Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker Reviews

Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-17

Become a DJ with Groovepad! Bring your musical dreams to life by creating
groovy, smooth-sounding music easily! Groovepad is an easy-to-use music maker
app that is guaranteed to bring out the artist in you. Some of its exceptional
features include: - An extensive library of unique and e...

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Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker Reviews

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    Just incredible...

    I’ve had this game for two days.. and I already have six well-produced songs. I think it’s clear that Groovepad is by far one of the best music-producing games to date. I learned quickly that the Subscription is optional (though, I think you should bring it down a notch about advertising it), and the game is very easy to understand. Even better was finding out that the sound packs can be unlocked through watching ads (which is a very good trade seeing that you keep those packs afterwards). A lot of the sound packs there are pretty cool, too. But after all of this, I’m still hungry for new music, and I’m sure others are too. I’m just suggesting more sound packs to be added. Maybe adding some sort of rough Dubstep with a few soft elements, like how some of Skrillex’s songs are. Or even a new genre (oh, Idk... maybe rock?) that introduces more sound packs with even more electronic/organic sounds to it. And another cool element some might like (which might be completely optional to the users) is to add an option to listen to songs shared by other people. It would add another layer to this game that (in my opinion) will launch this game beyond just a “music game”. I don’t know... maybe I’m asking a bit much, but consider these suggestions and decide for yourselves.

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    A M A Z I N G!!!!!!👍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🙂😎😃😂🤣😉

    This game in explicit and is really good, and if I were a tester for this great game... I would only so to add more kicks to it, but that is a small thing that doesn’t matter that much and does not affect my FIVE star rating; in fact if there were such thing as a six star I would rate that exordinaryly or however you spell that word. But this game has CROSSED the line cause it is so spending 👍 great, these are so good that I think I should perform it like Alan walker does or marshmello or just people like that that are really good at EDM ! Trust me if you are reading this review this is the right one to read cause this app has different types of music or sounds that I NEVER even heard of like “cosmic pluse” and “ultra garage” so I love this it’s really cool 😎 oh and I can’t forget “upbeat pop!” Groovepad is a good game, in fact, you see other reviews from other people’s opinion, I looked at them and most were five or four stars ⭐️! Anyway bye bye!!!

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    Best Music-Maker For Beginners, Doesn’t Need A Subscription

    I’ve tried countless music makers, from GarageBand to Edjing Mix. None of them even come remotely close to Groovepad! I found Groovepad through an ad that actually caught my attention and immediately downloaded it— best spontaneous download on my iPad. It’s incredibly user friendly, easy to understand— I’m making songs after just a day. I saw some reviews complaining about a “forced” subscription— there’s actually an X hidden in the top left corner you can use to get out of the ad. A lot of apps like this have it, it’s meant to make you think you need to subscribe, but you never have to. There’s not as much freedom as say GarageBand just because the loops are all pre-installed, I wish there was an option to delete loops you didn’t want or add your own or edit them, but for basic music this app is excellent. My only complaint is the ads! They are so abundant, I’ve learned to expect one every time I close a sound set. I didn’t mind at first, I get it’s a free app, but recently I’ve had Call of Duty ads pop up. If I wanted to see people’s heads get blasted, I would download the game, not be making trap music on Groovepad. Is there a way you could filter the ads or just make them a little less abundant? Overall an excellent app, glad I found it!

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    Don’t Get Me Wrong, But Ads!

    Ads. There have been so many hate comments on games that have a ridiculous number of ads. Developers use those to make money, so it’s understandable. I don’t want to seem like one of those people who play a little, see a bunch of ads, and write a bad review on it, but this is more than that. Ok, done with the disclaimer, now onto my whining. Developers, you’ve got a free trial, then a subscription. I don’t pay to play games, so I’ll just take the limited options. All of the favorited things were subscription only, which made me sad. OMG, this is the first game that gives you a choice between paying or an ad when you want to use the pack. So there’s my praise. However, you don’t need both a subscription AND a bunch of ads. At that point you’re just money hungry. Please, either take out some of the ads or make it so there is no subscription required. This is a 5 star app, but please just lower the ad count, but don’t take away the ad-instead-of-paying option, because that’s what makes this app so good and unique! If you’ve made it this far, sorry for the long rant, and please consider my words!

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    It is a good app, but the ‘offered’ free trial is not offered.

    After seeing many of the ads and watching videos not things people have created, I decided to download this app. However, as soon as you open it is asks you if you want to do a free trial. Okay so exit out of this right? NOPE. The only way to use the app is to use the free trial and have a chance of not canceling it in time. From what I am seeing, this is just a scam ‘feature’ to get some easy money of people who end up forgetting to cancel their subscription. Free trials are things that should ALWAYS be optional. This app forces you to use the free trial or else the only page this app shows is the “Use our free trial” page. There is no option to use the app freely without using the “Free” trial. It is horrible what I am seeing be done and it seems like this app right now is intended to be some free scam money. Please either make their be an exit button to the free trial or remove the free trial entirely. Or you could just make this be a paid app. But the worst thing you could do is make a fake not optional free trial. The free trial is not an opportunity to try out the premium features of the app and later canceling. Instead it is a forced thing you have to do to be able to use the app.

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    Always get

    To be honest, I wouldn’t get any other app that you can ,ask beats with. I thought I wouldn’t find any program fit for the type and styles of music beats I like. But one day, a few months ago, I saw an add on this app giving it a 5 star review. That was the best day of my life. Sure, some of you might not believe me, but that’s ok. I didn’t pay a thing, I’m ok with the free ones they provide for you when you start. Developers, I recently saw you added some new types of music, thank you for that! I love it so much. This app is child friendly, and easy to use. Please, developers and other people looking at my comment, read this through carefully and thoroughly. Developers you have cured my stress pop lumps, this app makes me feel free. I used to have stress at school, but I don’t now. I let my self be free with music. I just have one request. Will you add more modern pop music selections. Thank you for reading this!

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    Music is the key

    Listen I may be thinking crazy and you can believe that you can believe that all you want but this game is amazing I just love it and the best part is I can express myself for what music I like I get a pick the music I get to pick the harmony I got to pick the Beats I get to pick everything and I can make up my own song and that’s everything to me and I really hope that you guys feel the same way with me it’s so amazing you guys can’t believe it like one time I got on this game I was really bored like my head was really hurting I went to this game I put music on l suddenly felt better and after a couple of minutes I just love the beats I was making music I was so happy I want to show everybody what I was doing and they were impressed of how this game could do so much thingsI really hope that you buy this game it’s amazing bye

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    This is honestly the best beat maker app I have ever downloaded. Some of the genres are for premium members only, but I don’t have the subscription and I can still make beats that are FIRE! Another reason this is a good app is because when you save the record, it’s in waveform audio so it can be distributed to music stores and streaming services! The ads are a little annoying. But other than that, I would 10/10 recommend this! Edit: Also, for anyone who’s annoyed that the free trial “isn’t optional”, just know that it is. In the top left corner there is an X. I am a person who needs glasses and I saw the exit button perfectly fine without any. You people who are complaining about it should probably get your eyes checked, because IT. IS. THERE.

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    Good but......

    The app is good with a variety and combinations of different tunes and beats. It’s just missing one thing though, that is for phone users....... SCREEN ROTATION! It’s hard to make cool beats and songs when phone users don’t have the luxury of the entire display of beats showed. Tablet users can see the entire screen and press the right buttons at the same time to create those “Wow Factor” tunes. We phone users have to press a button which delays the next beat(s) we press, thus making it harder for amazing tunes. Please add a screen rotation feature for us phone users. If I’m wrong and their is a feature making that possible, feel free to correct me. If not, please add that feature. Keep up the amazing work :)

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    Awesome App, but there’s an issue

    I really love this app a lot, and it has great tracks. Personally I love making beats, my style is Hip Hop and RnB. But in the Hip Hop and Trap section there’s one thing I didn’t like. It’s that most the tracks in those sections have dubstep mixed in it. It’s the bass and brass that mostly messes up things. I’d like it if you would change that, especially in the Trap section. Because it feels more like dubstep with the beats, brass, bass, and pianos(synth, keys, etc). In the HipHop section I noticed the diversity, which I like, but all feels like a Hip Hop dubstep, Trap dubstep, House dubstep, dubstep, etc. I can still make awesome and sick beats. But I feel like I can’t do certain things without making it dubstep which I’m not a fan of, others may like it or dislike it. Just at least find a solution.

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    My Suggestion

    I love this app literally so far. No problems I just started using it. Although, I have a few suggestions. Ok! When it comes to the different selections of music and genre, I wish i was able to mix the different genre of music together to create something unique and creative, and also I’d like to hear some native beats and sounds, and foreign sounds and beats as well. Old hip hop beats, and a little bit more mainstream sounds and beats we here today in this year , including R&B. Other than that I love this app! If you’re into music and making your own sound this is definitely for you. And one thing pleas always keep this app available for people to use🙏🏻💗.

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    I absolutely LOVE this app!!!!! I’ve tried so many different apps and this app does the best out of all of them!!!! My only critique is that I want to be able to play my own music outside of the app. And maybe there can be an area where you make your own samples or a set of samples and you can submit them and which ever ones are the best should be able to be used by all users!!!! Of course you should ask the person putting their track out in the public if they want to do that but I just thought it would be pretty cool. I haven’t seen an app that does that yet so that might get you a lot more ratings and fans of this game just like me.

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    Not actually Free

    Shortly after opening the app it asks you to sign up for a free trial, but there is no option to not sign up for it. There is no exit or cancel button, just the 7-day trial button. I went back and looked at the reviews to see if others were having this problem, and saw many reviews complaining about it. The developer replied to them saying it “offers” users to a free trial and then after 7 days asks them if the wish to continue or not. But several statements in this response are false! It does not offer, it FORCES people to start a free trial or else they can’t use the app. It does not ask you if you wish to continue after 7 days, just like any other free trial you would have to go into settings and cancel it. Lastly, it’s not actually 7 days! It’s 6 days, because you have to cancel a day before. So if you do go up to seven days it isn’t free anymore.

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    Awesome. Even my mom likes it!

    This is the best app for music. I tried others and I was just like no this isn’t so good. But groove pad changed my mind. This is one app I don’t delete when I run out of storage on my iPad! If anything I would use this for a great DJ. I dance to the beats like crazy! I make lyrics for them but they’re too good to let loose! There are so many beats u can choose from and many hits like hip hop and dub! Even techno beats! I gave this 5 stars because it changed everything. I love this app and it helps me make lyrics but I don’t sing them.. I try to make beats for them but it’s too hard to make lyrics when the beats are so good! Bye! ✌️

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    I have downloaded a few of these types of apps to see which I would like to recommend, and this one is most definitely on the top as #1. This app is literally the best, I just got it earlier today and I have already made 9 tracks! I was reading reviews and some people said that you had to do a trial but for me, there was a button that said something like “Continue without trial” or something like that. I don’t know if it’s new or not but it is there. I would definitely recommend this app if you want to make some music like Hip-Hop or EDM. (Would give 10 stars if possible)

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Is Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker Safe?

Yes. Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 297,705 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker Is 45.1/100.

Is Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker Legit?

Yes. Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 297,705 Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker Is 45.1/100.

Is Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker not working?

Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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