Universal Smart Remote for TV Reviews

Universal Smart Remote for TV Reviews

Published by on 2023-08-18

About: Universal Smart Remote only supports Samsung, LG, Sony Smart TV and Roku Smart
TV series. Samsung 2010(C Series), 2011(D Series), 2012(E Series), 2013(F
Series), 2014(H Series), 2015(J Series), 2016(K), 2017(Q,M), 2018(Q,N), 2019(R)
and 2020(T,Q).

About Universal Smart Remote

*Universal Smart Remote application is not an official product of Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL and Roku.

Universal Smart Remote only supports Samsung, LG, Sony Smart TV and Roku Smart TV series.

*Universal Smart Remote does not support Youtube, Netflix application with keyboard.

Make sure your phone and smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2016(K), 2017(Q,M), 2018(Q,N), 2019(R) and 2020(T,Q).


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Key Benefits of Universal Smart Remote

- Minimal ads, with the option to upgrade to a pro version for additional features

- Ability to set a timer and drift off to sleep

- Responsive and helpful tech support

- Works well with Sony Bravia 65” A8G OLED

- Aligns virtual functionality with physical remote functionality

- Full version has a useful "power on" feature

20 Universal Smart Remote Reviews

3.4 out of 5


The only remote with no adds

I have searched for a good universal remote app for a while now and this seems to be the only one that doesn’t bombard you with cheap adds. The only add that you occasionally get is the option to upgrade to the pro remote. The real difference between the pro is that you can do much more like use the trackpad. Overall great app. I would definitely recommend to anyone who loses their remote quite frequently.


Love Love Love The Customer Support

I love UniversalSmartRemote because I can set the timer and drift off to sleep. When it stopped working, I emailed tech support on a Sunday so I’d be first in line on Monday. To my surprise, they persistently answered my query until it was fixed. What I REALLY loved to was that the support was “to the point”. A lot of customer service now is about a lot of “extra talk” which prolongs the process.
Thank you once again,


Perfect for me…

Great app, always works, Connects to my Sony Bravia 65” A8G OLED. Universal remotes aligns the virtual functionality with physical remotes functionality. Save yourself, just pay the little cost for the full version, you will love the “power on” feature to say the least. If UniversalSmartRemote had the ability to preview channels within UniversalSmartRemote it would truly be a phenomenal remote.



I had this same app downloaded before and it worked great. I then deleted UniversalSmartRemote and downloaded it months later. And now it keeps getting stuck... So if I’m trying to move over to the next channel or even hit the apps button it still doesn’t do right. I have to close out UniversalSmartRemote and reopen and then it works fine. This is the reason for 2/5. If you fix this as its an inconvenience then I would give it a 5/5! Not sure if it’s a bug or what... thanks


What changed?

I liked UniversalSmartRemote enough that I decided to pay for the Pro version which gave me the added feature of being able to hold the volume up or down button for continuous volume change (I no longer had to hit the buttons repeatedly to quickly change the volume). At some point - I assume after an update, this feature stopped working. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!



This application, once thought to be the one for me, is nothing but frustration. It works fine for the first 20 seconds, but when you want to change the channel or adjust the volume, it won’t work. It just times out! You have to close out the entire app and reopen it to get it to function. If I could find something better I would. Don’t waste your time.


Needs work

I purchased the fall pro version of UniversalSmartRemote and maybe two or three of the options actually work very much a waste of my money all features should be available to those who actually spend money on this. Functioning features of UniversalSmartRemote suddenly stopped working. I want a refund



It’s really good to have around just in case you lose your remote or it stopped working you could always rely on UniversalSmartRemote. The only thing is it has no volume which maybe you can make a change to that. But I really suggest it.


Great remote app

This is a great remote app it works well with my Sony TV, and it works all the controls that my TV remote works. I’ll give her five stars and I recommend it to anyone who has a smart TV


Good worth the price

Some apps charge way too much money but UniversalSmartRemote is preety reasonable and has all the features . Our remote has been replaced by UniversalSmartRemote


Good overall

Great app overall but sometimes it slows down and won’t reconnect to the tv until you reset UniversalSmartRemote other than that no complaints.


Finally a remote app the actually works.

It works with my Sony tv. Has the right buttons and navigation.



I have a Roku tv and for some reason it doesn’t give me the option to control my volume and that’s like a big down fall cause I have to get up and turn down the tv or turn it up


Not working

I paid so I can have full access to the remote control and is not working properly so why they make you pay for something that is not going to work properly
Please whoever created UniversalSmartRemote fixed and make it work and worthy to pay the amount that is ask in UniversalSmartRemote



UniversalSmartRemote wouldn’t let me try the navigation feature until after I bought the pro version. The navigation pad does not let you select anything it only brings up a cursor when swiped. Not what I wanted, waste of my money.



App works for me, it’s easier to use UniversalSmartRemote than finding the remote. Works on all my Samsung TVs that are on the network.


2/10 it works, just buy a remote

It constantly says that my tv isn’t connected to the network, but it is and I know it is because after 30 minutes I finally found the remote and checked. 2 stars because it helped me find my remote


Issues with Remote

This remote works great only issue I have with is that it doesn’t reconnect with my TV when it’s off. Is it possible for it to remain permanently connected with my TV even when off


TV Remote connection not working

It’s along time since my phone remote icon download disappeared.
Am trying to connect to my TV in vain


It’s Great!

I lost my TV remote, and this works just as well. In fact it’s better because I can have a remote on my phone! This is a great app!


Why does not it work to turn on the TV?

Why does not it work to turn on the TV?


Remote on time

My remote has deactivated itself somehow and I use UniversalSmartRemote and it worked and I love it and also my wife!!


Only lets me use it once

I’m not even going to consider buying it unless you let me use it for a little amount of time, Even if you restrict my use at least have a free option! I won’t give five stars or pay anything until they fix the free option


Stupid App

Doesn't let you use any arrows or the okay button unless you pay 4.99+ taxes. Most other apps cost much less and actually give you all the functions of a remote control. It was a waste of time downloading UniversalSmartRemote . Very disappointed.


No volume control

Seems to work fairly decently but the real downfall is that it has no volume control. I have a hisense 65 inch with the Roku, and it doesn’t work all that great.



It doesn’t turn on my tv all the time



Just missing volume controls.!


Lost pin?

What if I forgot my tv pin? I need it to connect to my remote.



if you have a TV that uses a roller or motion control or you actually need to select ANYTHING, DO NOT USE UniversalSmartRemote! You have to pay to use the main function of what UniversalSmartRemote is necessary for.



It does not work 87% of the time. And you cannot use dpad without paying. There are better apps available



It’s so convenient and reliable

Is Universal Smart Remote Safe?

Yes. Universal Smart Remote for TV is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 539 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Universal Smart Remote Is 49.0/100.

Is Universal Smart Remote Legit?

Yes. Universal Smart Remote for TV is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 539 Universal Smart Remote for TV User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Universal Smart Remote Is 100/100..

Is Universal Smart Remote for TV not working?

Universal Smart Remote for TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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