BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App Reviews

BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-07

BIAS FX 2 Mobile transforms your mobile device into the ultimate all-in-one
guitar effects processor, letting you explore hundreds of premium amps, pedals,
and studio racks to create your dream guitar tone. Now plug in and PLAY WITHOUT
LIMITS - Anywhere, Anytime. GUITAR RIG PARADISE Bui...

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BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App Reviews

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    Was worried about other negative reviews

    I’ll say that this is my first purchase of Bias FX; however, I had one of the lower level Bias Amp packages and am somewhat familiar with Positive Grid’s products. I was surprised to see all of the one star reviews, but after reading, the majority were about lack of support in Bias FX 2 of previous purchases. I totally get that but will say this product sounds pretty amazing. I’m using another company’s modeling product on my Mac, which I thought was good but now Bias FX 2 mobile may become my go-to modeler. It really is easy to use (some crashing issues on first version - but that happens sometime with new software). I’m using an IRig HD interface into my iPad Pro and am pretty happy. Simple setup for jamming at home.

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    No midi? Can’t transfer presets? Not finished yet?

    I had already paid to fully unlock BIAS FX (1), so having to shell out $50 to unlock version 2 was a little annoying. But considering some of the improvements and the amount that I use it, it seemed worthwhile to stay up-to-date. BUT, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to import presets from version 1! If you use BIAS FX, I’m sure you have spent countless hours tweaking your custom presets, as I have. Not only can they not be migrated on the device, but presets I uploaded to Tone Cloud from BIAS FX do not appear in Tone Cloud in BIAS FX 2! So, I will have to try to rebuild my presets from scratch?!! So frustrating. Also, there’s currently no midi support. My midi foot-switcher is essential for my live performance. I’ll be using BIAS FX (1) for now. I’d really like my money back for this one. I’ll consider buying it again when it’s ready.

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    Sounds good but encountering crashes

    I purchased Elite. The new engine sounds great but the app crashes every single time i want to replace a cab with the IR loader when using either one of the 6 amps from the Metal Signature pack. It happens on both my iPad Pro (iOS13), iPad Air (iOS12) and iPhone 6+ (iOS12). It doesn’t crash when using the other amps in combination with the IR loader. I really hope this is going to get fixed soon. thanx! It also would be great if we can import multi IRs at once instead of individually. I have hundreds of IRs and this is going to take days and many headaches to individually import them all. Import an entire folder or multiple select i port would be very welcome! What is missing is a way to edit/delete imported custom user amps and IRs from the libary. I am also missing the integration with BIAS PEDAL? Or is that only going to be compatible with Bias FX 1 and not 2?

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    Mobile simply doesn’t work

    Both iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro produce no audio when running: Guitar > Jam+ > iPad Pro. I can see input signal registering in the app, but cannot get audio to come out of the speakers or headphones. Same with iPhone. Same setup works perfectly on OSX standalone. Supremely frustrating scoured the internet’s and nobody has the answer + everybody has the problem. Will change too 5 stars if I can get it working. Shouldn’t have to though. This should simply work.

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    Transfer Issue Resolved!!!

    Positive Grid just released updates to both versions of Bias FX, which resolved the final expansion pack transfer issues, though it took a couple of tries. Their quick response is much appreciated!

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    Very disappointed

    Positive grid should take care of their loyal customers that have spent a lot of money on bias fx. It’s a shame, i have spent so much money on bias fx 1 and bias amp and cant even use them on bias fx 2. You guys should let people transfer everything over. Even basic pedals aren’t unlocked. Very very disappointed. Please do your loyal customers right

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    Must buy new license!

    Ultimate license will not transfer over. Support page states that new license purchase required. Useless. Deleting.

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    Simply awesome!

    This is one awesome app upgrade. Well done Positive Grid. I had already bought the full Bias FX for iPad so I paid another $50 or so. But it was well worth the money. Yes it is an additional cost but I’m sure PG had to put a lot of cost into development of this app. It sounds unbelievably good and even better than I had hoped. I’m good with paying a few extra bucks and buying from a company that keeps improving, especially when it is this good. If that is not what you want then buy from a company where you spend nothing and a get nothing. In addition, try buying anything even close to this quality at this price for the PC platform - you will not do it! I highly recommend Bias FX2 mobile! Great job!!

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    Slightly rocky release day, but what a product!

    We’re all used to phone apps being free, but if you reframe this in your head as guitar tools, suddenly it’s a bargain. For what you get, it’s worth the $70 for the elite version IMO. The price of guitar and bass hardware is exponentially steeper - consider what you’ve paid in the past for subpar pawnshop distortion pedals and then think of what this system offers. I think for jamming around at home on a phone or iPad, this is a no brained and far more than justifies it’s pricetag. I do notice quite a bit of crashing, particularly when trying to load ToneCloud presets. Makes that feature unusable. I understand it’s launch day, so I won’t hold that against Positive Grid too much - that’s a part of development.

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    Money Grab! Lack of functionality!!

    I am deeply saddened with this atrocious release. “Transfer” your Bias FX license is a joke. No auv3 support. The app is totally useless even with a transfer of a previous “elite” package. It’s another$50 if you want to actually use the app for anything at all. Gotta pony up more jack if you want to play through anything except a few barebones rigs. I bought the ultimate package for bias amp 2.....why can’t I use them directly inside bias fix 2? Up sell at every turn. Get it together Positive Grid. Elite License is a scam. Your business model preys upon your loyal customers. If you would have just said, hey we have all these great new features and it’s going to be $50 for xyz etc then that’s fine. I would buy it because no doubt you guys make great softwares. But the whole bait and switch is so sickening. For real, your business model is garbage.

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    Money money money $$$

    I thought when I was installing it said I could use my license and expansion packs from the desktop version but no, you have to buy everything again. Even the Looper is locked unless you pay more money. This would be super convenient to just practice on the couch without having to grab my laptop but there's no way I'm shelling out a bunch more money for that. I just want to use the signal chains I already made and payed for in the desktop app on my phone once in a while. Guess I'm still going to be using my laptop. I already started to develop a negative feeling for Positive Grid when I bought Bias FX 1 and then 2 was released a few weeks later. They wouldn't let me transfer my license or return FX 1, so I payed double for the desktop version. Now my dissatisfaction has just grown.

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    Ignore salty reviews

    The app is great, tones sound clearer and levels are much easier to set (bias fx volume was hard to regulate). The reverbs and drives actually sound nice now and the guitar match feature makes for great fun with different axes. The online software costs 400+ for elite, you get all your expansions back from by hitting restore purchase but you have to get AT LEAST a license to get access to the STANDARD STUFF, aka the APP. crazy ppl thought they could just have the best new guitar software on IOS for free smh... I got elite and am happy to support and am pleased with my purchase! Bias amp 2 is integrated too 😉 no bias pedal yet

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    Digging it

    Major upgrade in sound from the previous version. Been dialing in good tones all day. Haven’t had time to play with all of the interesting new features yet but so far everything seems to work as it should. Elite package on sale was 50 bucks. 50 bucks will barely buy a copycat dirt pedal. I can make better music with my iPad now. If the folks at positive grid make another app next year that makes my iPad sound more like a real amp, I will give them another 50 bucks, haha.

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    Never went out of my way to write a review before until now in hopes this will reach the devs. I was very excited about the new engine and features and watched a number of sponsored videos from various influencers I look up in the scene. This morning my excitement was met with utter disappointment. The app cannot bring itself to load without crashing and only a handful of my fx I purchased previously with the ultimate license are accessible. I exhausted all attempts at troubleshooting. This is not a good start and it’s demoralizing to say the least. I wanted this to live up to its desktop counterpart terribly. I hope an update or a patch comes out soon. Until further notice I’ll keep it at a 1/5 for now.

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    Pack transfer

    I have bought all the licenses for bias fx and bias amp. i thought that these apps and purchases would transfer fully which is not the case. All the stuff that used to come in the free / standard packs, i now have to purchase. I cant even use the celestion cabs that i have purchased in bias amp 2 this is just a shame. I understand that this is a new app and all, but man i shelled out some money for this stuff and for it to be kinda taken away is crappy. Im glad this didn’t replace the original bias fx on my phone so i can still go back and still use what originally cam with bias fx and what i have purchased.

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Is BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App Safe?

Yes. BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 273 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App Is 61.3/100.

Is BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App Legit?

Yes. BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 273 BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App Is 61.3/100.

Is BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App not working?

BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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