PADI Reviews

PADI Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

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Reviews (23)


Logbook doesn’t work

I mainly use PADI to log my dives, but here’s the thing: the logbook just straight up doesn’t work. I’ve had PADI for a while now, and i’ve never gotten the logbook to work. i’ll try to put in the dive site, but it won’t let me. i’ll click on the thing and i’ll type in the name of the site, and the list of sites just won’t pop up. and then it won’t even let me put the name in (which the website does let me do if it doesn’t recognize the dive site), so i just have to cancel it. the logbook on the website works fine, but the website and app seem completely disconnected because even when i’m logged into my account on both things, my logged dives don’t even show up on PADI . so if you’re wanting to get PADI for the logbook, don’t. either use the website or just stick to a physical pen and paper book


Needs improvement

Update: this app contacted me shortly after posting the below comments and provided a direct email to send additional feedback. I sent a more detailed review and suggests. Thank you for your customer support service. I will awaited your updates. I agree with the other comments posted from the previous review, this new app totally missed the mark! The old app worked and provided more information to the user. Now you will delete PADI and the users information (dive log, and ecards that were paid for) in 90 days. Recommendation: Either migrate all the features from the previous/old app to the newer version OR just keep the old app! this app is a professional organization and this new app should have not even approved for public release beta test, because of the lack of content improvements.


Minimal information

First PADI took over 7 minutes to load and even open. Then I couldn’t get the e-cards to download so without WiFi or cel service its worthless. As for the information...If you are more than a beginner diver it seems a bit worthless. Through the previous app you could access so much more information, get access to the full this app website, look up certification numbers, access travel and information about con ed courses etc. All great tools for a dive professional. PADI has knots, hand signals, and how to pack a bag, this info is not enough to justify needing PADI , and who wants to have to go to 2,3,4 different this app apps to get all the info. Most DM and Instructors I know used PADI to look up customers certifications daily. PADI only has a pro check which for the average user is unnecessary. I’ll just carry my cert card it’s much easier than PADI .


Interesting app

I love the way you are working to help us, members, to keep diving, and having all my e-cards in the phone, not having to carry all of them every time I travel is great. Also to have information available like making knots for the ones who don’t do them often is a great plus! Thank you this app for keep us, members, on your first place.


Super Dissapointed

It really shows that they don’t care much for their apps, there isn’t even really a point to having this downloaded even since it doesn’t really do anything for you. The e cards often glitch and are hard to even get on there, not to mention they make you pay offsite of PADI “against apples App Store rules” and PADI doesn’t have any features that even make it worth being installed on my phone. Even their dive community isn’t something that’s on PADI “scuba earth” and no to mention that’s another failed design because you can’t do anything ok that “social website” either .. come on this app ..



So. This is the upgrade?! Was this new version app from a junior high science fair? If you have a good app in the first place and then update it with only two things...and oh, by the way, your dive logs in the future then this is ludicrous. Seriously!!?? You should at a minimum have all the features plus more now ... just like the previous app. Upgrading an app is upgrading. Not regressing back to the beginning of app development. Maybe sync all the different websites and apps you have to use with this app into one app or website!!?? That would be a Great Leap Forward especially on the Pro side of it. Why do I need to jump around to different locations to get the same content that could be in one place. Makes zero sense. This is very much a old DOS program/app and I find it hard to believe the #1 dive program in the world would publish this “new” app. Please stop and either bring back the old app. If your not ready for the new app then don’t put it out.



Gives you your e-card quick- if you have found your historic certification on the web site, paid the fee for the e-card, uploaded a jpeg photo, downloaded PADI - and then boom - there is your e-card on your phone. Actually quick and do able.


Really bad

Using the new app’s log book it is only in metric and Celsius. Not the end of the world but after you’ve been using feet and Fahrenheit in the other app it’s frustrating not to have the same option. If changing it is an option it’s not intuitively obvious. Also after I’ve finished logging the details PADI doesn’t record the depth or bottom time. Even after I try to update the dive with the same info PADI won’t record it and is left blank. Really annoying and really bad app. Do better this app with the millions of dollars you’re making.


Even more useless than the last app

A quick glance shows this “updated” app to be even more useless than the last one. Why do we have to pay to get an e-card? With what we pay for a certification it should be included. Guess that just falls under the Pay this app motto. Where is our dive logs and equipment list. How about a “local dive spots” section so you can find a place to dive when you travel. this app is great at using technology to get your money, but free stuff like this falls way short. Try again this app, you once again missed the basic mark.


Great support!

Had some issues accessing my card, and customer support helped out right away. Nice app and they let you download your scuba card so you don't meed internet access when your on an island


Nice marketing. Useless app

Full of this app marketing and some limited useful content. Unfortunately this is the only way to get and save your eCards. For the most part I have gone to simply saving a copy of my cards in iBooks which makes them easy to access any time. I was hoping that with a new app this app would actually add some useful content and easier navigation, but this looks like they just spent all their time making a prettier interface.


Convenient but...

PADI is so convenient because it has all my certifications right there, the this app store, my log book, a tool guide, and everything I can ask for. BUT PADI dose need an update because it thinks that when I log out I just downloaded it and has me go through the orientation and log in again. So yeah FANTASTIC APP BUT needs an update.



I’ve used the original this app app to log my dives for several years. I recently opened my app and was prompted to download this new version. It promises you will not lose your data but that it not true. What they fail to tell you is that you WILL LOSE YOUR DATA unless you also buy an e-card. I went back to the old app and all of my logged dives are gone. Thanks this app, I appreciate you failing to tell the truth and causing me to lose the last couple years of my logged dives unless I purchase the e-card.


Absolute garbage

PADI is the single buggiest thing I’ve ever used, eCards are an absolute joke and cost way too much. Any this app dive center can look you up without a card, so why would I pay for each card and cert? As to PADI , assuming you can successfully create an account (doubtful) there are a ton of better apps to use. For what this app charges for their “specialties” you’d think they’d be able to hire a software developer that didn’t get their qualifications from a Cracker Jack box.


Log Book Doesn’t Work

I painstakingly added all of my dives from the past 12 years to the Log after putting up with PADI crashing several times, not saving my data, freezing, etc. I just opened PADI for the first time in ~8 months and all of my logged dives are gone! The Log tab says I haven’t logged any dives yet. What a waste of time and effort. I also cannot download my eCard. At this point, PADI is totally useless to me.


PADI is worth $700 million and is completely useless

I feel like this app is gouging us at this point. They were sold in 2017 for $700 million and I still have to pay for their garbage software. I pay for an eCard even though I’ve had an eCard in my account previously, but then it disappears from my account. Then when I get my new one the interface is broken so it doesn’t actually display anything in PADI so I can’t go diving. I should have stuck with SSI.


You Scuba!

Providing individuals thy amazing opportunity for a glimpse into other worlds we are only learning from while allowing us ways where we can feel apart of a whole new world!



The this app application is kwerky, some times data is available and some times I have to go out to the website to see my information. Because of this I do not trust using the dive log in PADI . My certification data is not consistently available in PADI , making its use not fully dependable.


Open water

The prices have gone up on getting a certification card replacement since the last time I checked but I appreciate the simplicity of the e card. I just wish that the price was more reasonable. I already paid for the certification geeze!


Dive Log - won’t let me enter location

I was pumped to find out this app has an app. I went to start entering my dives in the log and it won’t let me enter or search for a location. On top of that it won’t let me save draft when I click exit out of the log. Still some glitches to work out.



this app’s the best



I just added all my dives and now the old app well be deleted now in 90 days! I really hope you migrate people’s information! I paid for Ecards and the Front of the card is just the this app logo?? Come on you can do better than that? New app no Bluetooth capability? Wow this app? Y’all missing the mark here! hopefully this is seen and answered because I enjoyed the old app even fought with this app and ScubaEarth to make things sync... speaking of that now what ScubaEarth on the verge of being deleted? Definitely will be watching this and adding more reviews!! Let’s go this app!! Make us proud!


Have to Log In Every Time

Doesn’t save your login info, like every other secure app on the planet.

Is PADI Safe?

Yes. PADI is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,912 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PADI Is 68.1/100.

Is PADI Legit?

Yes. PADI is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,912 PADI User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PADI Is 68.1/100.

Is PADI not working?

PADI works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a PADI customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using PADI.

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