Lucid: Visual Book Insights Reviews

Lucid: Visual Book Insights Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-05

Learn visually! Lucid is your visual guide through key ideas from the world's
greatest nonfiction books. - Read key insights and analysis from expertly
curated classic and/or bestselling books. - Learn from fun, engaging visuals
that break down complex information. - Complete a chapte...

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Lucid: Visual Book Insights Reviews

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    Painfully Bland

    I’m stunned to see all the 4-5 star ratings here. This app wouldn’t be worth a download if it was free and didn’t carry an obnoxious $50/year price tag. Unbelievable. The “visuals” are entirely nonsensical - a perplexing assortment of shapes and arrows combined with a random word out of the one sentence blurb it is meant to illustrate. The only purpose served is to distract you from the juvenile verbal content. The *vast* array of less than 20 “books” (many of which I’ve read in full) to choose from effectively reduces the content down to a few dozen repetitive one-sentence blurbs knocked down to a first grade reading level. It’s one thing to seek more convenient means of benefiting from reading books, but if something needs to be abbreviated to this degree for you to read it you should frankly just stick to watching cartoons as there is really no hope for your level of laziness. I know this was harsh - but come on now.. spark-notes and Wikipedia are free and manage to summarize text without viciously assaulting your intelligence.

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    Very Pleasantly Surprised

    I’m one of those “I never write a review” folks. Also, for years have rejected summary / idea distillation platforms out of hand because I had seen them dumb down critical information in ways that are not productive. Lucid, IMO, is a game changer in this regard. Thoughtful graphics and focus on discrete (but very clearly connected) ideas makes it a compelling way to both learn new ideas and also decide if you want to invest precious time in a book. The psychology of focusing on discrete information blocks is well known and the app creators/ product team / devs / everyone else involved has 100% killed it. Best App Store money I’ve spent in a very long time!

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    Significant tech and support issues

    The app offers engaging and meaningful content in a unique and helpful way. However, my library disappeared after the last update and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to request support or restore the purchases. If there is a fix for that the app is easily worth it. With no fix or access to previous titles it’s hard to justify the price point. Edit: seems to have been patched. Could still use a way to communicate.

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    Great product, but can’t use cross devices

    The content and learning approach with visuals is great. However, I downloaded and paid for this initially on my iPhone. Now I am trying to use this on my iPad, but have been prompted to buy your product again to continue. There is oddly no Account management area on your app to... manage your account, password, see subscription status, etc. I hope this is coming soon. Giving this app 3 stars for now. I will come back and resubmit updated review(s) per progress I see in this regard. I really need to be able to view this on a larger screen on my iPad as I get eye fatigue with the small screen on my iPhone. Thanks!

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    Great quality but needs more content

    I find the summaries and animations great, it really helps with the understanding. I've used other apps for summaries but this one is by far better. Definitely need more books which I think will be added as time passes but make sure not to sacrifice quality for quantity. I still believe it's too expensive for the amount of books that it's available but I believe you guys are on the right path.

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    From a book reader, surprisingly good

    I read around a book every month or two, and have always been skeptical of services like cliff notes and even audio books. Stumbled on this app and was pleasantly surprised. While you won’t get the depth and detail of the full read, most ppl are unlikely to retain those details a month after reading anyways. This does a good job of conveying the points that you want to stick.

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    Great App

    Don’t usually leave reviews but this is such a great app that I have to. But it’s not going to be some long drawn out review. It’s a great app. Yes it costs but I think those costs can be legitimized when you realize the functionality of the app and how effortlessly it operates. Anyway, the main reason I’m here is to hopefully provide a suggestion of allowing an option for a “night mode” as I like to read at night and the bright white display irritates my eyes. Thanks!

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    App is great, have some suggested features

    Would love to have a note taking section in the saved area. A place to type up reflections or personal conclusions etc. to be kept with the saved cards from each book. Would like to see description of each book in the home area to make browsing and selection more streamlined instead of having to click on each book then click description. And/or integrate categories. Love this app, it’s a fabulous idea !

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    Extremely engaging

    I’m a content creator and would love to experience this app fully. Just not financially viable for me right now. But LOVED the sample I tried! So much potential here. This will lead the edge of app learning. Also, is there a full list of titles available? Need more information as to how much content is accessible. Also, if you need another team member, I’m an extremely creative and well-read Education/Content Creator! Well done with this idea.

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    Informative and Concise

    This app broke down the book into meaningful sentences and it felt like I was being instructed by a teacher (versus watching a PowerPoint slide style summary). I’ve always wanted to read The Selfish Gene but could never be bothered reading the whole book. Now I feel like I could teach the concepts to someone else. The quiz at the end of the chapter was helpful and quick so it never got labored. Can’t wait to read more tiles. Five stars!

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    Fun way to stay engaged with a non-fiction book

    I often get bogged down by all the evidence presented in non-fiction that I lose sight of the larger revelations. This app narrows down that focus, keeping you engaged so you can be sure you understand the big takeaways the author is getting at without getting lost. It’s like having a great professor guide you through a book. So glad I found this app!!

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    Illusion of Choice

    They give you an illusion that you have a choice in books, but you don't. For you first book they give you a choice between two, so you pick one. In 8 days they give you a choice between two more and the book you didn't want to read is there again. By my 4th book my only choices were the same books I had no interest in. So I lost interest and cancelled my subscription. Still giving it 4 stars as the summaries are pretty good.

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    Super fun way to get the main points from top nonfiction books

    Really high quality, visual, fun way to get the main insights from good nonfiction books. There are short sections you can tap through in a few minutes that have great visual explanations of the key points from that chapter of the book. Really helpful and fun; you can learn a lot in a short amount of time.

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    Favorite App

    This is my new favorite app. Last favorite app was BitLife. That’s been my favorite app, since 2015. It’s now 2020. I mean business, for every one of those 5 stars I gave. I am the queen of app purging. I’ll have an idea of an app I’d like. I download 10 apps that do that thing. Through a process of elimination, I go from none to one app. Most of the time, I decide I don’t need an app for that thing, after all. Guys! This app is not like all the other Cliff Notes style apps. This app is the absolute best thing ever!!!! The visuals are super duper helpful. I’m a program director of two social service programs in Chicago. I’m giving subscriptions to this app to all of my employees. Out of my pocket. This app is game changing!

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    Self-help has never been easier

    You can read through some of your favorite titles in minutes. The content is engaging and straight to the point. Even if you’ve read the title before it’s a great quick refresher. Looking forward to seeing more titles added!

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Yes. Lucid: Visual Book Insights is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,310 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lucid: Visual Book Insights Is 57.4/100.

Is Lucid: Visual Book Insights Legit?

Yes. Lucid: Visual Book Insights is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,310 Lucid: Visual Book Insights User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lucid: Visual Book Insights Is 57.4/100.

Is Lucid: Visual Book Insights not working?

Lucid: Visual Book Insights works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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