Fastic - Fasting App Reviews

Fastic - Fasting App Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

fat loss, muscle gain or better health, you too can benefit from the holistic
lifestyle that is intermittent fasting. We’ve got everything to help you on
your way to a healthier life – from a Step Counter, Water...

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Fastic - Fasting App Reviews

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    Not for Americans

    I downloaded this app due to the high rating. You can use the fasting clock for free, but I noticed there was a diet plan as well for $30 for 3-months. The diet plan made no sense at all. There are foods I’ve never heard of like corgettes, brown bread, and under cereal - had things like pizza crust - which is not cereal. So confusing. I realized this was a foreign app so it’s hard for me to relate. Unfortunately I already paid in order to see what it was all about. Not going to be using this at all.

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    Good for basic fasting needs

    Good for basic fasting and will help you keep track the water tracker is cool but it doesn’t adjust to your body weight and heigh as you need more if your bigger. The constant throwing paid content in your face is annoying and a con but it’s good At reminding you when to start and end the fast

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    I am carnivore

    Where did the hours of 12 and one go, and the minutes 00, 01, 02 and 03 go? Your rolling selector for time goes from 11:59 to 2:04. There is no in between. How did you lose the time? Were you abducted by aliens? No, I do not want your antiquated diet plan. You di not seem to know what carnivore is. I have been carnivore a year and am very healthy. Animal proteins only. No plant-based foods, they are the cause of inflammation. My blood tests and check ups are excellent.

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    Love this!

    I am really loving this app so far, I only have the free version but the lessons are still great!! I can only imagine what the full version has!

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    Clock is great

    Best part is the fasting clock. Easily reminds you when you started and what your goal is.

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    Huge help

    Really enjoying the app so far. Very helpful in keeping up with my fasting times and motivating me to keep going.

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    Highly recommend

    Excellent app! It helped me to lose an extra weight

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    Great App

    Pretty easy & user friendly App. Information about the intermittent fasting was outstanding. Day by day u Learn . I like it .👌👌👌

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    So far, So good!

    My husband and I are beginning this app. So far it’s a win. Easy to use.

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    I love this app it’s really helpful

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    Adding a fasting buddy is impossible

    Its not possible to add fasting buddy on iphone It is hard to keep track of chat. Who is talking to who is so confusing reply inline option should be implemented

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    They Want Money

    Nothing free with this app. Go on the web and just get free info on how to do intermittent fasting.

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    Need to cancel how do I do it please

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You can now contact Fastic - Fasting App customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Fastic - Fasting App directly

Is Fastic - Fasting App Safe?

Yes. Fastic - Fasting App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 76,559 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fastic - Fasting App Is 67.3/100.

Is Fastic - Fasting App Legit?

Yes. Fastic - Fasting App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 76,559 Fastic - Fasting App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fastic - Fasting App Is 67.3/100.

Is Fastic - Fasting App not working?

Fastic - Fasting App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 32 Comments

By Christine
May 31 2021

Hubby and I use together on our iphones but can’t seem to get the buddy part to work. Please help.

By Judy
May 23 2021

We just started using Fastic. We see the lunch and dinner menu but we also see snack and dessert. When can we have those? Please advise, thanks

By Terri Lyn DeWalt
May 23 2021

Can't get the add fasting buddy to work all of a sudden, just takes me to Google Play Store.

By Terri Lyn DeWalt
May 22 2021

Can't get the add fasting buddy to work all of a sudden, just takes me to Google Play Store.

By Jill Stevens
May 15 2021

I can’t get the step counter to work on my Fastic App .... looking at the FAQ and reviews this seems to be a common problem but nobody has had an answer from you .... I’d be grateful of a reply ......

By Sonia
May 11 2021

The step app works on mine, as I use the health app on my I phone and it linked through that, if it’s any help to anyone.

By Edith Kloss
May 07 2021


I wrote an E-Mail to your company on Tuesday because of an error but i didn’t got any answer back.

I’m going to explain the issue again and I hope that someone will reach out to me as soon as possible.
So as I explained in the E-Mail from 04.05.2021 I made an unwanted subscription to your App and after like 30 minutes I canceld it cause I didn’t liked how it works.

I canceled the App on the 28th of April and I managed to get my money back ( 29,99€ for 3 Months ), but now as I checked my bank account I saw that you billed me again (25,09€).

So I kindly request a refund because as I said I don’t use your App at all and I don’t have a subscription anymore.

Best regards
Edith Kloss

By Donna
May 02 2021

Myself and my friend have iPhones and want to be fasting buddies. Can’t seem to get it working

By Gayla Turner
Apr 25 2021

Step counter has never worked, what’s up?

By Jodie Forte
Mar 31 2021

Step tracker always says zero. Even after I walk 4 miles on the track with the phone in my pocket.

By James Lowery
Mar 29 2021

Step counter does not work. Why?

By Elesa Ransdell
Mar 28 2021

Step tracker has never worker going cancel this app if thing don't work what's the point. Ridiculous

By Micheal
Mar 14 2021

Basic app with the caveat that it only seems to let you set recurring fasting times once. There's no way to reset them once you've chosen. I didn't pay for the diet version based on other reviews based on the fact that it promotes a lot of foods with grains and I'm trying to reduce inflammation, not increase it.

By Kim Litterio
Mar 12 2021

How do I get the step tracker to work?

By Amanda
Mar 09 2021

The steptracker is not working? How can you fix this?

By Angela
Mar 08 2021

How do you get the step counter to work

By Angela
Mar 08 2021

How do you get the step counter to work

By Jacqueline
Mar 07 2021

The step tracker doesn’t work, never has. This seems to be a common problem. Did anybody get a response from fastic in this?

Mar 04 2021

Why doesn't the step tracker work. Never has worked.

By Joey
Mar 02 2021

Step counter not working.

By Vibha Surana
Feb 14 2021

Please cancel my subscription. I have unistalled the app but am still getting charged.

By Scott
Feb 03 2021

Steps tracker nit working, seems to be a common problem. Does anybody actually respond to these issues.

By Brandy Vitale
Feb 02 2021

The steptracker is not working? How can you fix this?

By Gan
Jan 20 2021

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the steps counter in your app is always at zero. I find no help text on this feature. Is it broken or am i just missing a step??

By Grace Enocks
Jan 06 2021

My Fastic app keeps on jumping off before I start my fast. I’ve tried to restart the app many times but it just won’t work. Can someone please give me guidance. Thanks in advance.

By Yvonne Richards
Jan 02 2021

Enjoying my app but the steps counter isn't working never has, how do I get it to work?

By Kathi
Dec 10 2020

My friend & I have been using this app. The water tracker quit working. When we close & reopen the app our water is reset to zero. We’re bummed this was a feature I really utilized. Will it be fixed soon?

By Jen
Dec 08 2020

If you want a refund go to iTunes Store or Apple Support within 14 days of purchase. You will get a full amount refund from the Fastic App.

By Kaye
Dec 04 2020

Water tracker is not updating. It only recorded 4 glasses of water and the rest is not being recorded.

By Jo Ann Sabatini
Dec 04 2020

I have been using this app for months with almost no issues but whatever updates you did most recently, please reverse them. They are awful. The water tracker doesn’t keep your info. I have had a problem in the past with the app not keeping my starting weight so now I have to calculate it myself. No problem but the water thing is huge. Please fix it.

By Eileen
Nov 03 2020

I have been trying to Cancel my Subscription but can't find how to do it .
Could you please direct me . Thankyou Eileen Bland .

By To i
Sep 08 2020

When I purchased the app, it did not give me a choice to purchase monthly and automatically charged me for 3 months. I was not happy with the options and it’s easy enough for me to track my 12 or 16 hr fasting window. I cancelled the app but there is no portion to receive a refund. There is no customer service # or email to communicate with anyone at Fastic.

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