But that doesn’t matter as much to me as the fact that it doesn’t even out. The tasks are requiring more and more stars to complete (really, three stars take a drink of something??) and the levels are getting harder and harder, and once you complete those hard levels you get one star and ten coins. How about, those ones that you design to be really hard, you actually give like two stars for? Because considering that we need more stars to complete tasks now, it would seem logical. Ok, but other than that. Vivid colors, excellent design, good idea with furniture. The storyline is good, even if I’m not there for the story, and the characters are excellently developed. Just, for those really hard levels, could you offer more rewards?

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    Great Game!!!

    I’m not much into games, but I love this one and I’m very addicted to it! I used to play Gardenscapes which is very similar to this game, but I quickly got tired of not being able to win the matching levels. The games were next to impossible to complete, sometimes took a week to get through just one level and I’d get very frustrated and was always tempted to delete the game. Then the tasks got to be ridiculously redundant, they got to be for very minute details and you’d rarely get the opportunity to landscape the gardens. Isn’t that supposed to be the goal of these types of games? I went on a search for a replacement game and found Matchington Mansion!!! As you go through the levels, they become more of a challenge. Sometimes you can get stuck on a level and it will take a day or so to complete, but they are WIN-ABLE! Some levels are hard, some very hard, but then you also get some relief as a few levels are a bit easier but always a challenge. It’s a perfect combination and I don’t feel frustrated when I’m done playing, and with this game, I always want to come back for more!!! Matchington Mansion is the best of this type of game that’s available to play!!!

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Keriann Hartman
Jan 19 2021

You know what’s wrong with this game. This game is rated for 4+, seriously? I’d love to see a five year old pay to play. What a joke.

By Pamela Thomas
Dec 26 2020

Game keeps crashing especially when I'm about to win the level. Then I lose a life and rewards. Very frustrating!

By SueQ
Oct 18 2020

Accidently deleted myself from my team. How do I get back on the team. I looked up BLM but couldn't find my team to rejoin.

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