Guitar - Chords, Tabs & Games Reviews

Guitar - Chords, Tabs & Games Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-04

Playing the guitar has never been easier with #1 guitar playing app! Learn
chords and create music right on you device!
 You’ve just come up with the
greatest riff of all time and can’t wait to rock it out. But your trusty
Gibson Les Paul or Yamaha is not at hand and there’s no guitar c...

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Guitar - Chords, Tabs & Games Reviews

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    Worst. App. Ever!!

    So I started learning guitar nearly 10 months ago. Maybe even longer ago than that. I needed a guitar to play on the go, when I was away from my actual guitar. I found this all and I downloaded this app a while back, maybe a month or two ago. At first there were a few ads here and there and it didn’t really bug me much. I played this app for about a week straight without even touching my guitar and I decided to start playing my real guitar more. Now, weeks later I had gotten back on it a few minutes ago. I wanted to switch out an Acoustic for an Electric so I could play a song and this VIP membership kept coming up on my screen every time I tried to switch out my guitar. I closed the app, tried again and the same thing happened several times. Finally, I got extremely frustrated and deleted the app. I wrote this review hopefully so that it will discourage people from downloading this app and wasting their time and space downloading this app full of advertisements and sponsorships. Just as an fyi, I WOULD DEFINITELY GIVE THIS APP ZERO STARS IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE!! Thanks for looking over my review 👍

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    Highly Questionable

    I am an ambassador for the arts, founded an organization for creators to connect and collaborate during gigs i book and was immediately turned off from this application. I am left handed ( no setting or menu to explain how that changes how to play guitar: nor Any on any subject similar). I would have appreciated there being an explanation of what we were to do and instructions as to how before having a virtual guitar with some highlighted circles late added to screen~ especially for an app i’d need to pay more than the lessons my daughter and I have, in person, at guitar store. Why not give any instructions? info on what to do as well as what chords are being played. if we are to strum or not and if so in what way. this app had good intentions. i rarely leave reviews much less negative ones but after all thought in marketing this and making an image of a credible enough looking guitar, the entire point of such was disappointing and difficult from the first ‘song’ with no title nor explanation per what is being practiced . i am involved in the Arts, it is my passion and my career . Unfortunately, this app lacks everything I’d expect in one, a free version has much better approach...Canceling subscription. please, take a short time and explain what is being shown, why, and how. I’ve never so quickly dropped hope or attempt to work with a simulated music based application until now. Please Fix thanks. amelia

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    I played acoustic guitar for about 30 years and thanks (not really) to arthritis my hand won’t conform to any playing position nor is there enough finger strength to press a string down. It was exciting to think that a virtual, digital guitar might somehow bring back the pleasure of playing. This app ain’t it. Putting aside my desire to “play” guitar on a screen, let’s talk about the app. If the free version is supposed to serve as a trial it fails from the start. The insistence to subscribe is immediate with no way obvious way to back out of the sign up screen. Strumming activates the phone’s control panel. Playing notes activates the phone’s zoom lens. Every few seconds another ad/link/prompt interferes with the attempt to TRY the app. Totally aggravating, I can’t imagine how anyone could be enticed to subscribe without an adequate trial experience. For me they did excel at turning off a prospective user/subscriber and greatly inspired this negative review. It’s like they were begging for it.

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    Pretty cool:))

    I don’t understand what is with all the negative reviews on this app ?? I had a blast just now !! First time I’ve ever played guitar ... I actually sounded good ... sure it is just a trial and to unlock the cool songs it costs .. but I might just have to try it out ... there are a lot of reviews talking about not being able to cancel a subscription but in defense ... the girl Alice seems to respond with speed and kindness and a genuine feel that they would like to address any negative feedback at all ... and gives a direct link to do so in the cases that ask to be cancelled ... so ? We shall see if I continue to enjoy the app ... thank you for the time to review so far ... I’ll check back later and let you guys know more :)) peace✌🏽

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    This is incredible.

    I can't believe this app is free, I'm astounded. There's so much you can do - now I can have a guitar with me anywhere. The only thing that really confuses me is why there's only 11 frets; the octaves for the open notes are so useful and should definitely be included. Regardless, there's so much here. The solo mode has a sweet couple different guitars that you only have to watch a single add each to unlock. The hammer-ons/pull-offs, and slides work better than I would've expected. There's an endless chord library available and even an option to create your own chords! I have too many good things to say, this app is a bunch of fun and I'm excited to try some of the other ones y'all have made.

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    NEW UPDATE- After numerous emails to me insisting I won’t be billed, guess what shows up on my bill. A new monthly payment. This company is full of liars and thieves. Do not even look at this app. They want over $60 a year now. All they do is play games with you and act like you don’t want to cancel. I downloaded the app for a free one week trial. I don’t like the app so I wanted to cancel it. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to cancel. Although I subscribed under my Apple it is not listed under my subscriptions and there is no where to call for help to cancel. You also need WiFi to cancel although to get the app you can just download on your phone through Apple using data. NIGHTMARE!!! No help. UPDATE: i had taken a shot and emailed Gismart saying I want to cancel. I got a reply email from the company asking if I truly want to cancel. They completely ignored the fact that my email stated I wanted to cancel. They send the impossible directions that I have tried a million times already. They are playing a game. These people are a bunch of clowns only interested in creating an inferior app and ripping people off into paying for it by not allowing a clear mechanism to cancel a subscription that you never sign up for. This is an absolute NIGHTMARE. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS APP!!!!

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    I really enjoy your app but...

    Now I am not here to bash or say this app is bad and not to download it. If anything I would say to give it a try. I really enjoy this app more then I would of ever thought l would but I got to minor issues with it. 1st issue is why does the play location where you hit the notes during a song feel like it’s at the top of the neck? why won’t flip the right way cause I like to play it like I’m holding a guitar.? Also I notice if I don’t hit the note wperfectly when it gets to the line where I’m suppose to hit it at play nothing, If it’s not close to perfect? It should play still just the timing would be a little of it’s better to hear my mistake then not to hear it how do I learn like that.

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    Read this

    This is horrible app you honestly expect all of these people to spend 8 dollars a week. I understand you guys don't have this app for people to enjoy it you do it for money. You guys could probably get more downloads when you don't charge people such a ridiculous amount of money for some app. You developers need to wake up and understand. I get that you guys really want the money but just please make it free so we can all download it and enjoy it. (Let's pretend I'm not writing anything in parentheses) (Then you guys can maybe make a little bit a money with in app purchases or stuff like that 😏) I just really hope you guys understand this comment and take it into the games consideration. And on that note I hope you have a great rest of your day 😊.

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    It’s ok but the trouble is the adds I got a guitar 2years ago but I don’t know how to use it so I downloaded this app just today to see if it would help me well so far I love this up but the other half is this app is TOTALL CRAP when it comes to adds so I played the tutorial and I done the first song right well the next button has a add on it well once I pressed that the screen went black and it froze well I’m not deleting the app because I can just reset my iPad well...... I want u to fix this because I hate adds sometimes and sometimes they help u find cool apps and games to download well this app no way Jose when I pressed the next button which had a add picture on it the screen went black and it froze so I suggest U FIX IT OR IM NEVER DOWNLOADING THIS APP AGAIN plz answer to my sadness of a review.....thank you! 😭😡😤👎🏻😫😖😣😢😔😟😕🤨🥺

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    Wicked cool

    This app is so cool that it is wicked cool. The sound is amazing and the tones are real. My electric tuner agreed that it was very close to perfect. Thanks to the development team on this great app. I think that even an amateur who has never even touched a guitar string before can make some great music in no time with this app. Also for an even better sound try it through a nice Bluetooth speaker. I love this app and wish had it come around yrs ago. So enjoy everyone and make beautiful music for the ones around you or just by yourself no matter what kind of style you like this is for you!!

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    This app was great.

    This app has been ruined. When I first downloaded this app, I thought it was great. No complaints. They added a challenge to complete a certain number of songs to get the distorted electric guitar. I was able to play the songs and got it. It was great. Then they updated it again and then I was no longer able to use it, and had to pay to use it. I thought, well okay. Even though I had access to it before the update. Now there are constant ads when there were hardly any before. Now solo mode does not work as well as it used to. Now there’s a delay when you hit a string and actually get a sound, so songs you play do not sound great. Unless these problems are fixed, I will have to delete.

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    It doesn't teach you every song!!

    This app is okay because it teaches you some songs, but I wanted to learn how to play Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin on the guitar, but since I was a beginner he said that it would be too hard for me, then he showed me that he couldn't even do it and he is VERY good at guitar, so he told me to look it up and I came to this and since it said that it will teach you any song, I downloaded it and got the free trial for premium and it didn't have Stairway to Heaven! I know that it is a very hard song to learn because my guitar teacher used to be in a band and play bass, guitar, sing, etc. and he can't even play it on his guitar. Some of his songs are on Sound Cloud under Dave Worley; I strongly suggest listening to it as I think it is very good.

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    Do not download

    I downloaded this for my kid to play on. I started seeing $8 charges from it and I blamed him for clicking on a pay function... reading back through I see other people who have had the same problem. Then I noticed that I was getting a charge on my copy too... which I haven’t used in months. I actually have a newer iPad I use, the one it’s on hasn’t even been charged in months. Obviously use and clicking a button for the ad free trial are not necessary for them to charge you for the app. Whatever you do, don’t get this app. They will try to bleed your bank account dry. I also noticed reading back through that they tend not to reply to people who have this issue, despite replying to people with other issues with the app.

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    Please read.

    Dear creators, I have accidentally purchased this app a few days or weeks. I don’t remember I did not mean to as I thought this app was free and I had no intention of purchasing this app please refund as I did not mean to. Apologies to the creator of this app I sincerely apologize. Please know I am 14 years old using my moms credit card to download free apps and I thought it would be fun to download this. So I please ask you to take away my purchase. Please and thank you. Sincerely, Tolovejen William.

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    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!

    This app is an absolute SCAM. Yes I downloaded the app to only delete it within a few hours. Now a few weeks later I start getting charges from them every couple days. I have sent them a request to remove my account with no response. If I don’t here anything in a couple days I will report them to the credit card company and fraudulent and block there charges. The only reason I placed 5 stars on the app was so that it will show up at the top of there reviews. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!’n

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