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Published by on 2022-08-10

1) choose a sendit game 2) friends answer right on your story 3) get responses
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offers an auto-renewing subscription of: $1.99 per week for premium sendit
games sendit offers an auto-renewing s.

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Alexis Dark
Sep 25 2022

When I send a sendit my friends reply to it but I don’t get them and on my Home Screen it shows that I have the notifications but when I open the app they aren’t actually there

By Saad
Sep 23 2022

I don’t get messages from ppl..
I posted (ask me anything) and my friends were beside of me and they responded to my post but I never got it!!
I only got one message from anonymous person.. that’s all.

By Lilly
Sep 18 2022

When I try to paste my sendits to Snapchat, nothing shows up except the link and you can’t colicky on it. It also says on some of them that I need to have the app but I already have it

By Madison
Sep 16 2022

Send it told me I had a message and I cannot pull it up in the app. Restarted and redownloaded but still nothing

By Eli
Sep 15 2022

I can’t find my sendits in my inbox even after my friends send me one.

By Grace
Sep 14 2022

Hey there!! I have one issue with sendit.when I try to set up the app,the second yellow button doesn't do anything!it just stays there...frozen.

By Mantasha
Sep 12 2022

I am not getting any responses on sendits even when my friend told me that she sent me responses

By Andrew
Sep 10 2022

I posted a sendit then I got a notification from sendit that someone responded but I clicked on the notification and the sendit was not there

By Andy
Sep 10 2022

Get a notification about a "new message", but when I tap it nothing happens, and when I manually go into inbox there is nothing there.

By Zenilda
Sep 06 2022

When I click share it’s doesn’t open snap it just stays on that screen

By Mollie
Sep 05 2022

When I quick “ask me anything” it doesn’t share to Snapchat

By Josiah
Sep 05 2022

I click on the app and when it loads in it just keeps loading and says it needs a update and it won’t work I clicked on my bitmoji and clicked update and it just brings me to the App Store where there is no update at all

By Hanna
Sep 02 2022

The sendit sticker is not loading in snapchat.

By Alexys
Sep 02 2022

When I go to it and get to put it through snap or says something went wrong but my internet connection is good and everything

By Ollie
Sep 02 2022

I go to answer my questions on send it and then it says “something went wrong try again”

By Sofia power Со́ня
Sep 02 2022

I try to go on app but doesn't work and is all black my connection is good and storage

By Ivana Hermoza
Sep 02 2022

It won’t load on my Snapchat and it says I have a internet connection problem but my internet is running just fine and I have tried to turn my phone of completely and then turn it on again but nothing will work

By iris
Aug 30 2022

sendit is not sending the messages to me

By Carter Wulitich
Aug 28 2022

It says I get a notification but when I click it nothing pops up I even told someone to answer the sendit and when they did it never popped up in my inbox on sendit

By Joseline Jimenez
Aug 27 2022

So i was going to go a sendit like i always do and when i went on the app it was a black screen with a loading button and when i would swipe so i could see the questions it would let me see. When i would swipe back it didn’t load. I am using an IOS device and this hasn’t happened to me before so i don’t really know what to do. Thank you for your time.

By madison
Aug 26 2022

everytime i try and post something off send it. it doesn’t work.

By Marley Kendrick
Aug 26 2022

I have posted a sendit on my story and get the notifications that someone sent me a question to answer but will not let me open them. When I look at where it should be none of them are there at all.

By Louis
Aug 25 2022

My inbox isn't loading but I am receiving messages, so I cant respond to them.

By Matt
Aug 25 2022

It says I have messages in my inbox and I’m getting notified however I go to view them and it says there are no messages

By Evan giblin
Aug 23 2022

I try to respond to a sendit it says click attachment to respond but it won't open sendit and let me respond it just sits on my friends snap story

By Caden Hennesy
Aug 23 2022

When I click onto sendit there is a black loading screen that won’t load

Aug 20 2022

When I try and share my sendit ‘ask me anything’ to Snapchat it just takes me back to home screen

By Wack
Aug 20 2022

I can’t see my inbox messages but I get the notification

By Chocolate
Aug 19 2022

My friends can’t reply sendit messages when I post on Snapchat

By Zach
Aug 19 2022

I’m getting notifications for people sending things through sendit but I have nothing when I log into it to check

By Chloe
Aug 17 2022

When someone comments on the send it i get the notification but when i go to send it theres nothing in my inbox ive tryed deleting it and installing it again , restarting my phone... nothing is working

By Mckenzie Lester
Aug 16 2022

When i try to respond to inbox the app keeps spinning and wont open. This has been happening for two days.

By Ana
Aug 15 2022

Send it won't let me respond to the ones I get and I can't type on my friends send it's.

By Kylie
Aug 15 2022

Sendit wont let me do a regular sendit it always takes me to the games how do I get the regular thing back

By Chloe
Aug 14 2022

My sendit will not let me reply to other people's posts

By Ethan farrington
Aug 12 2022

Whenever I try to reveal a person and watch an add it just says loading

By Jkwon Brack
Aug 10 2022

When I click the share button to go on snap it won’t let me

By Danielle Schroeder
Aug 10 2022

It shows I have responses but when I go to react to them they’re not there, only one worked

By Eddie McCoy
Aug 09 2022

There are no messages popping up in my inbox when I got notification pls fix this fast

By Eddie McCoy
Aug 09 2022

I’m getting nofications on sendit a lot and there is nothing in my inbox can u fix that?

By Manny
Aug 08 2022

I get the notifications that someone has sent me one but when I open it there’s nothing.

By nonyabuisness
Aug 06 2022

my sendit wont work i get notifs saying someone has replied to it but nothing shows up

By Shannon
Aug 04 2022

Friends say they sent me sendits but there’s no new messages

By Kendra
Aug 03 2022

Hello ! So my friends have messaged me that we have sended those answers and why arent you answering but i am not getting their responses thru

By Keisen Armandariz
Aug 02 2022

Every time I press tap to reply nothing happens

By Lilly havard
Aug 02 2022

It's not letting me slide up on my friends sendits and ask questions and I've done what I needed to

By Lilly lovell
Aug 01 2022

When I go to answer my send-it it takes me to snap and the filter at the bottom for the send-it just keeps loading and never does and it’s not an internet connection problem. The question never pops up either when it takes me to snap

By Ellie
Jul 31 2022

I can’t see my messages in my inbox

By Emily hogan
Jul 31 2022

I haven’t been able to watch adds on send it it just says loading

By Emily hogan
Jul 31 2022

I haven’t been able to watch adds on send it it just says loading

By raegan
Jul 30 2022

it won’t show me messages people have sent me from my story

By Gavin
Jul 30 2022

When i press guess who for a second time its says watch ad but then it sits in the load screen forever

By Joshua Lastar
Jul 24 2022

Dear, Sendit
My sendit app is not sending the messages to me. Me and my friend have friend it out and it doesn’t work properly because the messages don’t show up.

By Joshua Lastar
Jul 24 2022

Dear, Sendit
My sendit app is not sending the messages to me. Me and my friend have friend it out and it doesn’t work properly because the messages don’t show up.

By Chaston
Jul 22 2022

every time i try to send someone a sendit. it says “something went wrong. try again later” and it’s been like that for a month.

By Cameryn
Jul 22 2022

When other people post sendit on their snapchat stories I am unable to do their sendits, but I can answer people when they do mine.

By hali sell
Jul 22 2022

every time i try to send someone a sendit. it says “something went wrong. try again later” and it’s been like that for a month.

By Daniel Oladapo
Jul 21 2022

When I try to respond to other sendits it never works

By Kya
Jul 20 2022

Every time i go to send a send it on my friends account they never seem to go through

By Blaine Sementelli
Jul 19 2022

I can't do peoples sendits I can't tap to reply

By Sayan
Jul 18 2022

Everytime I try to answer a sendit, it takes me to snapchat as it should but it does not copy the sticker so I can't answer the question.

By Jonathan
Jul 17 2022

Sendit won’t let me answer on Snapchat it just gives me an error

By Melissa Garcia
Jul 16 2022

i am not able to send sendits on other peoples stories

By Daylon
Jul 15 2022

When I go to answer a question at the bottom it says play Instead of answer

By Kayla Murray
Jul 15 2022

It won’t let me say anything on other peoples sendits

By Chloe
Jul 14 2022

I don't know how to answer questions that people sent in for the yes no questions game on my story

By Alex
Jul 14 2022

I can't reply to sendits and it's annoying!!! It doesn't work but I have a Samsung a03s so I don't get it!!!

By Kennedy
Jul 13 2022

Whenever I want to respond to a “blow up my inbox with yes or no questions”, I tap on them, it takes me to Snapchat but it doesn’t work and instead of giving me the response it’s just “blow up my inbox with yes or no questions” again.

By Devon Shotts
Jul 13 2022

Not working yet to log on to it and not showing. How do I fix this

By Gary
Jul 12 2022

It keeps saying I have 2 messages in the inbox and it won't show me them

By Emily
Jul 12 2022

I’ll get notifications from sendit but when I go to look there’s nothing there

By Victoria Murdaugh
Jul 12 2022

It says I have 5 inboxes but when I go to read them it says I have none. Please help! 😊

By Zoe
Jul 12 2022

Sendit is telling me I have unanswered notifications but when I tap on the icon it only shows 2 notifications that I’ve already answered.

By Aj Dustin
Jul 12 2022

my sendits are not showing up

By cora
Jul 12 2022

i can see my messages in my inbox. It only says get more messages even when i click the notification

By Drake
Jul 12 2022

It says I have sendit notifications but when I look in my inbox it has nothing there

By Nevaeh
Jul 12 2022

Wont let me reply to other peoples sendits

By lexy
Jul 12 2022

My send it sticker won’t attach to my snap

By Nathan
Jul 12 2022

When i try to respond to a sendit, The link doesnt lead me to the reply screen, instead snapchat just tells me about what sendit can access.

By Kate Sotera
Jul 11 2022

When i try to reply to people send its it does work even when i have full bars u have tried to delete send it and re download it but that doesn’t work either please fix this thanks!

By Jacoby
Jul 11 2022

Whenever I click on somebody’s sendit to type something I type it but when I hit “send”, it says “something went wrong try again later”

By kayson
Jul 10 2022

i posted a send it on my snap story, and i got 2 notifications of someone putting in something but then i opened send it and it just said "you dont have any new messages" i posted it again and the same thing happened

By Dsharia
Jul 10 2022

It won’t let me swipe up on people sendits

By Cadence
Jul 09 2022

I can't say anything on other people's sendits

By Elle Gomez
Jul 08 2022

my sendit isnt lettting me answer my friends sendit on their stories

By Maria
Jul 08 2022

It won't let me respond to other send its it just tells me that I'm subjected to the privacy policy

By Rhowan
Jul 07 2022

So Its saying I got new messages n yet I got nothing in my inbox

By Nicole
Jul 06 2022

no matter how long i wait my sendit app won’t load even when i have a strong internet connection with full bars

By Jamie
Jul 06 2022

My diamond membership is not appearing anymore

By Jimrose
Jul 06 2022

Wont let me reply on send its on someone’s story

By krystal tran
Jul 05 2022

whenever i try to send something in on one of my friends’ sendit, it doesnt work and just says that something went wrong try again later. its been doing that for agesss

By Dominic
Jul 05 2022

People can’t respond to my sendit.

By Landon
Jul 04 2022

When people post a sendit it won't let me reply to there sendit

By Easton
Jul 04 2022

I want to make a second guess on who sent the response in a “ask me anything” story. No matter how long I wait the ad doesn’t load. I even pressed “watch ad” and then watch an episode of a 30 minute sitcom, and at the end of the episode, it still wasn’t loaded.

By selma
Jul 02 2022

i get sendits all the time even it's not on my storyhelp

By Evelyn Frazer
Jul 02 2022

I’m trying to get something and the adds are not working it’s just sitting on the loading screen

By John
Jul 01 2022

When people put send it in thier story it doesn't let me click to ask them a question

By Chloe D
Jul 01 2022

I click on someone else’s sendit trying to reply then one I push tap to reply it starts to load and say “Something went wrong. Please try again later!” I have fixed my connection and tried on multiple different peoples sendits and not one of them I could reply to!! Very dissatisfied with this app!

By Tyler white
Jun 29 2022

When my friends put a Sendit on their story. I click on the link and it shows a privacy policy page and idk how to get rid of it

By Tymo
Jun 28 2022

When my friends put a Sendit on their story. I cant click on the link it just doesnt work.when i click it nothing happens...

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