The Yoga Collective | Studio Reviews

The Yoga Collective | Studio Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-06

About: Check out the #1 Rated Yoga & Meditation App with over 1,000 Guided Yoga,
Meditation and Wellness Classes in taught by Top Yoga Instructors from around
the world. Download our app for Free and join the community of over 100,000
yogis who have chosen The Yoga Collective as their home yoga studio.

About The Yoga Collective Studio

Download our app for FREE and receive a FREE 7-day trial with your subscription to explore all the yoga classes and features of the app.

The Yoga Collective has guided yoga classes ranging in style, duration, focus and level (from beginner yoga to advanced yoga).

The Yoga Collective provides you with the highest quality HD Yoga, Meditation and Wellness classes from the palm of your hand.

Check out the #1 Rated Yoga & Meditation App with over 1,000 Guided Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Classes in taught by Top Yoga Instructors from around the world.

Memberships will be charged to the user’s Apple Account once the 7-day free trial ends (unless canceled 24-hours prior to the billing date).

Any subscriptions purchased from your Apple account cannot be canceled on The Yoga Collective website.

After your free yoga trial, you will be charged for the subscription you chose upon sign up.

Download our app for Free and join the community of over 100,000 yogis who have chosen The Yoga Collective as their home yoga studio.

Our yoga and meditation classes are perfect for everyone from athletes to workers stuck at a desk.

Check out our Yoga for Beginners section and take the Beginner Yoga series.

If you are a Beginner we have great resources to start your yoga journey.

Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription (when applicable).

Subscriptions automatically renew at the original purchase price unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.

Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off from user’s Apple Account Settings.


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Key Benefits of The Yoga Collective Studio

- Provides videos with deep detail of every stretch

- Offers classes of varying lengths from 5 minutes to 2 hours

- Teachers in the videos make it feel like an actual class

- Offers meditation classes to help stay focused

- Has classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced

- Has classes for kids and some in Spanish

- Has camera angles to mirror the alignment and postures of the instructors

- Has a relaxing, neutral background and music choices

- Offers quick classes or longer classes

- Has classes to focus on specific areas

20 The Yoga Collective Studio Reviews

4.8 out of 5


This app changed my life. Highly recommend

I have had TheYogaCollectiveStudio for about a year now. I love The Yoga Collective because it’s not just classes of 1 hour flows, but they also provide videos with deep detail of every stretch. I love that you can choose a class time between 5 minutes to 2 hours. The teachers in the videos make me feel like I am at an actual class.

I also love the meditation classes. It really helps me stay focused. The fact that I have it on my phone truly helps me in times of stress, so I can just quickly find a 5-10 minute class and realign myself.

I started TheYogaCollectiveStudio as a beginner, and I truly have learned so much from the teachers at The Yoga Collective. The Yoga Philosophy classes has given me a deeper look into what Yoga means and motivated me to take online classes!!

I am currently taking a Yoga Teaching Course to become a certified Yoga Instructor! I have always had a connection to yoga but my life has truly changed since I started taking classes on The Yoga Collective App. I truly thank all of the teachers at the Yoga Collective.

Thank you so much for guiding me. I wish there was an in person Yoga Collective school in NYC!! Xoxo Sat Nam 💫✨🌟


Updated review from one star rating

I originally gave The Yoga Collective app one star due to the technical issues I was having with my annual premium. I couldn’t get access to my purchase. However, because of my first review, The Yoga Collective’s customer service was very prompt on resolving the issue. They reached out immediately to my bad review. I had to email them for a full solution, no voice contact number. It probably could have been dealt within a day but I didn’t have the time to sit there playing pen pal. My premium account was fixed within three days. Apparently I had already signed up for the free trail while registering my premium. The free trail kept overriding my premium purchase. All in all, a good potential growth may be even more in their future if they keep up with the great customer service.


Review of the yoga connection

I am highly recommending TheYogaCollectiveStudio. I have been using it for about a year now and have no way exhausted all of it’s content. The classes start at a level one and go way beyond a level where I am now. The instructors are very good and clear with their instruction as well as ways to modify it. Not only do they have general overall yoga classes but they also have many classes to focus on specific areas. They have yoga classes for kids as well as some in Spanish. They also have sections dealing with areas such as nutrition and meditation however I have not explored those areas yet. I try to do the yoga every day and have yet to tire of TheYogaCollectiveStudio and this program


The best yoga app!

The Yoga Collective is my go-to spot to practice yoga at home. There are several options for quick classes or longer classes, depending on my available time. It is great to be able to choose a focus, which ranges from a morning flow to stretching my shoulders/back from working at home or a full body workout. The camera angles are perfect so that I can mirror the alignment and postures of the instructors. The relaxing, neutral background and music choices provide a calming setting. I also look forward to trying the meditation classes and food recipes! TheYogaCollectiveStudio works well on my iPad and iPhone. Thank you!


Pros & cons

Though I prefer live classes, this is great to be able to do from home and there a lot of class options! Some instructors are better than others. One thing I don’t care for on a recorded class is the extra jokes and chit chat because you have to listen to the exact same thing ever time you do that particular class. It gets really annoying and makes me want to avoid that class. Others just talk you through the practice and that’s perfect. Also, I love music during yoga, but the music options here are not great because the track is only a few minutes long and then it just loops. I usually find my own music. I got a good deal on the year long subscription and have been enjoying it the last 3 months!


Updated review

Just though I would update my review as the developers contacted me as there was an update after some glitches we’re discovered. Overall I’m quite happy with TheYogaCollectiveStudio and I really like the instructors that I have used. I’m no spring chicken so I’m mostly viewing beginner levels as I am restarting my practice. I think the interface is okay but sometimes I can’t navigate to find what I need. It may be the user but something to be mindful of. I think when I favorite a class I believe it’s going to “classes” or is it “practice?” The only reason I’m giving it a four+ instead of a five is that is unclear.

First review. Just got TheYogaCollectiveStudio , worked for a week. Now nothing is here. Great deal while it lasted. Not happy


Great for all experience levels

I’m still a beginner with some areas of mindfulness but more intermediate in others and TheYogaCollectiveStudio gives me lots of options to meet me where i am or to push myself to become better. I like how I can search by length depending on how much time I have to spare which is a really useful feature. Plus I got a yearly subscription for half off through Groupon so it was a great deal. All in all I love TheYogaCollectiveStudio and use it often! I only gave it 4 stars because it’s sometimes hard to relocate/save videos that I’m interested but not ready to start right away. It’s a minor issue though and doesn’t really take much away from TheYogaCollectiveStudio in my opinion


Easy to navigate, plenty of variety

Bought a membership ages ago on Groupon just started using it consistently. It’s like anything; it works if you do it. Plenty of teachers, styles, durations. Sowmthing for everyone and it’s mobile! I have TheYogaCollectiveStudio on my phone and sometimes I use my desktop. Instructions are good, modification options given, lots of encouragement, no judgement. What more can you ask for? I’m a newbie so still learning breath and positions but it’s coming along. If your new, helpful to watch a video through once before attempting so you know what to expect.


Love everything about the Yoga Collective

I love the quality of teachers and variety of material. My favorite classes are the ones that have three or four students so I actually feel like I am taking a class and not just watching a video. I love how I feel that the teacher reaches out through the screen and I feel included in their class. I also love many of the classes that have more than one camera and an actual camera person who is moving with the class. This creates a more 3 dimensional experience. I love the heartfelt spirit I experience in all their teachers.


200hr yoga teacher endorses!

I bought this at the beginning of the pandemic. I have my 200 hour yoga teacher trainer but honestly I prefer to take classes rather than give them. That being said, I am more particular than most. I love TheYogaCollectiveStudio , the filters, the teachers. From fascia release to targeted body parts I get exactly what I need and how long I need, each time- And for a fraction of the price I would pay at a yoga studio! It has definitely kept me sane during the pandemic and as a psychiatric nurse practitioner I recommend it to my patients too!


If I cud give no star I would

I prefer my comment not to be removed because it's an honest review I try the beginner class and almost broke my wrist. Those exercises are for people that had previously done yoga then stop and started again, not for someone that it's 215 pounds. And never taken yoga. Per my doctor, I need to lose weight because I fall into the overweight or obese range with a BMI of 41 when it should be in the 20. If they were someone else they could have asked me at what point It became impossible for me to follow so they can change it or work with a better recommendation video. But instead, they want to treat my comment like a spam comment.
That is very disappointing.
I purchase the membership. A year. Ago April 2020 to be exact. They had the nerve to charge me again when I know I cancel it.


Love this app, there’s a class for everyone.

My go to app for my practice! Love that more classes are added constantly. I Like to challenge myself with the collection series. I’m giving it 4 starts because I wish there was a history feature of my practices. Also it’ll be nice to have a share feature with other members. I’m always recommending your app to friends and family, some have become members but we cannot share/recommend a class we like, or even better have like a group forum like Discord where members can interact. Thank you for creating TheYogaCollectiveStudio. Namaste 🙏🏽


Perfect way to practice at home

I love TheYogaCollectiveStudio! Anything yoga you want for as long as you want you can find it here. Only have 10 minutes? You got it. Want a sweaty hour long sesh, no problem. Having some pain somewhere that you want to focus on, just look it up and you’re on your way to relief. I even do quick classes at work. The instructors are all so good, calming and able to show you how to get into the poses at home, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not being in a studio. Definitely recommend!!


I love this yoga studio ❤️

I have been practicing yoga for about 8 years and really love using this Yoga Collective site. It’s got so many classes and the yoga instructors are super chill and knowledgeable. I usually practice an hour, but it’s so convenient to have shorter 30 and 40 minute classes available. Level 2-3 is perfectly challenging. I set up my space heater and candle, and I’m ready for a great practice with these classes. I didn’t use the music feature until recently, but I prefer the classes without. Andrea, Travis, Anaswara - I love you guys! Oh and Lauren and Rachel, too!!!



I love having the option of a shorter practice or a longer practice, a beginner practice or a more advanced practice, or a practice with just the instructor or one where the instructor has a small class and I’m part of that class (not live).

I also enjoy that there are different types of yoga and different focus areas that I can choose from, that there are different instructors, and that I can watch the videos in High Definition vs Standard Definition.

Thank you for providing a quality tool for home yoga practice!


Worth the subscription

I pay yearly for this subscription and it is worth every penny. I love being able to have yoga flows in the palm of my hand. It is truly great for someone who is always on the go and can only find 10 minutes in between tasks to get a quick flow in. They have much longer flows as well, but this is truly the best app I have ever used for yoga. The amount for the subscription is well worth what you would spend going to a studio often!


Great app

I love all of the instructors and the filters TheYogaCollectiveStudio gives!! Makes it easy to find the type of class you want at any given time depending on how you feel. The descriptions are thorough and gives you a great insight on what’s expected in the class. Highly recommend to anyone that wants a virtual experience.

Only downside is that you can’t play your own music at the same time and that they don’t have THAT wide of a selection to choose from. Would be great if they had a little more classes. Other than that I love this membership!



This is a really nice collection of courses from different trainers. I move from trainer to trainer and workout to workout to fit my need for where I am at, at any particular point in time. I am always challenged to do better and grow in my practice. I do not write very many reviews, but when I do it is because TheYogaCollectiveStudio is either really good or terrible bad. I highly recommend TheYogaCollectiveStudio, and have done so to my friends and family.


Great Value

Lots of options for the price. I only wish that there were more choices for those of us who are very out of shape. Most of the beginner stuff can be difficult and there are few teachers that give you other options for a move.
I have found a few classes that work for me so it is worth the price but I would love to be able to participate more in beginner flow series so that I can improve. My arm strength isn’t very good so all the planks/push ups are very difficult and it gets frustrating.


Love this app!

This is an amazing app. I work out often now as it’s at my disposal 24/7. The trainers are knowledgeable and give alternatives if you’re unable to do something because of injury. I like that there are short, medium and longer classes. And such a variety. I like doing a short yoga class and a long Pilates. The short intense joint stretches are also great. I could go on and on. It’s worth it, it’s perfect and through the tv even better. Thank you

Is The Yoga Collective Studio Safe?

Yes. The Yoga Collective | Studio is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,511 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Yoga Collective Studio Is 34.5/100.

Is The Yoga Collective Studio Legit?

Yes. The Yoga Collective | Studio is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,511 The Yoga Collective | Studio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Yoga Collective Studio Is 81/100..

Is The Yoga Collective | Studio not working?

The Yoga Collective | Studio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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