uDates Local Dating: Chat Date Reviews

uDates Local Dating: Chat Date Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-08

Use uDates dating and chat app to find single locals waiting for you to get in
touch! It is simple and easy to use service that helps you locate and approach
perfect matches in your area. Find people who share your passions and interests!
Meet, chat and date easily with uDates! Why shou...

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3. Is it Legit?
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uDates Local Dating: Chat Date Reviews

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    Horrible App

    If you have money to throw away buying coins for dead end conversations, then this is your app. I joined less than 24 hours ago and it was a complete waste of time and money!! I demanded for my profile to be completely deleted and removed from site with a confirmation that it was done. Still waiting on it.

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    Can’t send messages without cost

    I have been in other dating sites NONE of them charge you per chat that is sooooo stupid I have many of your members trying chat me but I can’t answer them . I am letting them know why I can’t answer their txt because not paying

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    Can’t filter down to specific age range, ALL of the responses are automated. More safeguards should be in place to verify and authenticate users. I feel robbed already, and I’ve only been on this site for 10 minutes!

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    Good dating app

    Many active users. Love this app

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    Fishing App

    Despite of subscription, you have to buy coins to chat; which is totally ridiculous!!!!!! Other apps are better than this.

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    Straight buns

    If you don’t want to spend 15$ LITERALLY to talk to ANYONE at all don’t download this app it’s cheeks and they’re just money hungry like you actually can’t reply to anyone with out buying a subscription...

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    I want to delete my account but there is no way to do so in the app so would you please tell me how to delete my account.......

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    Why pay ?

    Why should I pay just for a Conversation🤬🤬

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    I want all my money back now

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Is uDates Local Dating: Chat Date Safe?

Yes. uDates Local Dating: Chat Date is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,045 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for uDates Local Dating: Chat Date Is 48.8/100.

Is uDates Local Dating: Chat Date Legit?

Yes. uDates Local Dating: Chat Date is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,045 uDates Local Dating: Chat Date User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for uDates Local Dating: Chat Date Is 48.8/100.

Is uDates Local Dating: Chat Date not working?

uDates Local Dating: Chat Date works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 47 Comments

By Kathy
Jun 19 2021

I cancelled my subscription and I am only going to say this once. Do Not Charge Me Again!
I am going to ask you nicely to refund all of my money as soon as possible, I will not ask again, I will have my Brother in law file a complaint against your Company for Fraud, in the County if Kern Superior Court in Bakersfield, CA
This Dating App of yours is not genuine, you are paying people to act as Single Men, asking ridiculous questions and in turn I must purchase Coins in order to have a conversation, although I purchased a Membership and should have unlimited chat. Howtsince that purchase I have been unable to chat because I am buying no more of your coins! I have spent $50.00 already and the only interesting thing I got out of it was that 4 of the men I was chatting with admitted they are working for the App to entice people to spend money, they are nit allowed to leave the App and chat!
Which was my first clue, neither of them wanted to tx or email, I knew then something was not right.
And none of the 4men live in Taft or Bakersfield as stated on their profile.
So how many frauds is that so far.
You Do Not return any replys to the email you provide, I have sent 4- emails today, nothing!
My Brother in law has his office staff checking all the emails your App provides for Customers Service to see if they are legit, and in fact received by a real person and read.
The Membership I purchased said I would receive all these Coins for purchasing the Membership, you know what, I received Jack Shit, Nothing, !
You, the App peo, whoever is running quite a set up here, 5- Frauds so far.
you have politely Stolen nearly $75.00 from me, and I say that because you produce Nothing you say you will, the men pretending to be Singles are working for you...
I am politely and calmly Requesting a Entire Refund, I will not give a second chance, you will be served a Petition for Superior Court in Bakersfield, CA
I do not work hard for my money so I can hust throw it away to a Lying, Stealing, Fraudulent App.
Kathy Cranmer
[email protected]

By Myss Marelle
Jun 14 2021

It's a rip off. It says once you upgrade you can chat unlimited to anyone except "popular members" I bought the member ship and attempted to give my number to 2 guys I was chatting with, but they insisted on chatting on the site..which made no sense unless it was bot accounts set up by udates attempting to get me to buy more coins. And to send one "hello" cost like 5 clins lol, what a joke
. And I realized most of the messages I was getting didn't seem like an actual person was writing them. In ever Message I get it includes my full username. I wasted like $40 on this site. Scam scam scam

By Errol Latchman
Jun 13 2021

You guys will not allow me to change my credit card details
And everyday at different times of the day I can view my likes and my messages
It makes me feel like you are just a scam
And I don’t want to renew my account and I want a flipping full refund

By Kokouvi Fiovi (Lino)
Jun 13 2021

Good morning. How uDates works? When you subscribed for the $19 monthly fee how many text messages you can write? How many messages with the $11.99 coins 🪙?
I really don't understand?

By Bhupinder
Jun 09 2021

This site and other sites like: iflirts, r big scam. they hired people and called them curator, which means, hustlers who trick you to buy by showing u a fake set up or dazzling set up and you buy coins and they do long chats to lure you buy more and more coins and they r being paid a part. If you already spend, call your bank and dispute and tell them it's fake site and you will get refund. almost all sites, offering chats r fake, pl go to original sites like match.com zoosk.com and cupid.com etc. etc.

By Justin G
Jun 06 2021

All the women are young and pretty, and I haven't signed up yet, I'm 43 and I guarantee these young women aren't all gonna drop a line to me this quickly

By Charles Johnson
Jun 04 2021

Udates is so Fake! Never gonna go out, never going to call, never going to do anything but suck coins right out of your pocket. This site is so bogus and should be cancelled by BBB now! Sucks!

Jun 03 2021

Want to cancel. Want my money back. Help

By John
Jun 03 2021

Total scam do not sign up for this site got hit with $500 bill 24 hours total scam!!! All women fake said same thing I feel safer talk on the site... if same for men or women. Who hell wants to pay 500 just to keep u spend more money .. total scam message said all same respones.

By Charles D Caulkins
May 29 2021

It seems like the women are employees. They don't respond unless you buy coins. It's a scam.

By Daniel
May 28 2021

I have subscribed this dating app totally fake

By Yoli
May 27 2021

Total scam! Was on this site 2 hrs and spent a ton of money talking to supposed ppl in my area but the way the men talked on here, I knew it wasn’t real so I asked and they all got defensive so I told them if they wanted to talk more to me they needed to prove they were real and all of them said the same thing or disappeared. So I’m super glad I figured it out. Definitely take me off your site immediately and also the site wouldn’t allow me to delete it. So I think it should reported to IG so they know they have a fake robbery site they are advertising for.

By Richard
May 22 2021

Total scam, fake profiles. Customer service never responds on email option.
Had to block credit card charges so it wouldn't renew. Deleted on app..
Every female has some responses, never ready, will only chat on there.

By Richard
May 20 2021

Total scam, fake profiles. Customer service never responds on email option.
Had to block credit card charges so it wouldn't renew. Deleted on app..
Every female has some responses, never ready, will only chat on there.

May 20 2021

This website is bs.In order to chat you have to buy coins.Highway robbery.I do not recommend it.

By Richard
May 20 2021

Total scam. Customer service never replys to emails. Profiles all give same responses. I signed up, had 54 fake female profiles contact me. No one ever wants to meet, same answer not ready yet! Don't waste your money.

By Robert Jewett
May 19 2021

I don't want this site anymore so do not send me anymore emails from this site

By Daniel Clemens
May 17 2021

Very disappointing. Pay for a month, get cute girl responses, then charged over and over to continue chat. It felt weird from start but of course you want to believe. If they havent even read your message, then how can they respond? Can you say bot/ scam. I am definately reporting and canceling immediately. What a ripoff! How can this app even be allowed to exist with so many issues and complaints? Thanks Eliza, Kellie, Giselle, Rose, Adriana, etc, etc.

By James
May 16 2021

My first day here I don’t see but a robbery and racketeering from this app. And I think it’s time to give you bad reviews everywhere.

By Lonnie
May 16 2021

This is how I started a conversation with one woman and her response. As you can see she as much as admitted that is all she is there for. So don't buy into this bull shit scam site. This was on may 16 2021

You liked Antonia!

Today, 05:59
It is my understanding that it is your job to keep me interested enough so that I will keep buying more coins. So if you want to earn more money then keep me interested
Woow,how did you know that?

By Steve Poppert
May 15 2021

I want my.money. back I wasn't told I'd have to continually pay to talk with women after 4-5 chats at an exorbitant rates
As I look at all the negative comments I realize this is a total scam

By yvon bourget
May 11 2021

This dating site is a fake dating site do not waste your money on this dating site

By David
May 08 2021

This app is ridiculous after joining then you have to buy coins just to talk to people totally a rip off!! Don’t Buy this app you will be very disappointed having to buy coins constantly.

By E korakorum Blake
May 07 2021


By Tom Banecker
Apr 29 2021

Complete rip off

By Geo
Apr 26 2021

Must be a scam . should be investigated. Same problem as everyone. Buy 150 coins get 5 messages

By James
Apr 26 2021

This is the worst app I have ever used . You need to pay for each message in a conversation to popular people . Guess what ? THEY'RE ALL POPULAR !!!! I requested a refund & they said I was told about the fees in advance . No grounds for a refund . I paid for a year & have used it for 1 day . I will not be letting this go !

By Mercy and Truth
Apr 18 2021

The positive side is Udate offers a somewhat large number of singles in my city, unlike match, PoF and Christian Mingle, which mainly offer me people that live 35 minutes or more away. On those sites, I get maybe One single from my area.

The negative side is I just joined yesterday for $19.99 for one month, which seemed very reasonable, but then already after only one day, they charged me $11.99 to continue to message people and are already asking me again. I think you only get one or two messages per person unless you keepbuying coins, which only gwts you through hi how are you lol

Apr 14 2021

I purchase the 3 months membership, can't send o receive messages

By Mike North
Apr 14 2021

They offered a subscrition. Supposed to be a month went 3 hours disconnected. So just straight thief's. Just stoked the money sent them pic of recite nothing not a response sorry just garbage. Can't say anything about content ripped me off before I even got started stay. Save yourself time just flush your Monet down the toilet. And mssturbate. At least you'll get something for your trouble. This site is garbage.not worth the energy. Straight just stole my money.

Apr 03 2021

OMG.....worst site ever!!
Paid for a subscription yet unable to chat with anyone....well, unless I want to purchase coins.
Just messaged them to cxl my subscription and to get my money back....the chat person said
that they'll connect me with one who could assist me...for $1.00. Are these people for real??!!
I will absolutely be contacting the BBB.

By Jessica
Mar 31 2021

Fake, call your bank to have it investigatied and see if you can get refunded as I am right now.

By Jim spring
Mar 24 2021

You have awful things being reported about updates I was going to join but not now I want real girls not fakes and real dates shame on updates 100 percent comments said its all fakes

By Jim Cetina
Mar 14 2021

Help wanted udates. Org is currently hiring computer operators to manage fake profiles good base salary in commission based on how many members you can scam

By Victor Vasquez
Mar 05 2021

It wont yake my card an i know my cards good i want to join but cant buy coins

By Caren Guevara
Mar 04 2021

I paid for a one month subscription and I am not able to message anybody. All the men seem like they are fake they are all model photos they are all scripted and what they say like it’s just a computer. I am so mad and I cannot get my money back. This place is a scam I want a refund I will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau

By Eddie
Mar 01 2021

Purchased one month sub. today.

Cannot communicate with members.

Prompted to upgrade even though I am a paid member... WTF? OVER!

HELP LINE 800 892 2591...

25 MIN and waiting...

Message says press 1 to be called back. Does not work...

Press 0 to be connected to udates to leave a message. Does not work.

Thankfully, I only got a one month subscription.

Online site is useless and designed to wear you out to forget the problem to get auto billed again.
Same for phone line.

Just lost 20 bucks for nothing...

Also, no mention that one has to pay to talk. AFTER buying a month of "premium" membership...

Premium shafting of customer!!!

Reporting them to Fort Meade PROV. MARSHAL for scamming and BBB.

By Jena
Feb 28 2021

Ready for business

By Eric
Feb 24 2021

This site is a scam the women are not real I have proof the women all say the same thing and they won't talk any other way then on your app which charges a monthly fee and then a additional fee just to talk to the girls with your coins it's fake on any other site the girls would rather talk through email or text or what's app but they keep you buying more coins there picture are professionally done your a ripoff

By Antonio
Feb 18 2021

This app is a scam I would like my money back on purchase for texts. This is ridiculous.

By Steven Mantz
Feb 12 2021

I have over 100 messages. All free starter messages. All of them have a fire symbol that says popular. Really? All 150 women are "popular"? I DONT THINK SO. If this site had a scent it would be called FAKE. Yall are evil and greedy. Hope your happy.

By cevin
Jan 31 2021

yeah first you pay a monthly fee then you got to buy coins to chat or get blocked yeah nothing ever comes of it just loss of time and money

By Anton Horwitz
Jan 31 2021

Site seems to be not what it's cracked up to be. When I asked where the contact lives.....I get told us, philadelphia. And also told their hairdressers,they have own business....but won't say what business. I want my money refunded and site shut down asap or I will bring charges for your site being a scam. I'm a retired Agent and do have ways to expose your scam site. Contact me asap....it would be in your best interest to contact me.

By chuck
Jan 30 2021

Seems odd that many really hot girls are chasing after me on this app, I assume they are fake and just trying to get me to spend more money to chat

By Dion brown
Jan 26 2021

I just got on this site today and it won’t let chat with no one and I’m suppose to have a week, it keeps saying confirm ur email and when I try it won’t let me now when I go on the site and click someone to talk to it’s a blank page after I click the person I want to talk to

By Billy Times
Jan 16 2021

This will be a good app if u didn't nickel and dime your members just to talk to maybe hot women. I get hit at least 20 times a day. Something not right. No hot chick's with good careers are going to be constantly texting this is a scam.

By Yvonne C Villacis
Jan 10 2021

I cannot make payment w discovery card can't understand please advice

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