The Daily Wire Reviews

The Daily Wire Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

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The Daily Wire Reviews

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    Very exciting start but needs improvements

    So excited to have an app for this, it looks really great so far and I love it's ease of use. A few things I think are essential that prevent a five start review (which I really hope to change!): 1. Ability to play video/audio while using other apps or with the phone screen locked. Super frustrating that you can only enjoy the content if your screen is open on the app. 2. Ability to watch/listen at faster speeds. I love the shows but three hours is a long time, and that's just Bens show, so it would make a huge difference if we could speed up the playback to our desired level. 3. Ability to download so videos can be played on the subway and other places that streaming or wifi is not accessible. 4. Ability to more easily manipulate playback, like 15 secs forward or back, and a more accurate scrubber (the one on the app is pretty bad so far). 5. Ability for show to remember where you left off for some time (like within a few hours or a day) so that if something comes up you can get back to your place easily. Besides these few fixes I think you guys have done a great job and can't wait to keep listening, thanks for all you do!!

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    Fan of the content. App needs some improvements.

    I’m giving this 3 stars for now because this is a review about the app and not the content. I just paid for a subscription so I’m excited to start devouring the extra content. Perhaps I should have checked out the app first before purchasing, but I suppose I had FOMO for the tumbler. Oh well. Anyways, I won’t parrot what appears in the top reviews here, but as iPad and Apple TV are my primary viewing options, I find it quite annoying to not have landscape view on the iPad or an Apple TV app altogether. I understand the app just came out, and perhaps there is a rollout schedule for these things, but flipping my tablet back and forth is a hassle. Please add the landscape mode, and please add an Apple TV app so I can insist my boss watch this content instead of Fox News all day (haha). Thank you.

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    Great, but we need download options

    I love that we finally have a TDW app, but the reason I was so excited was because I wanted to have a download option for additional content. I don’t want to live stream the additional hours I get of The Ben Shapiro show. I can enjoy them on the road. My subscription wasn’t being utilized before the App, because I wouldn’t be able to watch the additional content when convenient. Please give us a download option. And, at least in the beginning stage, maybe open up a TDW app suggestion on the discussion section of the app so there is a convenient way to discuss issues with the app that aren’t iTunes reviews. Will adjust to a 5 star rating and more positive review once TDW app is able to incorporate these features. Great job, guys!

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    Mostly good

    I like the app and I’m happy to continue using it, but the video player can be frustrating. Sometimes I have to close the app to go do something, and even just ten minutes later I’ll open the app and it’ll be back at the home page and it won’t remember where I was in the video I was watching. I’ve been trying to make a mental note of where I was in the video before closing the app, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to. It would also be nice to have a 15 or 30 second rewind button so that I could replay something I didn’t catch a little more easily. Overall though, it is a great start. I appreciate the hard work that has gone into it thus far, and I’m sure it’ll get even better in time.

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    So excited this finally launched!!

    I have been waiting for this for a while part of me waited to subscribe for it. Works great no issues with video or sound quality. Almost perfect! I have three things I’d like to see as an annual subscriber. First, the ability to download to listen when not online. I’m trying to keep my data down to save money on my phone so I like to download podcasts while I work my part time job. Unfortunately, I have to download the free podcasts of the apply podcast app, which includes the advertisements I pay to not hear. Second, I’d love to see the videos be able to continue to play while switching to another screen or sleep mode again because audio for Ben shapiros first hour has the advertisements I pay to not hear. Finally, I’d love to see the videos remember where I left off if I have to pause and come back. I often listen in the car and can’t during my full time job. Great start and I love the Daily Wire!!

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    Great shows but...

    Needs a download option. Definitely needs a speed up option. Paid for the app for the purpose of cutting commercials to save time in my listening for my massive list of podcasts. If I can’t speed up the podcast, I am not saving any time with this subscription. Gavin’s Free Speech TV app has a better app overall with the options to speed up and download podcast. Nick DiPaolo, even though he doesn’t have an app, has special podcast links for premium subscriptions so I can use it in the podcast app. Really would love to see these issues resolved in a year otherwise, I’ll just do ad free website subscription only.

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    DW is amazing. The app can use additional features

    This app is a great start. Here are some suggestions for improvements: - Video podcasts pause when you close the app or sleep your phone. It would be great if it kept playing. Sometimes when I am working with my phone screen off and listening to the audio, I want to see what is on the screen, and there is no easy way to do that. - Track viewing progress in a video or audio show. That way when I go back in later in the day, I don’t have to remember where I was.

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    No download?

    This is amazing to finally have an app! I haven’t noticed any major issues thus far but have not seen any way to download podcasts. If it is there it is not obvious so I’m assuming it’s not there. As a subscriber, I’d like to be able to download within the app the audio of the podcasts or else I’ll have to keep using the Apple podcasts app to download. Of course that won’t include the extra content I pay for, which I watch and listen to when I’m connected to WiFi, but I cannot use my limited data on this app because that will drain it instantly. I don’t understand the concern if it is downloaded only within the app and you can’t export it.

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    So happy there is finally an app! Love the Daily Wire, and so excited to have an easy to use app with all of their content easily accessible. Few things I think would be amazing if added to the app - 1. Ability for app to remember your viewing /listening history so you know what you’ve already heard/seen and so you can pick up where you left off. 2. Ability for subscribers to comment on posts/shows 3. Ability to create a que of what you’d like to watch (watch later / playlist) 4. Love the discussions portion of app. Very excited to use this. Only thing I would think off is the ability to click a upcoming discussion and have a pop up to add to calendar or be notified when discussion starts Overall amazing app from an amazing news and opinion source! Thank you for all your hard work getting news and information out to the public that needs to be heard!!

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    So good, but one thing missing

    Thank y’all so much for finally rolling out an app for this content. I’m a daily watcher of all three of Ben’s videos. Going from watching on mobile Google Chrome to the app has me missing one crucial thing though - PLEASE bring back the buttons that allow for fast forwarding/rewinding by 15 seconds. It is so brutal if I miss something said or I want to listen to something again to try to scrub that tiny little dot backward for just 10-15 seconds. I end up going back 2-3 minutes, and then I can never find my place. I’ll give it five stars once that is added. Thanks!

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    I do want to love this app!

    I was so excited when they announced the new DW app! I downloaded it immediately, as I am a DW subscriber. Since my first login, I have not been able to do so easily. I try and the app shuts down. I delete the app and start over then have to send for reset password. I reset my password, still won’t let me in. I’m so frustrated! please fix these bugs in this app already! I should have to delete the app and redownload & reset my password for it just to be able to login! The only place it works decently is on the web site but I can’t always hang around my laptop to listen to the shows - hence wanting the app to work on my iPhone X!

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    Good start. Onto the next version please.

    Daily wire has the best commentator content on the internet. Ben Shapiro is my hero. As for the app itself, I love that it is optimized for my phone and I think it is very stable for a first iteration release. Now please bring the following features. 1. Most important, let me pause a show in the middle of it, leave it paused for hours and come back and resume from where I left off. Right now it resets and I have to wonder which episode I was on, particularly difficult when Ben has three hours on content per day. I’ve been listening to stuff I’ve already listened to more since the app was released than any other time since being a subscriber. 2. Bring the ability to download episodes, at least the audio. I want to be able to listen on the go without using data. That would be a good start. Keep up the fantastic content.

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    It’s not just Epic... it’s Covfefe

    Every morning I would wake up and wonder if today would finally be the day? No more drudging on Safari when I want to hear the soothing sounds of Ben Shapiros voice. No more "cannot connect to internet" error messages when I just want to laugh at the satirical humor of Drew Klavan or breathe a sigh of common sense with Matt Walsh. And when I just need a dose of Covfefe? The Michael Knowles show is ready and waiting... The long awaited DW app is here! With only a few minutes of use, so far it is swift and functional!

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    Amazing App! Hoping for “podcast remember “

    Love this app! Love the news and access to all the shows, plus the push notifications are not excessive which is great. Knowing this is probably a highly requested feature, and understanding that the infrastructure required to do this is probably outside the realm of what this app is meant for, I’ll ask anyway :) It would be amazing to have a way for the app to remember where I left off on each podcast / video under my account - even after I’ve closed the app. That way I could pick up where I left off in the car, and get through all the shows within the day. Obviously, this is a “nice to have” and the level of effort to implement vastly outweighs the current satisfaction (very high) with the app already. Love what you guys are doing - keep it up, and so happy to have found a strong sensible conservative voice, while having to live in Seattle.

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    Great App Overall, A Few Suggestions

    Im gonna give 5 stars bc its a great app overall; the layout is simple, effective, and elegant. I just really want an option to download them so I can view them offline. My workplace doesn’t have wifi so it would be awesome if I can pre-load it. It would also be cool if it bookmarked where you left off, so you could get back to it quickly. Anyways, thanks a lot for an awesome app! Much love, much leftist tears!

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Is The Daily Wire Safe?

Yes. The Daily Wire is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,037 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Daily Wire Is 45.6/100.

Is The Daily Wire Legit?

Yes. The Daily Wire is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,037 The Daily Wire User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Daily Wire Is 45.6/100.

Is The Daily Wire not working?

The Daily Wire works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Cherye Stommer
Feb 06 2021

Again, I can not post.. Just because I used the word Peed himself, when referring to Chris Wallace. This, is getting pretty damn old. If you have a strict cussing clause, I have not found it. You have Jackals that travel in packs that jump on the insult train, even though they can not spell and in some cases read.. But I can not post because of the words, shit, peed, yep, pretty sure this is it. Please contact me, and tell me what you presume is the correct way of conducting myself on your website, and please do this by Tuesday, or I will be canceling. I have not "ever" been put in jail, on any site, ever until this, ANYWHERE. And I tried a lot harder. If I hurt feelings, then you must be playing favorites.

By Cherye Stommer
Feb 04 2021

I have not been able to post, in comments.. Not first time this has happened. I updated app, and can not post.
Thank you for your prompt attention. [email protected]

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